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 - :io::::i:a, au(u;: "V'W in-dircte. lenis- re- )...
:io::::i:a, au(u;: "V'W in-dircte. lenis- re- ) I a !y ta r i P. tl I llM tJwt.tUl li .... No t: 3 in t:.? vr : cf tl-d tl-d tl-d Thrc3 I. .: r;:i: ..Weaker, Lz: ZvM -Alive. -Alive. cf nil Yir.', IIcrLer and Children. t:rt. Atbctt In a "ore rrccnijus t'oniitlon Than At First SarposeJ. JUDGE EDWAED3 ALLS TO ZZ CVT Quincy, Mass., Aug. 21. (Special.) The surviving victims from Louisville of the frightful accident, on the Old Colony railroad, near tuiney," on Tues day afternocn, are alout in the same condition as reported yesterday. Littlo ilii?abeth Fenley 'is soniewhat weaker. but is able to ttiko and retain nourish ment, and her vitality is greater. Her nuttic, Ducy, was terribiy burned, but will probably recover on account of her strong constitution. Her little charge is in kind hau ls and has the best of care. The child bus manifested bravery and !puticnco astonishing to tliooe near her. In the chapel of the Orthodox or Con- Con- cuureh. lie ai cothned lorms; four are shrouded in black, the other two being white porcelain caskets. Directly Directly in trout ot tlie ciunccl are the cofluis containing tlie bodic of Mrs. Feuh-yi Feuh-yi Feuh-yi the cider, while on either side are the remain of her daughter, Mrs. Abbott,' and her Rranddaughter, Miss Sue Fenley. A second row also of three caskets ere those of Mrs. Oncar FcnU-y FcnU-y FcnU-y iu the center, with the little corpses of her children at her side. Mr. Oscar Fenley and his brother ar rived here a few minutes ago. and went at once to the ehurc.h, where tlie remains ol the relatives were lying. From there they went to Mis. Carr't, on Adams street, where little Dlizaberh is hovering between lite and death. They have not yrt decided as lo the immediite future future arrangements, but. it is thought the bodies will be forwarded to Loui. villa to-night, to-night, to-night, in the care of devoted friends, while Mr. Fenley will remain at the bedhide of his liule daughter. A viit to the beautiful tjuiney Hoa-litaL Hoa-litaL Hoa-litaL where nearly ail of the victims of tlie arcident were taken, sfforded an op portunity to see snd talk with Judge Ld- Ld- waras, who is in excellent coalition and spirits, and doing all in his power to alleviate alleviate the n;ttab i f niini an I bnly in -r.t-irh -r.t-irh -r.t-irh -r.t-irh the dire eL"n'v ha t I' LtS tiaveling Ul.a...-ju, Ul.a...-ju, Ul.a...-ju, ' C-J-t. C-J-t. C-J-t. C-J-t. C-J-t. tu. Abbott. The latter condition is sti-l sti-l sti-l very aerions, an l be is by no means out of danger. Ihe hyir ians allow no one to see hint excepting Jude RI- RI- waiim, w!io reisiits li fiinils Condi tion friitu tiaic to time. ' Were it not for his anxiety for Capt. Ahtvott- Ahtvott- Judne td wards would be able to leave lor houe aloiost inuuedUtely, but he say be will stay until the tptaia can accompany him, or arnmse soiuf ein-r ein-r ein-r tihtn. The Jud,e is tnthusiastio o-er o-er o-er tbe attention and treatment the suf ferrrs havt received, and savs .noihlnj his been left umloue for their comfort. The first of the Lousville sufferers to pass awsy was the younK-fct younK-fct younK-fct Fenley chilJ, Alh. She cried inecaniiy alter tue accident. whi h occurred at about 1 d. m. At Z o'clock the little one died Tlie utxt victim was her si'tef Cath erine, aed four ear, who sueeumb.-d sueeumb.-d sueeumb.-d to ler sufferings half an hour later. Her death was in measure unepe ied, as she had borue up wonderfully uud.