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Prohibition - Crew of British Vessel Makes Bond Charge of...
Crew of British Vessel Makes Bond Charge of Unlawfully Importing PROCEEDINGS TO BE INSTITUTED AQAI^ST CAPTURED SCHOONER Complaints charging conspiracy to and unlawful importation of liquor into the United States were filed yesterday against the cre\ or nine men from the British schooner Island Home.-which was taken into custody late Friday afternoon off San "Luis Pass by Galveaton customs authorities. Forfeiture proceedings against the vessel itself will be Instituted Immediately, it was stated by Edwin R; Warnkon, assistant United States district attorney, who came here from Houston to confer with Collector Robert W. Humphreys and Assistant Collector Sam T. Zinn. , - - ' . -The eight men were taken into custody shortly, after 1 o clock by -Deputy United' States Marshal Frank P. Tiernan. Captain W. H. Parrel, master of the vessel, was served with a warrant as he stepped from Mr. Humphreys' office after a conference, but was given liberty to go with British Consul S. W. Barnes to arrange bond for himself and men. This was done later la the ; afternoon, bonds aggregating $6,000 being put up, after which tho eight members of the crew, who had been taken to -the county jail, .were released pending, the examining examining hearing at 10 o'clock tomorrow, morning before United States Commissioner C. G. Dlbrell. . Tho bond of the master and two of the men was fixed at 51,000 each, while the other six members of the crew were released under $600 bond pending appearance at the examining examining hearing. · Violation of Tariff Act. The .warrant for the arrest of the crew charged violation nf section B93(b) of .the tariff act of 1922, section section 37(c), alleging that they "did unlawfully Import and bring Into the United States and assist in so doing certain'merchandise, to ivlt, "whisky. In violation of the tariff act of 1922, and" did conspire together to violate said act.and.which said conspiracy was carried into execution." The nine, men named in, tho complaints* complaints* are W. H. Farrel. master; James Ml Her, Bunyan Walter. Antonio Antonio 'Morales. G. Sanford, I*. D- Thompson. Rllpcn. TibbettBr Charles Bodden and Dillar Hodden. 'Meanwhile tho schooner, with her cargo of *6fi cases of whisky and twp p barrels pf beer, rem^n^ i|'nd« t uj- tom guard *' ; at'. Her^M/" anflV.VWI ,^ by *:, hundreds of people ' ' y . No-oho w a s ' tha.vejuel. tho crrw themselves ha\'lnff to find other Quarters. Reports that - the vessel had been released In the afternoon were ground**"?: customs offlce.-a ai- ·ertedt.anA.'prpbabiy' resulted from a ahifi of poaillon to let another vessel dock at Pier 23. . Customs officers yesterday. Indicated Indicated that they were Investigating the seizure Tuesday morning of a power yawl, minus Its engine, and a uory, uoih painted tho sanic color as iho British schooner,.to see if 'here Is any possible connection. Tho two vessels were taken into cuv.ntlv tn Bolivar 'Heads as they wcr« bring towed into port by a motorboat. The occupants, of the motorboat, nccoid- tng to'customs official*, stated that they had picked UP the two boots ad.rlft near Pan Luis Pass and were bringing them Into port Investigating; Yiml. Th'o yawl is about twenty-ttlx feet long and Is known as a cllnker-bu,Ut power yawl. It la patntfid tri-:n, like tho schooner, .and dedlgpcd lor the greatest possible amount of apsed, but ha*, no engine. The coat of ettcn paint Is freih and the boat shows no signs of having been adrift lor any length of tlmo. On the oth'ir 1-nnd tho dory, "which Is also painted green, Is wcatherbcnten anil old, but does not show signs of having bt-on In the .water long. . The anhooner Jsland Home has a green Jiull with yellow trimmings, and the light .upper .upper work of the power yawl nt a dln- tanco strikingly resembles yollow. Customs officers elated, however, that they had come to no conclusion regardlni; tho two boats, but were holding them at Pier IS. ' Tho tlma these boats were taken Into custody does not jibe v.tlth tho story told by Captain Farrel to customs customs officials, it was staled by Mr. Zlnn. Captain Fnrrnl declared the Island Home anchored n f f San I.uls Pass at 10 o'clock Thursday nltrH. approilmatrty nlnctffen Hours heforc customs offtcmls hoarded hnr Frldny fiflornoon. whereno tho iioats xvt-ro taken Tuesday. " With all accounta Indicating that tho seizure of tho Island Home van mado beyond tho throo-mlla limit, customs officials did not care to dl«- (Contlnwed on Pago 14, Column 3.) SEi BOB JONES WILL HOLD THBEE UNION SERVICES TODAY AT TABEHNACLE. Today's Program ·5^ o. m Union service- of all · churches at the tabernacle, Rev.. Bob Jones.preaching.- ' · 3 p. m.--Bob Jones preaches at; thp tabernacle. ,, . · 6:30 p. m.- r UnIoa**ybunB' p.eoplfe's r service ..'at First Presbyterian church, , u *^~ . 7:30 p. m.