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Del Rio, Texas
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March 10, 1047 DEL MO NEWS-HERALD, DEL RIO, TEXAS THREE SOCIETY CLUBS CHURCHES MUSIC PERSONALS IE HUNDRED AND SEVEN ATTEND 'EN HOUSE SUNDAY AFTERNOON ST. JAMES' RECTORY hundred nnd seven culled At open house given Sunday nf- ion by Rev. and Mrs. 3. Presley In the Rectory of St.

Is' Episcopal Church, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. found ved gtfesfs "with Mrs. O.

D. Fltt- nnd Mrs. Therrell Rose. Miss on Russell WHS in charge of iiiest book, camilllas were ns decorations. ten table was laid in linen ink and centered with an ar- ement of spring blossoms flank- Mth silver candlesticks bearing Lnvendcr and white decorated the mantle and the (t held an arrangement of irdy gladioli.

J. A. Russell. Mrs. C.

O. and W. M. Abbey allied presiding at the tea i. They were assisted In serv- Mexdamts Fred Bpccr.

Hugh Atkinson. Allen V. Pearson, ks Rust. F. C.

Whitehead. ly Lowrey and E. P. le coffee table In the living i held spring flowers and pur- Irls decorated occasional tablets, lose attending Included Mcs- fcs Gmdy Lowrcy. Fred Specr, Whltchcnd.

A. Russell, W. J. en of Brackettvllle, John Jr. C.

O. Pokes, Sparks Rust. I Summltt. Lamor 8mlth. V.

stcnsen, A. E. Bartbergcr, and ONSTIPATION In BAD COLDS lined undigested food becomes causes toxins, which load the liver and othor Vital or- i of the body, lessening vour re- ince to colds and other winter Ilia interfering with their treatment, take this chance when you can CalotabsT thoroughly pleasantly act on every foot of Intestines, sweeping out putrefactive foods and virus- mucus, enabling you to more rtlvely avoid or fight a cold. Noth- icts like good old CaloUbs. Use as lOc and 25c at all druggists.

ice CALOTABS A. Berry of Brackettvllle; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horn, Miss Elsie Bauer of Brackettvllle, John' Keyes Plne- gan, Miss Marlon Russell, Lee Rowland, Rev. and Mrs.

William J. Hall and Lee Block. Rev. and Mrs. Val Shtfrtnan, Mr.

and Mrs. J. A. Burnett, Mr. and Mrs.

J. A. Porman, Mrs. Fred Zuchl, Mr. and Mrs.

Jack Pokes: Mcs- dames P. H. Whitehead. Edward V. Jarrett, Marshall Smith, W.

H. Hayes. Russell Martin, Pred Turner and Mattle Youngblood; Mr. and Mrs. E.

P. Seaman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Draper and Mr. and Hugh V.

Atkinson; Patricia Wilson, Elizabeth Flhcgan, Mary Catherine Wallace, Mary Robin Murrah, Joan Tenncy, Barbara Kay McWIlIlams, Martha Clay Rust, Prances Paw- cett and Pred Rose. R. T. Hunnlcutt, Henry B. Dugan of Brackettville, J.

M. Corlcy. Donald Corlcy, Epplc C. Chalk, C. H.

Tcnney, Irma Stanley, Walter P. Jones; Mlllard Porter, Belle Dugan and Miss Jessie Dudley of Brackettvllle; Mr. and Mrs. Allen V. Pearson, Mr.

and Mrs. R. M. Crosby, Mr. and Mrs.

Tom Miller, and Mrs. T. P. Cllnsman; L. Rust; Minnie Lee Wcathersbcc, Doris Lowrey and Miss Clyde Hoi- man.

Mesdamea Dee Harrison. Ralph Sinclair, Homer Wilson; Messrs, and Mesdames H. E. Walker. H.

A. Walker, Roy McCulley. M. Abbey, Roger B- Thurmond, Jack Tilson, W. M.

Cnllahan, Jus. C. Bob Clark; O. T. Sartwelle; Ruth McCulley and Miss Gall Hamilton.


James' Episcopal Church voted to study the Book of the Episcopal Church Tuesday afternoon at the regular meeting in the home of Mrs. W. H. Hayes on Nicholson Street. The book Is by George P.

Atwater. Pour volumes were contributed by Rev. J. Presley Pound, the rector. Mrs.

Grady Lowrey displayed the memorial and explained its use. The Rev. Mr. Pound announced Bishop Everett Jones will be in Del Rio Monday evening and will preach. MlM Mabelle Cooper read the collect for the day and led the prayers of the Woman's Auxiliary and the United ThanK Offering Committee reports completed the session.

Those attending included Mesdames W. M. Abbey, Hugh V. Atkinson, W. H.

Buchanan. O. D. Finegan, C. O.

Pokes, Henry Horn, Grady Lowrey. Therrell Rose, E. P. Seaman, Sidney Smith, Marshall Smith. Homer Wilson, MlUord Walker, Sparks Rust: Miss Mabelle Cooper and Rev, and Mrs.

J. Presley Pound. Presented with all the pomp and splendor of pre-war days. Paris spring; fashion collections offer a wide variety of style Ideas In the finest fabrics seen in many years. At left, black silk crepe dinner gown designed by Jean Desses.

stresses lu Zouave draped hemline with deep band of appllqued organ- die loaves. Off-shoulder dc- illefic forms tlnv sleeves. At right, obviously intended for the perfect fiR TP. Patou's "lampshade" dress Is made of dull block sllke crepe with wide stripes of guipure banded In emerald gn-en velvet ribbon. iNEA Telephotos'.

