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Oakland Enquirer from Oakland, California • 12

Oakland Enquireri
Oakland, California
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1 4 UX i 1 OAKLAND ENQUIRER SATURDAY EVENING EBRUARY 24 1912 ArfW xL2 i ui i 1 ww 1 it iibwmk i 7r I Ejkfl A ESTATE AND INANCE LARGE COMMERCIAL HOOSES ARE NOW SEEKING QUARTERS IN OAKLAND OAKLAND REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION RAPIDLY ENROLLING NEW MEMBERS LOCATION PANAM WILL GREATLY DEVELOP OAKLAND i No Site More avorabe to This Growth Could Have Been Chosen VTf ITU the selection of the San ran A cisco waterfront as the site for 1 the Panama Pacific internation al exposition which will be held in 1915 1 Oakland becomes more than ever a place of interest to the traveler The wisdom of the site chosen by the directors of the exposition is apparent to all The grounds begin practically ab the San rancisco ferry building (terminal of the Key floute and all tjre local and trans continental lines) and extend along the bay shore and waterfront past historic Telegraph Mill to ort Mason on Black Point thence to Harbor View and thei United Military Presidio to ort Point on the southern side of the Golden Gate Passing this the grounds include a portion of Golden Gate park admittedly one of the finest parks and Lin coln park In these many of the per manent buildings will be located The concessions and amusement features will be at Harbor View quite close and con venient to Oakland The grounds extend ox er a long narrow area of nine and one half miles in length Wide marine view boulevards will extend from one end to the other and intermural scenic railways will provide easy transportation within the grounds The site embraces San most magnificent features and presents a superb panorama of moun tain and sea the bay of San ran cisco and the Golden Gate with Oakland and hills in the distance which caniiot be equalled anywhere on earth Next to having the exposition in Oak land itself no site more advantageous to the city could have been chosen It be comes practically a part of Oakland be ing separated only by the short and de lightful bay trip The traveler will find Oakland the logical place to stop while visiting California during the fair Here he will find a mild and pleasing climate free from fog' wind and cold with ample accommodations at reasonable rates He will find not only many ex cellent hotels boarding and apartment houses but also a vast variety of beauti ful cottages bungalows and small homes which can be had by the month or year appealing particularly to families or large parties By' means of the fast Jocal trains and ferries which will probably run di rect to the exposition grounds he can reach his destination in good time and in comfort st Cal lL i fT Jr hwfMIIIWwilWIWi WIWW Ml Mercantile Adv Co Photo PICTURE LAKE AND LANDING ON THE BEAUTIUL PRIVATE HOME GROUNDS JOHN SPRING BERKELEY OAKLAND REATeSTATE ASSOCIATION MAKING GREAT DEAL DE PROGRESS 4 The Oakland real estate association is making steady advances in" the matter of bringing the members of the realty busi ness together and as a consequence the organization promises to be as successful 'as is that of any other organization of real estate dealers on the Pacific coast There are a great many things which an association of this kind can dp for the advancement not alone of its own members but also of the community and it is understood that these things will be taken up from time to time and that eventually the real estate men of 1 his vicinity will have an organization of which both themselves and the people of this city may be proud" Applications for membership in the association continue to come according to the statement of the secretary red Burks Who also states that the tw hundred mark will soon be reached The executive committee did not meet the past week because of the meeting date falling on birthday The new applications received will not be voted on till the next meeting The smoker held by the association the past week proved to be a great success as the result of some excellent work on the part of the conimittee consisting Iou Sieber Joubert and Braswell Leslie Burks secretary of rhe San rancisco real estate board was present as a guest of the evening and made a interesting talk on the work of the San rancisco board The association passed resolutions con demning in strong terms tl agitation for the placing of school buildings in Lakeside park and has also pledged itself secure for the Oakland chamber of commerce three hundred new members during the present campaign for mem bership carried on by that organization The membership of the organization is the largest which has ever been known in this city where there haVe been a number of associations of this kind which from time to time have lost their in dividuality thus necessitating a re7 organization according as the conditions of trade warranted such an undertaking Secretary Burks stated that he is re ceiving communications from parties hav ing for sale and that he is post ing these on' a bulletin board provided for that purpose