-r uud.-r uud.-r lier Injurie. nnd was conscious until the lat, calling for her ruaniruu in a full tone of voice, which misled th-v-m th-v-m th-v-m th-v-m th-v-m around her aa to Iter condition. Tlie mother, Mr. ear Fenley. died within aa Loirr after the two children She a unconscious except for a eliort tinv Hie fourth dentil was that of Miss Sue Fenley, which took piaee at o'clock the same eveiiing. Her condition was considered hopeless from the time fciia wa received st the hospital. The Inst death up to date in the ill fated piirtv was that of Mrs. Capt. W. R Abbott, which occurred at 8 o'clock on Wednesday niernirg. When Cpt. Au lott was told that his wife had expired his grief was terrible to thoo uroiimi l.lui. His asony as be knelt at her Wd-side Wd-side Wd-side was such that it was feared his mind would give way under the burden of his affliction. Mr. Mary Feuley. Messrs. Fenley' mother, was tlie only member of the party who was killed outright, Mie prolably received a wound from 1he shattered tim'er, as h'-r h'-r h'-r head was badly crushed, so much so that it was diflicult at first to idenify licr. The features of most of the Louisville victims are dreadfully mutilated, especial ly those of Mrs. Mary Feniev. Mrs. 0- 0- car Fenlev. Mr. Abbott and litth; Cath erine. The faces of Mi'i Sue Fenley and little Alice especially the latter are not so disfigured. AU tf the deatl enumerated, 'with the exception of Mrs Mary Fenley, oecnrted from the saaie Ciuse, viz. the inhalation of the escaping steam. It is this who h is also fearr in the case ot little Llict!i, who vil most probably die. Ihe physician con cur in this- this- statement and Dr. I'm who attended Capt. Ah'nitt, s.'.js the only thirtc to fear is " ned,-ma ned,-ma of tli'' gh'ttis,"" whii li sei-ms sei-ms sei-ms to Ik? the d" -hni'-al -hni'-al -hni'-al -hni'-al term f t.;e cans," which pro.luc. s:n : ful n suits In tlie other vm-. vm-. vm-. Nothing could excee-1 excee-1 excee-1 ti.e whole -s,,., -s,,., kni'lnesn sliown ttie su'icrers l y tne p.s pie in the vicinity. Ilvei.v possjh'o at tent hn and every kn I i.:'u-r, i.:'u-r, i.:'u-r, -i.l -i.l i : ones, have I ct exteti '. 1 th. Ail the houses in ti.e lug, t:. i py towi would liave l.en thrown ic;i t t' i had it not been divinc-l divinc-l divinc-l more t j.' . ; .. n to carry the sulTcrcis to the ivv en I e i f, et!y nuipi ed Q ttai y 1 i l t siiliar'-s. siiliar'-s. siiliar'-s. 'ih'ie t'.iir l.-.nts l.-.nts l.-.nts r'-''ive r'-''ive r'-''ive iaime.l, tte and euii ful ath ntioti fr -a -a p.sf. cf sViiied phy.sii ian, a iste 1 I y a ainvof t.Eii'-d t.Eii'-d t.Eii'-d nnrs. . 1. iu; ':.. t-;.; t-;.; t-;.; t t. . I. , . .ihe: h, -with -with ti.T tiursi, : .. ! t . iTi; '.'y from j !l J.ol.e L h.var.U retumel ' to -:iyj. -:iyj. her. I.e h-ara--l h-ara--l h-ara--l h-ara--l h-ara--l h-ara--l 1 i c i t.t.-en t.t.-en t.t.-en care c-f c-f c-f by a 1 i ' v i i e I ('a;-.-, ('a;-.-, ('a;-.-, ('a;-.-, ('a;-.-, vtho- vtho- -. -. Ad-tes Ad-tes Ad-tes sttr'-t, sttr'-t, sttr'-t, i di- di- 1 ii !: mi or where the tat.istiuhe - - i : r -1 -1 . SI e had la Ken the little s-af-r- s-af-r- s-af-r- s-af-r- s-af-r- s-af-r- i ' r, wrM as :r;.;, v. 'no lcjLe-i lcjLe-i lcjLe-i t .ot t.j le fce;irtc;l tho child, to ! cr own !;e:ae : H-t H-t H-t t ter four or five ef tl...- tl...- 1- 1- i l.;-g l.;-g l.;-g i l. si' iatis of the " t-vo t-vo t-vo !-.:.' !-.:.' !-.:.' i .'" i( t..-.v!: t..-.v!: t..-.v!: nai pi-ot-ured pi-ot-ured pi-ot-ured pi-ot-ured pi-ot-ured traine-J traine-J traine-J , fur iii.t!. of I er wounded gac.