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Wright, J Sam - story part A - the News-Palladium 9-14-1897

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Wright, J Sam - story part A - the News-Palladium 9-14-1897 - j MANAGER J. SAM WRIGHT . '! ine moon to •...
j MANAGER J. SAM WRIGHT . '! ine moon to • teuton i!«*rbor. At «&,st reporta •• V« n up the ¡stag '¡ j talkie at Hotel Hie a e and I>e Hu lory l.y t to 1 iiHsruit». but t* bat fi ît •ong ,1 rink s ht* t ve pulled through. .«inks vve Sam may VV M t| 1 fit d eny so lit* of tin* above fa ets, bu t Í I the in; u they are true, a it! any one know• know• «iv reputation foi veracity tvill not «lo not them. 1 wouli have toll this s*. ry long ago, but it is only ret enti y tbi« t ' « in w eilt s. mt ), and as ht* us un­ umn a hav and ' a '*•** l" if et anywhere near me J thin) j J van'■aftjtly spring it on tie* bo vs oi j the r««a«i. ** j I cannot help saying in conclusion re- j ’ bat 1 consider my friend s.mi a bet tei umberutan than theatrical manager, vluch. by the way. is not saying much tio,i Mr u ,••••*. t f j As foi’ my ability as a stage manager. , " V" fon,U‘riv-'-n-I ! him, and if he says anything nan line for the Benton liar ; go«..«I about me the drinks are pn AL Flou mo?. numi.) « et to that st ani i record of I oí i ! 1 st ics. Ai got - ui \\ rig lit in j - Grating the two col ■'Ketches of lus own eral sait hor T.umher Company, is now uct-! mg in t a- -mm«' capacity for Un* Butters Butters Lumber (. «utipany of Hub, N. C, w t li headquarters at Harrisburg. Fa. He s represented in Mr. Flournoy's writeup a- having once on a time harbored designs on tin* stage and as in t in* winter of •.♦ A. when trad® taken the management of an at.-nr dramatic organization in Ben Harbor, lieu-scribes Mr. Wright's -nonary in vestment in a shining -. u . ma 'nuil •!,a o ;a ;uorni - • pin ami aned avrmiat. as befitted the man -\ a- I r«*** Pili« Send y«»ur address to II. K Bucklen A to,, ( hicago, and get, a tre«* sample bo.x tif ,,f I*[-. King's New Life Fills. A ; * nil wil; convince you «>t their merits. Uiese pills are easy in action and arc particularly elìcciivc in tin* cure of « oust i[nition and sick headache. For malaria and liver trouble they have o.-.-ii proved invaluable. Thêv are .{ ra i Un «i t«> »> »us su Listan >n. but b •oupe, appro[ its. eti .> of J. \ I 1! lb M. 1! fit «ar ■H A in and to ,*t w, a g tone in vigor [>er 1 ni Hai from li :.u* "i. lit: j ken • to vVa V_J) 11 vV ice .ar »f and H -i at K.

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  • Wright, J Sam - story part A - the News-Palladium 9-14-1897

    ed_munt – 25 Oct 2014

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