The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 21, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1965
Page 7
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HIGH SOCIETY HAS UNDERGONE a revolution. Instead of "The 400", there's a little group of 30 people called the Locomotives who are much more influential than the Old Guard. This attractive under 40 group set trends for living and are educated, European minded, gay, and intellectually hungry. And all of the ladies have baby-fine hair. - o I GET MOST OF MY INFORMATION on this kind of stuff from the Ladies Home Journal, a mass circulation publication it Is true, but they nevertheless like to keep us up on the way the other 99.99999% live. John Burr Fairchild, who claims to have no aspirations to the really smart set on which he reports, presents a chapter from his book, "The Fashionable Savages" describing the Locomotives. Then, just as I was getting used to this ratified air, I turned a few pages and read, "Keeping Up With The Armstrong-Jones". Princess Margaret and her husband are turning London upside-down with their Go-Go set I - o - Go-Go have the ab- what's "Out" in their EITHER THE LOCOMOTIVES OR THE solute last word on what is "In" and particular area so I really don't think there's much chance of Pa and me joining either group. This is chiefly because we'll never see forty again. However, I do have baby-fine, and I like to tell people what's In, so I'm going to start my own smart set. There'll be only twenty of us which makes us ten more exclusive than the Locomotives. We'll call ourselves the Pick-up Trucks - the Went-Went set. - o - THE FIRST TIME THE LOCOMOTIVES were noticed was at a charity ball. Isabel Eberstadt came in with the Young Group, wearing a white Courreges skirt, and underneath, beautifully shaped pants. "My, dear", one member of the Old Guard breathed, "Pants under a skirt I It has never been done before I" Well, I've got news for her. We Pick-up Truck members have always worn pants under our skirts. We just don't go around showing them. - o THE LOCOMOTIVES ARE GREAT ON collecting things - bells, tin soldiers, Staffordshire china and sari silks. Our Group collects things, too - trading stamps, dust, scrap iron and those cups and saucers they give with a $5 order at the supermarket. Both the men and ladies of the Locomotive set do needle point squares as one of their hobbies. In our Pick-up Truck set, we gals patch pants and the fellows, under duress, fix faucets and mend screens. We are also artistic like the Locomotives, only instead of painting lots of self-portraits and wall murals, we paint by numbers and redo the living room walls. The Locomotives have pets such as young ocelets and pastel cockatiels, but we've got pets, too - mongrel dogs, assorted cats, parakeets and goldfish 1 - o ALL THE GO-GO SET IN London has to do to make a night club or restaurant popular in London is for Princess Margaret and her pals to show up there. Although the Locomotives first discovered the Peppermint Lounge in New York and made the Twist popular they no longer likei the^ffwist. 3"h,«j Pick-up Trucks ar£ tired of the Twist, also'." Sometimes 1 think we are just plain tired. - o IT IS AT THE LITTLE INTIMATE parties at home that both the Locomotives and the Go-Go sets especially excel. Our set gives pretty good brawls at home, too, especially when it is too long until pay-day to go out on the town. We kind of frown upon getting too intimate, though. . o A TYPICAL RECENT MENU at both the Burdeens of the New York Locomotives and at Princess Margaret's of London, so I read, was pate en croute, a saddle of lamb with a Mouton Rothschild 1953 wine. With the Went-Went set, our typical menu is cheese dip and crackers, ground chuck fixed on the barbecue, lots of coffee and if anybody wants anything stronger they can bring their own beer. Princess Margaret frequently asks her guests to serve themselves and carry their own dishes to the kitchen after eating I We've been doing this forever and we go even further. With our set, the girls both wash and dry the dishes. - o AT ONE INTIMATE DINNER PARTY the Burdeens of the Locomotives gave (she's the daughter of Mrs. William S. Paley, long on the Best Dressed List), all of the ladies wore gowns designed by Mainbocher and he was even there himself I Alter the saddle of lamb dinner, the Young Group - Isabel Eberstadt, Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper and the others, took their coffee on one side of the ice-blue drawing room. On the other side, Main- bocher, who had dressed a whole generation of Best Dressers, sat in an ice-blue overstuffed chair, watching the Locomotives I - o - THIS WAS WRITTEN UP WITH SUCH a tone of reverence that I lost several nights sleep trying to think of a similar situation for the Pick-up Trucks. About the best that we can do, since we can't possibly get Mainbocher would be to ask the Proprietor of Benny's Thrift Shop where lots of usWent-Wents buy our gowns. We could take our coffee on one side of the apple green living room, and Benny could sit in the apple green lawn chair watching the Pick-up Trucks. He might have ample reason to keep his eyes on us, Some of us might not yet have paid our last month s bill, - o DURING THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 17 through 23, people having birthdays include Glenn Seger, Clyde Lloyd, John Phillips, Minnie Houck, Sally Gotten, Matthew Gotten, Cara Taylor, Randy Anderson, Mae Raney, Roger Ferris, Abner Long, Sarah Geelan, Kay Nugent, Ruth Robinson, Trudy Smith, Champ Martin, Dorcas McNertney, Mary Beth Montag, Lynn Studer, Connie Nash, Mark Myers, Harold Fristedt, Michael Nitchals, Paul Watkins, H. W. Pletch, Norman Green, Marie O'Brien, Mary Bartlett, Meg Schneider, Steve Chrischilles, Gayle Phillips, A. J, Ricklefs, Mrs, John Marti, Webster Orton, Bill Sefrit, Paul Owens, Cecil Ann Norton, Robert Dransfeldt, Mary R, Muckey, Wanda Anderson, Mike Heiderscheidt and Bruce Kent. Wedding anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs, Ed Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. James Scuffham, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoover, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olsen. - o THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Graham Cracker Cake, 1 cup sifted flour 3/4 cup sugar 2 1/2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt Approx. 11/4 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/2 cup shortening 3/4 cup milk 1 tsp. vanilla Sift together the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt; combine with crumbs. Place shortening in bowl, Add dry ingredients, milk and vanilla, mix until dry ingredients are dampened. Beat 2 minutes in mixer or 300 strokes by hand. Add eggs and beat 1 minute or 150 strokes. Pour into greased paper-lined cake pans; bake in 350 degree oven, 25 to 30 minutes. Cool. Fill and frost as desired. GRACE Relative Of Burt Folks Dies Suddenly BURT - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton were called to Milwaukee, Wise, last week because of the sudden death of a sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles Coffin, 61. Mrs, Coffin had been hospitalized due to gall bladder afflictions and died suddenly before surgery could be performed. Mr. Coffin is a brother of Mrs. Hamilton and a son of the late Mr, and Mrs. Clark Coffin, Burt, - o Mrs. Larry Holding, Brad, Brenda and Vaughn and Barbara Herrick spent Saturday at the Richard Bristow home, LuVerne, They were joined in the evening by Larry Holding and Valarie and Mr. and Mrs. P. W, Marlow and Doug. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Ella Meyer were Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyer, Alan and Joel and Mr. and Mrs. Eu Claire Meyer, Terry and Brenda. Mr. and Mrs. John Buscher and family returned to their home in Billings, Montana, Saturday after visiting at the parental Joe Buscher, Sr., Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Campney, Burt, and with other relatives. The John Rashes, Algona, spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Jessie Rash. Mrs. Pat Bradley and Jimmy spent Monday in Mason City. Jimmy had a medical check-up while there. Mrs. Gertie Moore was hostess Friday to members of the Jolly Eight. Attending were Lydia Manus, Mary Beth Hamilton, Phyllis Wiener, Char Habegar, Clara Graham, Irma Doege and Mrs. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. McGuire and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wiener enjoyed a weekend of fishing in Minnesota. Members of the Past Matrons Club enjoyed their annual fall outing Thursday. The day was spent at Fairmont. Included in the day's itinerary was a tour. Etojoying tWanroting were Millie Klamp and Irella Patterson, Al-' gona, Ray Dremmel,Erma Pratt, Gladys Hawcott, LefleMcMullen, Beth Miller, Mary Jean Andrews, Lulu Hawcott, Mary Jane Dugan, and Ellen Holmgren. They were joined in Fairmont by Nettie Dorrance. Ruth Hasse is enjoying a visit with relatives and friends in Portland, Ore. Miss Hasse left by train from Minneapolis Saturday, H. E. Rachut, Sr. and his granddaughter, Jill Smith, arrived home late Tuesday after a few days spent at Lancaster, Ohio. They attended the marriage of Herman Rachut, Jr. and Linda Ames at Lancaster Saturday. Mrs. Elsie Lockwood attended the 100th anniversary of the Hardy Methodist church, Hardy, la., Sunday and also visited relatives there. Margaret and Thomas Devine, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Devine, spent several days at University hospital undergoing tonsilectomies and receiving medical care. Their mother was in Iowa City with them. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Davies moved from the Methodist parsonage to their new home in Hurt, just completed, Marian Westling was hostess Tuesday afternoon to members of the U & I circle. There were three visitors, Adella Ulses was elected president for the coming year, with Ruth 0. Patterson, assisting her as vice president, and Isabelle Sabin, secretary-treasurer. Book committee appointed includes Evelyn Angus, Marion Westling and Hazel Larsen. Vera Schwietert and Naomi Junkermeier were appointed flower committee. Mrs. William Batt is recovering at Dickinson Memorial hospital from surgery she underwent Friday. Plum Creek 4-H^ Girls Elect New Officers The October meeting of the Plum Creek Elite Girls' 4-H Club was held at the Community hall with Dixie Keith as hostess. The annual election of officers was