Dr Tully C Knoles 5 Dec 1926

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Dr Tully C Knoles 5 Dec 1926 - amount consuming HOPE IN FUTURE VOICED KNOLES...
amount consuming HOPE IN FUTURE VOICED KNOLES IN ADDRESS PHI BETA KAPPA i - . · .\ . ; ' · ' · -· · · ' - · Dr. Tally C. Knowles, speaking at the Phit : Beta Kappa se'squiteunial banquet, sounded a note of hope in the future and roused' faith "N%w Renaissance." iiist around the corner." ' " ' ' J · "N%w Renaissance.'just around the corner." -- · The toaslmasterl J. F. Pobanz, ID introducing introducing Dr. Knoles,. Knoles,. explained that he had sacrificed ,the opportunity ' of attending · the big game or his alma mater, U. S; C. vs. Xotre Dame in or-, (u. of Boston). der to', meet with These members -with the husbands his'fellow member's and wives made a·" company of thirty-three. .The member arousing most interest was George p, vj'es- · - ton, temporarily! residing? at Patter- Dr. Knoles led up to bis vision of son, who - graduated · frOm ._ . of P. B. K. desto, the Bvccics 6c EccE the future by Prank's recent boob; _ 0 ....... the' great .fears : of this age, the third great period ot pessimism in *hc - v.'crld's history--the hiolsstcal, psychological, economic, administrative administrative and moral fears. These fears, he said, grow out of conditions conditions and f a c t s ' q u i t e evident-and easily worked up into tables o! statistics. These, evidences Have induced'a flood of doom-literature, greater even than in the-period of the Hebrew prophets or. the - great dramatic age of Greece. Man has explored the'vast spaces of the universe universe and is overwhelmed by a sense of humility, feeling himselt to be. infinitesimal in the. vast scale of creation, said Dr.-Kuoles. Obsessed Obsessed by things in ..this greatest ol all materialistic ages we moderns dream.no such'dreams and see no, such visions as did the fifty youtlv ful founders of Pbi Beta Kappa in 1776. ' Untroubled as they were :by the revelation, of the .telescope and the microscope, they had not lost the old essential dignity of mankind. mankind. But Dr. .Kuoles pointed out that in time there will return to us ibis faith in the possibilities ot man and man's world/ growing out ; of our power to discover, ^to- control, and to subdue the world, human production, production, and scientific .investigation. Humanity cau'again find a way. out, he said. Man, realizing his importance, importance, will dream dreams of better human relations, in the family, in industry, and between foreign countries. countries. · ' This hope for a newyrenaissance caoupt be proved By statistics'. - It rests largely., on faith..; However, Dr.; Kuoles cites the inspiriting facts that in .Berlin and other' European countries students are making heroic sacrifices for education; and that in than ever before are-turning to history history and. to .social and/political, sei- trlewing Glenn University, Rhode Island. In i; setting forth "pre years M. .Westonplans 1 this ace the a-* 11 ^ Providence to-celebrat ! leading . to better conditions. Dr. J K n o l e s is confident that just around i the corner there awaits mankind a | hew" sclf-esnression 5 in. . right eoxis- j.ness and a-'fiowering ol art and i culture. . ' · Those who were present at° the banquet together with the institution institution granting their keys were: Tuliy C. Knoles(.Stanford), II. G. BisseU (Pomona);' G. F. 'Lawrence" (Stan- Cord), and Mrs. O.-'C. Miller .(Indiana), .(Indiana), all of Stockton; .Miss.Hope GHbsrt (California) of Ceres; C. E. Fisher '(Grinnell'J. arid Miss "Igcrua H. -Kurd (California) "of Hughson: Mrs. D. H. McCuliough (California) . . J. G. Derryliill; Jr. (U. o f - I o w a ) Mrs. A. G. Eddy (Wisconsin.). Mis Lucetta p. Kellenbarger (Grinnell), Miss Grace Knapp (Oregon), Mrs. G. C. Maze (California), Mrs. u. McDowell (Stanford), Miss Lena Peron (California), c.-E., Persinger (Cornell, Iowa), J..F. Pobanz.(Mich-, igan), Miss -Avis. Jane- Roberts (Stanford), Miss Alice'Maude-Ryder (Washington), L. B. : Schlineheyde (California), -Mrs.- C. E. Woodwortb In two to re- te the t--.'* lu A * y » J t i v u t e L U - j'i.Vetu anniversary of his class. Mrs. Ray E;. /Weaver sang two suius ia tiie course.'tit the evening. Miss Kellenbarger .was called upon to present-the-matter; of 'the seccjui- ceutenuJal . endowment. fund. The society is raising a million dollars (1) to erect a. memorial building the College of ^Villiam and.Mary h o n o r ' o f - t h e fifty founders Beta .Kappa; - ( 2 ) .to ^aiutain national headquarters for .tbe society: (3)'to encourage and develop true scholarship in tb e high" schols, colleges colleges and universities of our land by offering a grand prize of $10,000 every year for distinction. ID teaching teaching nnd bV-grants, of $2,000 each .chapters ' or individuals to further scholarship, teaching and consruct- ive experiment. . The Stanislaus group- is sending in a. contribution to this'sesduicentennial-fiind. . ' : Attorney Schlingheyda '! and Dr. Pobanz set forth reasons':, for a permanent organization in Stanislaus Stanislaus county and such an organization- organization- was formed 'with, *r. Pobanz as president and Miss Kellenbarger as secretary.;The Stanislaus group will probably, meet .once - a year with the Stockton, group, soon' to organize the.'Mother Lode district and. the Stockton group · will "come once to -Modesto; 1 · , . .- . ·/The tables were most attractively decorated. Mrs. Woodworth' being in general charge. SNAIX TO CRAWL HERE NEXT MONDAY EVENING The last'preliminary meeting, of those who will,.be in .the first or charter .list,'of the : Mystic Order of the serpent will'be held in Hotel Covell at:7-p. m: Monday evening. This is .the most important meeting meeting as election of.tentative officers will be'tue order and' arrangements for, the receiving of 50 or more Snaii, who will come from ' Sap Franciscb and .Oakland neit Saturday Saturday Ho put on 'a' crawl and i n i me vile Americanos in virus. This is ths fun order of the Men. . - · ·,· Big Musical Show Coming on t)ec. 17 . _ . . i agribultiire, Manager Newcomb, of the Modesto theater, announces that the National , a theaters 'syndicate has finally succeeded. succeeded. in booking one of -the .'great* $st. stage musical successes ever produced, "Blossom Time," whicb has created Vfiirore wberever presented. presented. .it will be offered to Modes. Modes. to to music lovers at the Mogestp , costumes.' scenery, and .electrical effects -that have never ^een surpassed.

Clipped from
  1. Modesto News-Herald,
  2. 05 Dec 1926, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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