The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Sat. Mar. 18, 1911 p. 2

The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Sat. Mar. 18, 1911 p. 2 - i t' ,' SPEEDERS GIVEN May Expect So Mercy in...
i t' ,' SPEEDERS GIVEN May Expect So Mercy in tlie Cfity Court Ja.the .'' ,,. - !i?uture BOTH - MEN ARE 'FINED. Tbis ' tblngi Pedlnic motorcycles and automobllps'onthf: street winbe Stoppecf !; ':! help . atop It. There lire.'oid men, vpmen: and, children. On the. re'ckles drlv'frs and If, tpl, iwuft can given jo iuera,f(iiv i,"1'1 !": . "It has, not. been, so very Ipbg ago since' one child w killed and it pem to: melaomethlng oughtto be kme. The line In these two. Vasea, will b: fl' and cost each and In. the!.futur.',they will ,. - i., - 1. - . i1i.M,t'lt - .A neh AIM Af VOU arid - other, .who drive at high speed .had better (jike twirnlng.? Thl little, speech wa made In the city court by Judge J. jrrariK iuo - gPvanlp passing c - t the cases of. Otto v 'n - Ui Albert C. Fortreldo. Becifer wanted to argire the matter wnn me juage mu e, ma f - duced. - but the judge would not llaten to him; ..'..They ..'..They were captured last Jilgm on Fairfield venua by Motorcycle Pa,trol man Johnson ep,d. hi speedorneter ebowect at the time of the arrest both were traveling t t, .rate of twenty - threa mile an hour. "One fellow' machine balked' on. him," eald John - goto, "tfnd If It badb't. been for thit no telling how fast they would have been going."' ... ',. '.' - . Fortriede Is the ori of tb8hoe( merchant merchant on Calhoun street and'. Bicker'a father Is a carpenter living on St, Mary's avenue.. They bad had their machines bur - a. short time and were out trying them - for

Clipped from The Fort Wayne Sentinel18 Mar 1911, SatPage 2

The Fort Wayne Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana)18 Mar 1911, SatPage 2
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