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OAKLAND ENQUIRER 1 'He was still bemoaning his he ha won many friends by his clean Ter at 4 BUSHBALL a phll ball 2 Totals 3 5 4 4 6 1 last of The big to give Things That Never Happen well as ability By GENE BYRNES DEMAREE BREAKS Of course he Drinks STRING Atlanta Ga MB HijSi trade the local play dealer a dia to be 1 1 2 0 0 1 their last fight about six It was one of the best bantam division for a long are not going to miss this 0 000100 lit hia 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 San with run McDonough nedy Pratt 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 Tuesday Evening May 30 1916 will and said fel and Grover Cleveland Alexander STANORD MEN HAVE HARD GAME Demand the genuine by full nicknames encourage substitution of the Philadelphia Nationals one of the greatest pitchers in the game today Last year leading pitcher the National League pitch ing 49 full games 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 OH POP I DOWANNA ITS SUCH A 1 hot day ARAID IT XAllLL I CHILL nv JSTONACH Oakland Team Hopes to Get Back In the Running in This Tilt OIL AR spring Style in two heights CLUgTT PEABODY CAMBRIDGE Mass May The hardest test the Stanford tennis team Herbert Hahn and Vandyke Johns has yet encountered on its eastern tour wag expected this afternoon when Harvard's racquet stars are met Norris Williams former national champion will be one of the crimson represen tatives year there was just such another In cident This annual outbreak of the fans should be suppressed Mr Baum has the most capable set of umpires working for him that ever worked in the Pacific Coast league and Bill Guth rie is the bst umpire on staff Guthrie is paid to give them as he sees them and the fact that he not Infrequently gives the close ones against the home team shows that he is an umpire of sterling character and has the courage of his convictions There may be better umpires than Bill Guthrie but not a better one on this coast and there been a better one for years MARTINEZ 0 0 0 0 1 PHILADELPHIA The long winning York Giants Al Demaree Graws men Phillies' were The game eighth when REDWOOD CITY i 0 0 ANOTHER WIN Martinez surprised the watchers of bushball by setting the Sebastopol nine down Sunday 8 to Good pitching by Arlett and great fielding behind him gave him the victory The Martinez infield handled twenty one chances while Dan zig with one assist and twenty two put outs at first base was the real star itzhenry drove in Martinez' first runs with a timely single in the third with two on The score: SEBASTOPOL 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 most but Mr The young man has returned to form we think that shown a whole lot of form yet Local fans believe that Beer will get going in the near future and when he does he will prove of great assistance to the local ball club rank Leavitt president of the Oakland ball club says that he now has a deal pending for two big league pitchers and he further says that he expects this deal to mature and ma terialize in the very near future deal was practically closed last week" declared the genial president of the Oakland ball club this morning just as it looked as though we were going to 'get the two pitchers that we were after the team that we were go ing to get them from experienced a slump in the pitching department and this big league team is still holding on to the pitchers that they promised us continued the genial president of the Oakland baseball club and there was a mery twinkle his eye have two more pitchers of known ability within a week or ten days and they should help the team out a great deal Of continued Mr Leav itt cannot now disclose the names of the men that I am after for this would hurt the deal But take this from me after a pair of pitchers and going to land them and when we do land them put the Oaks in the running where they If the Oaks secure a couple of good pitchers it will do much to bolster up the team just what they need at the present writing Messrs Leavitt Blaine 3b Kennedy 2b Casey If 5'enningslb Pratt Payne ss Botlerf Melhoff Totals Mr Elliott should have him out there working in his regular turn with Prough and Martin With Brough Martin and Klawitter going good Oakland would have a trio of pitchers that should be able to put tnem in the winning column Prough and Martin have been carrying the burden of the Oakland pitching all season and been doing noble work but a team cannot win in the Pacific Coast league with only two pitchers heaving the pill in regulation form Beer and Boyd appear to be too deli cate for the hard work of pitching regularly