-ts. gac.-ts. gac.-ts. Whea Ju.le Rd wants learned that the Uu'j or.o beir.g vo excellently cared lor, he decide 1 it was best she thoull ).; le l.irther at the time. 5. J-nics J-nics J-nics 1 iM and In r sou, w ho were in the vicinttv. I.a.-tTed I.a.-tTed I.a.-tTed to tne ic rf ni.'itii.g at ctee. u d;J all in their ix.-.v.-r ix.-.v.-r ix.-.v.-r ix.-.v.-r ix.-.v.-r to niiichnrato the eon- eon- htion cf the attlicted. ojhI iK.tilied liienl a Ji.-tanc Ji.-tanc Ji.-tanc of hoar their loved ones w ere rc ressinr. Mrs. Creel is a'sj hrro and Mr. and Irs. fc'tradcr, of Ciccin'iati. relatives if Mrs. Os(ar i'tnlcy. Mrs. Strader has oven with Ltllo Uialcth at Mrs. Carr's since la-r la-r la-r arrival. Mrs. Feuley. of Clu- Clu- o, and Mrs.. Potter Palmer, relatives ot Mrs. Abbott, arc expected this evening. evening. Many Louisville people were in the Risteru country at the time of the accident, aid it is believed that all who could hastened to the pot to offer their services for tlte beiielit t-t t-t t-t their aorcly-stiieken aorcly-stiieken aorcly-stiieken fellow-townsmen. fellow-townsmen. fellow-townsmen. - - Twenty-two Twenty-two Twenty-two deaths have already re sulted front tliis accident, and tlie physicians physicians at tlie Quincy Hospital say lour others in that icstituiion will die. This would make at the lowert estimate tw-PDtv-tjx tw-PDtv-tjx tw-PDtv-tjx tw-PDtv-tjx tw-PDtv-tjx dciitlis. all rigini from one railrwid eiuploye's wreleaauess. THE FENLEY BROTHERS- BROTHERS- The Arrival of the Uafortaaata Cea lemen Followed By the Khipmeat of Ike Codies of the Dead ta Louisville. Boston, 5lia., Aug. 21. (Special.) ihe two brothers, Oscar and William Feuley, did not arrive at yuincy until this alteraoou at 3 o'clock. They went at untie to the hospital to see Capt. Ab bott, bat were allowed to remain only Dc'icnt, as tbe patient's condition is so al tfiat be is not allowed to talk and c see visitors only a few moments at a time. ir. Oscar Fenley then hurried to tlie Carr residence, where his little daughter f-dizabeth f-dizabeth f-dizabeth Is, and when tbe lit tle sufferer recognized him, and despite her pains was able to murmur papa," he went nearly wild with delight. The Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal representative saw1 him for a moment, for he won't stir tioua ttie Tittle cot for more than a mo ment at a time. He said he wanted through the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal to thank oil ids friends for their ayuipatby and re- re- njeuihrcnce ot him in this great trial. for on bis arrival he lound a host of telegrams, etc., awaiting him. He will not leave Quincy until all the injured ot Lis party have recovered or done the worse. He is most anxious for Capt. Ab bott, wno i worn ing himself to death. ss he holds l.iuiwlf re-iKnible re-iKnible re-iKnible for the ti r, t - x,'i c piiuie mover of Hie trip. Many relative of the Fenley family are fiockiug here from New Yotk and v nous resorts in New i jig land and there is plrnity of help. The six hidtee, Mrs. Mary Feuley, her daughter in-law. in-law. in-law. Mrs. Oscar Fenley, the two children. Miss Sae Fenley and Mrs. Abbott, left here this afternoon for home. Mr. Adrien C. lionore. of Chi cago, a cousin, has the sad removal ia charge. The olwqnUs will lie left to the family at home, as neilh-r neilh-r neilh-r Oscar nor William Fenley will leave Quincy at prewnt. . Mr. Orscar Fenley said the first he kn? of tlie disaster was from -the -the Couricr-Joornal's