The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1965
Page 5
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Merry Lou Gales, St. Joe, Marries Humboldt Man ST. JOE - St. Joseph's church was the setting for the wedding of Mary Lou Gales, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gales, St. Joe, and Robert J. Lane, son of Mr, and Mrs. Robert W. Lane of Humboldt. Rev. Leo C.Schumacher officiated at the 10 a. m. double ring ceremony Oct. 2. Acolytes were Stephen Gales and Larry Lane. The grade school choir sang, with Sister M. Doris, 0. S. F. as organist. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a chapel- length gown, with a formal train of delustered satin. Venice lace touched the tip of the sleeves and was set with seed pearls. The softly rounded neckline accented the crescent waistline and controlled the full skirt. Her imported lace mantilla was three-quarter length and she carried white roses and stephanotis. Eleanor Becker was maid of honor, Mary Kay Lane and Judy Seaberg, bridesmaids. Gerald Dittrick served as best man. Groomsmen were Jerry Vought and Bill Fort. Guests were seated by Lynn Ersland and Nick Capesius. A dinner was held at Charlie's Supper Club, Algona, for 160 guests. Mrs. Math Froehling, godmother of the bride, poured. Mr. and Mrs. Lane will make their home 4 1/2 miles south of Humboldt and will be engaged in farming. (Glenn's Studio Photo) Merry-Go-Round llllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllillllHH By Prew Pearson —CASTRO AND GUEVARA-- Dictator Castro didn't tell the whole truth about the resignation of his former economic czar, "Che" Guevara, supposedly to fight "imperialism" in other lands. Intelligence reports claim that Castro and Guevara had a heated argument in mid-March over Cuba's stand in the Russian- Chinese quarrel. Castro was under pressure from Moscow to get rid of Guevara, who wanted Cuba to follow the militant Peking line. The parting was not as friendly as Castro now pretends. Our intelligence agents frankly don't know what happened to Guevara, but they think it may be significant that Guevara's Cuban wife is still in Cuba and has appeared in public dressed in black. - o - —EUROPEAN SWITCH ON VIET NAM— Pearson, between his bouts with malaria, told us that one of the most important impressions he gained recently in Europe was that there is growing acceptance of the fact that we are in the Viet Nam fight to the finish. Previously, many Europeans were convinced that we should and would compromise, that the fight was as hopeless as President de Gaulle has insisted, and that the U. S. was not prepared to go all the way to do what the French could not. Now that viewpoint has changed, for several reasons. First, we are still building our forces in Viet Nam, still continuing the heavy bombings of North Viet Nam. Thus we are still backing up our promise to keep the pressure on until Hanoi is willing to talk peace. Second, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese have not lived up to anticipations during the monsoon season. Third, Red China's backdown in India - in the face of Soviet and U. S. pressure and the certainty that the United States would halt any Chinese invasion * is seen as evidence that Peking isn't nearly as willing or ready to gamble with the U. S. as it talks, Fourth, the communist failure to make any notable gains in Viet Nam over the past few months indicates that the U. S. operations are proving effective - and may prove even more so after the monsoon ends. As one result of all this, there even are admissions that President Johnson's announced policy of putting on more and more pressure until Hanoi will seriously talk peace' may pay off in the not too distant future. The speech of Hungary's foreign minister before the United Nations after talks with Hanoi and Peking, plus those that have come recently from other world capitals, are seen as hints that peace on reasonable terms may be possible after all. - o - -ANTIGUERRILLA TACTICS-- American military men who've become experts in guerrilla warfare learned a lot of what they know from the communists. The Reds admittedly are masters, have written books about it. Now U. S. experts are arguing that we also should study and perhaps copy some of the communist antiguerrilla techniques, since they likewise are highly effective. Briefly, what the communists do is this: Wherever they find anti-communist guerrillas operating, they move in with plenty of troops and a scorched-earth