for the benefit of the members of the association During the past year the' organization made a great deal of progress and the showing at the close of the term of the presidency of George Austin was of a most satisfactory character Since then however there has been a liberaliz ing of the membership rules of the or ganization with the result that employes of several real estate agencies which are conducting business here are now eligible to membership and not a few of them have availed themselves of the privilege At the same time there is maintained a line of demarcation be tween the members of th organization who are classified as agents and those who are salesmen but the rights of both classes are protected under th governing law ONE THE MANY BEAUTIUL ANORIAL GATES IN THE VICINITY OAKLAND TITUS GROUNDS PIEDMONT Mercantile' Adv Co Photo A yy s' A' xx 5 L'f'V 5 sS Aa? A Av" a iv i uiuimyw i i 1 jw Tr 'a1 1 1 I i ih" Ljti "7 7 1 lj i I I III 7 JI JIJJU i 3 yz Adv Co Photo ARTISTIC CONCRETE BRIDGE TWELTH STREET AT SOUTH END LAKE MERRITT WITH EBB TIDE AND HOTEL OAKLAND IN THE DISTANCE ON THE LET IWJHE WORLD DEMANDS OR NEW LEARNS ABOUT BUILDING IS OAKLAND GREAT '7 NOW DEVELOPMENT WORK MAKES PROGRESS There arc many efforts being macle to Oakland to' the attention of the people in other parts iOt the country and there is none of them which is not having a beneficial effect The Oakland Cham ber of Commerce hast sent thousands of leaflets and books all over the world and the result is that there is scarcely a tour ist to this part of this section who does make his appearance in this city and seek further information from 'the officers of the Chamber in question There is another method of advertising this city by a private corporation that is by means of the booklet which has been issued by the Key Route which has done a great deal Hn advertising this community It is printed in a most ar tistic manner and" shows up everything in this section of the state in a most graphic and interesting manner The pop ularity of the publication was so great that a second edition had to be issued and it is expected that before long a third edition will become a necessity This publication has done a great deal of good for the reason that it is known it has been the means of bringingyto this city hundreds of people who had previously no idea that there were in this such possbilities for development as' were set forth by it The booklet is distributed free of cost and applicants for the same may obtain' it on application to the headquarters pf the company in the Realty Syndicate Building in this city Ari idea of the worth of the publication may be obtained from the following selec ticn referring to the excellent street rail way system of this city and vicinity as fellows: Oakland's street car system is unques tionably One of the best in California if not in America and to It much of the phenomenal growth of the city and its environs can be directly traced The Oakland Traction operates elec tric surface cars of the most approved type rendering remarkably excellent ser vice to all parts of the city and to Alameda In connection with the Key Route with which it is closely af filiated: fast and frequent electric service is maintained along the entire region fronting on the from Richmond to Hayward a distance of over twenty five miles In addition io the new hotel and to the many new and modem buildings of va rious kinds which are being erected Oak land has one of the finest of public schools on the Pacific Coast Its park system of wJuch beautiful Lake Merritt is a part is unique in the public playgrounds of the municipalities of this continent With the completion of this arid of the magnificent rcw Oakland Hotel it will afford unequaled advantages to travelers and conventions i The narked activity of the leasing and renting business for the past few weeks has been a conspicuous said A AV inn of the renting and leasing de of the Iaymance Real state Company demand for locations for business property from prominent busi ness houses on the other side of the bay and other outside sources is increasing This strong demand for leases is one of the causes which has contributed toward the large number of sales vzest of Wash ington and Clay streets which has amounted to upward of a million dollars Most of these properties will he improved as leases are being arranged for the im provements One of the most noticeable features is the attitude of the close in propertv owners to improve their proper ties We have six different clients who arc getting plans drawn to erect apart ment houses and rooming houses in the' accessible locations Among some ot the leases closed arc rne louowing: a Perrv to tile Meads Catering Co on the north of Thirteenth between and streets for i a term of five years at a total rental of $30000 Mrs Cordule RermUard to Hislop Sen of San rancisco store room situated on the east side of San Pablo avenue between Eighteenth and Nine teenth streets for a term often yearsat a total rental of $35000 A Whitaker to A Erowfi loft on the north side of Eighth street between Washington