William P Root - Convention of Creek Indians Sapulpa, Ok July 18, 1902 Checotah Enquirer, Checotah, Oklahoma

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 - ANNEXATION WANTED. Convention of Creek Indians...
ANNEXATION WANTED. Convention of Creek Indians at Sapulpa Last Week. Thursday at Sapulpa, Creek Nation delegates representing several points iu the Creek Nation met to put on foot a movement for the purpose of annexing the Creek Na tion to Oklahoma Territory. The meeting was attended by 1G2 delegates, all of whom were in favor of annexing the Creek Na tion to Oklahoma Territory, as is provided for in the original law creating the Territory of Okla homa, and which has lain dorman arrd has been overlooked by the advocatesof "single" and "double' statehood with Oklahoma and the Indian Territory. The section of the law under which this meeting was held is as follows: "Section 1. Any other (than the Cherokee ouMef) lands within the indian Territory, not embraced by these boundaries (defining bounda rics of Oklahoma), shall hereafter become a part of the Territory of Oklahoma, whenever the Indian na tion or tribe owning such lands shall signify to the presiJent of the United States in legal manner, its assent that such lands shall be^ . come a part of said Territory of Oklahoma, and the president shall theraupon make proclamation to that effect." The law was looked up by Wm, P. Root, of Sapulpa, and he ad dressed a letter to the people of the Creek Nation calling the convention to meet in Sapulpa to take steps to carry out the provisions of that law, believing that a large majority of the Creek people favor such annexation. The organic act creating the Territory of Oklahoma was passed on May 2, 1890, and the para graph quoted above had been en tirely forgotten, even in the de partments at Washington, and its provisions enunciated in Mr. Root's call to the people of the Creek Na lion created no little surprise, and caused the article to be looked up, and it was found as quoted above. The convention Thursday was called to order by William P. Root, who stated the objects of the meeting and read the section referred ..tP, providing for the annexation of the Creek or any other of the nations of the Indian Territory to Oklahoma. Mr. Root stated that be believed it was for the best iqterests of all the people of the Creek Nation, and especially tne business men, to accept annexation to Oklahoma. He said that tbe recent legislation passed by congress had put the people of the Creek Nation in condition so that they would be ready for statehood in a short time, as the recent supplemental agreement with the Creeks, ratified by congress, provides tor closing up *V1 the affairs of the 1 Creeks,and issuing deeds to the Indian citizens. Within three to six months nothing will stand in the way of annexation of the Creeks, and he believed it would be for the best interests of all the people to take steps to that end. The meeting selected W. P. Root chairman, and a very harmonious session was held. The delegates were mostly 1 business men of the Creek Nation, with a few Creek citizens. After a general and enthusiastic discussion of the situation, tbe convention decided to enter into permanent organisation, and the following officers were elected: Orlando Swain, Okmulgee, president; W. P. Root, Sapulpa, Vice president; W. W. Green, Bristow, secretary; P. F. Lamb,,Okmulgee, corresponding secretary; fl, H. Homan, Wetumpka, treasurer. A committee o_n,. publicity was appointed ^to draw-jip an .^dressTto the people of tbe C#Sek*NaMdn and nave tbe same published in the press of the country, Okmulgee was selected as the next place of meeting, and the date named August 11. Those in the convention stated that they will endeavor to have Chief Porter call a special session of the Creek council immediately after the adjournment of the special session that met July 17, and let the council pave the way for annexation to Oklahoma by making the request of President Roosevelt in due form. Assumes a Mission. The Vinita Leader thus speaks of one of Checotuh's most worthy citizens : "Rev. Orlando Shay once lived in Vinita, was a local preacher at tending Willie Halsell college. He used to walk to his appointments not being able to buy ahorse. Later he married Mrs. Lerblanche, of Checotah, a rich widow. He has added to the estate since it came into his hands and be is now worth $40,000, But he is a preacher yet and he is going oil a mission to the Cherokee fullbloods. He has obtained this work at his own request and will bear his own ex penses and the expenses of his co laborers. Such devotion is rare It is a labor ot love and duty purely for there is uo hope of earthly reward ." Creek Council in Session. Creek council convened in extraordinary session at Okm.ulgee yesterday morning for the purposi of taking action on the Supple mental Agreement, recently rati tied by congress. The document has been published in full by Enquirer, and is therefore familiar to most of our readers. It is the general opinion that council will be in session about ten days, and that the document will be ratified, although there is likely to be considerable opposition to it. Ellis Childers, of Coweta, who has a strong following among the full bloods, is on the groun 'd fighting its ratification and is backed up, it is understood, by some of the large lease holders of the nation. Others are there fighting it because they do not believe it is the best thing for the Indian, therefore at the time Enquirer goes to press it is impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy what the result will be. At 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon the reading of Chief Porter's message was begun. It contained about 3000 words and was read in English and interpreted into Creek by an official interpreter. In it he urged the ratification of the measure and gave many reasons why it was for the best interests of the Creeks to so dispose of it. It is extremely doubtful if any action will be taken before next week, as the Creek solons are not given to pushing their work very rapidJy in their national councils. is tion our has is, r< ing: can to dogs l 1st. for Hon. John F. Brown, of the Seminole Nation, who has just retired from the executive office after 16 years of service, is at his home in Wewoka very low. the be of saw; Kan. al., al., ^JfHOBART Headquarters for the celebrated Knabe, PatD»m. Chlp&go Oottafe, B. C. Bollinger and

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