May 29, 1924

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News from May 29, 1924

News from May 29, 1924 (Times Union, via™)

Devastating Cyclones Strike Oklahoma

In May of 1924, Southeastern Oklahoma experienced devastating cyclones that caused significant damage and loss of life. The cyclones resulted in twenty known fatalities, over one hundred injuries, and an estimated $500,000 in property damage. 

In the aftermath, communities quickly mobilized to provide aid and support to those affected. An impromptu hospital was established in the National Guard Armory to treat the injured. Additionally, Red Cross representatives arrived to assist in the recovery efforts.

Newspaper accounts from the time played a crucial role in documenting the impact of the cyclones and the subsequent recovery efforts. They provided detailed narratives of the destruction and served as a means to rally support for the affected communities. These accounts also highlighted the challenges faced by the survivors, from immediate medical needs to the longer-term task of rebuilding.

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