oad Broadway for a term of three years at a total rental of $6 COO William to tbe Havnes Auto Sales Co store room cn the south side of Twelfth street near HaiTison for a term of one year at a total of JV One of the great desiderata in Oak land at the present time is the disposi tion on the part of property owners in business section of the city to im prove their holdings so as to accommo date the business people from outside who are vainly seeking to find modern arid attractive quarters for permanent use Oakland is on the eve of the great est development it has ever experienced The advertising it has done has brought it to the attention of the world The coming of the completion of the Panama canal linked name of this city with that of thermetropolis on the other side of the bay in the examination which is being made by the representatives of the great steamship lines for terminal locations in this section There is a change' being made in the local business section but at the same time the change does not seem to ser iously affect the mercantile transactions in the older sections for the reason that new people are taking possession of the quarters which have been vacated by those who established business in them Many of these newcomers are men of ex perience who have been long in business on the other side of the bay as also in other parts of the country These are coming here for the reason that they know that this city is destined eventual ly to become the metropolis of the Pa cific and that the opening of the Panama canal is to hasten the advance movement which this city has been making for half a century It is to be regretted that there are property holders in the main streets who have at the same time a liberal supply of money which they made in this city and who are slow in utilizing the same in the improvement of their property for the accommodation of busi ness people from abroad who are willing to pay liberally for accommodations way of preparing for the business that is to come This is the experience of all the realty men and it is a sore question for them to discuss for the reason that they know that there is a sure return upon any in vestment or improvement which may be made in this respect One of the best known real estate men in this stated to a representative of The Enquirer today that he could lo cate twenty firms from abroad here if he could find the property owners who were willing to improve their holdings in such a manner as would afford the outsiders the accommodation' sought Business men who are well established in a have a reliable know ledge as to how they further their interests in an adjoining city and as a consequence these merchants on the other side of the bay who desire to come to Oakland that idea for the reason that they know that here there is to be business done which will afford therm even a greater return than they 'in their old established quar ters While the response of local property owners in the matter of providing new buildings for business people from abroad is not what might be expected at the same time there is gradually Re ing experienced a liberality in the mat ter and it is expected that there will be an increase in the same from day to day as the time for the holding of the great exposition arrives and that the result of the enterprise will be the enrichment not alone of the tenants but also of the lo cal owners who have invested their money Agents of foreign countries are visit ing this section to arrange' more inti mate commercial relations Representa tives of great steamship lines are se curing terminal facilities for their ves sscls and arranging connection with rail ways and other shipping concerns The biggest factors in Atlantic transportation are spending millions of dollars in has tening their preparations and perfecting their equipments that the may be ready for the opening of the Panama canal Agents "of the leading navigation com panies of the world are here at the pres ent time means to California and to Oakland in a special manner a great deal more of everything that makes for business prosperity It means "that more people will be required to till the soil work in the miils dwell in the cities and greater activity in every form of com mercial enterprise which may be in any way dependent on population and popu lar prosperity for its success Since Wednesday last tens of thousands of postcards illustrating the beauties and industries of Oakland and vicinity is sued free by the Southern Pacific Rail road Company have been sent by resdents' cf to friends in the eastern part of the country and on these cards were invitations to the recipients to come to California and live happily thereafter The recipients too were infor mation on any industry of this stateabout which they might desire to make inquiry 7 Thursday last there was organized in this city the Oakland Advertising Asso ciation with 200 of the brightest young business men of this city as members This association is to join the Natonai Advertising Association the annual meet ing of which for 1913 it is expected vzill be held across the bay