Couricr-Joornal's Couricr-Joornal's bulletin bourd. He was walk ing hurriedly sloug Fourth avcaue on a business errand, and happened to glance careh-sts'y careh-sts'y careh-sts'y at the board. When he saw it. he felt as if a terrible blow hud been given him, snd for a niouieut he could scarcely tau:l. lie rusiicU at onoe home, threw some clothing into a bag and left on the first train. He came through wit hoot a delay. The injured are doing well. Judge 1'. J wards- wards- is all right, aa is also the nurse, Lucy Johnson. Capt. Ablx-tt's Ablx-tt's Ablx-tt's case. while not hopeless, is critical, and it U feared that he has inhaled steam. His case ia very doubtful. The little girl is doing nicely, anJ, while the chances are really against her recovery, still every hour that she lives improves la-r la-r la-r chances. as it is now only a question of vitality with her. She is constantly conscious. which is a food sign, although opiate' ha. 9 to be given tier. AN INVESTIGATION. Aa Official laqairr lata the CarIes ess Which Resulted In the Calaas- Calaas- itr. Boston. Aug. 21. The official invest! gation into the accident on the Old Colony railroad at Quincy Tuesday last- last- was legun at their offices this' morning. by the Railroad Commissioner. TR TRACK JACK WHICH WS.ICV.rD IB TSA1X. Sever:. I witnesses were sworn, and Con c :. t r S'e.idtn.ut, of the iil-fated iil-fated iil-fated traiu, t ok the t-' t-' t-' md. Tho impoitant srtion of hi t -tiniony -tiniony s tlmt ust before the oei .tit, while looking fniu the t :e c,ir door, he f iw a ptavel train ut ; .o.o i i o-i o-i o-i the otiier track, and isiw a paitg of la'-'orers la'-'orers la'-'orers sl.ilt from tliat track to t'.e oi-,; oi-,; oi-,; li was mi. The engineer niiia-ied niiia-ied niiia-ied tin'. Cuin-r Cuin-r Cuin-r signal and the l.Ur- l.Ur- ei ftnn,l tro'ii lie- lie- track. it n 1 i i 'i siw in I'tn-ht I'tn-ht I'tn-ht obstruction, lwt t r.-e r.-e r.-e hi i ' ... ci.c-tlj ci.c-tlj ci.c-tlj b-1 b-1 b-1 ween tl t is of I.: t: i' :.. il" eon Id not, staf jt i . 'uie. h it ai t si i, ' lil tr.oihle iron it k I i-mn.: i-mn.: i-mn.: .att ly threw himself fs on I n f.,e i-i i-i i-i t ii pi.T of the cr. 1 h 1 ' - : i ! :: : i t ' i almost iiiataa'i y t ' rr - 7 ! reej-ived reej-ived reej-ived severe ir.!urics. The jack .iijit peir t'.e f-'cre f-'cre f-'cre wss prodaci d, b.i r;. -S -S Cor! ( cnf. 1 h' h' h' it. Jo.h V.'. .'chh. of Quincy. s-c- s-c- s-c- s-c- inn leremim, lesn; e-J e-J e-J lani hp m i- i- irel bv his foreman to - surlace up' e tra.'k, lues lay mornic?, ud l ad pn men ft. Wl-r.C Wl-r.C Wl-r.C With SliOVCiS SU'I k niHir Dimock-street Dimock-street Dimock-street bridze. The articuhir man to the jack was Miehael Hartney. lie had never use-1 use-1 use-1 j.-f j.-f j.-f k before for me, but s'ated be unv orvti,l l;if Wfi rk nrd on IxMni tested a puhing oiit a jack be did it a quickly I Michael Hartney teitihed: I was working the jack ut. the time ot the ac- ac- i dent near the lirnock)trcet linage. Lud not know a tram was due, snd no body told me a train was due. 1 trim o remove the jack, but was unsbie to do so. Ihe? sot excited, anl i umped. Could not succeed in raising he jack. I be cnzine was seven or i;Lt rmtn me wlica I jtimpex, saw toe tack struck br tlie eow- eow- eatelicr, snd it tit'P'.d toward me. Then e enitne left t..e track." FEARING THE YfCRST. r.elalires In ThiaCitr Afraid That All the Deaths Hav Net Yet Come. llacli day since .tlie terrible wreck oa the Old Colony railroad the glxtn thickens. thickens. Friends