Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1894
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fflhe autrnaU VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 9. 1894. THE RUSH IS ON! We are at it WITH RENEWED VIGOR iSma Sae WITH LOTS OF Attractive Bargains IS THE TALK OF THE TOWN. Each purchaser of small ware to the .amount of only one dollar will receive a handsome souvenir. You'll be surprised what a nickle will buy. This sale is not for the money there is in it, but for sheer popularity's sake. At the ;New and Elegant WILER & WISE, 409-411 Broadway. BITS OF_iyFQjpATION. Michael Fox? o^'rnirie du Clnon, '"Wis., was killed in arntiaway accident. At the democratic convention nt Mexico, Mo., Champ Clark was renommated {or congress. C. F. Glivy. arrested at Pueblo, CoL, .is wanttd for a murder committed at Auburn, Cal., three y«»rs upro. Earl, son of Morgan Dowell, of Cowden, III., 'ell' into a boiler full of hot soap aniwas bnrned to death. A new cabinet has been formed in Holland with Elerr Roell as president •of the council and minister of foreign •aflftlrs. . Ueorge Whalen, an old resident 01 TVapclla, III, who served four ynars in tho union army, fell dead from paralysis of the heart. The lire loss of the United States and Canada for the month of April, as reported, amounted to 111,540,000, against 414,600,900 during the same period in 1893. . . T _ Near Sherwood. Tos., F. 0. and Joffi Woodward shot and instantly killed Charles Beauchamp because ho refused to remove a herd of sheep from disputed land Miles C. Maya and his wife died within Mn bourn of each other at Vandalia, IlL They had been married just one month, and both were taken sick a w«ek ago on the mtne day. RANDALL ARRESTED. •• H«fm«i to Oh*r Orden to H»«p Out of XA Fort*, Ind. LA PORTK, Ind., May «.—The Randall army and the rebels under Sullivan ar- riT«dat the city limits at U a. m. They were met by a lanfe force of deputies tinder Sheriff Friwhe and ordered to march around the city. This action was ordered by the city authorities, who, it a special meetinR Monday night, re- solTed to keep the army outside the city if possible, promising them provisions if they did so. If they refused they were to bo quartered in the fair grounds and ousted as soon as possible. Tho Sullivan contingent RC- cmiesced in the officers' request, and is now camped 1 mile south of town. The Randallltes refused, and, act- inff on their general's encour- aliment, insl»t«a on entering the city. Thereupon the entire staff, Inc udmg Gen. Randall. w»§ arrested, and i» non In iall awaiting trial. Mayor Scott ha» > wmy wUl be furnislied supplies II they win movo on, and it is probable they will comply. Meanwhile both armies are In camp awaiting the result of the trial. Thero is great cxc itement among citi/.ons and commonwealers. Those arrested were all leaders of the Randall faction, or main body of the army. The charge against thorn is refusal to obey the smallpox quarantine regulations. Gen. Handall has telegraphed to Dr. Greor, of Chicago, for aid in getting him and his lieutenants out of jail. It is believed that the army will break up here and go no farther. Gen- Howard Houoreil. NKW YORK, May a—The National Temperance society held its aunual mooting here. Maj. Gen. 0- °- uHow ,- ard was elected president to fill the office made vacant by the doelination of ex-Postmaster General John Wanamaker, WILL END THE STRIKE. Co»l Mlncri Intend to Work Wh»terer M»y B. tho Hiwult nt th« Conference. CutvBLXND, 0., May 8.—An officer of the MawtllUon Coal Operators' association, who has been traveling in the Ohio and Pennsylvania fields for several idays, said that the big conference which will be held in this city next week would put an end to the strine, whether an asrreement is reached or not "There are dozens ol big operators," he said, "who have offered what the men have asked, viz.: tho rate that was fixed several years ago, which averaged about 70 cento. Many of them have the assurance of their men that they will go to work whatever the result of the conference, and the moment any of the large mines are put In anarmtlon th_e^tjrtkejiill_be_broken.» Manned "with Mnerpmn to tu* Sen. ISBIANAJ-OI.W, Ind., May 8.