Ottawa survivor accounts June 1, 1914

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Ottawa survivor accounts June 1, 1914 - THE OTTAWA EVENINO JOURNAL, MONDAY, JUNE 1, MM....
THE OTTAWA EVENINO JOURNAL, MONDAY, JUNE 1, MM. Boya' Waah la to, to w oo. Needs Applique $6 for $3.73 pairs of real Swiss designs, fast lck-itjteh yards long. These are . will pay you to come af these high grsde up to fi.OO. CO 7 W.-V 3x3 ; frame, medallion eea-trea; bold floral borders. lunaoplio with $Q ttfi ... ... .... vVJV ef Wheel 4th Floor saw line ef Artillery Care. Wheelbarrow, Mall Children's Sulk-lea. In - The vry best An Canadian make euly Would llk te have you oor stock over. Our un-ess. pemunie... Goes Down on Sinking . Shin: Wife Torn From his Arms and Drowned r : r---T--; E. Soani, Carinar Straat, rW tWriroaJiBf Ejcporiaw tWIroki, EiaU up tn e4 with ptUew at1 Ike katne ef kki brelaar at BS Hat I calf. atrMt. Mr. Mwasdl ueybeU as-1 (teed ta The ituiMl m Sunday ef-leraeee. a story ef terrlMe hardships and awful axpaTlaaoae thai h had wlin ., gn through and survived In tbe ear hour f rrltay morning last when the Bmpree ef Ireland was sunk ky tbe niur etorhtad In ike t. UtniN, '.- i Ur. SaraoM arrivvJ Traw Quakae en. an early train nwnday surnlac se foenpajtad ky Ua aretlw. Mr. J. A. toybal4. On tktr amaM train area a cBla oitalnla the ranalna ef Mr Oay boM. Tk. tanerai la te lake Uoe 1 a-day. Mr. nay bald story la flvea ta kia own worda: . 7 n the momlDf at the aooldani, about two e'GlMk. I was lyln awake In ray cabta, ,wha I aotloed the Empress slowing up. Than she blew tbr.. whlKlaa natf by that I khaw thar. aa aotna tag around. I nasi "Mrd another etaanter answer with ibra whlailaa. Tha Ernpraaa acaln whlttlad thraa tnna and UM .tker notload the sound from i FRANK CRIERSON -. INJURED WHILE RIDING BICYCLE rtanh Oriereen af tha rimiu. was aarieualy tnjurad anhlee taturday nft.rnoon with an automobUa. Mr. wns riding bka bicycle vaet- Laariar nvenae and when ahnrp turn Into the Drive front or Bt. Patrick Hall with lenntor Bdwarda' auto which was travalllnc want There wua n queetlon aMo-tha Tha Meyele was domotlshod Qrlereon put Into the hands PoweiL whare It wa found a bad shaklns up, lha of the ankle were aaveraly He wilt be eonfloed W his bed days. AFP01!rTO V AHUTAHT InRrECTun OAS AJD XECTHICTTT. AWONOHPUL OURsI OP AN AUOIM IV, Blood Bitters. W. Drydtn. Amherst. M.S., ''I am joiag to tdl you what Blood Bitters has done for us. Vance." when only nine mooths an abscess on his check bone. to a doctor In St. John, N.B., lanced it, and told me it woukl In a few days, and wanted me to xpieexod out. It dM not ssem better, as my wife took him The Doctor b4d her to take him tt would soon get better. It rather and break, and it went way mull he wns over four this time thia other ua. Asatn the Bmpreni whistled three times. What otomed only a moment Inter, 1 benrd a erusblhs no,- I Jumped out f my berth, opened the window In my atatereem. which waa on an upper desk sn the starboard eld. and leokln .el saw that lha ttorsud had rammed rlsM late the atarhenrd side of the In-pram. Than I saw tha eoai tiiiiI baeh away from ua. Inttod Bndty. . "Boon after, that la la a-few see ends. I aotloed the Empress list badly to starboard. I at once came from tbe window of the eabln and tela my wife to .t up. which aha did. With, out any delay I sot out a life halt for her. Ihe slipped en an ulster ever her aiaht drum and ever her nletar I fastened a Ufa belt. My wife then helped to taata n a Ufa belt around my waist. Meanwhile 1 had hurriedly slipped on a tweed suit sad and ulster ever my pajamas. , "1 siltM add that whan I looked out of lb window 1 noticed thar waa little fos near our vessel, but I con Id eae the coast line about tour mike a ray. Uy the time my wife and 1 bad sot the life belts on the boat waa 1 1st Ins considerably to starboard. Than 1 took hold of Mrs. Baybold's hand and keeping hold of her hand tlthtljr we left eur cabin, want a loaf the passes outside ta tha oaf and nude for tha port side, which hy this tins was aimeat parauei wun ma water. 