held, results as follows: president, Diane Bode; vice president, Linda Gardner; secretary, Jane Walker; treasurer, Joyce Gabrielson; reporter, Patrice Bode ; photographer, Norma Bode; music, Annette Gilbride; recreation, Dixie Keith. Annette Gilbride was enrolled as a new member. The next meeting will be with Joyce Gabrielson. piiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiuoinniiiiMiiinifliiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiii SWEA-EAGLE By Mrs. Kenneth Brones mont hospital, having undergone surgery Friday last week. He had been a patient for four days before the operation. Mr. and Mrs. Dettmer Thompson attended the Iowa Baptist Convention at Des Moines Friday through Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Crandall were others attending from here. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Honnette of Sherburn, Minn, and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Erickson of East Chain, Minn, were Sunday dinner guests at the home of the Walter Magnusens. What do you make of this? edrti Put those five letters in proper order and they'll spell "tried"—or something entirely different, "tired." Keeping the figures of a telephone number in the right order when dialing Is just as Important. One digit out of order and you'll reach a wrong number. Careful dialing means happy telephoning! Northwestern Bell in Iowa Monday guests at the home of Mrs. Carl Lofstrom for her birthday were Mesdames Carl Lien, Andrew Larson, Oscar Berven, Gunnard Larson, Monford Peterson, Milton Peterson, Larry Peters, Cecil Thoreson. Thurtday, October 21, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper DM Moln««~7 Mrs. Peters made the birthday cake and the guests brought other refreshments and gifts. Tuesday evening for Mrs. Lofstrom's birthday, guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heidecker, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Heidecker and girls and Mrs. Lofstrom's brother, Alfred and August Melz, all of Lakota . Rev. and Mrs. Scheer and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Marlyn Paul home. Mrs. Albert Paul yas" another guest. Visitors at- /the Thomas Preston home last week to greet the new arrival in the family were the Adolph Quastads, Rev. and Mrs. Willard Madden and the John Kellys, all of Armstrong; the Kenneth Andersons and the Marvin Boevers, Estherville; Mrs. Jim Preston and Debby, Mrs. Martin Tokheim, Mrs. Ervin Link, Mrs. Wylma Skaar, Mrs. Roger Linde, the Sam Links, and Mrs. Joe Preston ; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Link of Fairmont. Tim DeZeeuw of Orion, HI. is spending a week visiting at the home of grandparents, the Truman Johnsons. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schneider and family of Miles were weekend guests at the Chris Feddersen home. Victor Pearson is a major surgery patient at the Fair- TWO floor heat outlets— DOUBLE THE HEAT OVER YOUR FLOORS! give your family 9 new standard of living with a new, patented GAS HOME HEATER // pays for Itself with the fuel It saves I your fri»nd« or n»i$hbori who own » $i»$l»r Homo Ht»»«r how thoy »nioy $if «l»r'l W»rm floor eomfort Thoy'H »oll you, iu»t M thoy toll VI, Siojlf jivoi thtm woro comfort, mori ht»t »"d wort d»ptnd«blt Mrvico th*n thty htd hopfd (or. Aik for « dtmon»tt»» lion"you'll b« convincod. COAST TO COAST STORES id Wolf, Owner Algona JUST CUT TACK OVER YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS TIME Winter- TIMEto on Your Fuel Get Genuine FLEX-O-GLASS is the only window material that carries a 2'YEAR GUARANTEE. Look for the name FLEX-O-GLASS on the edge. FLEX-O-GLASS At Your Local Hdwr. or Lmbr. Dealer Where can you see the '66 cars the L Big 3"should have built, but didn't? (A^ At your friendly .Giant-Killer Friendly crowds are flocking to friendly GiantrKiller Headquarters to see the 4 new lines of '66 cars that challenge the "Big 3" with quality built in, not added on. And they come out smiling every time. "Come join the friendly bedlam at your American Motors/ Rambler Dealer" Meet the Rogue. New razzle-dazzle Rambler (yes, Rambler!) outperforms every other car In Its class. ("Do Rogues really come with rally stripes?" "No, but with the big new engine they drive that way.") More standard horsepower than Corvair! Valiant! Falcon! And you, too, Mustang! See the Rogue and the eight other Rambler Americans. This Is Rebel. New zoomy, roomy Rambler doesn't cramp your style, or your legs, or your family, or your pocketbook. Has surprises you won't find in Fairlane, Chevelle, Belvedere, Coronet! And wait till you see the seven other '66 Rambler Classics at your friendly Giant-Killer. The DPL by American Motors. Now you can have your first luxury car-while you're still young enough to enjoy It. Has coil-spring seats, like Cadillac. Double-Safety brakes, like Cadillac. And the price? Like Impala Fury, Galaxie.t Or take your pick from seven other new '66 Ambassadors. Marlln '66 by American Motors. Full-size, family-size sports fastback seats six In comfort. Even with bucket seats.' How? Ask your friendly Giant-Killer. See your friendly Giant-Killer, your American Motors/Rambler Dealer, DAD'S GARAGE, m Soulh Dodge st - Algona> lowa

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