The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee on January 4, 1956 · 17
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The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee · 17

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1956
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: & £'-z :if'-i ‘ :- '' "S- S':L " 'f ll5 ' AVV''' ' ' -j V- - - ' s- i I - - v V THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL PAGES 17 TO 30 PAGES 17 TO 30 MEMPHIS TENN: WEDNESDAY MORNING JANUARY 4 1956 V'’'Ar - ’ On o Moment Please — I New Readers Careful Not To Dictate To Child AND INSPIRATIONAL TOO By INEZ ROBB ' Whether Johnny can read or not he la about to be exposed to a new series of school books based on the famous old McGuf-fey Readers from which Grandpa and (1 r e a Grandpa and even ! Great Great Grin dpa I lear n e d to read and do right It is pray-erfully hoped that the new book i called "The Goden j Rule Scries the Modern Inox Robb M c G u t t'o y Readers” will each Johnny to read and do- right too but this is a ticklish proposition in 1956 as I learned when I visited the publishers the American Book Co Grandpa the last pre-Freudian school child could take his reading and his moral precepts in which McGuffcy specialized straight But for Johnny a hep moppet the moral precept must be slipped like a fast ball over home plate hoping he will Catch it and know what to do with it Oh the stories in the new readers will be jam-packed with high-minded morals all right But the moral will not be tacked on to the end of the story for all to read— who can —as In the old McGuffey series Moral Is Implied - Instead the moral will be implied and the kids under the careful guidance of the teacher will be expected to extract the moral all by themselves mull it over and then apply it as they see fit ‘"What’s so had about the old McGuffey system of laying the moral on the line?” I asked And right then and there is where the educator-spokesman tor the American Book Cq mentally ticketed me as something left over from the Paleolithic period "Today's child will not be dictated to about morals or behavior” he said and said it loftily too “The child of today no longer constitutes a captive audience “The McGuffey student lived ht a different moral climate He would take moral dictation because his home school and church were all authoritarian Discovers For Himself "“That is not true today The modem child won't take dictation and must discover moral values for himself” Well if you can't lick 'em join 'em is my motto And if you can't lick morals into a kid any longer better he should dig ’em on his own out of a book So I leafed through the three new updated - McGuffey Readers for fourth fifth and sixth grades and I must say that if I had a grade-school child I'd be happy to have him exposed to them - There is only a sprinkling of stories from the old McGuffey Readers and all of them rewritten to make the moral subtle! There are modern stories from many lands and a good many inspirational tales about prominent American men and women both past and - present And a fine idea that Weapons On Delinquency The readers carry a strong tnoral tone whether by hidden ball play or not In this they differ from the present basic school readers which are directed toward (1) entertainment or (2) leading into the rest of the curriculum supplementing English history geography et al The publisher has high hopes that the new readers will be another weapon in the war on juvenile delinquency And it is certainly possible that the updated McGuffeys will make Johnny both a better reader and a better boy a consummation devoutly to be desired - Harsh Away From Desk Fever and a cold kept David Jf Harsh fr n his desk yesterday in the office of the Shelby County Commission chairman Mr Harsh was sworn in Monday to succeed the recently resigned former chairman E W Hale rJUMBL' THAI SCRAMBLED WORD GAME1 Print Ui SDBPR1SE ANSWER Unscramble tho four sets oach jumble Print oach word each jumble Tho letters you squares may than be arranged suggested by tho cartoon due Page 20) My Answer-— - Church Workers And Not Critics U r gently Needed By BILLY GRAHAM Since I commuted my life to Christ I have tried in tarn to find a church I can join I believe a Christian should have aomo church home bi it they all seem to have something wrong What land of a church would you suggest?