policy. They move out all the legitimate civilians, remove or destroy all food supplies, all homes, barns and other buildings which might serve as possible hideouts. They fill up or destroy all wells, springs and waterholes from which the guerrillas might get water. Then they beat the bushes, shooting every guerrilla they flush out and not asking too many questions of "civilians" who didn't follow orders to get out. U, S. troops in Viet Nam, of course, don't operate this way, consequently they often suddenly find the civilians they've left in peace are Viet Cong guerrillas. Some of our experts argue that if we really want to stamp out the enemy guerrillas, we'd better borrow from the communists again. -KENNEDY POLITICAL COUNSEL- When TV star Steve Allen was first thinking of running for Congress from California, he turned to Sen. Bob Kennedy for advice. Kennedy told him not to run unless polls showed he had a good chance of winning - all his political future might be crushed if he ran too soon and suffered a crushing defeat. Allen took the advice and had a confidential poll made. It showed 40 per cent of those polled favored Allen for the seat Jimmy Roosevelt has Just vacated for a UN job, as against 19 per cent for his nearest rival. - o - —SMALLER AUTOS— Long-range planners in Detroit are wondering whether the auto industry shouldn't start figuring on more compact cars in the future. Reason for their concern is fear that as traffic problems become worse and worse in U. S. cities, the federal government will help more cities to provide speedy mass transit systems thus cutting down on the use of private cars. Detroit prefers larger autos it makes more profit on them. This is one reason the industry, despite the success of small Ramblers, did little in the small- car field until small European imports began grabbing a sizeable slice of the domestic market. Then Detroit had to act to cut down sales losses. Americans generally, of course, still seem to prefer larger models. But small cars are easier to park, cheaper to operate, and cost less to buy. Thus, they have built-in advantages in cities where traffic is heavy, parking difficult, or even in suburbia for trips to shopping centers. They may well be in the wave of the future. - o - —"POVERTY" PILFERING— A few unscrupulous promoters and politicans have been playing politics with poverty, sometimes fattening their own wallets with funds that were supposed to go to the poor. Not only have war-on-poverty workers been turning in outrageous expense vouchers, but some doctors have been pocketing exorbitant fees for examining impoverished children. Anti., Poverty. Czar, .Sargent Shriver has ordered a crackdown. The worst scandal is about to blow wide open in New York City where HARYOU-ACT, the joint federal-city agency to combat poverty, has overdrawn its bank account by $207,000 and run up another $200,000 in unpaid bills. Shriver rushed a $400,000 retroactive appropriation to New York City to save the program from collapse and sent in federal auditors to examine the ledgers. But District Attorney Frank Hogan stepped in ahead and subpoenaed the books. He has already found serious irregularities. Complaints have also come in from Neighborhood Youth Corps centers intheSouthwest^Midwest and Northwest that youths from well-to-do homes have been given the part-time jobs that were supposed to go to the needy. - o - -POVERTY AND PATRONAGE- Mayor Howard Heinz of Carlinville, 111., told investigators frankly that he thought the Youth Corps jobs were supposed to be handed out as political patronage. Shriver's sleuths are now checking similar complaints of patronage in the Chicago Anti- Poverty Program. In the District of Columbia, one worker loaned money out of his own pocket to the needy, but. investigators discovered he was also charging shylock interest rates. In Mississippi, doctors and dentists were paid a set fee for each child they examined for the pre-school Head Start Program. Some doctors rushed the little Negro youngsters through the exams so fast that they were able to collect $100 an hour. Some dentists didn't even take the time to prepare dental charts on the children. Investigators reported widespread racial discrimination in the Mississippi Anti-Poverty Program, yet official shave taken action in only two cases. In the Southwest, doctors were also found processing the Mexican-American children en masse but giving complete examinations to the white children, The harassed