Josephine and Matthew Fell

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Josephine and Matthew Fell - ITHREE KILLED) SCORE victims "who' rmr death.'...
ITHREE KILLED) SCORE victims "who' rmr death.' HURT HI COLLAPSE little Children Crashed to Xtb While Passing Collapaed BuildingSeven BuildingSeven Men Seriously Hurt Rushed to Hospital. ; - . MOTHERS IH PANIC : SEEK LITTLE ONES Victims of Careless Construction Are Carried From Ruins by Rescuers and Rushed to Medical Aid. - v ' ' - ' ' (Oo-stbMed (Oo-stbMed (Oo-stbMed From Itrat Page.) front of tbe structure. Tbey were partly buried uader tons of brieb and. breksei Umber when tbe era ah came. Iast w bertediwltb tbe children. He was picked up nnooseveioua, dying three ker laeer et tbe AlezUa Brothers' hoKOltal. Tbe workmen who were lnjnrnd were work-Ins work-Ins work-Ins on the top of tbe front wail of tbe building building and were preoipltated late the street when . tbe collapse occurred. They were atruck by tbe flying brieka. but escaped being being crushed under tne debris. - Am alarm of fir was soanded gad Bremen and policemen dog tba bodies of - tbe victims out of tbe wreckage. Tbe bodies of botb children were badly mutilated. Most of tbe injured were assisted to Dr. Jocksos's office and were attended there nn- nn- til they could be takes In ambulances and patrol wagons to Alexlan Brothers' hospital, frewai Harry te Seese. Word of tbe accident, spread througb tbe neighborhood quickly and crowds of per son gathered about the scene.-; scene.-; scene.-; Mothers who bad heard that two children were crushed to death under tbe wreckage became hysterical and ran about tbe place screaming in spite of tbe efforts of policemen who' sought to quiet them. When the bodies of th. boy and girl who 'were killed were placed into the patrol wagon, of the Hudson Hudson avenue station, policemen ' prevented frantic women from running In and taking possession of the bodies. The patrol wagon was driven eaat In Weet North avenue and many of tbe hysterical women ran after it until tbey were forced to give up the race by sheer exhaustion.1 Shortly after the bodies had been carried Into Sulli van's undertaking rooms a crowd swarmed about tbe front of tbe place and policemen had trouble in preventing tbem f com rushing into the morgue. Women stood In tbe street weeping hysterically and.. wringing their hands. Cestractar la Qnefdesei. Chief Jacob Grauer of tbe. Third battalion and other firemen ordered all workmen out of the new building and notified tbe city building department. . Lieutenant Max Heidelmeier of tbe Hudson avenue police station, declared that W M. Lldke, general superintendent of the co instruction instruction company having charge of tbe erec tion of tbe new building, would be summonea to tbe station and questioned regarding tbe eanae of the collapse. ' Chief Deputy Building Inspector George Knight, accompanied by C B. Paulson, one of his assistants, arrived at tne seen oi tne accident soon after tbe collapse and began l inspection of tbe ruins to try te deter mine tbe cause of the casualty. After looking looking over tbe building, Mr. Knight gave it as his opinion tbat the cornice stones naa oeea placed too aeon, before tbe mortar properly settled. ... - : - , V Two Beta t aider . : : ' " On order from Lieutenant Mai Hcidel- Hcidel- meler C J. Errant, president of tbe Chicago Building and Special Construction cempeay. which bad charge of the eonsrtrutclon work. and W. M. Lidke, general superintendent or that company, were taken to tbe Hudson avenue station and made to sign bonds of tl.000 each for their release Beading the outcome outcome of the eoroner' inquest at 10 o'clock next Monday morning. Henry L. Newhous. 4(2f Prairie avenue, architect, who drew the plans tor the work, waa not taken into custody. custody. -" -" - - - ' Detectives and Inspectors from the city building department started an Inquiry la aa effort to determine the. cause of tbe aocl- aocl- dent,- dent,- ,-' ,-' ,-' v . - V..; Building Commissioner Erricson said: Ia-retlartla Ia-retlartla Ia-retlartla I Beajaa, ... ' "The permit for tbe work on tbe building se obtained- obtained- Aug. 1, and the owner of the -- -- - linn, - . - ; I -v;:.r -v;:.r if rrtrfv,-- rrtrfv,-- rrtrfv,-- .-v .-v .-v . , ' . - ...... f if 'f "t $ " " w " . fc-K-v fc-K-v fc-K-v fc-K-v fc-K-v II v x - I'M . .r-''-.' .r-''-.' .r-''-.' .r-''-.' .r-''-.' .--.'iV-tv .--.'iV-tv .--.'iV-tv .--.'iV-tv .--.'iV-tv .--.'iV-tv .. . ' 11. i - - ' M. . .. 15m, -pOe -pOe CT . t; ':! ; '" "1 building given aa. Oecar Kiger, a mill an er at 1X49 South Wabash avenue. The permit was for the erection of a new front wall and an addition to -the -the rear. I bsve aa inspector Investigating Investigating to determine If possible whether any one was to blame for tbe fatality. I will not take any action. If I take any actios at all. until after I have received his report. Superintendent Lldke said the beet of material material was used In the front wall and tbat recent recent rain which 'washed fresli mortar from between the newly laid bricks caused the crash. ' - . ... DEPOSED POLICEMEN A Sixteen Reasons for Such Action 'I- 'I- Given by Attorney for Walsh and McClellan in Papers Filed With Commission Yesterday. ' ' - ' - Charge of inefficiency and neglect of duty will be filed against three police sergeants and seven patrolmen early tomorrow morning, morning, according, to instructions sent to Chief McWeeny yesterday: The men. who will be charged on account of the testimony given In the trial of Llrutenant WaWh, all swore that they. were posted'at tbe park on Labor day ta such position tbat they could hardly have helped aeelng th gambling there, and yet they failed to stop It or even see it. . ' The sergeant are James- James- O'Neill. Fifth precinct; precinct; William H. Schumacher, Thirty-Fifth Thirty-Fifth Thirty-Fifth precinct, and William Byrnes of the Sixth precinct, ajd the- the- patrolmen are: George W. Balcona, Thirty-Second Thirty-Second Thirty-Second precinct: Daniel Oreeoen. Thirty -.Fifth -.Fifth precinct; Prank A. Johwaoa,-Thirty-Sixth Johwaoa,-Thirty-Sixth Johwaoa,-Thirty-Sixth Johwaoa,-Thirty-Sixth Johwaoa,-Thirty-Sixth precinct; John Mc-Sbane. Mc-Sbane. Mc-Sbane. - First precinct; Edward- Edward- McDonald, Thirty-first Thirty-first Thirty-first precinct; M. 1. O'Malley. First precinct. .