The local organ ization is another means of bringing this city to the attention of the men who are most full of life in the country the men who advertise During the year 1909 the number of skips which passed through the Webster street bridge in Oakland harbor was 11 1S7 in 1910 the number was 11144 and in 1911 the number was' 13135z This is the showing of the city wharfinger made a few days ago The last figures show anincrease of 16 2 3 per cent in two years There can be no similar showing in any other harbor in the same period This fact is attracting the attention of ship ping men all over the country Bids have been requested by the city council within tfie last few days for the construction of apron wharves on the western water front and it is understood that there are a score of contractors who are to make proposals for the contract These contractors are among the best known in the business and all of them have entered into the spirit of the city council to have the work completed as soon as possible When the contract is let there will be no delay on the part of the contractors and under the stimulus of the wishes of the city council and the energetic assistance of the engineer and his assistants there will be built inside of six months a along Seventh street from the rriainland in West Oakland out to two whanes in the tide lands on the western front each wharf being 1000 feet in length and sixty five feet in width at which cargoes be received from and loaded on vessels for all of the world There is now avaifable for the work $100000 and it is likely that there may an increase the size of the wharves referred to This improvement is attracting the attention of the largest steamship companies of the world which arc seeking for their ships in anticipation of the bus iness which is to pwede and follow the Panama Pacific expositor whch is to be held in San' rancisco in 1915 The Pacific Gas and Electric Magazine is engaged in the work offsetting forth the advancement of Oakland It is pub lished bv the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and is edited by John A Brit ton the vice president and general man ager of the company who for many years vas a resident of this city and president of the Oakland Gas Light and Heat Com pany whirh has row been absorbed bv the general corporation A recent issue of this publication was devoted to an ex position of the beauties and resources of Oakland ard beside descriptive matter contained jsighty cight illustrations in the highest style of the art de picting the scenes homes busy streets and industries of Oakland all of which was published as a compli ment to arid for the purpose of bringing it' to the attention of people who might be thus enabled ro see where their money might be profitably invested Commenting upon the wonderful progress made by tips city the magazine in ques tion says: 'G the second largest city "of San rancisco Bay has had a phenomenal growth especially since the great fire which visited San rancisco iri 1906 and with its rapidly increasing pbpifiation is without doubt destined within a very short period of time to become the sec ond largest city within the state Oak land is the terminus of the rail lines of three transcontinental railways is rapidly developing its miles of water front and transforming what were at one time worthless tide flats into a deep OAKLAND LOGICAL TERMINAL LINES CROSSING THE CONTINENT Great Improvements on Western Waterfront Are but the' tv Begin ning ROM the days when Sir rancis r3 Drake in his sailed past the Golden Gate to the time when the Argonauts in their slow sail ing ships came toiling dround the horn and up the coast from to Cali fornia and Golden West the San rancisco peninsula jutting between the bay and the ocean has been favored above the mainland on the opposite shore This was because the founders of San rancisco marching from the south did not know that they were on a peninsula until they reached its northmOst end and there not knowing what lay beyond they established a mission and town When the ships came in the first land seemed best and they landed there also Thus the town grew up as is shown in a book let of the Key Route unconscious of the advantages that lay on the mainland across the bay The strong currents and seething tides in their ceaseless flow in and out of the Golden Gate carved out deep channels for the ships and kept free and clear a deep water anchorage on the western side and because of this theA peninsula attracted those whose in terests were in ships and shipping But wfith the coming of the railroad these conditions were changed and the value of Oakland as a terminal began in a small measure to be appreciated In the last few years With the modern methods of reclamation and dredging and the improvements of machinery Oak land is beginning to come into her own The mainland is the logical terminal of the railroads and the logical port for the ships Here rail meets water craft here car meets carrier and loading and unloading can be done expeditiously and economically The strides made in improvement of waterfrritit fa cilities