KKK good birth of a nation

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RIDDLE PLAINLY TELLS HIS VIEWS ON BARRED HIM DIRECTOR OF CORN TOUR RE- VHEWB INCII£¥T CAUSING COMMENT OVER COUNTRY OFFICE ABOLISHED SATURDAY-LETTERS SATURDAY-LETTERS BEST OUT TO TOURISTS. Parcel Post is Now Aided By The Side-Van Motorcyle T. P. Riddle bis replied to the j persona who have criticized him in ' allowing; the Buckeye Corn Special party to attend the performance ot, . the "Birth of a Nation" in picture in Philadelphia, during the recent tour. In a circular- letter - sent to each i member of the party, be briefly reviews reviews the charges ot bis critics and then defends -his action in a masterly v and well worded review of the play and the circumstances attending his placing it on the entertainment list. The letter was sent out before the notice camVfrom Columbus that the position' of manager 1 of the annual , tour had been abolished and was in no wise influenced bjr the drastic step taken by the Board of Agriculture. Agriculture. Riddle will loee his job and it is expected that J. R. Clarke will handle the work in connection with his present duties as supervisor of the -boys and girls' contests.- QUOTES PROM RBPOBT. In his defense, Riddle quotes from the report jot the Board of National Censorship^ upon the play which classes, _it "excellent" as to educational educational "value, artistic value,- and .entertainment .entertainment value awi "good" as to its jnprii feffeci. He further-states that jife ha booked \t as part 'of the entertainment ql the* tour before be knew th'at if *had"beeri'prohibited in Ohio. Riddle's section in Philadelphia is explained by the director in the following following manner: The booking could not be honorably cancelled in fairness fairness 'to either the- members of the party- · who had expected to see the play of thfe'management which had reserved the seats and would suffer a heavy financial loss" in case the order order should be withdrawn. So, at the r.isk ,of-a_ personal - financial loss, Keith j vaudeville" was billed as the official 'entertainment, the members of the party given their option as to the theater which they would attend. The overwhelming-verdict in favor of "The Birth of a Nation" seetaed a vindication of Riddle's judgment in. placing it upon the list. RESPONSE IS ASKED. A'response from-each member of the party expressing their own opinion opinion of the play wav requested. By means of the.se, Riddle hopes to confirm confirm 'or correct his judgment in allowing allowing the party to attend the performance performance that ,Tiad Zheen prohibited, in Ohio and personally vetoed by Governor Governor Willis during his brief stay in Philadelphia His letter in full follows: follows: "For my persona! information, I would, greatly appreciate your giving giving me, frankly, your impression concerning "The Birth of A Nation'. Don't? be afraid of offending me by expressing views different from mine. I want the truth of the matter matter for the good of the cause. I have, great confidence in your judgment. IS KBING CRITICIZED. "rain being criticized' for having hooked the 'Birth of a Nation' as an item of entertainment for the Buckeye Buckeye Corn Special party Shortly after after I had booked it, I discovered that it had been barred-from Ohio by the Ohio Board of Censors. On the other other hand, I understand that the 'Birth Of a Nation'' has been admitted admitted in every other state; and I have before me a copy of a special report by Ihe National Board of Censorship, grading the 'Birth of a Nation' as follows: EDUCATIONAL VALUE--"Excellent"; VALUE--"Excellent"; ARTISTIC VALUE--" Exigent". Exigent". ENTERTAINMENT VALUE -"Excellent"; -"Excellent"; MORAL EFFECT-"Good." EFFECT-"Good." "I could not honorably cancel the booking. To have done so would have been unfair to those who had enrolled in the Buckeye Corn Sppcial Party and to the management of the "Birth Ot a Nation". So, at risk of a heavy personal loss, I agreed to furnish other entertainment. T did thi.i and duly advertised it. I announced announced however, that the original advertisement entertained, namely, Postmaster General BurlMon's order authorizing the us* of motorcycles motorcycles on rural free delivery routes is received with satisfaction by millions millions of people in the United States who have been accustomed to receiving receiving their newspapers and other mail matter on schedule. Last July, the Postal Department was inclined to believe that the motorcycle did not permit expansion of the Parcel Post. Mr. Burleson assumed · personal personal charge of the instigation and the reports made by poatofflces thru- out the country showed that tne motorcycle and side van is meeting the needs of the department satisfactorily." satisfactorily." " "' " ' '. In the suburban districts of the large cities, as well as" in the rural districts, the regular mail established established with the aid of automobiles and motorcycles has accomplished wonders wonders in the daily life of all who enjoying the R. F. D. service. The extent to which motorcycles are used in this s«rvice can somewhat when it be appreciated is known that 5,400 Barley-Davidsons alone hate been sold to R. F. D. carriers. The usefulness of Uncle Sam's rural routes has been increased greatly by the parcel post, benefiting benefiting not only the patrons on the routes In receiving shipments from the cities but city residents who receive receive farm produce by parcel post. Consequently, the decision 01 tne Postmaster General approving motor deliveries and collections on R. F. D. routes is meeting with approval In the cities as well as in the country, the subject being a matter of nation-wide nation-wide interest. 