EIGHT DEL RIOANS ATTEND GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY OF MR. AND MRS. SAVELL Mrs. was ed us president, of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday evening at the annual meeting In the church H. L.

Molyneux was Installlns officer. Mrs. Bushager spoke briefly in accepting her duties president Olher officers Installed Included Mrs. Jack Hill, vice-president; Mrs Albert Vasblnder. secretary; Mrs.

Doran. treasurer and Mrs. L. Wardlaw, historian. Cause secretaries Include Mrs.

M. L. Baker, spiritual life; Mrs. Paul Sultenfuss, religious education; Mrs. Jack Pokes, literature; Mrs.

Hassle Oallaway. Synod and Presbytery's home missions; Mrs. R. T. Hunnlcutt.

Assembly's home missions; Mrs. Jack foreign missions; Mrs. H. C. Basse, social activities; Mrs.

B. E. Wilson, Christian social activities. Reports were made by retiring officers and The meeting was opened with Mrs. L.

Dunning, retiring president, giving the call to order and Mrs. M. L. Baker, the call to worship. Reports for the circles were made by Mesdames R.

T. Hunnlcutt. R. M. Fralm, Enid Luce and John C.

Graves Miss Beatriz Fernandez, religious educational worker of this district, spoke on the work In the San Felipe Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Dunning was hostess at a lovely social hour In the church parlor following the Installation The table was laid In a cutwork cloth and was centered with pink carnations. SOCIAL CALENDAR THURSDAY Bpfa Phi will mwl at 7:.10 p. m.

In the Woman's Club. FRIDAY Miss Novella Dawson, who will hcronx- the brido of Orll filnn Faster mnrntne, will rompltmrnlwl at a miscellaneous shower between the hours of nnd 7 o'rlork in the Woman's Club. Hostesses will be Mesdames Carl Malone, W. P. Meredith.

H. M. Hiitrhingon. C. J.

Harrington, Roscoe. Taylor, D. A. Herrintrton, John T. Loch- ahay.

Elvis Stewart, Hugh Hutchinson. I. F. Burdllt, Dave llutchinson and M. Locke.

Eight Del Rloans were In Monday to attend the goldea wedding anniversary observance of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Savell at open house from 4 to 6 o'clock. Mrs. Savell Is a sister of- Mrs.

C. A. Markward and R. L. Mlers of Del Rio.

She was Miss Alma Mlers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Mlers, before her wedding lo Theodore Savell In the Miers home In Sonora. Mr. and Mrs.

Savell have Uveo in Sonora all of their married life. They have engaged in ranchiilg for 40 years. They have a son. Mlers Savell. a daughter, Mrs.

Bryan Hunt: two grandsons, Billy Bryan Savell and, James Theodore Hunt; and two granddaughters, Vlck'y Jo Savell and Nancy Bryan Hunt. Dei Rloans who attended the celebration In Sonera Included Mrs. C. A. Markward, R.

L. Mlers, Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Jarrett.

Mrs. P. H. Whitehead, Mr. and Mrs.

Russell Martin, Mrs. Mattie Youngblood and Mrs. Fred Turner. "READ'THE CLASSIFIED'ADS" A oi shellfish found in the India Ocean produces a low flute-Uke sound. TOMORROW DAY ONLY OMOITi COCKCYCD fil.

Kct-nun WYNN Does Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Feel how you cur uM NIM la freclnt your from thte MTTOIU wcrtiuiu WM! food enUn Ow vital gMtirto lulce How normally to certain ood partletM; the ou toereaw ttf How of thla vital eat authotf Uee, in iulepeiuiei tenr on human woof etowu amaalncry effective In incrcailnr too due to a non-ortmnio atomach diiturbwnee. Thlrfc to the aaa Twafc fomuja AIno. 888 TodJo build-up non- dotee of loda and other to and Moattnj when what you need S88 Tante to hel you dlwjt food body repair, waltl Dgl Bio High School Auditorium MARCH 25th, 8:00 P.M. by CKNTRAIi 9 Modeled by Mw, and Clark, AtUMU We, StwlfnlB a8c, tax inclutted. BENEFIT SOCIAL FRIDAY The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the San Feline Methodist Church will hold Its annual bazaar at Wenley Hall in San Feline at 4 p.

m. SATURDAY Mexican supper and baxaar at the Latter Day Saints Chapel, 310 Garza Street, from 4:30 p. m. on, 50 cents per plate. Tamalcs and enchiladas to eat on place or take home.

Ba- features handmade baby clothes. Tickets on sale at chapel or inquire News-Herald. Hostesses For Junior Teen Town For Thursday Announced Hostesses for Junior Teen Town, which Is open Thursday afternoon, were announced Wednesday by Mrs. O. D.

Drlsdale. chairman of the committee in charge. For the fifth grades, Mrs. Ben Southall. Mrs.

R. N. Graham. Mrs. W.

L. Hershberger and Mrs. W. Hayes will be the hostesses; for the sixth grade, Mrs. Julian Wease and Mrs.

Dave Hutchinson; seventh grade, Mrs. C. H. Tenney and Mrs. H.

A. Robertson; eighth grade, Mrs. Drury Wood and Mrs. Ralph Sinclair. A hobby show Is planned for Thursday and Junior Teen Towners are asked to bring their hobbles.

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