The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1965
Page 2
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fi-AI0ona (la.) Upper DM Molnti Thursday, October 28, 1965 AS A DULY REGISTERED MEMBER of the Amalgamated Society of Witches, Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins, 1 am required to materialize once a year or turn in my haunting license. I usually pick Halloween for this. Since my retirement I'm not so accustomed to public spooking and it's a little harder to make a specter of myself, so I'm going to lie a private spook for a gal named Grace. My name is Witch Haeel and naturally, or rather supernaturally, I am a ghost writer so I'm going to write this column for her. - o - OUR HIGH HOLIDAY, HALLOWEEN, you know, is related to an old, old festival. The Romans held a feast about the first of November in honor of Pomona, goddess of fruit trees. In Britain, the Druids celebrated a festival at the same time in honor of the sun god and in Thanksgiving for harvest and the two festivals seem to have become one in the minds of the Britons. - o - WHEN THE PEOPLE BECAME Christians, the early church fathers wisely let them keep the old feast, but gave it a new association by holding it in honor of all saints. The eve of the festival came to be called all Hallow E'en. Many beliefs grew up about this day and we've incorporated lots of them into the code for our Amalgamated Society for Witches, Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins. Chief among them is Uie rule that on this one night the spirits of the departed are allowed to visit their old homes. - o - IT IS WITH THIS LATTER angle that I decided to spook Grace. It is pretty easy to do because although she's usually more than content with her new life, a spell of nostalgia usually hits her on column day. This was especially true today because when she got up this morning the weather was cool. The sun was shining, the flowers blooming and the grass was green and growing but something about the day reminded her of autumn in Iowa. The vague feeling in the pit of her stomach made her think she was coming down with a virus, but I knew right away what was wrong with her. My spell was beginning to work and she was homesick I - o - NOW, THERE'S ONE THING ABOUT me - I have the fault of being sensible, or my name isn't Witch Hazel. It nearly got me kicked out of the Amalgamated Society once when I pointed out that the sensible tiling would be for us witches to trade in the brooms we ride and use vacuum sweepers instead. Nevertheless, I decided to talk some sense into Grace while I was haunting her. "Grace," I told her, "you know it is impossible to materialize in Algona this year. You know how far you got in saving up bus fare last summer I" She allowed that this was the sensible attitude but she still said she'd like to go back there in spirit. "It's permitted in the Halloween code," she insisted. "Go ahead and haunt the place," I told Grace. "But it won't be as nice as you think it will be. You always did take such an optimistic view of things and right now you are remembering only the good things and are forgetting the grubbier situations." "Take all those gorgeously colored leaves you are always raving about. Well, those leaves fall off and then you've gotta rake. Then mighty *g&$rf&gtne£ aU/tixaf sno^~BuTe, WsprBtti£\iSien\trtlrst fa&s but;'six .feet of it gets mighty tiresome when ydu'have it from November until April. Wouldn't you rather have green grass, hibiscus and palms and the sea all year long ?" "Then, too, things change a lot in three years, Grace. You may have thought you were pretty indispensible in some of the jobs you did, but you'll have to admit everybody is getting along just fine without you. Places aren't Uke you remember them, either - they've moved the post office that you visited every day down to the church site where you worked, stores and businesses have changed locations and personnel - " - o - GRACE INTERRUPTED ME AT this point with - "But my family - Mom lived just across the street, Grandma Rose a few blocks away and our brothers and sisters - " "Yeah," I reminded her, "and how often did you see them? You ran over to your mother's about every two weeks, and down to Rose's when you worked in the garden. Don't you get a lot more discussed in letters and don't they come to see you now when you have lots more time to really visit ? You keep yapping about Bill and Mary Ann being so far away. Well, what do you expect, Grace ? Nobody ever sees much of their children once they are graduated from high school, anyway." - o - "IN THE THREE YEARS YOU'VE been away, so many of the people who always seemerl to you as really typical of Algona have passed on - Mayor Shierk, Joe Lowe, Tedo Hutchison, Hortense Ferguson, Charlie Murtagh, Carrie Bourne, Ralph and Hazel Miller, Chet Williams, W. C. Dewel - to name just a few. Others have moved away. But every week in the Upper Des Moines there are new names. People move in; kids grow into