'I waa fooling- vary exhausted, for you know I had bona very HI prior to leaving Ottawa to go to England. However, J helped my wlfs to clamor on to the port aide of tbe sinking ahlp and three men a sainted mo te the aide aJongalde my wife. " "The ship was. by this time lying on her atarenerd side. All was dark, .but along ibeM foot aide of the ship 1 00 ard silhouetted against tbe ueraneas ruiiy mm people. Tttay AWarJ Tars H W.s rrfsB Hb Art. moment until about three heerS alter, all Is blank tn me. Mrs. Ore,- 0f Torrfnio, who was amongst the rescued, told me that I was token ever t. tka fterstad end from tha life .boat I waa taken aboard the ttaratad. . Later Mrs. Green told m t was transferred to Ihe gurem-mamt steamer Ladr Cvelya- ' ,, "About sevao o'clock on Friday morning two maaoama and iheok me and told ma to set .up- When awoke I did not know where 3 was until the men teld sm. I melisad that 1 waa start naked. Ipmebody must have etolen my cUlhae and all that war In them. However. I wee provided with a blanket and token over to an hotel. In itlniouekl. whar. Mr. J. W. Black of Ottoara. wb waa emougeW- the rtasusA psesengers. found me. Ha gave me a aUmuUnt. which revived me eensiderably . and thus helped to aure mr Ufe. " . . - Otewa Ktod Treatmant. ! , "Mayor Flset. of Rlmonakl, brother of Cot. Fls.1 of Ottawa, Deputy Mis-later ef the M lilt I Department, took me-to his home, put me te bed, save m. a atiauWnt. put hot water bottles to my foot, and for throe hours I pere-ptred freely. To him and hie family I owe my Iff. Ho acted nobly to m and te the ether victim of tbe oMtdeat; to wtd nil the people In Htm euskL I Stayed al Mayer Fleet s bouse nntU ll ecleek last sight whoa I left far Ottawa wits my nswr, I Mr- hoyboU said that b had nt erttkcigm to mak against tha C.P.R. Aa IVr aa h knowa tbe eeotaln Of the terstod Is te blame. "The only re- B3iw 1 on i t nave m im m ibb wife," said Mr. Beybold, and h. put his face Into the pUiowa ea his bed MR. J. B. SMART WAS IN THE WATER i FOR OVER AN HOUR Had Civto up AS Hope of Rcttae When lifeboat Appeared , HAD TERRIBtf STRUGGLE Wu Unable to Secure LfeBelt mi Floated on Wreck. . told of bin thrilling escape from a watery grave In the water sf the at. over to body. He foatt nlfa at hnae out of where Uaoad. and two pieces came from he has feat ail ol his check Us eye was drawn down. J to doctors In St. John, Vfpnc-toa, Amherst, and all wanted mo to go under an. operation. He waa I told them that if he was going might as well die as he was as sad be all cut to pieces, so to have the operation done. I was going u try Burdock Bitters, as I and hoard my mother much about It- I got a bottlav Burdock Blood Bitters, and I mat it a ua "We felt the ahlp sinking fast I took my wife hy ihe hand and said 10 her: 'My dear, hold on, 1 am sx-hausted. I cannot live long myself. Be brave and . save yourself.' No sooner had 1 said these words when lb ship sank suddenly Carrying ua down with It and the hundreds ef others who were on the side ef the hip. Down we went Into that awful swirl, down, down, I should think fully feet, but we held each other's band tightly all the lime. Weak though 1 waa I did not leae my head even when w went down In the awtrt Loet WHO By BspeMton. "It has been aald. I underetonn, that the bollera did not burst. I know that they did. When thty to ploded my wife was torn or blown