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 - ' ; Bat, truir snd n7steriona ss hi tt Is only...
' ; Bat, truir snd n7steriona ss hi tt Is only wnn newea in IRELAND. Cnoht ocx own coxxxsrojrnxn.) DUBLIN, Sattsdai Sraaa. xx. Jrrn cx kxoch. The Riftht Hon. WflKam Keogh has been sworn 'in before the Lord ChanonDor as one of Her Ma - iestr's Justices for the Court of Uccnmon rieaa. Mr. Kecgh is one of the youngest judges by some yean whohsi, ever sat on the judicial bench in Ireland. He was bora In the rear' 1817. Mr. Richard M'Kerin, solicitor, has been appointed his registrar. THE MTSTEXlnS or BOOsTWOOD - BOCai. Under this head one of the Dublin Dapers fur niahes the following sketch of some of the main incident in the eventful life, of the late baran Helly. It may be mentioned here that all . kinds of rumours have been current since yesterday respecting the testa tamentary disposition of the property of the ill - fated woman i but a some of the stories carried with them an air of almost startling improbability, there would be no use in making further reference to them, especially as the real facts must be known before the lapse of many days "Mrs. Sarah KeUy. a: lady of (net wealth. tn&Ong ca bar esUtcs ia Oalwsy, went oat to walk la her rroands on TaosJsy last, accompanied by her nerhow ; two penoci, reipeetibly areaed a females, u black bonseUaiad Tsik, walked ap to ber, desired tb nephew to move out of the way. snd shot bar dead thraech the besd. Ti iMiehu then aacitcL ifach u ail thxt Um world kxnr, al murder, dirk, hiifcons, and soyitrrieaa a any which the chamber of fStsmbool, the qaay of Venice, or the midnight (treat of ran oonld reveiL Bat, tn been the death of this lidv. connesion with her pwt hi tint it i seen in it tra light: thit death so swfnL o tmMrslkltd in iU eir - comstince, closed s life of almost fibnloo incideat and ebsn( : it erminsted s csner rath u no noTelist his ever dKianed of portrsying. Senh Kelly was born st Broid - tiir. I wstering - jlaee oa the eout of Kent, where her fitber krpt in inn. At this inn, aboat 60 vein ago, i young Iruhmin, nimed ileredyth, tbe heir of i hiadaome cstite ind a naronetcy, was sojourning. ineDeaaiyoi ins innkeeper' dieghter sttrseted the notice of young Mere - dvth.sndh devoted himself bat too socoesinllv totbetaik xi her eononeet. Mia Kreb for thst wi her ed with htr tdrsirtr to the Und of tbe Wcet,' where sb in dne time preaented him with a too convincing tekea of attachment. Love ha been tsid to fir at tight (of ' hnmin tie i in thi ciae hi lleht wiacs rrtrtA for want of them klrradrth. tha betriTrr. limndotMd hk Tictian and ber infant. under Hr - nmrr of deaertion ao besrtlea s to indue a Dublin jerjauheeqourUy to swird som of 3,0007. is d - lasges ia aa action browght against him for ber aedoetion. Tbe trial took placesboat 1817, and aUeiUd the f arenas art and eleojaence of some of the most distinguished advocate of tt time, uver toe next coeceaoinf cnsptera oc sua Birch' life we daaire to M with s little of detail poasi ble ; ahe led tne life of adTentore ind difficulty, of error snd shame, into which ber pterhms misfortune snd ber beauty bid, we might almost say, driven her. Hr. Edmund Kelly, gentleman, of Xerrioa - aquire, in elderly widower, i Und sgent, eolicitor, mOhonniire, became aoaoiiniad with ber ; she gsv ap her dty We, snd beesme hi housekeeper ; ub - eqaently, it ippear. bk wife, ind miatieas of Bookwood - bou, county of Galwiy. Mr. Kelly bad s dsughter by bit fint wife, but ib Ksd aUjerpeired : a had, bowerer, rels - tion who expected to divide at bia dree a tbe enormous wtitu, esanuted st jmmwu. te ouu,uuu7 or sue no ' the poaeisaor. Kias Birch ws not at yet known, or, at i rite, not reeocniaed a Kr. Kellr. She was, however, a assiduous ia her attention to theold mm, who every diy grew more weak, more eccentric, snd. It is esid, more imbecile. Strange atorieweieteMoflatdsn:howtbeideahirinted him thst he should die of banger J how bis witchfal mintreo. wife, nurse, or gaoler whichsoever ana ws nsa to bedroom bang round with eatable of every description, stories of s deathbed msrrisge, of a deathbed will, but bow much of ill tins ws