--Union meetings at the tabernacle. Everybody Invited. Invited. Beginning with a union service at the'tabernacle of all tho Protestant churches at 11 o'clock this morning tho second week of tho Bob Jonca evangelistic drive will get underway underway with three services today." Although the. regular Sunday school services will be held in all the churches this morning, no other Individual services will be held today today in any of the Protestant churches. Rev. Bob Jones, the evangelist evangelist will speak again at the tabernacle tabernacle this afternoon aV3 o'clock and tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Preceding tho-night service a special special meeting of the young people will be held beginning tit 6:30 o'clock at the Firnt Preabyterlan Church. It will bo in tho nature of a rally starling off the second week of the campaign, the younc people marching In a body from tho church to the tabernacle for the scrvico'to*- n I slit- A large delegation la expected expected from Texas City tonight, It was said, for which a special section will be. reserved.- During the'first week of the re- vlVfl.1, endlniff Friday night, it la estimated estimated that around 30,000 people (Continued on Page 9, Column 7.) Proposed Flight Around the World by Planes Approved by War Secretary TEKTATIVJB ROUTE OF WORLD PLIGHT BIAPPED OUT. DY : jCllMY AIRUEN. REFUSE.OFFER OF ^1,000 FOE, ' BODY .OF MAEffi KOGEES; .. FUNERAL'TODAY. Staff SptcUl to The Newa, : Houston, Tex., Nov. 24.--Funeral services for Mario Bogerii, 20. days old, 'Houston's- one-pound-baby, .who died last night, will bo held-tomor- row"af£ernoon at 4 o'clock .at; the Fogle'-Weat. Undertaking ^Com^ajiy parlorai'-'-ltyery florist- In Houston has ,nent, flowtrs, dozens of i.nter.- estcd Persons -In-the"clty ha\'e 'sent" ^Jq.werB,;:and'tho-.wee, body" 1 'will go to- Holy- Cross Tdfim'etery under a mound, of .bloaBpms.',,.,-* ···,, ° . -,* ? ,..Thc'.chUa"liKa""6Ren k'ept aliye for nearly ithree\weeks by feeding her f r o m , a: mbdlcfne-' dropper- drops of mflk'.diiuted With whisky. Sho was but fifteen Inches long-and at' her fattest stage barely tipped the scalei mt 'one pound. Her mother, Mrs G. M. Rogers, is grevely 111 yet She is but IB years old, .and for four.months before thw child's birth was ill with typhoid malaria. . .-\, A cloud was hung over* the little home where Marie had -ju'st died last night when a heavy knock came at the door. Mrs. E. A. Blane, grandmother grandmother of tho child, opened the door to find a tall heavy set man standing there. Ho carried a suitcase. , ·Ma this where that o'ne-pound baby Is?" he aeked; The grandmother grandmother said "Yes, but she has juat died." "I want to buy the body." the stranger said. ' . ' "No," Mrs. Blanc, who speaks little little English, managed to" say. "I'll give you Jl.000 for it." said tho man. He repeated the offer, aa Mrs. Blanc seemed'unable to understand. understand. , . She finally screamed and slammed ·the door in the man's 'face. When other members of the family came to her rescue, the man had gone. ARREST FOUR IX PROHIBITION RAID AT UMVIHUITV STADIUM By Aaioclatcd Hre«, - · New Orleans, I.a., Nov. 24. -- Federal Federal prohibition acenta raided Tu- University Stadium today while the football game between Tulane and State University was at its height and arrested four persons persons on ehnrgca of violating Volstead act tho New Qovernor of Oklahoma Urges Making Names of Secret Society Members Available to All Courts By Aisoclated Prcii. Oklahoma City, Ok., Nov. 24.--Governor 24.--Governor M. E. Trapp announced today that he wjll recommend to the Ltiite Icpjalaturo Monday passage of a iaw definitely regulating secret organl- Kations in Oklahomi and providing He Is Now Governor of State of Oklahoma . *'--Pacfflc Atlantic,^ '. is D O L Expexf'Shows-H'qiu We May Build Up Our Foreign .Trade By Exporting Surplus. BY ERWAJElp F. HOBEHTS^- Amerlca baa a'billion dollars and more In surplus gold, which Is a* much, of a white elephant as her idle fleet of whips. On this white elephant foreign nations are riding and getting paid for the privilege .by the American taxpayer. Building foreign trade is the only profitable work this white "elephant could do, and Uricluo Sam has not been able yet to find a way to make him do it · This Is the graphic picture which Was drawn for me by General Samuel Samuel McKoherts, president of the. Metropolitan Trust Company of New Tork, chairman of the finance committee committee of Armour Company of Chicago, and the man who. aa. commander commander in chief o£ small arms production production during the war, was ono of the trusted adviaors of the American Government d u r i n g that great crisis. America has got the major part of the world's gold. What la she going to do with it?. That was the question T asked General Mclloberts to answer for me, and he replied with a promptness that showed it was a problem to which he had already given thought. ' But the general in that kind of man anyway. anyway. Born in Missouri* educated in Kaunas and winning hla business spurs In Chicago, ha has the frank, outspoken manner which wo refard aa typical of the West. Heating on Our Gold. GEXBRAL SAHUEIi McROBERTS. Qeneral McRoberts Says:-- "Uncle Sam has a white elephant elephant in tho form of a billion dollars or more of surplus gold." "Foreign nations are using this ·white elephant for Jpy rldea the American taxpayer pays for his keep." "In the case of most manufactured manufactured articles we can not compete compete with Europe."

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 25 Nov 1923, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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