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MONDAY, on the i t e d -- ! p o s t s Man Aboul Town Jaws Of Termites Clack In One 5,000th Of Second Termites chew so Fast their screens unnecessary where food i 5,000th of a That bit of Information may of Agriculture, with hoadquar- sound unimportant when considered as an Introduction to testing the resonators in an of- a story about some vital scicn. tific developments achieved by an Anderson area concern, the ment advised us that excellent by Sonitrol Corp. of Daleville. Actually, it emphasizes a fac tor in the extensive experiment, alien, study, research and uncounted tests and checks, made by Sonitrol in perfecting sueh devices as: A resonator that broadcasts a vibration barrier for birds and insects. A burglar alarm system that picks up unusual sounds. 'An electronic stethoscope for physicians, which, in obstetrics, permits the detection of feeble heart beats in unborn infants three months earlier than with a standard stethoscope. An electronic termite detector--which brings us back to the start of this report. That isn't the complete list of Scnitrol's products, but it icrvcs as an example of the progress and advancement of the firm in its field -- electronics, acoustics and electronic acoustics. Photo on Page 5 Probably we should begin with something about the Soni- music long com- was among the first developments of Sonitrol, w h e n the corporation was located here at to police." 2710 Peiirileton Ave. along with the Baxter Exterminating Co. Baxter Exterminating w a s established by L. C. Baxter, whose dealh occurred jusl a year Associated with him £» /?TMter d7o.r's weTM l ! i . -- . . * ·'__ ' ^ " lusuiituur, with success 1 ers are maintaining their in- leresls in bolh firms. "We is handled or processed. "The Canadian Department tors at Belleville, Ont., has been fcnsivc against corn borers. A representative of Ihe depart- results had been obtained wilh the Sonitrol Jet H e s o n which gave a desired 160 decibels of volume at a 3 . foot level as compared with 100.110 available previously." Insect control furnished by the Jet Resonator offers many possibilities us development con. iinues. A widened control range makes lhe devices valuable for use on palips, near swimming pools, in outing and picnic and oilier spots where insects are unwelcome. nitRGLAR ALARM Sonitro! is especially gratified over success attained in performance of an electronic burglar alarm system. More than 50 have been installed in Andersen, alone. The system, which can be installed in offices, shops, stores, schools or any room or building, is set to pick up sounds above lhe normal level lhal would prevail in lhe protected area after working hours. Such sounds are relayed to a monitor, for quick relay lo law enforccmenl officers. "The system has produced trol Jet Resonator, because that good results," Mr. Baxter device, designed to repel birds, ports. "Even in tests, appro. hension was made in every It has proved to be a vital Sonitrol is believed lo be lhe only firm al present in the Uniled'Stales making electronic stethoscopes. Another manufacturer who made similar instru-. ments discontinued production as a result of a merger. "The electronic stethoscope is about half lhe size of Ilia ordinary inslriimenl used by physicians," Bob explains, "but il gives much belter performance. H amplifies internal body sounds 10,000 limes. "The inslriimenl is intended to aid in diagnosis by intcnsi- were (old by people tying heart beats, the passage interested in bird and pest con-|of air in and out of lhe lungs eveloped the resonator, found m many opEra [ ions throughout the country. That million dollars hasn't made its appearance, however, as perfection of the resonator has been long and ex. penditures large," Bob laughed again as he disclosed that an unexpected performance by the resonator may yield a greater service than that of repelling birds. "In making tests lo sel up a barrier against sparrows at lhe County Highway garage," he relates, "we found that the . . . ed us in testing the electronic stethoscope hsve reported that the feeble heart beats of unborn infants can be detected as much as three months sooner than t h r o u g h standard stethoscope." TERMITE DETECTOR Sonitrol is pleased, too, over the demand for its electronic termite detector. The devices have been shipped to India, England, Australia, Tahiti and many tropical countries, where the termite problem is severe. The detector locates termites by amplifying sounds made the insects while they are chewing away on wood, vibrating sounds radiated to I Bob Baxter had lo chuckl* repel birds were repelling insects, too. II was one of ihose side effects, or accidenls, thai Iheir jaws 5,000 limes a occur in experimentation." Needless to say, Scnitrol gave immediate attention lo lhat surprise "dividend 1 yielded by the resonator. Installalion of a Jet Resonator in the Air France commis- again as he was asked if termites actually opened and closed "They probably can't chew that fasl repeatedly," he com- mcntcd, "bul they can clack their jaws in a 5,000th of » second. "A probe in a suspected enables the exterminator lo lis- sary at Kennedy International! ten for sounds created by Airport (iormerly Idlewild) hashing termites. H is very dislinc- provided perfect insect control, Bob reports. "We oblained permission of the Port of New York Authority and the New York Board of Health to make the installation for Air France," he says. "Previously, the commissary live sound and can be recognized easily. The detector can adjusted to filter out all olher noises. "The detector is a great when termite damage cannot be seen. It averts the need cul into suspected areas to keep out insecls as deliveries }f food and produce were made. Insects on the bottoms of trucks was relying on air doors to see if termites may be there or are still active." Bob Baxter's explanation of electronic devices developed lhel parts of ve-|thc small manufacturing firm were nol touched by the makes it sound easy, although v e r . The vibration repels kinds of insects that might he points out thai exactly the opposite is true. The processes are quite tedious and intricate. An i d doesn't always meet wilh success, and when il does (here "One of lhe'big advanlages'cndless experimentation',""re" , al the resonator is that it makes search, study, Icsts, : - _ , _____ ,1 . · --- *: . of chemical repellents and (Continued on r.-ipe Five)

Clipped from
  1. Anderson Daily Bulletin,
  2. 17 Feb 1964, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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