TOhr almost tore my right arm from Its socsei." Here ur. naysoM no waa University Classes tn Art isd Frewh JOLT 1014 the reporter hie right era which Is badly wounded, he renal of balnst severely scalded. "The force of the expkMton," con tlnud Mr. Seybold, "not only blew rny-wue awny irom me. put mew me up to Ihe surface ef he water, - She t a drop ef wat- , 1 nwved By lire bast. -."Whoa I found myself ea the surface of the water again 1 looked around to see If 1 could see my wife, 'but without avail. A moment later another huae wave, nrobably caused by the ship going to the bottom of Ih Bu Lawrence, carried me It tear under-the water. When I came up again two man grabbed m and pulled me under the water. I fought them oil. My Ufe bell again brought me to the surface, when another man caught hold of me. With the Utile' "tfUr" BleWtt"TIB' W boats, and waa leier unconsdone for several hours la the hotel at Xlmous j as la hat when the crash told Mr. Brnart. "hnd grab. ; blng a tow clothe I rushed out on the . deck. I waa unable ta nrocnra a life-belt and steed on the ship an 1 til 11 went aewn. 1 na anonou won me under twloe and aomlna to lha surface a second time I happened tn seine a aeca ennir. 1 clung to tnis, for 1 had n i:t preserver, and wae aiming aroma tor aaoui an nour. 'so bed a nine to rlv up all bone when a Ufs-bont picked m ap and tke rxt I r member I was In bed In n hotel tn Rlmouattl. - I waa unconscious far eovornl hour, .bavins swallowed a large quantity ef aalt water. 1 snouiu use to say taat tn did everything; that waa penal bt to alleviate the sufferings and anxiety of the survivor," aald Mr. Smart Is suffertnr aeverehr trem shock and lu Utr ordarod by his dfetor to remain In bed several days. 000 vooaoooopoocro AMERICANS HELPED o CARDINAL GASQUET WIN HIGH POSiTKW Oa0ttQO(f AB strength I had I shook klm oat ether' .wise neither be nor I would hare had a chance to save ourselves. Then I started to paddle" myself from tbe crown or sm or more screaming peO' pie la the water. All around waa dark. -With the etrennth 1 had at my oommand I man. aged to paddle away a short distance rrom wnars toe Empress went sown. Th water was ky cold and 1 fall rnmnslllan, Jsmaanth ; 10 "aps at any mtnuie, ee July ISth. ! 1 prayeo to una tnst ir ne na 1 mora work for ma ta do on thia CHSXJJ- JIT '-strwetor! Hms ' to uve me; if not to lake ma to be . Fry, A practical coura of ! with Hrm. ruction to tbe toachlnc of, "1 drifted about In the water for r . ... Zorm m about hair aa hour when I puna r thtol tee are .TJil!i3? iTl ! plec" scantling about two feet long ; anu two oy 10 ur incnes unca, dlaaina U this I ant anon, aaati te bsb my aeso nnove water, asw ait iaier some tore br tn a Ufa boat at them ear: That mai dead.' meaning me. I at once called out: 'jo. 1 am not seen, coma ana pull me in. They came over and leek me Into ibe boat and from that with tha '-man of Orwtorui ansl Ml, w. nwZ: lestonhanah. A practical enures the etching ef French, ore ugh rnat ruction fa phonetics elam-rvom fraction, for classes wtfl be provided Applicants must rlv nvfdeace ef Ctff&Ilfal GsMOuet Cardtnal Oaunnat. - hand ttf Engllah order of the aUnedicttnps, U now th slsth rep resen tail ye nf tbe English speaking nations la the sacred eollese at Rome. When Pope Plus' most eherlshed project of a revision ef tbe Vulgate or Latin ami of the bible, tu ahaut bt rait far lock nt hinds, the Kngtlsh prelate came to the unites: mate ana oocaineu tn money. Ha le at lha kaaA of Ih eommissron which hna been working nearly ton yearn on urn revunen. There are aver members In

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  • Ottawa survivor accounts June 1, 1914

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