— GH If you are looking for a church made up of perfect people you are sure to be disappointed They are made up of sinners who have been saved by God’s grace They still have individuality anil per tonality They still have problems to solve and difficulties to overcome They have united together’ to give mutual encour-agement as well as to re- Billy Graham ceive the ministry of the Word of God I strongly suspect that you are not perfect either No doubt you too need much instruction and correction before you achieve perfection I would suggest that you find a church home as soon as possible Above all don’t be critical of faults in She church If you happen to find a perfect church (which you won’t) it would be imperfect the moment you joined it IS GIVEN Jurist Says He Hasn’t Right To Oust Directors SpttUI to Hm CauMTCta! Swttl WALNUT RIDGE Ark Jan 3— Chancery Judge Thomas F Butt of Fayetteville has ruled that he has no jurisdiction to remove or oust school directors His ruling given in connection with the Hoxie segregation issue was received here Tuesday for filing by Chancery Clerk Don Hardaway Judge Butt is presiding as special chancery judge oyer the suit of a group of segregationists against the Hoxie School Board He entered an order sustaining a demurrer of the defendants to the pqrtion of the segregationists complaint which asked that the school directors be ousted and enjoined from holding of-fice He also ruled that the requests of the segregationists for a writ of prohibition against the school board could not apply to school boards since it by law is only used by a superior court in Issuing directions to a loner court The demurrer was filed by the law firm of Pcnix and Penix of Jonesboro and Jim Sloan of Walnut Ridge attorneys for the Hoxie School District at the hearing held here Nov 26 in Lawrence County Courthouse Both sides had submitted briefs on points raised by the demurrer Judge Butt also sustained a demurrer of defendants to that part of the plaintiffs complaint which alleged that the school board failed to call a mass meeting The suit was filed early in October by Amis Guthridge of Little Rock in Lawrence Cbunty Chancery Court here for Herbert Brewer Jewel Barnett Floyd Cole John Jones Gracon Lamb and Alf McMillan members of the Citizens Committee for segregation at Hoxie The original complaint charged that the school board failed to call a mass meeting in compliance with the law that a board member had violated the law by selling building materials to the school and that three wives of board members were employed illegally by the school The suit asked that the board members be removed from office Anti-Freeze For Falls 'NEW YORK Jan l-(UP)-Wlnter came officially to Times Square Tuesday Nearly 3000 gallons of antl-freeze were added to the water that cascades at a rate of 50000 gallons a minute over a huge waterfall sign uked to advertise a soft drink The foreman of the job said the antifreeze was “just like you use in your car” her E I f TT of letters making a word of a letter to a square beneath have printed on tho circled to spoil tho surprist answer What is it? (An RENEWED CHIEFS — Sworn in yesterday for further years of service were Fire Chief John C Klinck (left) and Police Chief J C Meed facdonald (center) Speakers Are Critical Of NAACP Communism 15000 MEMBERS SOUGHT By GRAHAM SUDBURY The newly-chartered Association of Citizens Councils of Tennessee held its first public meeting last night and 125 attentive members and spectators were on hand to hear a discussion of the organization's purpose Their aim was said to be “to keep segregation” As speakers warmed to their topic verbal Masts were loosed at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People the Supreme Court ' an assortment of office holders communists and communism Cluirtcr Cited Excerpts from the group's charter issued Dec 27 at Nashville were read and a Citizens Council leader predicted an eventual Memphis membership of 15000 The statewide goal is 30000 After Clarence Leopard president opened the meeting at $eemes and Spottswood an invocation was given by A B Wren of Frayser second vice president who asked “harmony between the races” Mr Leopard of 3607 Given said “there is only one way to keep the traditions of the South" and that "the way to do it is to join ourselves together to keep segregation The Citizens Council was described as a “non-profit organization” Yeltoa Speaks A Yelton who wss Intro- duced as a defeated candidate for sheriff of Panola Cbunty Miss and who described himself as now a part-time Memphis resident said "You're either for segregation or you're against it" Plans for five Citizens Council groups in Memphis were announced The membership fee is to be $5 per year CRASH FIGHT LEAD I Two Are Accused Of Driving While Intoxicated Two motorists one of whom was knocked fiat by the fist of the other following an accident early Sunday were fined for driving while intoxicated In Traffic Court yesterday Officers said Marcus W Jennings 36 of 1173 Fountain Court and Dewitt C Eldson 35 of 328 North McNeil were