October 20, 1896 The Ottawa Journal

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SAY THE BUB! TELL JURY EXONERATES MRS. LYNCH AND HER MOTHER rrom tna Suspicion of Foal Play in tna Dtatb of tn Child-Medical Examination Showed no Harka-Tlie Child's LltUe SUUr Testl&ed to an Accident At two o'clock this morning the following verdict was returned by th? Jury appointed to investigate into the dtath of the baby Willie Lynch: "We the jury empannelled to Investigate the cause of the death of Wm. Lynch, eight .months old, who died on .or about the first day 'of October ISO'.!, find that the said Wm.. Lynch came to his death by a fall posibly caused by neglect on the part of his mother and grandmother who were tbe woree of liquor at the time'. i We also .find that the death was wrongfully reported and from the information given to the police this Investigation was necessary and proper and ipay have the effect of preventing future occurrences of such cases. (SiBned):. ; -."'.' Andrew Jones, Chas. Warner. G. Fra-ser, Cilbert "Strang, R. Graham, Leon, Labelle. Chas. H. Shllosow, A. St. Amour, A. Bourque, J. W. Fraaer, E. H." Moore. C. B. Moodle, G. Hollings-worth. H. Lapolnte. Dr. Dewar who made the popt mortem examination was tbe first witness called. He stated that the result of the autopsy showed that the child died rrom the effects of hemorrhage of the bMn but that there was no evidence that It was produced by violence. Ho said that wounds might have been inflicted on the child.' which the decomposition would have removed all trace of. Dr. Chevrier, said he had been called in to see a sick child but on arrival had found it was dead. He bad made a slight examination but on finding it had not died from any contagious disease he had left. Sadie's Evidence. Sadie Lynchthe 5 -year old daughter of Bridget Lynch, made a statement that she had been set to mTnd the baby .but that ft had fallen, out of the cradle, receiving a lump on the forehead. ."My grandmother' she said, "hit mother with a tin pall, mak- . ing her forehead bleed. Mother wiped the blood off. My mother drank a glass of beer and my grandmother a whole great big one. My grandfather told me to say the baby was in the cradle and fell out," When Question ed the girl said it was true Just the same. ! During a portion of her evidence the child, who is unusually bright for her age, greatly amused the Jury by a glowing description of her dollies and their baby carriages. Old Mr. Lynch, the husband of the grandmother, got considerably work ed up over some of the questions put him by several of the jurymen,- His evidence was that he had gone to work in the. morning the child died, and had returned at 1 o'clock to din ner, which he had found ready. Neither his wife or daughter were dnrhk. He then went to work again and ion re turning at seven o'clock had found the baby laid out dead on the table. Henry Lynch, brother of Bridget, satQ he was at home the day the baby died. He left the house at about nine o'clock that morning at which time his mother and sister were not sober. He had returned at about half past four that afternoon, when his mother, sis ter and little Sadie were at home. He did not notice any cut or bandage on his sister's head. She was carrying the child. He had gone for Dr. Chevrier. but before the doctor arrived the child was dead. It had been hurt at nine o'clock that morning when he did not believe, his mother and sister were able to know themselves how it pot hurt He thought it had been sick for about a, month. His sister told him the. child had fallen. The Verdict. After several other witnesses were examined, . the Jury retired just as the hands of the clock pointed to five minutes to one this morning. . The same hands had circled round to two minutes to two before they had finished their verdict Some Incidents. During the inquest several interesting incidents occurred. To begin with tbe foreman of the Jury, Mr. . O. S. Johnstone, did not file an appearance and after waiting for half an hour one of the jurymen .was sent to his residence on Clarence street to see what was the matter He returned shortly to say that Mr. Johnstone was suffering from a severe cold and could not leave the house. ; A doctor's certificate to that effect was shortly afterwards produced. The Jury then elected another foreman, when It' was discovered that there was one Juryman short Just then Mr. G. Holllngsworth put In an appearance, and as he had heard all the former evidence- and viewed the body he was sworn in and the inquest flnalry opened over an hour late. ; I At about eleven o'clock several of the Jurymen wanted to adjourn the inquest and go home. A .'motion was made to that effect, whfohwas followed by an amendment that the Inquest be continued. Several short but animated speeches were made on both sides after which Chief Powell was called upon to count, a show of hands. He did so, and declared the amendment carried by one vote.

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