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 - LOCK HAVEN. Pa., Nov. 5. The (.iux in the...
LOCK HAVEN. Pa., Nov. 5. The (.iux in the boldness ot thieves itt y and vicinity was reached last night when the county jail was robbed while Sheriff Tom Johnston and hla family and the turnkey were ' in the building. The turnkey learned what was going on and informed Sheriff Johnston who saw one' of Jh?, f"? took ater him tut '"'1 to got his man. The thelt-consisted thelt-consisted thelt-consisted of a half down 5Uck3ts of CHil1 but the thieves " , about 530,000. the work the, greater part of the night had the turnkey not heard a noise in the cellar and made an investigation. investigation. The winter's supply of coal -had -had just been put in the jail cellar. The imeves v. no were awaro of mis got 1115r at abut 9:15 o'clock doing tQe'r 'ork m front ot the. jail right tabled himseff In theu7nituVad storage business In Indianapolis and ne torn tne court he now is worth UNIONTOWN BEST POLICED CITY IN " THIRD CLASS LIST it away. But he soon returned each ilms the empty bucket was handed ov-t ov-t ov-t trie If-eiee If-eiee If-eiee aii; rclillOC until mo under the glare of hie Incandescent electric lights and in full view of passersby. One ot the two thieves entered tbe front yard and lifted the cellar door under the front window of the female ward and going down the steps filled his bucket which he handed over the. iron fence to his'jt r. 1.1m: ..Lev vhr carried HARRTSBURG, Nov. 5. A total ot 1,072 policemen- policemen- guarded the'l,-' the'l,-' the'l,-' 288.774 persons residing In the 3S third-class third-class third-class cities ot Pennsylvania this LAFAY-vear according to records of the Pennsylvania department of internal affairs, made public today by Secre- Secre- conter-tarv ot Internal Affairs James F. Woodward. The records likewise showed that as a result, of arrests mnde bv third-class third-class third-class city policemen in 1920, fines amounting to $331,054.99 were collected. Annually the bureau ot municipalities municipalities In tho Pennsylvania department of internal affairs makes a survey of arlous divisions m the city gov- gov- 3herm put m his apparance, Stealing pennies from a blind man is not tD be compared with stealing from the county jail under a bright light with many persons passing and the sheriff at home. ; Adopts Sister, Aged 51, As His Legal Daughter INDIANAPOLIS. Inrl., May n. Max Katz acted 37 todav hecame le- le- fal,y J;he thcr oe his sister, Mrs. , Ester Sarah Worcel 55 years old. j through a rroceerling. in the probate 1 cll,rl wr,1ch Judge Mahlon E, Bash ' sakl was tljo most unusual that has battle-1 battle-1 some tD hla attention, eni-! eni-! Katz and his-wile his-wile his-wile Rebecca adopted Mt"S' Worce as their daughter at the same time adopting Chaim W or cel. H year old son of Mrs. Worcel and Myska Goldstein, daughter f anoth- anoth- repub- er 3ister of Katr,. The parents ot Mya- Mya- ii are uraa. Washing- The husband ol Mrs. Worcel tired of starvation recontfy in Russia. His gov- widow accompanied by her son and by the daughter of her dead sister, govern- Mrn. Goldstein came to America and made their wny to Indianapolis ns- ns- rwncd by Katz. They were taken into the .home oE Mr. and Mrs. Kau. Lat-a- Lat-a- Lat-a- Lat-a- ; ly Katz learned of their entrance in- in- pertaining to police matters are gathered. Uniontown Well Pnllretl According to figures announced by Secretary Woodward Uniontown must he the best policed of the third-class third-class third-class citv fftoup tor the records show that there is a policeman In that city for r-vorv r-vorv r-vorv S70 rPMd-nt. rPMd-nt. rPMd-nt. WI'licuBarro i:r a close second with ,i policeman for every, S 7 S persons while Erie is third , with 8S5 persons under the guardian-, guardian-, guardian-, ship of every policeman. The big- big- i Best police force is maintained, at : Beading where there are 119 police- police- men. Reading is the largest of the ; third-class third-class third-class cities also. Erie, the sec-: sec-: sec-: ond largest city, has the second larg- larg- est number Of pollccmfn. maintain- maintain- ing. a force of 115, At the time the survey was maae, Corry bad three policemen, the smallest number in the third-clasj third-clasj third-clasj group of cities. In the city ot DuTJols, the popula- popula- ' tirui per policeman is greater tnart in any o llw other cities, ttioro boipg a policeman there Cor every 3,45-i 3,45-i 3,45-i resl- resl- JolniMtnivn Collections Good The per capita cost of maintaining the various police departments ranges i dip yja r Lroin i) DnDols to 52.23 m is vie. The second highest maintotiauce cost per capita was til Uniontown where tho police appro- appro- prlation nmoiintod to ?2.D5 for every , resident. Figures showing. I.lio nmounts of fines as a result of arre.sts.hy police- police- pcr-men in the third-class third-class third-class cities, togeLhar with the uuuibor ot arreats made tor,

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  1. New Castle News,
  2. 05 Nov 1921, Sat,
  3. Page 11

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