truth, snd how much fsbte, can never be sstitfsctorily saoertalned. Mr. Kelly died ; Mis Birch claimed the recognition of ber position aa his widow. snd produced s will entitling aerte .su tne property, real and persons!, of the 1st owner of Rookwood - bouso. Ilia sswMt ralativa. an elder! t maiden lsdr named Tbewle. deUsdthavsliditvofthawill: ber means ware slicht. but her clsim ws itrong at least so thought ber friends, who sdvanoad ber the money sumdsnt to prosecute ber suit st law. The action must b fresh in the recollection of our readers, so we do not need to crre its curious details. Mis Tbewle had i verdict in ber favour. Mrs. Kelly sppesled from tbe Court of Delegate, but now offer of money flowed plentifully upon Mia Thewlas ; oSer of matrimony same slso ; tin scoepted one, thst of ber confidential solicitor. He was not a meeeoKful for bis wife ss be had been for his client ; tbe verdict in tsvour of Kias Thewlee ws totally est aside by the 1st Cbsnoellor Blackburn in an sble judgment upon Mi. Kelly sppliestion for s Court of Review. Mrs. Kelly new eat out to enjoy her wealth; she resided ia Mernan - aausre. One dsv s poor woman with two little children by the bend pulled the belL snd humbly asked the powdered snd gold - laced footman to bear his mistress s not ; there was no answer. Sbe called again and often, and a often turned wearily aad dejectedly awsy. It ws Ike dsughter of tbe lste Edmund Kelly, who ws begging a morsel of ill her tether's wesllh. Wbst s history wsiber t Sb had been brought up with the lundest parental car ; IS had been placed st s nrat - rste boarding school in Clifton, ia v"r'""V where no leas than 3O0L a - rear was paid for her. When her father married secondly she ws removed to sn Inferior school st Bath, snd ber sllowsnoe gradually radioed. After many trials snd vicissitude, chiefly caused by falee information a to her father"! death, ah was st length abandoned, with two children, by i profligate villain, who had married her under the pretence of being ber father1 agent, Bne oontrived to eke out a livelihood for herself snd children ss a governess, until she again married i Mr. Morton. She had heard of her father death, snd of his xtrsoretinary will, and of Mia Tbewle' action, ind the came across io ireiana, u see u sua. zlbuj woiuu l imp her in some wsy. Mrs. Kelly bid s eonhdcntial solicitor, named Birch ; she called him ber nephew ; other tsid b was s nearer relative still. This Mr. Ceorr Birch told tbe spplicant thst his sunt would do nothing for her, but that ipeucani lull uu auui wvum uw uvmul, .v. , w . i he would do something ; he made vile proposals to her ind a. ltr husband, Mr. Morton, nrougni in icuon lor ult. ind obtained damage 200f. ind 6d costs, (gainst Mr. Birch. " The wealth of Edmund KeUy seemed to rest never, a if it were fated to be the proline source of atrife and eon - teation, a curse and not a blessing. Mr. Kelly drov up ia great haste on dsj to i police office in the city, ind spiled for a warrant against her nephew, George Birch, who had absconded with 20O.O0OL 1 He ws arrested on board tb steamer, leaving Englsnd for the continent, but on being brought back Dot only stood bis trial, but challenged a prosecution none was pressod, we believe : matters wars settled. The last appeaxanoe of Mrs. Kelly in the law court was ss defendant, rued by tbe police sergeant who srrested Mr. Birch, for tbe reward of SOW. which, it was slleged, tbe bad offered. Since then she hi resided principally bn her estate, in Oalwsy, where she has been thu barbarously assassinated. The attempt to divert the public from the true scent, by th idea of the murder being of aa agrarian nature, has been i signal isuure. All, save a lew persords who could not be expected to forego en any powibl occasion i war - bowl against tbe Irish peasantry, recognise in this mysterious murder i finale to this most extraordinary history, connected with snd springing from circumstances in ber career ind position, far different from w bst the taiwtiniT intended to uggest.''

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 14 Apr 1856, Mon,
  3. Page 10

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