uintah shooting 1922 part 1

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uintah shooting 1922 part 1 - u rope ot n e Lloyd Bybee, 18, Has --Equal...
u rope ot n e Lloyd Bybee, 18, Has --Equal Chance With Death to Recover ROW OVER SCHOOL Teacher Carried Gun Since Being Knocked Down Sunday Night e n . ' . A l i v e two ^ tne to is hi^ front _sne| bui-| Ihe, 'saved by in to, n d ; to j he the j 6 [ dozen- :., such life. poison-| that i became , in- yesr the sec- ;:th'e' nd others, -" 1 became -'city- at it he-. ig-hrHwas'-'a cam,e, e n t ' - . : · At press time this afternoon the hospital reported that Lloyd Bybee suffered a collapse. Little Hope was held for Ms- recovery, according to ihe report. The bullet pcnctra.iccl his liver and his lungs. Marlow J. Christensen, 30, principal 01 the Uintah school, is -in the county jail, and Lloyd Bybee, IS years of 1 age, .son of William Bybee of Uintah, is in the hospital with bullet in his body^and'in serious condition as the result - o f a shooting- which occurred at Uintah. last night. Christensen admitted the shooting and is being held without bond pending the outcome of the condition, of '.Bybee. · 1 ';- ' ''·..-;;·,-·-· . GIVES SELF UJP; ^-..'-'.·-" Christensen '. gave ".himself-;.up . deputv sheriffs-following-the shooting and declared-.heXdid the ; shooting- in-.-s'elf-defense'an'd to-prevent B.ri at- ·t'ack-^upo.n him :by yffuns "Bybee' and ' two-others who.'were with him.at time." He -said-"he met Bybee, · ' 1'brother. Or-ville,'"Bybee, 14..and David Penman on-the road near- the TJintah .depot. wH'eh'fhe lads came toward in a threatening attitude and he pulled his gun and fired at -'.Lloyd Bybee. Immediately after the shooting he went to the home of Andrew -Anderson and telephoned to- the .office of Sheriff Richard ' Pincock. Deputy Sheriffs Charles Pincock and J-ohn Holden brought Christensen to the county jail..while Sheriff, Pincock procured an ambulance .and went the scene of tjie..shootinsr. The ambulance brought young Bybee- to tho Dee hospital, where at first it .was lieved that he "was fatally wounded. ATTOJXEY SAYS SILENCE.' At the county jail this morning Christensen appeared willing to talk until the- arrival of Attorney George Halveraon, who cautioned him. · to make no'further-statements. · · · , --CHRISTENSEN'S ACCOUNT. M"r. Christensen said: "Trouble arose during October when Orville Bybee refused to prepare his lessons, reported-the matter to Superintendent B. A. Fowler, who sent a letter to the parents of the boy and the matter, was settled'. At that time threats were made ;igainst me but nothing, was done . Last Wednesday · Orville,. again 'refused to prepare his 'lessonjs "and I told him to stay .in after school. I notified the superintendent- of schools and the lad was ordered to appear in the juvenile court. . ' 'Xast night Mrs. Bybee. mother the boy, asked me to come to the house-and talk over! the matter.' went there" and had" started ' horn* about 7:30 o'clock when I- reached turn in the-road and saw Lloyd "bee"coming toward me.. .I.stopped antt looked around for others. . I then commanded him to stop,''but he kept on coming. When'he neared me drew, my -gun and pointed it at his 'siomach. I again told -him to stop, he, kept- on. Whehi he was within three feet .of -me, .I fired.'-' · , . · . · · · · . - · ' ROCKS ARE HURLED. '""When I-pulled-the trigger I puilea - t h e - g u n a- little to one side.'of -abdomen. He groaned'and fell;to th.e, ground' and called for'Ru^ty Penman, ·who.-then emerged from- some brusii at the side of the road. He walked Bybee's side. Orville Bybee then ap; peare'd and ran toward me, throwing I'rocks.'' One of; the stones hit me the head and knocked off my hat.' ,-theri^fJred two.shots at the'ground i front .of- Orville Bybee. and he stop"- ped.". T h e n ' I went to the house and : ,called- th'e sheriff 5- office." -JiA» BORNE GRtTJOGE.. Lloyd · Bybee told his side - of' story to- Sheriff Pincock .- .last -, night when : hc -was'' being- brought to Ogden in the ambulance. · According to the ·sheriff young" Bybee/declared that had never-haxUtrouble· with Christen- aen"and-''did-ri6t.go..to school. He saio. however, - that-. Christensen/ had: remarks-."about" him to various,- girls about-'the '-rieighbdrhood and .had de,- clared "he'-\vas'no,.good."'^Lloyd as- serfed'-'tJiat' h"e ' ; 'held_ this ; against Christensen -but ^he had-planned' · attack or .had 'threatened Christen'-. '.sen'ilast- night, .according, to the sheriff. -.- " ~ - "-' ·· '· - - · "' ' * "'Bvbee said that, he was returning from'" the ;depot: last-.' 7 evening," · the sheriff said"' "and, was~walking along the-road with'Orvjlle-"-and' Penman.. He .-.said he sa^rrphrfstenBen coming 'down" the -road "-and'Tvhen within ten 'br';tw'ely«'* fe'etV-^'Chrlateiisen -yelled., ".Stop- or-"-ril: vStiopt."-''.! Lloyd s sald'he took-another step'.rfprward'·-and Christensen. fired.;.-.Christensen-then ran as. iOrville picked -p · Tocks-'ad ·: threw \ Williani Bybee^father.of. Lloyd .Orville." said' foday.;\thatr-.as far ..as ·knew .Lloyd had -no "^roiiblei with, Christensen other than that.Christensen had told girls..of "the neighborhood- to stay, away ' from...-him.-"; 'Het sald-^-he -heard . ; ~ . (Continued on Pa«e Two)

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 23 Mar 1922, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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