Alvin Bopst Prison Sentence, Larceny

The News, Frederick, Maryland), 13 Oct 1955

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Alvin Bopst Prison Sentence, Larceny - Tfc« Ne**. .. Thnr»Uy. Ott»»er 13. 1955...
Tfc« Ne**. .. Thnr»Uy. Ott»»er 13. 1955 Bopst Given Five Years In Penitentiary Found tuilty on one count of larceny *fter trust, mvolunit S3.- 000. and not guilty »f two fimiltrj rh« r ses involvaj smaller sums, i Alvm M Eppst. 45. of US East Church street, Frederick, w a s , sentenced' to five ear m the | Maryland Penitentiary, after a , trial Wednesday m Circuit Court The hearing w a s before Associate Judges Thomas M Anderson and Patrick M Schnauffer. In pronouncing the sentence Judge Anderson deelored the 1 ternfic hardship" the decision would bnnc to the defendan' - 90- j ear-old father, his sistei and a oun£ son. recently graduated from lOilC^e and dU6 tO ^C into tl.C Army on October 25 He i cminded ' Bopst he had been in trouole be-1 fore and served time for it "That j should h a \ e taueht \ou that o u must pay for misdeeas--Judce ana | J have no doubt cT your guilt--«e , *re *orry the innocent must suffer i ·with jou." the judge said in part t The trial, which began m the morning, w a s concluded at 4 30 p m. The piosecution w a = h\ , State's Attorney Samuel W B a i - nck Bopst was represented hy Attorne Edwin F. Nikirk Borrowed From Father James M Stockman. 24 204 W. Twelfth St . Frederick, a college graduate, testified he sa\e Bopst J3,000 in the month of J u l . 1951 with which Bopst was to bu\ him t new car. He said ?500 of the money belonged to him and the remaining 52.500 was borrowed from his father. He cot no teceipt for it. he said. And he ne\er sot There M a ; '"Urmny. and exhibits were introduced as to various negotations into which Bopst »nd Stockman were assumedly imolved. Bopst admitted, in his testimony, that he wrote at least some of these deeds, contracts, even court ordei=, involving such properties as a mountain cabin, a large home near Fiederick, » business house near the city, but he said he dad it largely under duress. All were fictitious. Stockman, he said, threatened to beat him up and struck him on occasions. Then, he added, he and Stockman were good friends and he typed some of the \ a n o u s papers because Stockman w a n t e d something to show to his f a m i l y and friends that he vas engaged in these negotiations "Pearl Bartiin House Deal" O\er a period of thice months. Stockman testified. Bopst paid him approximately $90 on what was reported as the "Pearl Bargain House Deal " About $100 additional was given him around last Christmas, he said Bopst admitted that last Decem- 'her 23 in the local Y. M C A i he wrote in longhand » detailed 'statement concernins the Uans- ! Actions, m which he admitted i he owed Stockman $3.000 and ' would pay him by J a n u a r 1 Ptorkman testified he \irttially 'dictated w h a t was in the state- mrnt He said he was out of and h* w a n t e d something to w h a t Bop^t owed him. Bopst said he wrote th* statement because Stockman threatened to beat him up or so to the States Attomey Charles L Pure Bop 1 ;' said he was afiaid o! w h a t Stockman might do to because he knew he sot "wild" occasion*: He said Stockman was a fiequcnt usitor at his home here He said he assumed Siock- man had cotten some mono and hart tn explain what he hari done \ \ i i h it Ropst said he didn't cot anv of it except for S160 loaned April 1954 a , h \ h|rn w c i e Ne\er Made TfcreiU Stockman tesUfied h» n e v e r made any threats of phvsicial violence 01 beat Bopst UD He said the car he was supposed tn eel to be sold to Bopst and Bopst to s;i\e it to him. John W Stockman f a t h e r the proiecutins witness testified ' h e ~»\f his son. $2,500 in cash in July of 1954 to purchase * car His .son nevei cot the car. he , ·-aid He added that he had never pressed his son for the money, j , f u o witnesses said they s i Bopst and Stockman together a i the Y M C A One of them \ testified Stockman was asked | .when he was gome to gel his car and he replied t h a t Bopst knew more about- that than he did Bopst t h e n said, the said, t h a t Stockman didn't I car Bopst's testimonv that h» w a intimidated by Stockman, was roborated by his sister Miss Edna I Bopst, and his son Junior Bopst. who also testified to sums of money paid to Stockman Neither had knowledge of th* extent of the debt, they said Following the Bopst trial Chai Wilson Dorsey, colored. 21. who had earlier pleaded auilty to false pretense and forgery, was sentenced by Judge Schnauffer. to one year in the State Reforma- l o i y foi Males Before the sentence was pronounced Slate's Attorney Banick stated the defend ant had no p i e v i o u s "when he worked he was » aood w n i k e r " Judge Schnauffei told Doisey that his cnme was a serious one. and the sentence would not only punish him but serve is a w a ing to others WhipporwlUs do not make nests, hut lay their eggs on bare ground or among; accumulations of leaves

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  • Alvin Bopst Prison Sentence, Larceny — The News, Frederick, Maryland), 13 Oct 1955

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