adults." "I may be a bit too philosophical for a witch, but I tell you, Grace, time Is like a river. It flows along and people occupy mighty important places in the swim of things. One by one they drop out and others take their places. Maybe not in the same way, but the river goes on anyway. One thing is for sure, you can never truly go back I" - o - DURING THE WEEK OF OCT. 24 through 30, there are some people Grace asked me to wish happy birthday. They include Maxlne Merryman, Pearl Potter, Ted Herbst, Harvey Steven, Klmberly Hensley, Kay Kuhn, Jim Scuffham, Howard Stephenson, Dawn Hoeckel, Willard Zeigler, Joel Dutton, Bill Kraft, Jr., Susan Kelley, Lloyd Wellendorf, Dr. C. M. O'Connor, Lark Whittemore, Charlene LaBarre, Margaret Ann Phillips, Julia' Furst, Mary Kay Winkel, Bill Colwell, Carol Hagg, Carolyn Bickert, Lee Schenck, Randy Nielsen and Tom Straub. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Dau and Mr. and Mrs. Vic Parsons have wedding anniversaries. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Butterscotch Beauties and it's Mrs. H. M. Colwell's recipe. Might be good to hand out for Halloween Tricks or Treats, cup shortening cup brown sugar cup white sugar 2 eggs, slightly beaten tsp. vanilla 1/2 cups sifted flour tsp. soda 2 cups uncooked oatmeal 1/2 cup black walnuts 1 small pkg. butterscotch chips 1 tsp. salt Cream together until smooth, the shortening, sugars, add eggs and vanilla and mix well. Gradually add flour, soda, salt and mix. Stir in oatmeal, walnuts and butterscotch chips. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees. WITCH HAZEL 27 Vehicles Are Sold In The County Algona; strong, Ford ington, A total of 27 new vehicles were registered at the office of County Treasurer Rosella Voigt here last week. Owners are: Chevrolet - G. L. Thilges, Bode; Elbert Chevrolet, Whittemore; Howard or Blanche Pres- Whjssweu City," W, j;>Erpel<ltngr3 Algona; Bernadine C. Lmnari, Pat M. Berkness, Arm- C. A. Wilcox, Lakota. - Elmer Dole Co., Irv- truck; B. A. Johnson, Ledyard; Richard or Darlene Hade, Swea City; Bernetta M. Wildin, Algona; Magdalen E. Bleich, Wesley; H. E. Boeckholt, Titonka; W. G. Klocke, Swea City; T. R. Goeke, Elmore. CMC - D. E. Lynch, Lone Rock, pickup. Dodge - M. D. Dahl, Algona; Albin or Sylvia Menke,Bancroft; S. F. Gerachkaw, Armstrong. Buick - J. L. Mallory, Lu- Verne; J. M. Rooney, Algona. Olds - W. W. Bowman, Algona; H. H. Buenger, West Bend. Cadillac - K. W. Jackson, Lone Rock. YOUR CHOICE 9 PIECE SET TEFLON-COATED COOKWARE ---- OR INSULATED W Right now, we're offering your choice of these two gifts when you buy one of the Thermogas LP gas appliances listed below. The work jacket is warmly insulated and so lightweight you'll hardly know you're wearing it. The aluminum cookware is by Regal, and it's coated with durable DuPont Teflon for no-stick cooking and no-stick cleanup. EITHER GIFT FREE WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONE OF THESE LP GAS APPLIANCES! ftingt* 8k Equipment IB- &PKI OR, BUY TWO AND GET BOTH GIFTS PLUS A luctoi Ctiboitlton 0% DISCOUNT ON THE LOWER PRICED APPLIANCE! Stop In Soon and Take Advantage of this BIG FREE OFFER I THERMOGAS of ALGONA JIM MILDER, Manager$0. Phillip* ALGONA Mercury - E. G. Hanig, Wesley. Plymouth - Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Esser, Algona. Chrysler - LeRoy or Phyllis Busch, Swea City. Susan Elbert To Head L-C Lassies Lotts Creek Lassies met Oct. 18 at St. Michael's hall, Whittemore with 32 members and 14 guests and 14 new members present. Pledges were led by Mary Detrick and Cindy Lane, Health talks were given by Sharon Elbert and Cindy Lane. Joann Elbert gave a talk of "Fire Pt£Y*ntic!v.'>-— Demonstrations were given'by' Bev tietrick on.. "A Fall Centerpiece" and by lone Metzger on "How to Make a Wall Plaque." Committee assignments were Diane Elbert and Mary Anliker. The election of officers was held. Elected were president, Susan Elbert; vice president, Maureen McDonnell; secretary, Mary Anliker; treasurer, Anne' Foley; historian, Jackie Detrick; reporter, Karen Fuchsen; photographers, Loraine Arend, Kathy Besch; music chairman, lone Metzger; and recreation chairman, Marilyn Gengler. Happy birthday was sung to Mary Detrick and Sandra Elbert. Hostesses were Kay Steier, Barbara Kollasch and their mothers. Riverdale 4-H Elects Officers October 16, Riverdale Rustlers Unit D held their regular meeting at the St. Joe school hall. Pledge of allegiance was led by Jean Reding and the 4-H pledge by Linda Reding. Election of officers was held. President is Kathleen Plathe, vice president, Joan Reding, secretary, Vicky McGuire, treasurer, Jean Reding, historian, Michelle Thilges, reporter, Linda Reding; courtesy, Mildred Thul, music, Kathy Reding, librarian, Jane McGuire, recreation, Elizabeth Ziemet. Vicky Hilbert and her mother served lunch. Guests were girls wishing to join 4-H. Rough Ride ST. JOE - Gerald Lynn Borman, 16 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bormann, is wearing a cast on his right arm having fractured 3 small bones in his hand. The little man was getting a ride in the coaster wagon when the mishap took place. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilmes, St. Cloud, Minn,, visited here this week with relatives. Mr. Wilmes Is a brother of Mrs. Louise Thul. Mr. and Mrs. Alphons Berte, Elizabeth Berte and Henry Berte spent the weekend in Dubuque with Sister M. Bonavita, Sister M. Benvanuta at Mt. St. Francis Convent, Dubuque, and Sister M. Deotilla, Cascade. The nuns are sisters of Elizabeth, Alphonse and Henry. Sister M. Deotilla accompanied the visitors to Dubuque. Allan Kohlhaas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas, a sixth grade student in St. Joseph's school is wearing a cast on his left arm, having fractured a bone at the top of the small finger in a football scrimmage with his cousins. Scouts Will Be Instructed On Gun Safety Boy Scout troop 70 will sponsor a gun safety course for all Boy and Explorer Scouts in Algona. Bin Easier, State Conservation officer will Instruct the four-hour course. Richard Beisell, Scout master of troop 70. states that all boys are required to have their parents permission slips signed and either with them the first meeting at 7:30 Oct. 27 or turn them in to him before hand. Last week troop 70 received an honor banner for increasing registration since Sept. by 20% with the registration of 11 new scouts. All scouts troops are working on a fall round-up to get new boys started in scouting. Oct. 16 and 17, Troop 70 spent the weekend camping out. Much time was spent constructing survival shelter and mapping the Black Cat creek area for future use in hiking and camping. Buys Registered Angus Mike Elbert, Burt, recently purchased six registered Angus cows from Richard D.Thompson, Cylinder, Iowa. TYPING PAPER, Office Supply Dept., Upper Des Molnes Fob. Co., Algona. St. Benedict CDA Welcomes 3 New Members The Si. Benedict Catholic Daughters held their meeting on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 8 p. m. Grand Regent Stella Eischen presiding and conducting the reception of new members: Mrs. Diana Holmes, Jean Thul, Virginia Hudspeth, Joan Ludwig and Aimee Pew. Mrs. Evelyn Froehlich was reinstated. Mrs. Alice Froehlich, Catholic chairty chairman, asked for volunteers to assist her in making gifts for the Catholic charities of Sioux City for Christmas. Members agreed to donate towards the scholarship to educate teachers, to aid with the education of retarded children, and to the Korean orphans. Guests were the Courts' chaplain, Rev. Father Nicholas Ruba, St. Benedict; Mrs. Alice Dole, district deputy; grand regent Tillie Ristau, and prophetess Bridget Smith from St. Cecelia Court of Algona. Winners for the prizes were Elizabeth Priest, the cup and door prize, and Martha Grandgenett the attendance and plate prize. Ladles in charge of entertainment and lunch were: Mrs. Camilla Bormann, chr., Martha Grandgenett, Luella Lickteig, Bernice Mayer, Mildred Tru- nelle, Marie Ricker. REASONABLE PRICES, good service, and quality printing are trademarks of The Upper DCS Molnes Pub. Co. in Algona. The Dale Carnegie Course Dale Carnegie Will Be Offered In ALGONA BEGINNING SOON 10 WAYS THE DALE CARNEGIE COURSE HELPS MEN AND WOMEN • Acquire poise-and confidence • Speak effectively • Sell yourself and your Ideas • Be at your best with any group • Remember names • Think and speak on your Wet v' • Control fear and worry • Be a better conversationalist • Develop your hidden abilities • Win a better Job, more Income FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Contact EL PRESLEY WRITE BOX 535 - ALGONA or PHONE 295-2473 Presented in North Iowa by Chuck Twedt It Associates Introducing the tuned car. 1966 Buick. What makes a car a car Is styling, performance, ride and handling. Only when they're all tuned together is the car a Buick. Like this 1966 Skylark Gran Sport pictured above. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick? -There's an authorized Buick dealer near you. See his V Double-Checked used cars, too. SCHULTZ BROS., So. Phillips, Algona FIRST WARD REGULAR MUNICIPAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 1965 CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA FOR MAYOR (vote for one) D n William J. Finn REGULAR MUNICIPAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 1965 CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA Algona Public High School FIRST WARD Polling Place Judge's Initials n n FOR COUNCILMAN (vote for one) Stanley H. Muckey / .• City Clerk FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (vote for one for two year term) D n Howard L. Miller SECOND WARD FOR COUNCILMAN-AT-LARGE (vote for one for four year term) FOR COUNCILMAN (vote for one) James H. Andreasen |~| Phillip D. Pfeffer D Kenneth T, Peirce I ,f »- T. (T THIRD WARD n FOR PARK COMMISSIONER (vote for one) Charles E. Sheakley FOR COUNCILMAN (vote for one) Joseph A, Elbert

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