Natl papers react to Daniel win gov - some positive some dismissive

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Natl papers react to Daniel win gov - some positive some dismissive - Des Moines Paper Says Pension Was ODanjeFs Best...
Des Moines Paper Says Pension Was ODanjeFs Best Weapon in Winning Primary Over His Eleven Opponents By THE ASSOCIATED 1'ltESS Newspapers over the nation continued Tuesday to comment on the nomination of W. Lee O'Daniel of Fort Worth as. Democratic candidate candidate for governor of Texas. Additional Additional comments follow: New York Times; After the queerest campaign that even Texas has ever had, W, Lee O'Daniel, O'Daniel, a Fort Worth flour merchant, merchant, has won the Democratic nomination for governor by a. clear majority. It was a good education for a shrewd observer * * * : Mr. O'Daniel was the longest promiser. The fact that he can't vote because lie has not paid his poll tax tickled the popular sense" When you are cro.v*. irritable, and grouchy: when you find fault -with the coffee, the eggs, the bacon, and the cook, you may well suspect that you have a touch of Biliousness or so-called "Torpid Liver," so prevalent prevalent in hot weather., All you may need is a. little calomel, or better still, "Calotabs." the imusealess calomel calomel compound tablets that make calomel-taking- a pleasure. Calotabs give you the combined effects of calomel and salts, helping Nature to expel the sour, stagnant bile and -washing it out of the system. One or two Calotabs at bedtime with, a glass of -water.--that's all. Next morning your system feels clean and refreshed, your head is clear, your spirit bright, and you are feeling fine with, a hearty appetite lor breakfast. Eat what you wish and go about your work or pleasure. Gcnuina Calotabs nre sold only In chpcker-board ( and -white) pnclt- ages bearing the tradp murk "CRlotnhs." Keluse Imitations.. TTlrU pnckase ten cents; family package only twcnty»0ve c«nw, at j-our dealer's, (Adv.) - VOTE OF THANKS i 'deeply appreciate the loyal support of my friends, and the voters of Justice Precinct One My o f f i c e is open to the public at oil times, and ! trust that if I may be of service that you will not hesitate to call upon me. of humor and helped instead of hindered hirn. Des Moines Register: We should guess that O'Daniel's pension-was pension-was his most potent -weapon --though the hillbilly band was possibly second. That. the two congressional candidate? who defeated defeated Maverick and Sanders picked up the pension theme probably probably explains, in a large part, their success. As for any indications of sympathy sympathy -or disinterest in the "New Deal" from all this, they would seem to be secondary at most. New York Daily News: Some of our fellow political observers * * * are seriously het up over the O'Daniel victory. Old Deal observers are trying to make it prove that the New Deal has made the American voter intellectually intellectually sterile * * *. Some New Dealers are alarmed by this stampede to O'Daniel and his hillbilly hillbilly crooners. Is this episode as ominous as all that? Isn't it just possible that O'Daniel's walkaway is a sign of a return to normalcy in Texas? * * * . When times have improved and have looked as if they were go' ing to be fairly good for a while, American practice has been to ! leave the serious thinkers moan. moan. i n g and clutching their bellies their gloomy hired halls, and go back to the circuses run by such comedians as O'Daniel. New York Sun: Texas nominates nominates :.,thc amazing hillbilly flour salesman * * * thereby demonstrating demonstrating the willingness of the Democratic electorate to follow any bright promiser who .offers to lend it out · of the hands of professional politicians. (The Sun referred to Sanders and McFarlane as "New Dealers," mentioned Simmers' victory de-^ spite the fact he . was "early marked for slaughter." and added: ''The New Deal's official co.nsul- ters of auspices will find little comfort in all this.") Chicago Tribune: Mr. O'Daniel toid the Texans that the professional professional politicians were no good, a sentiment which has been gain| gain| ing ground as the coming pf ' more abundant life has been de-- ferred from month to month and year .to year. , , Referring to the O'Daniel family. family. Style campaign, th^ Tribune said, "Pa and Ma ^Ferguson proved that:Texas likes a strong dose of domesticity in its politics." Referring to O'Daniel's promise of S30 ;v month pension to every Texan over 65, The Chicago Daily News said: '"Shades of Sam Houston,, Houston,, Stephen Austin and Jim Bowie * ' . * * in that golden that now seems past beyond recall, recall, no Texan worried 1 about what' might happen to him after 65. BLASTS BUIXSEYE of coastal E,

Clipped from The Corpus Christi Caller-Times27 Jul 1938, WedPage 5

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, Texas)27 Jul 1938, WedPage 5
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  • Natl papers react to Daniel win gov - some positive some dismissive

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