—CoL Joseph Moore Is dead, aged 65 year*. H. planned and constructed nil of the pon. toon bridges used by Sherman on hia march to the sea. (£Jt Mr. Kyle Mar Knn lor Prenldent. MIJTXKA.POLI8, Minn., May 8. — A Sioux Falls (S. D.) special to the Journal says that Senator Kyle, of South Dakota, is being talked of for the populist nomination for president To Adjourn About July *. WAIHINGTOW, May 8.— Speaker CrUp expresses the opinion that oonffnM will adjourn about July *• HIGHEIi DUTIES, They Are Provided For by the Revised Tariff Bill, Many Alterations in That Direction Made by the Senate Committee— Synopsis of the Changes. THE COMI'KOMTSK MKARURE. Miiy .S.— For tlic lliira time tin: .scn:i.tc committeo on finance ni.s revised the Wilson tariff bill. The ali'.st ehiinges in the moosuvo are jompl.i;tod. and they are final .so far as tht comraitt.ee is concern ud. They include all the so-called "compromise" iniendnionts which have been agreed ipoti. Must of them are in the nature of changes from ad valorem to specific dutius. This is a radical change of tho provisions of the Wilson bill. That measure changed most of the duties from specific to ud valorem, the McKiuley aw being mainly specific duties throughout. The specific duties im- losed by tho amended bill range from 15 to 30 per cent, lower than tho cor- •esponding duties imposed by the Mc- \inley law. The latest changes which lave been agreed upon as a. result of ,he compromise are generally in the direction of. higher rates than were at Irst reported by the finance committee. Suifiir and Income Tux. Tlio provisions ot vho sugar schedule at •greed upon have already been printed. Au lid valorem duty ot 40 per oent will be Imposed upon raw sutiar, aud Ibo rollnod article will be given au additional apeolllo duty of one- eighth ot u coat All sugars which ure mportod from or are tho product of any country which at the time tho same are ex- lOHod therefrom pays, directly or Indirectly, a >ounty ou iho export thereof, shall pay a duty at one-tenth of ! cent per pound In addition to .ho foregoing rates. Pfovluod that nothing •ontnlnoa in the bill shall be so construed aa to abrogate or In any manner Impair or affect the (revisions of the treaty of commercial roci- li'oclty coucludea between tho Tjuitud Status ,nd the king o: tho Hawaiian Islandu on Janu- »ry SO, l»7!i. The amendments to tlio Income tux provision jiivi! bcc:i announced, and that feature 0.' tlie bill la to last only llvo years. No change Is mntlo In the foal schedule from thai already re- loried. There ure several changes In tho froo Tho following arc the principal changes which will be Included 111 tin) compromise bill: UriiEH '"''I I'uriumery. Alcoholic perfumery, including eolonno water ond other lollov waters und alcoholic com- luuild.i not specially provided lor in this uct, '-' a gallon und M pur cuuiuui ud valorem.; sen- an and bouse bills., 4" a ir-illon und S) ud Viilorum. All uoul tar colors or tlyo.i by whatever r.amo mown und not auueiu.ly ymvidod lurluihls act. io per tout; st-uulo uiid hou.te bills, ai. Ne\vnurugr;i|ihs juxurtcd uru as lollmvs! "UruKS, sucli us barliK, bcau.i, homes, Dal- lams buils, bulbs, bulbous rooti, excrunccnces, rtilia, lluwcru, dried uuorn, dried Insects, Kfi r >s and Kuni resin, herbs, leaves, d, mosses, uuls, roots and sterna, syiced, n, b ,i,j!ilert. seeds {arouiailci, seeds of morbid irruwlh, wL-odsanil woods used expressly tor lyuliik'. which are uol edible, advancoiJ In vulua or condition by ruilnlin.'urt'rlnuiiiKor by other process of mauufuAitm-u, and uot specially pro- i-lded for In this nut, 10 per cenu ud valorem.' Knsom salva are aiudu dutiable at 1-5 of a cent per pound. Other ohangos are: Morphia or morphine sa'.tb thereof, ou eentb p^r ounce, [''luxseed and poppy oil A) coatd per