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THE SCBAXTON TRUTH. TUESDAY AFtEBNOONV kAT 23, 1903. Ken's Gclf Shirts. Assortment is immense. All nice, clean poods. Regular 50c value. Special only, 39c Men's Mitts ; Fire t and water proof one - finger mitts; soft and pliable, yet very tough and strong. Regular 50c kind, special, 33c Boys' Russian blouses Boys' Shirts Black Satine Shirts; 45c quality. Special, 29C Uncle Sam Braces Made with endless cable cord arrangement in the back to equalize the strain, Best 25c value. Special, 'President " Suspenders S Men's Pajamas White Special, Madras, 50c values. hod The best 5)c suspender on earth. Larpe' assortment of webs. Special, Made of good woven Madras .nice. and roomy. Size A. B and C. Special; 33C 89C i 1 15c I I CROCHET SILK Clark's pure dye knita, silk, 100 yards to spool. Value 4c. Wednesday, per spool, lc PAPER PINS 280 good strong pins to the paper. Value 3c. Wednesday each, paper, lc HACBINE THREAD Clark '8 best; value 4c. Wednesday per spool, 2c Wednesday ro Read the glorious bargains here listed. Note how deep the prices are cut. Not a carload of one article but real live bargains gleaned from each department. Our buyers have searched the markets of the country carefully and as a result, economic housekeepers will see at a glance that this great Wednesday Sale has many money - saving qualities for them. NEEDLES Sharp, gold eye needles, 3 to 9, Value 3c. Wednesday, 2 papers lc SOIP Pure Witch Hazel Soap ; good size cake. 3c value. For Wednesday, lc SOAP Antiseptic Witch Hazel Soap. Big cake. Value 5c. Wednesday, F 1 de Soie and Punjum Cloth 27 - inch; this is a very fine silky printed cotton fabric, often called cotton foulard: in all new shades and designs. Regular price 25c yard. Special K Wednesday price, per yard IwU I ESS EH I DRESS GOODS DOMESTICS IMPORTED TAFFETA and Melrose Visrereaux ; 45 inch width, all wool. Comes in all the new Spring shades. This popu lar dress fabric sells regu larly at v'.ic and 10c per yard. Wednesday only, for 49c 19 - INCH SILKS In plain and fancy Taf feta, satin Foulards and Japanese Wash Silks; all our 50c per yard quality, Wednesday only, per yard, 3C CAMPHOR BILLS Big package, containing a full pound. Value 6c. Wednesday, pr Dackage, 3C 39C TALCUM POWDER ' Mennen's the best. Bora fled and Violet. Wednesday, per box, HAND BAGS The new strap effect; silk lined with inside purse. Value ifl.19. Wednesday, 7oc SKIRT BRAID All wool 6kirt braid in black. Value 1212C piece. Wednesday, per piece, 8c LILLY LAWNS 25 - inch printed, all the new designs on a white ground. Regular price 5c yard. Wednesday only, per yard, FEATHER TICKING "Amoskeag"; in plain and fancy stripe. The 13c yard quality. Wednesday only, per yard. 10c cheviot sum . 27 - inch; in stripes and checks, medium and dark. Regular price 10c yard, Wednesday only, per yard, 7c PLAIN CHAM6RAVS 28 - inch; in dark grey. navy, cadet, brown and Ox Blood full pieces. A regular 10c yard quality. ednesday, for 5C 3C COTTON ETAHMES 28 - inch width; one of the very best of this season's wash fabrics; in the newest and best designs, both dark and light. The price has been 15c yard. edneseday 's special price, per yard, 27 - inch Clift'side domes tic apron check ; all styles. Regular value 6c. Wed nesday, per yard, for 4c mm crash 18 - inch bleached; sft finish. Real vlue 6c yard. Wednesday only, per yard, 4c MIA LIMN 10c 27 - inch, plain white; regular price 8c yard. Wednesday, per yard, . 4c Rib Roast pep lb. 10c Chuok Roast pep lb. 8c Boiling Beef pep lb. 5c Copned Beef pep lb. 6c Read Cheese pep lb. 7c Livep Sausage per lb. 6c Bovs' Knee Pants We have just secured 987 pair, made from sample ends of suitings by one of the leading Boy Clothing Manufacturers of New York City. These knee pants are worth 50c to 75c a pair. Your choice of 987 pairs for Wednesday only, Per Pair, 37c Misses' and Children's Slippers Made of fine Vici Kid and Patent Leather, with dull kid top, wide ribbon laces, sizes So to 2. QQa Regular $1.23 value. Wednesday, per pair wOv Shirt Waist Suits For ladies; both black and colored. Made up in latest styles and best of materials. Sold all over town at $12.93. Wednes day's price, $8.98 Torcb on Lace and Inserting: In assorted patterns, per yard, 5C Torchon Lace and Inserting 6 yards to a piece, per piece, 9c Cambric Embroidery and Inserting 2 to 4 inches wide. Per yard, 4c Pearl Buttons 4 hole; 2 dozen on Regular price 10c. card, iiesdav, per card, 6c a card. Wed - 39c and 49c soiled each, wash collars. 