driving south on Bellevue at South Parkway in separate cars When both started away on the green light the rear of Mr Jennings' auto hit the front of Mr Eidson' car Police said Mr Eidson then caught up to the other driver's car and stopped it After the two talked a moment Mr Eidson hit Mr Jennings with his fist knocking him down Judge Beverly Boushe fined each defendant $51 for DWI and $16 for having no driver's license Mr Jennings was also fined $26 for leaving the scene of an accident and $26 for reckless driving Mr Eidson was fined an additional $11 for assault and battery Both had been held to the state previously on the DWI counts YOUTHS HELD IN THEFT Suspected In Burglary Of Stora In Munford County officers said yesterday that four Frayser youths arrested Monday on suspicion of stealing from a Munford Tenn store will be turned over to Tip-ton County authorities lAn Sidney Young and Aubrey Smith said the young mm broke into the B F Goodrich store In Munford last week and stole several shotguns and a quantity of expensive watches The loot was valued at $1000 deputies said One was identified aa James Norris 20 The rest are juvenile READY TO WORK— Mrs Ceftj of 1249 South Parkins rignt with tulips yesterday books for now commissioner Stanley Dillard Miss Carol Babb of 472 McLamoro began' similar secretarial duties for tho FIVELOSECUY POSTS Shakeup Follows Oath To New Commissioner Sptctil to Tlx OMWidil Apptil UNION CITY Tenn Jan 3- Five of 10 top appointed officials were swept out of office Tuesday in a tense session following inauguration of a new city commissioner Wholesale replacements began after Circuit Court Judge E A Morris administered the oath of office to Robert McGowan street commissioner Mr McGowan joined Finance Commissioner Troy McPeake in making nominations New officiali were proposed and elected in rapid succession Mayor Hardy Graham voted against new replacements except city clerk when he abstained Robert Fry replaced Paul G Hudgins as' city attorney and Dolus Roberts former police chier replaced Chief Gus Hudson The council adopted a resolution proposed by Mr McPeake designed to remove Chief Hudson's son Lt Ed Hudson from the police force The resolution abolished the position of lieutenant and dismissed the younger Mr Hudson ' J M Sedberry Jr succeeded Charlie Quillin as fire chief Charles Herman Scates was replaced as assistant fire chief by Cleatis Haley Mr Sed berry's position as assignment chief with be filled later DROWSING TOTAL IS 150 1955 Sms Mors Tsnnsssss Livss Lost In Water NASHVILLE Jan J-(UP)— Drowning took the lives of 150 persons in Tennessee during 1955 The State Game and Fish Commission said Tuesday the drowning included 32 swimmers and waders 35 fishermen 18 boats-men four hunters and 12 persona engaged in occupations on or near the water Twenty others resulted from automobile accidents and nine from accidents in the home Drowning In the slate this year included 13 suicides and one murder The State Health Department reported 118 drowning for 1954 exclusive of suicides and murders Later Than She Thought CHESTERFIELD England Jan 3 — (AP) — For 99 ypara Hannah Smith has relchrated her birthday on Jan 6 Town Clerk Richard Clegg looked into old birth certificates to advise Queen Elizabeth II so she could send royal greetings on Hannah's 100th He found she wss hrfrn Jan 7 “Life Is full of surprises" Hannah commented Ann Roth found her desk as she opened Radio Message FromSouthPole Received Here "Hi from Little America Everything's line” a message received here yesterday began It was the kind of message that Charles A McDaniel formerly of West Helena Ark knew would bring joy to his wife Mrs McDaniel who is visiting in Memphis while her husband is taking part in the Navy's Operation Deepfreeze in Antarctica confirmed last night the joy she got from the radiogram It was the first word from her husband since ' a Christmas greeting he sent Dee 23 from New Zealand Aboard Transport Mr McDaniel is radio officer aboard the transport Greenville Victory which will remain in the South Polar region until next spring as a supply vessel Navy Seabees are building a base at Little America plus an air operating facility at McMurdo Sound 1 sap just before Christmas in 1950 when he was communications officer aboard the Navy transport M B Stewart and she was Miss Jacqueline Weinisch of New York a Navy nurse assigned to the vessel They were married in Memphis in September 1951 Goes To Damascus "He took a job with the State Department so we could be together" Mrs McDaniel recalled last night "They sent him to Damascus Syria That's where our daughter was born” She is Drucie Hope McDaniel who will be 3 in April After 3i years in Syria the McDaniels returned to