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just a is men READIES STATION TO TEST FLYING SAUCER STORIES By MAHSHAIX YAttROW ' Reuters Staff- Writer OTTAWA -- Canadian scientists are getting ready to welcome the from : Mars if they arrive com- next summer when the earth and and[ t n e i - ed planet reach their closest proximity--35 million 'miles. By that- time the worlfl's first flying saucer sighting station will be completed .. and in operation at Shirley's Bay, 10 miles west of here. And, lest anyone think this is some crackpot's dream, the project is being backed by the Canadian government's Department of Transport in cooperation with the Canadian Defense Research Board. 'Project Magnet* The saucer sightin to be completed within weeks. It is Known as station is due few "Project Magnet," and those manning it have been directed by the Department of Transport "to do what Wilbert B, Smith, Department of Transport"engineer, is responsible for installing the electronic equipment, several still secret pieces,' Associated with hlm-are Dr, James and. topflight personnel to .detec- Watt, theoretical physicist; John Hector Thompson, telecommunica/' tions expert; Prof. J. T. \Vilson of the University-of Toronto; Dr, G. D. Garland, specialist in Gravitational studies, and other research scientists. The new station will be kept in 24-hour-a-day operation to try to determine whether, "sighted but unexplained celestial phenomena follow the pattern of technology postulated" by many, astro-physicists on the basis of there actually being flying saucers. . · . The project started'as a hobby by a few Canadian scientists five years ago. It was spurred by the many reports of "flying saucers" over both America and Canadian you can within the limits of theicities. establishment to prove or disprove. It was helped along by Dr. O. M. must into more. considered hear university de- ._ f ... . __ _._ r ,, ,,,,,,,,., _ _. and [the existence of ^flying saucers." Sso:andt7 Defense" Research' Board j Chairman, and by former National Research' Council presidentv'Deari MacKenzie, who refused to join those who scoffed at frequent reports of flying saucers. Both Dr. Solandt and Dean MacKenzie said they couldn't say there were · such tilings as flying saucers. On the other hand, they re fused to say there couldn't- bt such things. Their position, they said, was'-simply that they did not know. And both are recognized as hardheaded scientists, Once the pefense Research Bo^rd decided it was going to delve into the flying saucer question, all information on;, strange sightings by department of transport personnel was funnelled to if by ship captains at · sea and on the great lakes, meterological men In weather stations from the Ameican border to the North Pole and Transport Department agents in all sections o f Canada. - , - . - . Top Personnel. : ./ Now through the new flying saiiT cer station. Canada's top-ranking scientists will. use new equipment i mine whether' "saucers" exM. Every 38 months the earth ami reach their closes^ promixity and this will' occur next summer when "Project Magnet", wtlfbe Is :ull round-the-clock operation. Flying saucer reports haye coincided with this period of proximity and this time. Canadian scienti|ts- will he ready to test the truth'-or fiction of the reports. "\ ANDY'S FURNITURE HDW. WILL : CLOSE OUT ALL TOYS --GIFTS XMAS DECORATIONS 'MUST LIQUIDATE ALL STOCK BY DECEMBER 31 1915-19 AGNES

Clipped from
  1. The Corpus Christi Caller-Times,
  2. 06 Dec 1953, Sun,
  3. Page 66

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