15c Ingrain Carpet A new lot of choice patterns in rich colorings, suitable for any room. Our best half wool, sells regularly for 45c yard.' Wednesday, per yard, 33c Upholstery Denim A very large and choice selection of plain and figured denim in all colors. Regular price per yard 17c. Wednesday, per yard, IIC Covert Cloth Jackets Only 20 left, handsomely made and lined with skinner satin. Former price $13.98. Clearance price, now, $6.98 Shirt Waists Ladies' white lawn shirt waists, bought by our buyer when in New York last Friday. Secured at a big reduction. Waists are worth $1.50. Our price will be 79c 200 Petticoats Black mercerized satin finish, with 2 ruffles, full width. Value 9Sc. Wednesday, 69c House Wrappers Medium light colors, made of the best percales; well made in every way. .Extra full round skirt. Price, 98c Men's Shoes Fine Tan Russia calf skin, Blucher cut lace shoes; very latest style toe, $2.50 value. Wednesday, per pair, $1.98 Little Gent's Shoes Tan goat skin lace shoes; safety heels. Sizes 8i2 to 13i2. Regular $1.25 value. Wednesday, per pair, 98c mi urn COTS Good value, note special prices for Wednesday only: 2 gal. coolers. . . 98c 3 gal. coolers.. .$1.05 4 gal. coolers.. .$1.19 fMG GO - CARTS The Hey wood make, light and durable rubber - tired and fully guaranteed. Regular price $2.9S. Wednesday's special. $2.49 GLASS TOILERS Thin blown and nicely etched. Sold regularly at low price of 10c. Wednesday's special, each, 5C Children'sWashHats In assorted colors for IQC Children's Dresses Made with long waists, trimmed in embroidery, to fit from 2 years to 5 yeara. regular ii.jo value. 1 Wednesday, each, imi SETS Crystal flowered and colored; also some very neat crystal etched. Regular prices 98c to $1.19. Wednesday's special. 89c 75c Table Covers 36 - inch Demin table over, assorted colors, with a Persian border. Value 49c. Wednesday, 29C Pillow Shams Fine Swiss hemstitched and open work center, Value 79c. Wednesday, 59c (SLMI IROTHIEInl. ZTT. .' , : 'IT " - - ?im r - - - gag - 1 rgj y. IiVS HOSE Men's fine black cotton hose, seamless, fast colors, all sizes. Per Pair, 5c INFANTS ilOSE Fine black cotton ribbed hose, with grey split foot, high spliced heel and toe; fast colors. Special, ' per pair, 2V2c LADIES' VESTS Fine cream Vests, high or low neck with or without ving, fine silk taped Special, each, 'S v: - r , 1 rnie oaionggan underwear in shirts and drawers, long sleeve shirts and ankle length drawers, all sizes, each, 39C WEST SCRANTON. Morris Evans, of Taylor, Had His Arm Amputated - Other AccidentsPersonals. combined thus far. The grand drill ty lb young ladies in suits with swords will be worth the 25 cents admission alone. But when we add to this the various other fine features as marches drills, singing of soldier songs and scenes of soldier life, not anyone can afford to" miss the treat. The fact that Captain David W. Davis has charge, assisted on the piano by Miss Alvina Jonesi Insures a most splendid success as an entertainment. Morris Evans, a 14 - year - old boy, whose home is In Taylor, was taken to the West Side hospital yesterday, Buffering from an - injury to his right arm. After an examination. It was found necessary to amputate the arm Just below the elbow. The accident by which the boy's arm was injured happened In the Taylor mine. His arm was caujrht under a car. and before he could help himself, two wheels had passed over the arm, crushing n jbadly. The boy's mother, is a widow and the heroic little sufferer is worrying more about her than about his own serious loss. STOLE BRASS AND WAS CAUGHT. Patrolmen Morgan and Marker saw a man acting suspiciously in the Central railroad yard last evening, and decided to question him. The man saw the officers approaching and hastily dropped some bundles which he Was carrying. One of the officers questioned the suspect, while the other opened the bundles and found that they contained several brass Journals. No satisfactory explanation could be obtained from the suspicious character, who gave his name as Andrew Stoltz. and he was taken to the Jackson street station house. He will be given a hearing this afternoon. FINED FOR FIGHTING. In police court yesterday, Michael, Joseph and Martin Cook were each fined IIS for fighting. The brothers got into a quarrel at the home of their sister, on Sunday night, and were arrested by Patrolmen Savltts and McColligan. The three of them paid their fines and were allowed to go. Mrs. Maria Graves, who was charged with stealing $27 from Mrs. Charles Cooper, of Bulwer street, was committed to Jail yesterday by Alderman Timothy Jones. Twelfth avenue, by the Gleaners of the Simpson M. E. church. Strawberry stortcake and Ice cream will be served. The following committee have the matter in charge: Mrs. Harry