in the last few years are pheno menal and they are but the beginning Oakland owns its own waterfront and it is improving it It has land for fac tories warehouses and docks and rail facilities to help them It wants people and new industries to employ them and it is offering favorable inducements to attract manufactures of every kind through its various commercial agencies Oakland at this time presents to the manufacturer the builder jn the shipper the greatest advantages of any city in the world and all it asks is a chance to tell of its offerings Mercantile Adv Co photo OAK TITAN CENTURIES OLD AND LANDSCAPE BEYOND IN SAND ONE THE ATTRACTIONS "OAKLAND BEAUTIUL BUSTLING BERKELEY NOW MOVING STEADILY ORWARD Tn this department The Enquirer has given publicity to facts regarding the beauty and progressiveness of Alameda as also the wonderful industrial develop ment of Richmond rom time to time this paper has had occasion to refer to the advancement of Berkeley on the north for the reason that the university city while retaining its classic shades has also come out in the glare as a can didate for municipal honors In the last few years there is no gainsaying the fact that Berkeley has made great strides and this fact is established not alone by her appearance but also in a reference to the same which has been made in a booklet gotten out by the Key Route the author of which has made a study of the situation It is pointed out that the United States census reports show only two cities having a population ot over ten tnousanu wuini increased as rapidly as Berkeley during the past ten years In 1900 Berkeley had a population of 13214 while in1910 the number of her people was 40434 a pzieno menar increase of 206 per cent It is the second city of Alameda county in size and Importance Here is located the great University of California with ifs magnificent group of buildings with en dowments aggregating $13000000 and an annual income of over a million dollars where each year more than three thou sand students are enrolled Berkeley has eighteen public schools embracing all grades from primary to high school with a capacity of over seven thousand pupils besides numerous pri vate schools seminal ies and academies Here is also the wonderful Greek theater an open air coliseum with a seating capacity of 9000 erected on the university grounds at a cost of $100000 the gift William Randolph Hearst This Greek theater is famous the world over It has been the scene of some of the most superb dramatic spectacles nearly artist and public speaker who visits' the coast having aspired to appear in it As a college town Berkeley has de veloped along broad intellectual moral and social standards Besides these things Berkeley is recognized as facturing center of nt? little importance 'Social statistics of the Lancashire spinning industry show that 13 pet cent of the managing directors of the mills 42 per cent of tlje superintendents and 67 prir cent of the assistant super intendents are of working class origin water harbor thoroughly protected and surpassed by few throughout! the world entire country back of the city cf Oakland and thereto is rapidly developing interurban fines are fast building and with the Ideal climate its'? beautful fodthll residential section rapid' transportation' facililics with the metropolis across the bay it is hard to place a' limitation or make a comparison in reference to the future of this wonderful and beautiful having no less than sixty five flourishing industries Rerkclev lies on tlir nleasant hillslonesi facing the bay of San rancisco and tha Golden Gate Its situation is unsurpassed affording a wonderful panorama of th surrounding mountains whoso rugged crests break the skyline in every direct ion The beautiful bay of San rancisco with its fortified islands where the ships of all nations are assembled is in the fore ground while San rancisco and her seven hills in the peninsula across bay make an artistic background It was from where Berkeley now stands that the weary Spanish adventurers caught their first glimpse of the glorlus sunset beyong the Golden Gate with the arrallones on the horizon and called what they saw the of the arral Because of this superb situation magnificent outlook and matchless cli mate Berkeley is a favored residence place and the beauty of its homes is celebrated throughout America The Key Route has been the leading factor in the phenomenal development of this splendid section by extending its lines as lapidly as possible in all di rections and has been thus instrumental in the upbuilding Hundreds whose busi ness draws them to Oakland and Sah rancisco have built homes in Berkeley finding that there they could five with th comfort and economy Are' You Thinking of Building a Home? Why not let us figure with you? We in a position to build your home at the most reasonable prices consistent with he best of A materials and workmanship All work guaranteed Plans fur nished and estimates given Best references Mahck Begier BUILDING CONTRACTORS 2000 90th Ave Oakland Cal Phone Elm763.

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