gallon IB- jicud of U cents Iu former bills. Ou olivo oil for salad purposes tlio homo (aloof ao ojnts pur gallon Is restored Instead 3f the senate committee rate or 1S> pur ccut. TUo OlwHM Schodule. A portion ol tho glass schedule Is ohunKOd so as to road as follows: "Oreen and colored, molded or pressed, and fllut and lime gluos boitlos holding ninro than sue pint aud demijohua und carboys, covered >r uncovered, and other molded or prubsed itreeii and cnlured and Uint or liuio glass bottluwaro not f poeialty provided for in this ict live-eighths of 1 cent per pound. Oreen mil colored, molded or pressed and lllnt and liine g'Miu bottles ucd viu'-n noldme not more thuu oue pint and not less than one-quurttr ot , pint, three-fourths of a cent pur pound; if Holding less llmo one-fourth of a plntSoceats per tfrosa, whevhnr tilled or unllllud, whether their contents be dutiable or (roe." The senate rate >n tho »bove la 40 por cent.: touso rutc, W por cunt Another change In glass Is as lollovfs: Unpolished cylinder, crown and cotton win- flow ulass, not cxBOOuloK W by 16 Inches sojwro. 1 cent per pound; above that, aim uotexeeod- IDE l« us M luolwa siiuare. Hi cents per pound; above umt. and not exceeding M by au inches square. Hi cents per pound: above that, and BO t exceeding M by SO Inches square, IX oenu ptr pound: all above that, IK cents per pound. -Provided that unpolished cylinder, orown inii common window glass Imported la boxes Hiull contain HI square foetus nearly an size, will permit, ond that-duty -hall be computed thereon according to the actual weight ot the gl Thoro 15 a change of sizes w well ». ol rates, ,nd comparisons cannot b« made. Plate guw*.!» oy SO Icohes, is taxed sg oent» Mr square foot; senate and house oills, SO tents; all plate glass above these Ulmunsloaii, as cents p«r sauaro tool; senate and house bill*, 8tl cents. Looking glai» P'* 181 * »« addei1 «° glanses, dutiable at W per oent ad valorem, in addlllon to other rates ehftrifoable thereon. Ch«n*e« in Iron Llatlol. The pig iron paragraph Is &meflded tc r«*d M '"'•iron in pigs, Iron Kentledge, SplegeleLen ferro mangeiiose, ferro silicon, wrought and cast scrap iron and scrap sto.1,14 per ton; but nothing shall he deemed scrap Iron or scrap steel except *«a«> or refute Iron or 8 teel, nt only to be manufactured. ••Beams, sirdora, Jol«ts, angles, channels, car- tr,,rk channulc, "i" columns or posts, or part* or soctC^oi columns or post., decU and bum « and building forms, together with all structural shapes of iron or steel, whether itured or tilted for use, 6-10 of a • senate hill 35, bouse bill 30 per c ^rmSi^^^^"^.^ hod Iron or «t«el 1>' rttll «' 7 - 30 of " eent * J!!Jnna " Senate bill iB* canu a pound, rwtor- tag "he bouse r»tei .enate bill 1 per oent. Cutlery Schedule. The eutlery schedule 1> changed to read M '°»pt!kDlve», pook«tknlve» or •meriof w i. valued it nov more man » MBU P« Sozon S»peJoent .«r^ortmi T.ln.d atmor, dozon.»(»/„,. UOMD ,1,4 M t «. per (Nwi'ii una not exceuunijf UO-/.UH, •& ixtus ]»r doioiu valued at moru tliun tfl IK.T dozon und not cxeocilliis JI.W per aowu, 40 ccuu pur Uozmr. valued ul more thuu fl-*U pur Uozun unJ not cxuutslhii; *•' P L ' r dozen, 75 COIIIN u Uozim; valuod ut muro tli-.ni W " do/.eu, DO pur ounu ud valorem. and In uddltioii tuero- to, on all ihu above vulueJ ut mori) «:an 30 cents 11 iloziMi, '£> par cent, ud viiloretn: provided that bliidoa, handles or any oilier puns of uny or oltuur o( the articles named In this puniKn'nili, Importoit 1" any othi-r miuinur than ussiiinliU'd In pi'iiltnlvos, i>ocl;eU:uiw or onwrs. shall be suujuct 10 no loss duly tliau lierdii provided lor peMlinlvos, pocltnlhnlvos or oruwrs valued ut mure Hum ' M (x'tiU a dozen. The Donate anil liuiisii bills }'•> ceuis, ToIllK'CO SrlifiJlllc. Tho tooacco schedule is duuiKod to read as follnws: . . "Wraiipcr lobacco. unslumnioO. linportcil m snylMlc, box or iwrkatft, or in built, »; MJ per pound; if siumraod, SS» per puund." Uowie ' and sermtc bills, SI and Jl.i