Bass. Mrs. Charles tull, Mrs. . T. Davis, Mrs. Laura Widenor. Mrs. Jenkin Reese, Mrs. Fred Snyder, Mrs. Bartholomew, Mrs. Wilste. Mrs. A. E. Be - derly, Mrs. Gill, Mrs. Charles R. Acker, Mrs. William Wrigley, Mrs. Bryant Mis. Jeffries, Mrs. William Bederly, Mrs. George Easterle, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. James, Mrs. William Chase, Mrs. J. Reese, chairlady. TONIGHT'S EVENTS. The Gleaners of the Simpson M. E. church will meet this evening at the home of Mrs. Jenkin T. Reese on Washburn street. The eighth Informal dance of the Open Window Club of St. Brendan's council, Y. M. I., will be held in Mears' hall this evening. There will be a meeting tonight at 7:45 of the Christian Endeavor society of the Plymouth Congregational church. Heretofore the meetings have been held on Sunday evening, but in the future Tuesday will be the regular meeting night. BOYS INJURED. Fred O'Conner, of Seventeenth avenue, in company with some other boys, started off to see the circus yesterday. At Robinson avenue the boys boarded a wagon and everything went well until they reached the corner of Ninth avenue, when young O'Connor fell from the wagon and landed right In front of another vehicle. Before the driver of the latter could stop his horses, the wagon had passed over young O'Connor. His head and face were bruised and it is feared one of his legs is seriously injured. The little fellow was taken to his home by Merchant David Evans, of South Main avenue. Jerome Mullarkey, the three - year - old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mullarkey, of Jackson street, had a narrow escape from serious injury yesterday. While the little fellow was crossing Jackson street a car came along and before anyone knew what had happened the boy was picked up by the fender of the car and carried several feet, When taken from his perilous position he was found to be badly scared, but unhurt. BRIEF NEWS NOTES. STRAWBERRY LAWN SOCIAL. , There will be a strawberry lawn social conducted Thursday evening, May 25, at the home of H. A. Wrigley, 307 BOYS' BRIGADE ENTERTAINMENT Tomorrow evening in the Jackson Street Baptist church the Boys' Brigade, in charge of Captain David W. Davis, will give their third annual military entertainment. It is enough to say that this affair will surpass all The Ladies" Aid Society of the Washburn Street Presbyterian church will meet on Thursday afternoon. The concert recently given at Haw - ley by talent from this side, was a very flattering success. The opera house at that place was crowded to the doors and many complimentary remarks were heard about the excellence of the entertainment. There were many friends present this afternoon at the funeral of the late Uriths Ellis, which took place at 2:30 o'clock from the rfome of James Lewis of North Decker court. Short services were held at the house and interment was made in Washburn street cemetery. Two dogs entered the hennery of G. B. Reynolds in the rear of his home on South Main avenue recently, and killed four choice chickens. The dogs also killed several rabbits belonging to Robert and Rolland Phillips, of South Hyde Park avenue. In order to meet the demands of their constantly increasing musiness, Clarke Bros, have added six more horses and two new delivery wagons to their already extensive delivery department. Fifty - six horses are re quired daily to deliver the enormous amount of goods that leave theirastore on North Mam avenue. PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. Lewis Cosiett and son William, of 1310 Hampton street, have returned home after an extended trip through the New England States. " Mrs. Thomas Marshall and children, Eva and Henry, of Cripple Creek, are visiting West Scranton relatives. Palmer Beynon, of Hampton street, spent Sunday in Warrior Run. Miss Bessie Aswell, of Rock street visited Taylor yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman, of South Ninth avenue, are rejoicing over the arrival of a young daughter. Mrs. A. W. Musgrave and daughters, Marguerite and Lillian, of Division street, are visiting in Bloomsburg. W. T. Williams, of South Main avenue, is recovering from a severe attack of tonsilitis. Alfred T. Cooke, of Sweland street has returned from Lake Sheridan. Mrs. C. H. Snvdpr nf Vifh .,.. is ill. ",w,uc' Mr. and Mrs. William Shcner, of North Main avenue, are entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Houck and daughter, of Stroudsbursr Mrs. Johanna Tohluo nf nthc,, .. visiting relatives on this side. Mrs. W. C. Campbell, of North Garfield avenue, is entertaining T v v.. ans, of Hazleton. M. J. Toohev. nf r'hpainnt t,, manager of Clacke Bros.' millinery