ani relatives of the Fen-leys Fen-leys Fen-leys and Abbotts have hoped against hope. It is now learned by them that Capt. W. R. Abbott and little Elizabeth, tlie oldest child ot Mr. Oscar Fenley, may not recover, though Dr. I 'aimer and other of this city think there is hope, a the injured have survived for over forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight hours. Jud -e -e Edwards ' telegraphed ' from Quincy yesterday afternoon to the Courier-Journal Courier-Journal Courier-Journal as follow : The four surviving members of our party are alive, with hope of recovery. Elizabeth Fenley, Oscar oldest child, and colored nurse are in a dangerous condition. Abbott dangprsus, but with Ids vigor and will I think will recover. I am nut permanently hurt. The bodies have been em ha lined and are awaiting tbe arrival of Oscar and WUJ, who wilt reach here in a lew hours. I will re turn home when I can leave my pot ot duty. L W. EDWARDS." This telegram waa shown to relative. but they only shook their head and feared for the worst. The Judge tel egraphed a similar message to Mrs. Ed wards, snd said he would be home soon. Mrs. Pierce Butler telegraphed yester day morning tbst little fuizabeth wss siuKlng. Mr. Jacob hrrader also tele-graphed tele-graphed tele-graphed that the child was weaker. A telt-pmm telt-pmm telt-pmm from Mrs. James Todd, wbo is at Quincy, said little E!isi.beth Fen ley was quite low. but i-uey. i-uey. i-uey. tne nurse. wss better, and would recover. One teleerara was received from C apt. Abbott. He wired Mr. Jsmes F. Duck. ner. Jr.. of the Hoard of Trade, tliat ah- ah- tnough be was suscring moon lie ex- ex- DeeteH to set well. lesterrjsy afternoon UoL w. li. liay received toe following telegram from General Manager Kendnck. ot the Old (colony railroad : " On advice of friends of the I enlev family we sre holding bodies unul arrival of Oscsr Fenley aud .hro'Jicr, wno are expected this sltemooj. Ibis means that the bodies will prob ably he shipped this afternoon or to night. Mr. Osear ienley friends here were in hop that tbe bodies would have been shirr-! shirr-! shirr-! before the arrival of Mr. Fenloy. The luacral arrangements are t i I to !- !- made. .Mrs. YUliam en!ey. mother of Miss "susie feniev, ctwl not know or the tleata of her daughter until yesterday morning. jlr. t litton Klindee, Mem I'retudetif ot tbe Litizens National liiuk, was in rew lorK at tbe tune or tbe accident. Mr. r'enley's -telirran -telirran telling him to coine home, as ne had gone to his injured wife and ehiklren, was tbe first information be received of the sad aS air. tfeo. 1 r lor n-ceived n-ceived n-ceived a telegram yes- yes- tcreiry aft rnoon front Matilda. Johnson at llarrodsburg asking it the name of the in tired nurse was Lucy Jane Johnson. Gen. Tnvlor answered that her name waa lytic v. Matilda Johnson is thought to be the mother or a relative or the nurwe. At a:"U p. m. Mr. Nilliam Short re ceived a tcletrram from Mr. Jake Siradcr, saying: " Doctor now think there u some bone lor r.lizabetu. 1 he next teleirram wa re,eivrd by Mr. "short at a :5s p. m.. from J. K. ken- ken- dric-k, dric-k, dric-k, tieneral Manager of the Okl Col ony railroad. It read follow: Mr. r'enley arrived in Huston this p. m., and desires me to tek-grapa tek-grapa tek-grapa there 1 hoiie for t-Uialx-th. t-Uialx-th. t-Uialx-th. t-Uialx-th. t-Uialx-th. At 7 : 72 another was received from Mr. Jacob Strader, stating that Elizalieth ' condition was unchanzed. Another, received received a few minutes later from Dr. T. S. DutW, who wt-nt wt-nt wt-nt to Cincinnati to meet Mrs. Short, Mrs. Fenleya mother and her two sister, said that Mrs.