Memphis where he worked briefly at Kennedy Veterans Hospital He went to Arctic watera last June for - “ Dewline supplying the nation's radar stations His wife and daughter are visiting his sister Mrs Charles E Williams of 1229 Will Scarlett t ' A W f -At FAR FAR APART — Half a globe away from his family is Charles A McDaniel who yesterday sent them greetings from Operation Deepfrtaxo in Antarctica Mrs ijn ri i iLf ij j Li— n ii McDaniel and their 2-vear-old daughter Drucie Hope McDaniel are visiting relatives at 1229 Will Scarlet other new commissioner Henry Loab While others war receiving appointments to this or that city office these ladies prepared to mako some appointments for their bosses ( Story on Page One) —Stiff PtiatM IGHCOST TO 'SOIL BANK’ PLAN Up To Three-Fourths Billion Hope Says Of WASHINGTON Jan J-ICP) — Representative Gifford R Hope R Kan) said Tuesday the Administration's “soil bank” farm plan will not work unless it spends "at least 500 to 750 million dollars in the first year Mr Hope ranking Republican on the House Agriculture Com' mittee said proposed Government payments to farmers to take surplus crop land out of production would be a "waste of money” if the Administration plans to spend less than his minimums The soil bank plan is a key part of the new farm program being drafted by the Eisenhower Administration Administration officials hope it will help prevent further over-production of surplus crops and halt the farm "" Mr Hope said he fears the Administration will not seek enough money to make the plan operate effectively But he said Congress Is likely to provide adequate financing regardless of the Administration's recommendations "You could spend 300 or 400 million dollars the first year and not get a single dollar's worth of crop reduction” he said “Farmers would merely take their poor land out of production to get the payments— and then pour on more fertilizer on their good land to increase crop yields The result would be no reduction in overall production" Does Fine For While TAIPEI Formosa Jan 3— (AP)— Wang Yuan-lien 25 was arrested at Kaohsung Tuesday for posing as a plainrlothesman and fining cyclists on the spot for riding without lights Wang had collected $15 police said -MRr CHAIRMAN — Har ry Pierotti who has sarvad as vica chairman of fho Memphis Park Commission was sworn in by tho Mayor as chairman of that body PRAISE ANDWARNING El Patrol Stiffening In Move To Better Road Record 897 FATALITIES IN mm Th Cmiufdll Appnl HuhTllI Ivnu NASHVILLE Jan 3-Gov Frank G Clement appealed to Tennessee motorists and pedestrians in a statewide radio address Tuesday night to practice greater caution on the streets and highways during the coming year At the tame time he warned them they can expect to be stopped more often by highway patrolmen and arrested "if circumstances justify it’ He said motorists would be stopped “not necessarily in the belief you are a law violator but to see if you have the proper driver’! license or if your vehicle appears safe for driving conditions or if there are conditions' ahead about which you should be warned” ‘Necessary Function’ During the past year he said patrolmen stopped 43 per cent more vehicles than the previous year “as a necessary function in the interest of protecting your lives and the lives of your loved ones on the highways This “same alertness for vio-j lations” will be shown by the P“-patrol in 1956 he promised Tennessee closed the year with 897 fatalities a tentative figure that is expected to go above 900 if the average number of persons who were critically Injured during the preceding year die at a later date The previous high figure was 849 in 1953 The Governor thanked citizens of Tennessee for going through the New Year week end without a single fatality It was the first New Year holiday period since the state began keeping records 18 years ago that this has been accomplished Co -opr ration Praised It could not have been done the Governor said without full assistance from the press radio and television and “without the direct personal persistent and unrelenting response of the people" Traffic fatalities for 1955 represented a 21 per cent increase over the 738 killed last year Despite the statewide increase many counties reported better individual records in 1955 than in 1954 Knox County had 36 deaths against 52 in 1954 and Hamilton County reported 40 against 48 in 1954 Among other big-city counties Shelby County reported 86 against 73 in 1954 and Davidson County 64 against 57 the preceding year JETS START RIVER TRIP Non-Flying Planes Will Used At NAS ST LOUIS Jan 3-(AP)-Ttoclve Navy jet planes grounded because their engines lacked sufficient power began a barge trip down the Mississippi River Tuesday