department, has returned from a business trip to New York . btewart Lewis, of North wvo ti. avenue, was bitten by a dog on WesC Mrttin leceiiuy. Dr. J. J. Carroll, of Jackson street has returned from a professional visit to Waverly, N. Y. Miss Madeline Reilly has returned to her home in South Orange, N. J after being the guest of Mrs. John B. ReilLy, of Chestnut avenue. ATTELL WAS TOO FAST FOR NELSON. Great Little Chicago Fighter Outpointed by the Calif ornian in Philadelphia - Was a Fast Six Round Contest. West Scranton Bu - slnesa Directory. WEALTHY PEOPLE AS WELL AS poor, buy their clothes and shoes at misfits. High grade clothing always on band. "In all my dally walks and rides for miles here and in the streets of Tokio," says a traveler, "I never heard an offensive word applied to me, nor saw an unfriendly face. Nor in the quieter streets did I ever see what is so common in China, women and children darting in and bolting the doors on the approach of a foreigner. Even the dogs here are friendly" and never bark at you." Philadelphia, May 23. Although outweighed from ten to twelve pounds, Abe Attell. of California, last night defeated Battling Nelson, of Chicago, by a wide margin In a six - round bout at the National A. C. It was a fast, scientific boxer against a rugged, rush ing fighter, and science won over brute strength and courage. In the first three rounds, Attell made Nelson look like the proverbial deuce. He not only landed both hands on the Dane almost at will and evaded Nelson's rushes, but makred Battling up by drawing blood from latter's ear, mouth and from a cut over his right eye. In the fourth round Nelson did his best work. Then he got Attell at Just the proper range and the way he hammered Abe with right and left swings caused the Californian to hang on for dear life. In the last two rounds, while Attell outpointed Nelson, he was more careful and permitted Battling to set the pace. The crowd went wild with delight over Atteli's showing. At the finish, however. Nelson was almost as strong as at the start, while Abe was tiring fast, partly from Nelson's blows and partly from his own fast work in the early rounds. Until within a few minutes of the time when the men entered the ring, it was not known who Nelson's opponent would be. Yesterday morning Attell appeared at the Hotel Scott and weighed in with his clothes on, without i lowering the beam, which was set at ' 1 3t"l nimHo ...I i . l .1 1 . , . . . ..... i'v'm.iuj. urii liien ueiiiaiiura mat Nelson should also weigh in. This Nelson, whose usual fighting weight is 130 pounds, refused to do. Attell then declared the match off. and "Kid" Herman, of Chicago, was substituted. While the crowd, which only about two - thirds filled the hail at prices of from $1 to $5. was witnessing the preliminaries, Nelson and Attell and their managers met in the dressing - room. Attell was willing to meet Nelson, and after a great deal of haggling between the managers, Nelson ended discussion by remarking: "Put Attell or any one else on. They all look alike to me." That settled It, and Attell' prepared for the ring. It was announced that Nelson would meet "Kid" Sullivan at Baltimore on June 2. Keteree Kucan's aiinouiiieinent that Nelson and Attell would box straight Qucensbury rules, which meant to protect themselves at all times, the crowd yelled with delight. When the boxers and their seconds met in trie center of the ring, Nelson refused to shake Atteli's hand. At the beginning of the sixth round, Nelson repeated this action, and was roundly hooted by the spectators. Nelson proved to be a great "fighting machine." No matter how hard or how Consolidated Telephone Companies of Penn'a. Efficient service and LOWEST KATES for Local and Lonir Distance service. You cannot a fiord to be without our service because everybody has it. In the Scranton division we have ;'S7't telephones, more con nections in this territory than any other company. Patronize the company that reduced the rates. often he was hit. he was always trying Jil mlY if iin Hp nrmvrf Ihut Via stand punishment and give it, too. In a a longer Dout ne wouiu aouotiess deteat Attell, but in six rounds Abe proved to be his superior by a wide margin. The best of the preliminary bouts was between Johnnie Kelly and "Young Joe" Grim, which the former won. . Only 2.400 skins have been taken by Eritish Columbian sealing vessels during the season Just ended, which is the worst on record. The Store That Can Fit Large Men in PArtwri A?c SHIRTS and UNDERWEAR LODldQ S

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  2. 23 May 1905, Tue,
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