The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1965 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1965
Page 3
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Merry-Go-Round llllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllllllllllHH UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI By Drew Pearson —U. S. TUNA BOAT ATTACKED— An Ecuadoran gunboat opened fire last week on the American tuna boat White Star, then escorted it into the port of Salinas. 1 Diplomatic cables quote the skipper as saying the vessel had not been hit and the 15-mancrew was safe. The U. S. consul at Guyaquil, Richard Salvatierra, has been ordered to Salinas to straighten out the trouble. Ecuador has detained American fishing boats in the past that fished off the Ecuadoran coast, though they were beyond the three-mile territorial limits. The White Star is owned by Van Camp Seafood, a California corporation. - o - —AMERICAN GI'S ARE TARGET-- It has been hushed up, but the communists have started a hit-and-run terror campaign against the American troops in the Dominican Republic. The terrorists have struck almost every day of the past week. On Oct. 3, they planted a time bomb in a bar frequented by GI's. The explosion killed two Dominicans, wounded three more, and injured nine Americans. Earlier the same day, the terrorists tossed concussion grenades in a theatre attended by Americans, but only two Dominicans were hurt. Next day, two grenades tossed into the streets of downtown Santo Domingo again missed nearby GI's and injured five Dominicans. An American Army camp in Santo Domingo has also been the target of occasional small-arms fire. No casualties have been reported. - o- --BraCHTTE ATTACKS IKE-- The Republican broadside against the John Birch Society is merely the return fire upon those patriots of the soapbox, who hit responsible conservatives while claiming to aim at the communists. This column has seen the confidential minutes of a typical John Birch meeting, at which ritual denunciations of the communists were heard. But the most scathing attack was made not upon the communists but upon the conservatives, who refuse to swallow extremist John Birch doctrine. The featured speaker was Scott Stanley, editor of American Opinion, the Society's official magazine, who has a reputation as a spellbinder on the stump. In one breath, he issued a call for conservatives to join the cause, then, in the next, he directed his fire against these very conservatives. He spit out the words like drops of vinegar, castigating "the comfortable, well-fed, travel - happy, cigar - smoking conservatives whose main accomplishment is an anticommunist sticker pasted on the rear bumpers of their cars. "The stupidity," he added, "of the conservative majority being pushed around by the liberals is beyond my comprehension," Then he lashed into ex-President Eisenhower whom he accused of removing "less than 150 security risks" from the State Department. Most of these, he declared contemptuously, were reinstated in their old jobs or transferred to other positions. Stanley claimed that Ike had left the State Department crawling with 800 communists and security risks. - o - —FIREARM CHAMPION— One of the most outspoken opponents of the Dodd bill, which would restrict the free sale of firearms to criminals, mental patients and juveniles, has been Rep. Robert L. F. Sikes, D-Fla. He is also a part-time major general, who won his stars fighting for Army appropriations on Capitol Hill. Sikes' World War n service was confined to a three month inspection tour of Europe during the final days of the war. Yet, after the war, the Army kept promoting- him in the reserves every time it needed more money fro'hi his appropriations committee. Sikes has long been championing the right of everyone, fools and imbeciles included, to buy weapons, free of government regulation. A few weeks before President Kennedy was gunned down, Sikes actually tacked an amendment to the Arms Control Act, prohibiting any interference with "the acquisition, possession, or use of firearms by an individual for the lawful purpose of personal defense, sport, recreation, education, or training." Not long afterward, he was fined $50 for using his own firearms for unlawful purposes. He pleaded guilty to the charge of hunting turkey over a baited field in Chatom, Ala. More recently, Sikes has been leading the battle against the bill, introduced by Sen. Tom Dodd, D-Conn., to stop the unrestricted traffic in foreign-made and military-surplus firearms. Testifying before both the Senate and House hearings, Sikes accused President Johnson and Sen. Dodd of going off "half cocked" with their gun proposals and warned that their legislation would violate states rights. Algona (la.) Upper Des Maine* Tuesday, October 19, 1965 However, the Senate report on gun legislation, still in confidential draft form, points out that state laws are inadequate to curb the underworld gun traffic. "The Massachusetts State Police," declared the Senate report, "have traced 87 per cent of the concealable firearms used in crimes in Massachusetts to out-of-state purchases." The confidential report also discloses: 'In gun murders involving emotional provocation, it is apparent that if the gun were not available on the spur of the moment, many such murders could well have ended in assault." —A RAY OF HOPE-- It's no more than a glimmer breaking through the war clouds over Viet Nam, but world diplomats are cautiously hopeful of a cease-fire by Christmas. Secret soundings have been made in several world capitols, and a favorable response has come back from Hanoi - albeit as faint as a radar beam bouncing back from Mars. The key to the cease-fire may be Algeria, whose new government has managed to maintain good relations with the United States, Red China and North Viet Nam. Even the Viet Cong gov- ernment, which the communits insist must participate in any negotiations, has a representative in Algiers. Meanwhile, President Johnson has become increasingly cautions about bombing Viet Nam, so as not to blow up the peace effort. Even at the hospital, he personally selects the targets in North Viet Nam. From a master list of several hundred targets. — U. S. WOULD FIGHT-- It may now be denied, but President Johnson was prepared to intervene on the side of India if the Red Chinese had carried out their invasion bluff. American action would have been carefully limited to whatever steps may have been necessary to turn back the invasion. At first, it would have been confined to emergency military aid to the embattled Indians. But if the Chinese had spilled over the Himalayas into India, President Johnson was ready to use American airpower. Note: The Chinese communists have served notice through neutral channels that they will oppose any India-Pakistan solution to which they are not a party. The Chinese insist upon full participation in any talks on the future of Kashmir, which has been the cause of the India- Pakistan fighting. 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