r ) ruspectivcl.v oo abov(? nriiclCH. "Plllur tobLitco. unstcnimcd. iir.porlod in any bnlu, box. packiiKi! or in bul'.!, ai> cunts JIOT pouna; If .s'.i-n-.iuuJ. 60 cents pur pound: no obaiiKL 1 in viiicH. "Sauil and sr.ufT flour miniifncturod of lobnc- co, Krounil, dry or dump und nleldcil. Bi'ciu-jd or othcrwiMi!, of all ilusurlptiuiis, W cents » pound;" senate und house hi'.ls, M cunts. Htity oil ClffiirK. Tr.o cigar paragraph la auicnilfil to read a» follows: "Cigars, clBiirottos, clioroots of nil hinils, 54 a pound and !!5 per cent, ad valorem; and paper cigars nnd clttarettits, Incluillni; wrappers, shall be subject to the same duties as are Heruin imposed on c'.Kurs." The duty on cigars in the house and senate bllli 1» 13 per pcund and 25 per cent. Dairy Product*. K 11 '. Butter and substitutes therefor aro vuccd * cents por pound, which Is the house rate: senate bill fl) jwr cent-; chuxsc, < cents per pound: senate and houso bills. SB per cent.; milk, frosh, 3 oonts per gallon; senate and houso bills froo; broom oorn, ?0 per ton; senate and houso bills froo: cabbage, • c(lnl ' 1 each; sonato and bouse bills freo; eggs. 3 COIHK per dozen; senaw and house bills free; hay, K per ton (houso rate), senate 2n por cent. : honey, 1U cents per gallon (boose rate), senate bill, - 1 " per oent.; hops, 8 cents per pound (house ralu), senate bill, 80 per coat.; onions, a) cents per bushel (houso rate), senate bill, 20 per cent- Leuthor »nd LniuDer. Leather and the manufacturers of leather are to be treated substantially as provided for In the houao bill, except that the duty is changed from ad valorem to apocilla All through the revised oiUtlon of the bill the ad valorem duty has been strioHcn out In favor of the Bpoclllc duty. Lumber remains about tho same as It came from tho liouso. The cotton Sclioilnln. It Is provided that on all cotton cloth not exceeding liii) threads to the square Inch, count- Ing the warp and lining, not bloaaced, dyed, colored, s'.ulncd, painted or printed, valued at over 7 cents por so,uaro yard, '-'» per centum ud valorem; bleached, valued at ovfir 0 cent* per sc-iare yard. 2J por centum ad valorem, and dyed colored, stained, painted or printed, valued ut over 13 cents por square yard, there shall bo levied, collected and paid a duty of 30 per ceuL ad valorem. Dutlnu on Woolen Goods. Or. Llaaliels, wool and flannels for underwear and tells for puper makers' us« ur.d print- Inn machines, composed wholly or In pjrt of wool, thehiurof tlio caniBl. coat or alpaca, or other unliuals. valued at no more than 'M cents per pouud. llw duw will bo il per centum ad valorem; valuod at more than 30 "aud not more than -10 cents" per pounn, :io per centum ad valorem; "valued at more than 40 cents per pound, 35 pur centum ad valorem; 1 ' thu chance oonslatinK In restoring tbo quoted words iu Uio house bill Tho women's and ohlldron's dress goods, ooai lining, Italian cloth, buntlnj or goods of similar description or character "or all manufactures, including such as liavo any rubber ft* ti component material," composed wholly or iu part of wool worsted, the hair of the camel. goat, alpaca or other animal, und not specially provided for In this act, the house rate of 40 per cent. Is restored. Sonate bill. 36 per oent. and tho following words added: -Valued at r.ot over 41 a pound, 40 per oont. ad valorem: valued at more than 60 cents and not more than *1 n pound, « per cent, ad valo- rem; and allot thu foregoing valuod at more tbantl ft pound, 50 per cent." On reailymade nlolhlng composed of any aliovc-tEeutloned materials the house rate of 45 per cent. Is restored. Senate bill. M per cent. Tlie following paragraph stricken out of the house bill by tho senate committee is now ro- "On cloalis, dolmans, talmas, ulsters or other outside garments for ladles' and children's apparel. and foous of similar desorlpilon or used for lllra purposes, composed wholly or in part of worstsil, liiiirof the camel, soaior nlpuca. or other animals, madti up or nianufaotured wholly or in part, ;ho rate is channel! irom 45 to .'iu per centum ad valorem. "Brussels earpi:ts, ligured or plain, ad oar- pot of lllto character or description. So per cent. ud valorem. House and senate bills SO p-jr con L "Velvet anil tapestries, velvet carpels, figured or plain, printed on the ^^•llrp or other- •wlse, and all carpots or carpeting of like character or Inscription, 36 per cenu ad valorem; house and senate bills. 