- .- r-. r-. r-. This list, tt is stated, will close the Investigation Investigation ta regard ta tbe gambling at Corn's-key Corn's-key Corn's-key park on Labor day, but other charges against other officers probsbly will follow aa soon a the present part of th Investigation Is concluded.- concluded.- -, -, : .;-! .;-! .;-! . . Caart Prseaetlsse Cert la. : Former Lieutenant of Police Walsh does not believe tbat he had a fair trial before tbe civil service commleison, and announced yesterday yesterday that he would tomorrow file in tbe Circuit or Superior court a gult for re-In-ststement re-In-ststement re-In-ststement re-In-ststement re-In-ststement to the police force." . -c -c ,- ,- Information tbat Walsh would sue for re DEMAND REHEAR! IG instatement waa given out by bis attorney. State Senator Samuel A. Ettelson. "1 still believe.- believe.- said Senator Ettelsou to tbe reporter, "tbat my client will be completely completely exonerated before an unprejudiced court. Lieutenant Walah la innocent of any wrong doing. He was not cognisant of nor waa he Implicated in the gambling that ta alleged to have taken place on Labor day. I will prove before an unbiased court that be Is innocent." - - At this stsge of the proceedings Senator Ettelson made an attempt to pass $10 to an Inter Ocean reporter. - "Incidentally, young man," said he, you have been pretty fair to me during this trial. Ton bad better take this, and he tossed the reporter two crisp new five dollar bills. "Get yourself a hat.' Do not think that I am trying to bribe- bribe- you, but I like te be treated well, and your very fairness and apparent friendliness is worth It to me." Senator Ettelson still baa bis money. Are Seeklaa; Hetastateaaeat. - Petitions for a rehearing in the esses of Lieutenant Walsh and Patrolman McClellan. recently discharged from the police force by the civil service commission on charges of Incompetency and neglect of doty, were filed with tbe commission yesterday by Attorney Ettelson. oa behalf of the officers. Sixteen objections to the. decision of the commission, all clothed In proper legal verbiage, verbiage, contain the reasons tor the discharged officers aa to why tbey should be allowed a rehearing. Primarily.- Primarily.- the petition states, tbe commiaeloa bad formed aa opinion adverse adverse to the defendant previous to the trial itself and this opinion prejudiced their tactics tactics during the" trial, preventing a fair and Impartial bearing. - , - Other objections are that the commissioa erred In not proceeding according to law; J tbat the commission. aisregaraen tne established established rules of evidence; that th commissioners commissioners acted botb as prosecutors and Judges; srd finally tbat the property rights of tbe defendant are entailed by the decision, a matter In which the commission has no Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction. Affidavits from both defendants accompany accompany the petition. WEALTHY ASTOR RELATIVE STILL FIGHTS FOR RICHES fifth Day la Cairt Ptuird la Taklag Deposition of Jtka Araaatroa; Chat-" Chat-" Chat-" osrr t Prore H 1 aa. v - '"-' '"-' '"-' Speelat TMpach so Tte Inter Ocean. "CHARLOTTESVILLE. Va.. Oct. 7. During today's session of the taking of ths deposition deposition of John Armstrong Cbaloner, wealthy relative of the Asters, before an acting United States commissioner.1 Cbaloner declared declared that-it that-it that-it waa "hi day in court" and tbat he waa "not near through." The taking taking of Chaloner's 'deposition, which la to be used in bis suit in the,Cntted States Circuit Circuit court 'of New' Torbrto have himself declared declared sane and to bsvs restored to bim bis large estate, began Tuesday last. ' .-v .-v .-v ;.; Cbaloner Introduced as aa exhibit today a decision of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals that he could, under protection of th court, go to New. York for trial and return to Virginia without interference with his personal liberty. -. -. ; - , '- '- : - . c . , He also -entered -entered a letter' written by bim from Bloomlngdale asylum to tbe late Mica-Jah Mica-Jah Mica-Jah Woods and a number of affidavits. - . -f -f RICH Girt TO UNIVERSITY, v Partse Glrea AO,000 Md 1,000 Aero ( '- '- " ' '" '-" '-" '-" ' Uad ay Will. - ' -:. -:. LAFAYETTE. Ind., Oct. 7. Purdue university university profit $60,000 In cash and 100 aeres of land in Polk and Lake counties, Minnesota, Minnesota, by the will-or will-or will-or Wllllsm C. Smith, a banker of William sport. Ind., probated today.- today.- today.- .- .- - The bequest Is to be used in extending ths agricultural department of the university. Mr. Smith also- also- left $25,000 to th town of Wllliamsport and $25,000 for a scboolhouse for Liberty township. Warren county. - Th remainder of the estate, the total value of which In $750,000, la divided among friends and relative. .

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