1758 material in French Prize London

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1758 material in French Prize London - %^^v%-^lfe^Ni>L E. At Garrawair'lXkftsft-hotife...
%^^v%-^lfe^Ni>L E. At Garrawair'lXkftsft-hotife in Etchinge-Alley, ^ , OrrjFr^JaB«wr so, at >1vetd*tfeT«f id :»eTAftenwbn t ,' ^heAliow ^g ^opdsr^MO^CWM \ If Ifteen Serjeants Coat* 4 15 ditto Wai.tco&tE X*> > ij^rrto Paitof Breeches, ro Drhmtlaift Coata, it ditto Waift- \ coat^- #z ditto- Palr^of -Breec &sr, i Corporal's "Coat, Watffcoat j and s Brteehev *9 *SokSm Coats, 71$ ditto* Waiftciatt, 6^5 dtttd P ^ir of Breeches, jjrjy yellow metaled-LacW Hati, rt78 €ah *as Shirts, 1005 mill'd Yarn Stockings, 1649 Pair Soldiers Shoes, 864 Dozen Wdrfted Smelts, 974«sH'd> Yarn »Cap«," 48b Mtfskets," 17a Bayonets, 45 hrafs hilted Swords, 335«uffBelts, ^ooCartrJach Boxes and Belts, 300 red Leather Girdles, 301 Leather Powder Flasks, 706 Powder Horns-, 54 Drams, 46 Pair DrumfMcks, 3 5 Barrels Mufquet Balls, 60 Barrels fmall Shot, 147x00 Gun Flints, zgc/ aew round Shot, 120 Pieces blue; ftop Lifts, 50 Pieces Ted ditto, 45 Carrels Flour. - For EXPORTATION. .31 Pigaand i-Sheet Lead, 400 Pair Mens tann'd Leat^r Shoes, 136 Pair Womens ditto, 17 Pair ditto Slippers, $9 Pair' Womens Morocco Shoes, ^37 -Pair Chfldren9dittOj 6r "Pair S^rafnmy Leather ditto, 38 Pair Silk and Brocade ditto, 4 Pair Cloth ditr^ embroider' d, 94 Pair Cotton Stockings, 600 PairWorfted ditto, 3X30 Pair Yarn ditto, 396PiecesWor- fted-Lace, 69 'Pieces WorftedGarteringj '6 Worried Safhes, 8 Woifted Wigs, 14a lb. Worfted Yarn, 3 C. Sail Twine, 128 Cotton Caps, 1 Bale and a ParcelvGotton* Yam, 2610 Yards Thrfad Lace, 4 Pieces Thread Fringe, 3951b. whived brown Thread, -a881b. white and coburedThread, 45 1 half 'Dozen Ivory and Horn Combs, 41b Doxcn Knives and Forks, 1 j Boxes Tallow Candles, 57 Boxes Soap, 6 tann'd Cow Hides, 36 tann'd and drefs 'd Calve Skins, 30 Cask's Sa'lad Oil, 961b Hair Powder, 95 Bundles Wood Hoops, 31 Casks Vinegar, 8 Boxes Cheeks, 236 Bundles Cordage, 15 Flat Irons, gi Flat froh Locks ani Keys, Iron Hooks and Hinges, Iron Furniture for Guns, 37 Barrels 3 Cafes Steel 84 Frying- pans, 60 Iron Ladles, 60 Scythes, 48 Reaping Hooks, 16 Dozen Steels, 4 Grots Files, 7 1 half Dozen Sciflars, 3 Dozen Penknives, 10 Casks Tin-plates, 36 Copper-pots and Covers, 76 Pewter Plates, 18 Dozen' Iron Shoe-and Knee-Buckles, 14 C. brafs Furniture for Guns, II C.brafs Bills, 83 C. brafs Wire, 6000 brafs Nails, 250 Irnn Plates, 9 Iron Ovens, 14 Casks Nails, 5 lb. Go d Lace, 6 lb. Silver ditto, 198 Dozen gilt Metal Buttons, 29 Grofs Mohair ditto, 10,000 Needles, 56 Doren Thoufand Pins, 115 Bottles and 1 Cannifter Rappee iSnuff, 2 Casks Pepper, 6 Casks Prunes, 2 Casks fwect Almonds in the Shells, 339 Reams Paper, 15 Hams, 4 Casks and 2 Bags Vermilion, I Bag black Lead, 41b. Sealing-wa*, 52%. Powder-blue, 22 lb. Beeswax, 196 lb. finglc refined Sugar, 20 lb. Glafs Vials, 306 lb. Glafs Necklaces, 416 Pieces Earthen Ware; 40 Casks Slares, 56 Doz. Sheets of P archment, 1 CheftMedicines, 222 Pair Mens and Wemens Gloves 6 Pic e ces Quilts for SilkPetticoats> 8 S-lk Cardinals and Capuchin's, 318 Piees Holland Tape, 36 Pieces- wrought Inkle, 108 Pieces Silk and Inkle Garters, 22 Pair Silk Stockings, 41b.- Sewing Silk, 170 Pieces S'lk Ribbon, 140 Pieces Silk Ferrit, 12 Gauze Caps, 5; Pair Gauze R uffles, 7 Piecesdy 'd Gauze and Womens Muffs, 36 Pbnpoons, 3 Ps. Blond- Lace, 30 Silk Bags for Wigs, 3J4 ftrip'd and check'd Linen Handkerch .ieisi 424 ftrip'd and chwk 'd Cotton ditto, 1565 printed Cotton ditto, -3, Pieces dy'd Linens, 22pieces ftriped and checked Linen, 1 10 Pieces printed Linens, 56 Pieces French Linen, 15 Pieces French Dowlas, 12 Pietest'Canvas Sheeting, -171 Pieces Vittery Canvas, 5 Ps. Shalloon, 5 Pieces-white Callico, 96 Pieces printed Cotton, 201 Pieces ftriped and.checked Cotton, ri Pieces'Callimancoes, 43 Pieces Duffels, 57 Pieces Linfey Wools%y, -39 Pieces Muflin, 3 1 Remnants flowered Silk and Sattin, 2J9 Pair Blankets, 27 Pieces Lawns. Being the Remainder of the Beau Harnois, a French Prize, taken by his Majefty's Ship Harwich, Jofhua Rowley, Efcjj Commander, now lying at Portfmouth, and there te be delivered. The above Goods to be feen by applying to Mr. John Clements-at the India Arms in Cofport ; and at Benjamin Vaughan's in Lawrence- Pou tney-lane. Cannon fereet, London, the Time of Sale, where Catalogues may be had, at the Phceor" Sale, and of BENJ. VAL'GHAN and RICH. EARNSHAW, Sworn Brokers.

Clipped from
  1. The Public Advertiser,
  2. 14 Jan 1758, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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  • 1758 material in French Prize London

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