3D per conU Tapestry Brussels carpets, figured or plain and all carpots and carpeting of like character or description, printed ou the warp or otherwise, 35 per cent, ad valorem; houso and senate bill, 30 per ceut. Treble Ingrains, throe-ply and all tho Venetian carpots, 35 per cent, ad valorem: houso and senate bills. 3u per cent. Wool. Uutch aud two-ply Ingrain carpets, 30 per cent.; houso and senate bills, » per cent.' 1 Change* In tho Fr«o Lint. Added to the froo list are the following: "Dressed fur pieces suitable only (or use In the manufacture of hatters' fur. -Molasses testing not above 40 degrees pol- arlsoope test »cd containing SO per oentuin of "uum, crude or manufactured and not adulterated, containing » per centum and ov»r of morphia. "ISn Flourage, pomades. In the froo Hat, after the words, "petroleum. crude or reUned," is inserted the following: "Provided, that if petroleum, crude or refined Is Imported from any country which 1m- noses a duty on the same exported from the United States, then there shall be levied, paid and collected upon such petroleum, crude or refined, the raw of existing duty prior u> the nisHflce of this act. The following Is added to tho paragraph In the tree list relating to agricultural Imple- """Provided, that all articles mentioned by this Danutrtph. .1' imported from a country which la™ an import duty on like articles imported from the United States, shall be subjected to the duties existing prior to the paisago of thli act" . _ _J A N»iro In Luck. STOCKTOM, Ca.L, May 8.— Tho estate of a well-to-do ne.ifrp farmer named McKlnoey ta» been 'a warded by 'the probate court to his brother, who lives In Kentucky. McKloney left an *»• tat« valued at Mo.000 to his physician, but th« Jury d«oid»d McKinney was of ttitound mind: wb«n to »»d« U» wUL '••'• ••' •; '.•••. l . .'.;i,^ ''{"",'''','.\''; X • M'.w': : V;,i^S'ii! : SiiM&icL-KV*^ii^ti^^^ THE VERDICT. Decision of the Jury in the Case of the Comtnonwealers, All Guilty of Carrying Banners Contrary to Law—Coxey and Browne Guilty, Also, of Trespass. KKI.KASED OX $500 HAII. WASHINGTON, May 8.—After Con- pressman l j cnce (Neb.) had been heard indcfunse of Cox<;y, JJrowne and Jones, iind District Attorney Jierney had closed for the prosecution, the jury at !2:5.'jp. m. retired. At 3:40 it returned with its verdict, wliicli w:is as follows: Co.\ey lirowue and Jones were found guilty on the first, charge, that of carry in ff banners in the Capitol grounds contrary to law. On the sucond charge, that of trespassing on the crass, Coxey and Jirowuu were found guilty and Jones ivas acquitted. Pending motion for a new trial the defendants were released on bonds of 5500 each. TIio Ju<lK<)'» Charge- In his long charge to the jury Judge Miller told them that they were simply tryiug the defendants under what was known as a police regulation passed by congress. Congress had the right to pass these regulations, and the people had no right to dictate to congress how it should transact its business. All believed In liberty, but unrestricted liberty was the worst thin* in the world, and this law was simply a restriction and it should be obeyed. Hl» Camp A Menace. WASHINGTON, May 8.