-Short Mrs.-Short Mrs.-Short bad kfood the shock of the news remarkably well and would get through the Journey ail rinht. Mr. William Fei lcy telegraphed Li wife, at Crescent Hill, late last evenlna, shortly after his arrival at Quincy. His imissaee was very !ef-pendent, !ef-pendent, !ef-pendent, and warned Mrs. i'enler to expect the worst- worst- with re tard to Capt. Abbott and little Elizabeth An old steam b -at -at man said yesterday afternoon that in his experience of boiler explosions few people had ever recovered after once inhaling hot steam. Many a time lie had seen men who appeared to tie almost well for day after an ex plosion ia which they had been caught, but they would suddenly complain ot a Cam In the aule and then die. Doctors, owever, tldnk that if one survive sueh an accident forty-eight forty-eight forty-eight hour there it good hope of recovery. mVY FAtlUSE. Cooke & Co., Large Wholesale Cloths iert of Nashville, GoDowa Liabilities, Liabilities, t3OO,0at As- As- x ' sets, ?78,47T. Nanhville, Ang. 21.-lSpecial.)-Thc 21.-lSpecial.)-Thc 21.-lSpecial.)-Thc 21.-lSpecial.)-Thc 21.-lSpecial.)-Thc heaviest failure, that has occurred ia Nashville in years is that of Dolivar II. Cooke & Co.. which becomes public to-day. to-day. to-day. Mr. Cooke, the head of tlie firm, has been in businesa here twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three jears. and conducted one ot the largest wholesale clothing houses in the South The other members of the lirm re Willis Ik Me Howell and John D. Cruteber. Tlie liat.iirTT-rt liat.iirTT-rt liat.iirTT-rt cf the brra are f 3DO.B5..-6. 3DO.B5..-6. 3DO.B5..-6. Atout !fl8,XK of this is owing to Nashville Nashville firms and banks, and the preater nart of the balance to a .New ork tirni. I'hiladelphia, D-ston, D-ston, D-ston, Chie-ano, Chie-ano, Chie-ano, lng Sin and Ifivhester. . l.. nrms are sImi cred itors. 1 be as-ets as-ets as-ets amount to s,s i .. 'Ill's ,ctock of goods is valma! at ":I2,(HI0, whi'e there are notes and sc-ounts sc-ounts sc-ounts due tlie firm to tne amount ot j.iO,()tM. Mr. Coke makes a personal ashienment of real estate in Nashville and Putnam count v, valued t J-.iO.tXM. J-.iO.tXM. J-.iO.tXM. I his amount i included in the aycts atxive. '1 he failure w-as w-as w-as l.rouclit about by the pi-c.-sure pi-c.-sure pi-c.-sure pi-c.-sure pi-c.-sure of IlnMern hrms. James J. 1'iyris Is the a.ssi:'ne'. Ihe Kentttrkr crcdilors of the firm are the old Ker.iueky WKh-n WKh-n WKh-n Milt, of luisvillc, ffl.M4.H6; an-l an-l an-l the Dank of lioi'siruiviile, S2.000. Trnia Collide, Killine a r.rakemaa. Cairo, 111., Aug. 21. The fast- fast- fruit train en the IMinois Central this nrarn- nrarn- ing ran into the rear of a ni.-cr ni.-cr ni.-cr train near - Cnhden and Charl-s Charl-s Charl-s Mit hclk a braUcmnn, was ki'ltxl. 'iho paesci-gcr paesci-gcr paesci-gcr Ti.e JJ A MR. to Iwttle. a tion head the believed ordered the There his say Hoard itirke. city. It general, rank the man bly, tbe triet their and concensus be and night IriSueik-tlal Mr. selves not i week. tlie who cf have, ficers with were to of central i-f i-f i-f the are m consider tive p.-n-ble rival a of cf of the Mr. ai Mr r. and. h.m -rl -rl had b he anr snd of -when eiti-'-ens a is of eere s-cure s-cure -wvr -wvr w t.T cf Mr. tbe rr-cc-hsl JiK mi-'. pe end you the

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