for Memphis where the Naval Air Station will use them for ground training Nine more of the non-flying jets built at s cost of about a million dollars each ara ached' uled to start a downriver barge trip in the next day or two Four big propellers on a river towboat furnished the power for the cruise Of the 21 jets 16 are to be used at Memphis and five at a naval station at Pensacola Florida Last week the planea met with several mishaps when convoyed over St Louis streets to the barges A Nice Gesture ASWAN Egypt Jan 3-tAP) —New travels slowly In Upper Egypt President Tito of Yugoslavia on a slate visit Inspected a village near Luxor and an old woman peasant — familiar with VIP trappings hut not the news-shouted “Long live the King Long live Nahas” King Farouk was exiled in 1952 and former Premier Mustafa El Nahas long ago ceased to matter politically Mayor’s Committee Backed By Downtown Group WANT ’BEST IN NATION’ Forecasting -“the best transit system in the nation within a year"' one Of the city's most powerfully active civic groups yesterday pledged its whole-ihearted support to the newly-created Transit Study Committee The Downtown Association of Memphis hailed Mayor Edmund Orgill's appointment of a five-man group to survey local transit shortcomings and needs and make recommendations to the City Commission for remedial measures The Mayor's action was one of his first after his inauguration Monday Study Results Available “We are whole-heartedly behind the committee and will make available to it the results of our association's two years of study and research” said Robert G Snowden Downtown Association president His comment came during a 73-minute session of the group’s transit committee called ostensibly to endorse Mayor Orgill's action E B LeMaster longtime head of the association transit group and chairman of the Mayor's committee said he will call the first meeting of the new body as soon as the City Commission informs him when one of its members will be present W W Dibble of Sumter N C traffic expert hired by the city for sur-1 955 vey purposes is expected here soon Then we will expect Mayor Orgill and the other Commission members to outline objectives of our work” Mr LeMaster said "That done we will get down to cases and find out aa quickly aa possible how our transit system can be made fast and attractive and able to serve the most people most efficiently Finds Are Voted “Our job is to determine ways in which transit can be co merchandised to the public that people will ride it instead of their own cars which are more every day jamming our streets” Mr Snowden' declared it possible “within a year” to give Memphis the nation's top transit system and led the association in voting Mr LeMaster additional funds tor presentation of surveys and ctudiei made by the group Mr LeMaster also stressed the committee win "at aU times” keep the public fully informed "of every step being taken to improve our transit system” Other members of the Mayor's transit study- committee are Frank V Ragsdale chairman Traffic Advisory Commission E P McCallum Jr assistant gen- eral manager Memphis Street Railway Co and George Siller reporter for The Commercial Ap- ARKANSAN ASKS $40000 Sues Memphian In Claim Of Beating Over Debt A Crittenden County commercial fisherman has accused a Memphis man of assaulting him over a debt and asked damages of $40000 in a Federal Court suit Ernest Willis who lives in a trailer just west of the Memphis and Arkansas Bridge said he was attacked last Oct 2 at his home by Horace R Owens of 1623 Marjorie while Mri Owens stood by Blows on the head from a beer bottle and other punishment required five days of treatment at John Gaston Hospital Mr Willis said He claimed Mr Owens weighs 200 pounds while he is 60 pounds lighter Mr Willis did not set out details of the debt except to say he couldn't pay it The suit was filed by N E Pepper and the law firm of Chiapclia Kirkpatrick ft Rhodes Mr Owens said he did fight with Mr Willis but he didn't use any beer bottle PAIR ADMITS THEFTS Two Teenage Boys Are Held By Detectives Two teenage boys one a sailor were charged with larceny yesterday after they admitted prowling cars and stealing accessories since late December Detectives said William E Underwood Jr 18 of Frayser a sailor will be arraigned in City Court this morning The other youth who is 17 was sent to Juvenile Court Officers said the 17-year-old also took part in ai least one burglary in Sheihy County outside the city limits HAMBONE'S MEDITATIONS By J P ALLEY MAX OUt CVAK AIM DOIN’ SO £009 HEAH LATELY HIT filTTlN RlfttiT- JOURHW- PROUD ' if I w ' TV’ 1 I ijihii III P I nil IT it iJkh J ' jIL ft ditoi A ttoi iiSmm

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