—The health officials of the district have submitted a report to the commissioners to the effect that the camp now occupied by Coxey's army is a menace to the health of thu inhabitants o£ Washington, and recommends in the strongest terras that immediate steps be taken to have it yacatod.. Coxey will probably be ordered to move the camp at once. Coicj-n Future. Representative Hudson (Kan.), who \va* Coxu.v's counsel before the police court, authorizes the statement that Coxey proposes leaving Washington witli his followers as soon as he secures a hearing from one of thu two houses of congress. Mr. Hudson s;iys that Coxey lias uo allilialion with the other commonweal forces that are now journeying to Washington. H« has uo correspondence witli them and does not know them or their purposes. He will not attempt apain to speak- from the steps of the capitol nor will he attempt in uny way to contravene the laws. The house committee on labor will probably give Coxey a hearing on- his bills on Thursday. IN THE SENATE. Allen 1 . Cow InYC.tlgi.tion Resolution Again UOMI Over. WASIII.VOTON, May8.—In the senate the credentials of John F. Gear as senator-elect from the state of Iowa, to succeed Senator Wilson, whose term expires March 4, 1885, were presented by Senator Wilson, read and laid on the table. At 11:30 a. in. Senator Harris (dem., Tenn.) moved to proceed to the consideration of the tariff bill. At the same moment Senator Allen (pop., Neb.) who had offered a resolution Monday in regard to the arrest of Coxey »nd his two subordinates, and which resolution had gone over, rose to claim precedence for it, but consented to the matter going over until Wednesday, on condition that it would then occupy the same position it now did. With that understanding Senator Harris' motion was put and agreed to, und thereupon the tariff bill was takeii up for consideration and Senator Hoar (rep., Mass.) addressed the senate in opposition to it—this beinR the opening of the sixth week's debate upon the measure. HE EXPLAINS. A southern C. A.'R. r,«»der Answers Commander Watnus' ChurceK. RICHMOND. Va., May 8.—Past Commander D. R. Wilson, of Phil Kearny post, said in regard to the statement of Commander Watrous, of Wisconsin, that money sent south to decorate union soldiers' graves has been put into a fund to erect a grand army memorial hall, that no misuse has been made of the money. His explanation of it is this; "For several ye»n the posts throughout the north have been sending money to the local post to deoorato waves In the six national cemeteries noar Richmond. S»cb yo»r» surplus has remained art*r ,the work was done. This was not returned to thoiWJ who gave IV the post thinking It hud t riKht to use It for »ny purpose It s»w Bt. A Jund w> erect a memorial hall was started and has now reached 110,000." AM*>.lD*t°<i. ASUEVII.LII, N. C., May 8,-Special dispatch from Marshall, N. C., saya Deputy Sheriff Hans B. Rector, while going along Bear Creek road to hii home, was shot from ambush and instantly killed. George Roberta and his brother are (inspected, but hare not yet been arrested. RMOffKlMd HI! >«thei", AMMIIM. JACKSON, MtM., May 8. - Ernest 8piTer and Eugene Eeed, arrested at Fort Worth, Tex., we charged with assassinating Wllli»m H»nn» (colored) In Chootaw county, April 18 last Hann»'a ton reoogntaed them •• «»• ti«UL, ,.. MAY !), ISO*. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. (i coupons of different d.-ites and JO c^ntt secures ibft enrrfMil. number ot An Portfolios. See adviTlteement. NO. 111. STATE TELEGRAMS. News Flashed. Over tho Wires from Indiana Cities and Towns. To M " Corporation* 1'ay Up. OLIS. luil., May S.— -Th* state of ludiuiiii Ijcg-an a, war on tha monopolies Mondny on account of continued refusals to pny their taxes. Attorney General Smith went, in the circuit, court and askuil tho appointment of receivers for eight of the highest corporations Join-; business ill th« Statn. The claims are: The Western Union TVlcsrapb. company, fltr 000; ihe L'uitoil Suites Kxpri'ss eomr v. 14- OUU; the Ada.niR J'.spri'ss company, f- >,j"<>: tho J J i).st;il Tc'lo^niiili company. So.uW): the J'ullman PalacuC-.ir ccmiiany, tlj.udi); the \\" tinner Pal- ftci- C:ir ro:op:ir,y, ^, ";)•!: llu> Ann-rlcnn ICxprcs* compn'-iy, *!."i,i)iu, :uiil tliu CiMiiral Union Telo- jjhuno cu;ni);uiy, IXUIASAPOLIS, Iiul, May S. — AH Indiana towns and villages