Shriver is doing his best to clean up the scandals and to find workers dedicated to helping the poor. Note: Whispering stories against Shriver around Washing- ton is his former No. 2 man, Jack Conway, who has been telling Congressmen and newsmen privately that Shriver has mismanaged the Anti-Poverty Program. Conway has accused Shriver of making "an administrative shambles" of his agency. Blakjer Church Festival Set For October 17 SENECA - Blakjer Lutheran church will hold its fall Mission Festival next Sunday, Oct. 17 with morning worship beginning at 11:00. Missionary speaker for the day will be the Rev. N. B. Hansen from Hutchinson, Minn. There will be no Sunday school this Sunday. A pot luck dinner will be served at noon with an informal afternoon meeting scheduled for 1:30. Visitors are cordially invited to atk-nd and be guests of the church women at the family diniu'i at noon. The Richard Bauers held a birthday party at their home Frida\ evening following school for their little house guest, Kelley Loss, who Is staying at the Bauer home while her parents are in Rochester her father having submitted to surgery. Guests included Carol, Bonnie, Becky and Mark Dollig along with their mother, Mrs. Gene Bollig. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Menz and twin sons, Bret and Bradley, of S\ i isher, la., visited last week at the homes of their respective parents, the Clarence Menzs and the Delmar Fischers. Mrs. Hans Duer accompanied a group of women on a chartered bus trip last Monday on the Hiawatha Pioneer Trail In Eastern Iowa. They spent the day at points of interest. The Cecil Langermans entertained at dinner last Thursday night. Guests included Mrs. Langerman's mother, Mrs. Alta Madden of Cedar Rapids, also her aunt, Mrs. Alma Madden and Mr. and Mrs. James Mai- lory of LuVerne, Mrs. Elmer Myklebust and Dale Yessler of El Paso, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cheever have named their new son, Lyle Joe. The Cheevers now have a family of two (laugh- ters and two sons. Friends of William Loss will be glad to learn that the operation on his back was performed last Friday and was not as serious as had been anticipated. He will also have his teeth extracted and his sinus operated upon while he is hospitalized, which will be approximately three more weeks. Mrs. Loss has been staying at Rochester with him and their little daughter, Kelley, has been staying with the Richard Bauers. Thursday, Ocf. 14, 1965 Alaona (la.) Upp«r D«t MolnM-S Fenton W.S.C.S. 25 Years Old PRINTING THAT PULIJ5 and does justice to your business, fairly priced. Upper DCS Molnes FENTON - The FentonW.S.C. S. met Thursday afternoon, Oct. 7. A special observance of the group's 25th anniversary was noted. Jane Voigt was in charge of worship and Verna Lovejoy, assisted by Lois Voigt, gave the lesson. DortRanney gave a reading on the past history of the group. She noted that in the twenty-five years since organizing they have had eighty-five charter members. At the present there are thirty-three charter members of which fourteen were in attendance at the meeting. The table and the cakes were decorated to commemorate the anniversary. Mrs. Eldridge poured and the hostesses were Phyllis Rusch, Jessie Newel, and Ella Newel. The Fenton Methodist church's annual turkey supper has been set for November 8. Tickets are available-from a. W. S. C.S. member. Wed 25 Years Mr. and Mrs. Erwln Eden will be honored at an open house for their 25th wedding anniversary at the Titonka Methodist church this Sunday, Oct. 17, from 2 to 5 p. m. There will be a short program at 2:30. No written Invitations are being sent, but a cordial invitation Is extended to all relatives and friends to join in the observance. The open house is being sponsored by their daughters, Sylvia, a teacher at Davenport, and Kathleen, a student at Iowa State University, Ames. TYPING PAPER. Office Supply Dept., Upper DCS Molnes Pub. Co., Algona. pick your ahead! Buy it! Big model, little model, new or newer used model ... we think you'll be surprised how fast we can say, "Yes," when you're ready to make your Car Loan. Best bank rates? Yes! Flexible terms fitted to your budget? Yes! Fast, friendly, confidential service? Yes, indeed! Stop in yourself or have your dealer call when you've picked the model you want. Yes, we're here to help you get the car you want Your Friendly Bank TM SECURITY STATE BAHK (BRANCH AT lwV?RNE, IOWA), ALGONA

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