'The Birth Of station', would be brovided for all'who might elect to choose It in preference te the" official official entertainment. WITNESSES THE FILM, " .. * .' "I witnessed the 'Birth Of~a Nation' Nation' in New York three months ago. T paid, two dollars a seat in- the row next to the last. Had it cost me ten dollars, I still would have felt that I had gotten my money's worth. It impressed foe as being the most wonderful play of the kind that I had ever seen. It did me more good than any sermon I had ever heard. Then and there, I resolved resolved to endeavor to secure it for t'he Buckeye Corn 'Special Party. "This is how it affected me. It made me see, as never before, the horror of war--the killed, the crippled, the crushed, broken and bleeding hearts of mothers and sisters--the sisters--the awful poverty and desolation desolation which follows war. Having seen the "Birth"*Of a Nation'; I cannot cannot vote for ~war, except as a .last honor and coun- RIDDLE IS ALLOWED A PATENT ON SUGAR BOWLS BY THE U. S. James E. Riddle of 331 McPheron avenue, was allowed a patent for an improvement in sugar bowls, from the United States patent license license commissioners at Washington, D. C., which he filed December. 28, 1914. He received a letter from Thomas Ewing, commissioner' of patents, stating upon last payment he would be granted the full right to his patent. Mr. Riddle may organize organize a company and manufacture "Riddle's Automathj Sugar BQW!" in this city or may sell outright, but he prefers to keep it in Lima. made including of tho different of of the CLARENCE CROQUET-CHEATER!! Falstaff comic Dreamland today. Ho! Ho! resort to maintain try. "Then there was another important important lesson impressed upon me by the 'Birth Of a Nation*. In my experience experience in town, county and state affairs, I had witnessed onvthe part of the politicians and political organizations, organizations, instances of prostitution STARTLING REVELATION TODAY of honor, intelligence and ^publicjln "Diamond-Sky" Royal, $10,000. welfare for personal preferment; MASONIC NOTICE. A stated communication of Garrett Garrett Wykoff lodge No. 585, F. and A. M., will be held Monday evening, December 13, at 7:30 o'clock. -Installation -Installation of officers. All Masons in the city cordially invited. Gibson P. Dildine, W. M. but it remained for the acta of the 'Carpet Baggers', as represented in the 'Birth Of a Ntic-n', to warn me of the limits to wiHch unscrupulous politicians and political organizations organizations will go. RESTORED THE ORDER. "It is true that those mysterious white-robed, masked, cossack-Iike riders of the South, the Ku Klux Klanners, whom we applauded in the play, were law breakers--yet, it was they who restored order, peace and justice in the South. What constitutes law? The Kfi Klux Klanners of the 'Birth Of a Nation' make one think along that line. Does the 'Birth Of a Nation' create create race prejudice? I understand that some contend that it does'. Personally Personally it has just the opposite effect effect on me. It created within me a new and substantial pride in the naturally peaceful and industrial tendencies of the colored race and in its wonderful advancement. "I am confident that our Ohio Board of Film Censors acted in good faith iu barring the 'Birth Of a Ration' Ration' from Ohio, but is mj personal conclusion that their doing «o constituted constituted an act of personal judgment. judgment. Your response will tend! to confirm or correct my conclusion. . I shall be glad to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Very truly yours, T. P. RIDDLE " BABONESS VISITS LIMAlT At Royal Monday m "The Valkyrie." ANNA LITTLE STARS TODAY!! In Mustang "Valley Feud" Dreamland. Dreamland. DAUGHTERS OF VETERANS. Lizabeth Turner tent No. 23 will meet in Memorial Hall Tuesday, December December 14, at 7:30 p. m. Business of importance and election of officers. Let every member be present. By order of President Eva Davis. . DIAMOND-SKY ENDING!! Almost here' Royal today. Arthur and Esther Meet' The Clothes we Clean, Press and Repair Represent Painstaking Painstaking Effort. Not a suit, skirt or overcoat leaves this place without our knowing that it is O. K. Our work must be so well done that it will please the critic. That's Work Well Done May we do it for you? Massman I CLEANER DYER 219 W. High St. Main-3474 the

Clipped from The Lima News12 Dec 1915, SunPage 9

The Lima News (Lima, Ohio)12 Dec 1915, SunPage 9
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  • KKK good birth of a nation

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