not incorporated lielil their elections Monday. Tha following towns went straight republican: Spencer, liochesler, Thornton, Newcastle, North Manchester, Fortville, Monticollo, Jamestown, Ashley, Edinburp, Sallivau, Uoann, Newport; Ccnterville, Cicero, Liberty, Middletown, Darlington and Hrookville. Th« following are democratic: Elizabethtown, Jasper, Irvinprton. Ilaughville, Mount Jackson, lioonville, Knox, Sum- initvilJa. The following voted mixed tickets: Connersvillfi, Winamac, Mltcb- ell, Salem, Crown Point and Finds Th»t Hock Wa» ISDIASAPOLIS, Ind., May 8. — Th» coroner has nearly finished the taking of evidence in the case of Attorney Albert T. Beck, who was found dead in his room a few morning! o.£0, and has concluded thai be was murdered. He finds that lieck was first struck with a saudbajr, which fractured his skull and rendered him unconscious, and was then shot He also finds that the window shutter was cut from the outside. The polio* adhere to their theory of suicide. Kothlng Sn a >amo. BRAZIL, Ind., May 8.— A free-for-»U fight took place at Harmony, thi« county, Sunday night in which a man named McCulloug-h was badly hurt. Later four of McCullouK^'» brothers armed themselves with revolvers and paraded through the streets, firing- promiscuously. They succeeded in creating much terror, but failed to find the assailant of their brother, for whom they diligently searched. __ Smallpox Considered. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., .May 8. — The state board of health Met Monday to consider the smallpox situation in th« northern part of the state. Secretary Metealf's report shows that there ara twelve cases in Fulton county, font in Marshall and six in other adjoining counties. The advisability of quarantining- against Chicago was considered, but 110 action was taken, Indicted (or Murder. MUSCIK, Ind., May 8.— After several days' time spent in examining witnesses the grand jury on Monday returned true bills against Michael Gorman and Frank Benadum, charging . them jointly with having 1 murdered Lawyer Lp.mannel Bailey two ween* ngo in Ijenadum's saloon. The men have been refused bail. _ The HenilrlckK Family Sued. COLUMHUS, Ind., Slay S.— In tHfe circuit court, here Monday Mattie Webb began suit against James Hcndricks, his wife aud daughter, Martha, for damages, demanding $5,000. Her com- plainl charges that she was cruelly assaulted and permanently injured by the JJendricltscs. Tho case will b« called for tri;il May 20. __ Oil Kfitr INirtlnod. POUT-LAND, Ind., May 8.— The Empire Oil company drilled in an immense well on the North farm in .lackson township Monday. It spouted oil 10 feet above tho derrick and is estimated to have • daily output of SUO barrels. Preparations aru being made to drill a number of other wells immediately. No Slimllpoi HI i'ljnioutll. PLYMOUTH, Ind., May S.— There is absolutely no truth in tho dispatch sent out from Uotirbon that there are ten cases of smallpox here and that a largo portion of the city has been exposed. There is not a case of smallpox here aud no one has been exposed. FBAXKFOKT, Jnd.,May 8.— At Cycion*, B miles south of this city, the boiler in the Spray tile factory exploded Monday, killing the owner of the mill, William Spray, and injuring- sevei-al of the emplo3 - es — James Durben fatally. The factory is ». wreck. Fine Honnl Cremated. yViLLiAMSi'ORT, Ind., May 8,— Fire destroyed the large barn owned by Mr. Ezra McClaflin in tliis place at d o'clock Monday morning, cremating two fine standard-bred stallions. LOM, $5,000; insurance, $1,900. Incendiariam in suspected. _ Death, of H Ytiternn. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 8. — Col. Joseph Moore died at his home in thta city Monday evening. He commanded the force that built the pontoon bridgtt during Sherman's march to the tea. Glain Factory ItMnmM. ALEXANDBIA. Ind., May 8. —The United OH** company hu opened «p iu tank furnace withalxty blowenwd aiowllent

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