At that Beer looked like a marvel last season but he Struck out By Bliss 13 by Melhoff 4 Walked By Bliss 4 by Melhoff 3 Home Two base hits Ken CUSHION TOSSING TO BE SUPPRESSED cushipn throwing incident is still the topic of 'considerable con versation in baseball circles On all hands the incident is deplorable Some fans say that decision on first base in the ninth inning when he called Wolter safe andx which caused the incipient riot was a good decision while others hold that it was a bad one rom where the writer sat is looked to him as though Barry did not have his foot on the bag Of course it is possible that Mr Barry did have his foot on the bag But whether or not Barry had his foot on the bag the incident was a deplorable one (An job is about the hardest on a ball field 'He has tb' make his de cisions promptly and if he errs now and again it is to be recollected that he has to take snapshot judgment A who would require half a day to build a suit of clothes will not allow for a small mistake made by an umpire who has less than half a sec ond to make his decision decision may have been bad It may have been good But the incident that followed the making of the decision was surely deplorable It is to foe hoped that there is never a recurrence of such a decision It gives the city of Oakland a rather hard name Last Pa May 30 streak of the New was broken today when giant castoff held Mc to one run while the tallying five was scoreless until the the Phillies landed nn Perritt and put runs across The Giants attempted stage a batting rally in the ninth but it proved abortive fashion part of the at Guthrie and the manage ment should take steps to prevent any recurrence of such scenes Steps should be taken to place under arrest every one who throws a cushion and after they are placed under arrest they should be subjected to a heavy fine This would do much to discoui age the savage practice pf picking on an umpire Oakland is getting a bad reputation for being a city of umpire baiters This is not fair to the city of Oakland for Oakland as a should not be blamed for the work of a few roughnecks However it would be well for the Oakland management to do something to discourage these roughnecks Stern work on the part of the police at the ballyard would have the desired effect of discouraging recurrences of last disgusting scene up to the Pacific Coast league and particularly to the Oakland base ball club to discourage hoodlumism at the ball yard There was a time when gambling was rampant in base ball but the league and the club own ers adopted drastic measures to stamp out this evil Gambling was bad enough but it never was half as bad as the incipient riots that have oc curred at the local baseball grou a Lexicon ott Arrow Hayescf 0 Holly vz'dSb 0 tcanionss Phyllb Quigley 2b Wardrf Smith If Burns Hollis Totals Martinez 2 Eases on Off Arlett 2 off Hollis 0 Left on bases Martinez 2 Sebastopol 5 irst base cn errors Martinez 2 Sebastopol 2 Two base hits itzhenry Struck By Arlett 4 by Hollis 4 Passed on Page Eleven Col Three) itzpatrick cf 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 in the ring? His manager Jack Davis says that Carter will be lucky to stick out the four rounds while others who have seen him work are a bit declined to agree with him' At any rate this is going to foe a humdinger miss TITLE ON SHAKY HEAD Jack Burns Alameda welter who has been boxing middleweights will endeavor to knock the welterweight title from' the brow of one Battling Ortega If he succeeds Alameda will once more support a champion Or tega has not been beaten In a bout since he came from Los Angeles and has boxed such boys as rankie Jones Soldier Woods Joe errero and many other tough customers The winner of this bout will probably be matched with the winner of the Nickola Carter fight Sammy Morris is back before the fans once more Sammy lost his last start which was with' Joe White but none of his reputation as it is no dis grace he beaten by a lad like White He has been pitted against Pete battler Billy Alverls who has Battling Levinsky skinned coming and going when it comes to the num ber of fights for the year Levinsky is generally as the fighter In the ring Well he has noth ing on Billy as the latter has even fought three nights in succession boxing in San Jose Oakland and rancisco He boxed a draw Morris their last start STONE TO BOX Norman Stone the Martinez ror and Joe Soloman are going to fight one of the toughest battles of the evening Their last fight was a great one arid they are expected to repeat again tomorrow night Jimmy Dundee the pride of the Oak land newsboys and Jimmy Arrousez who the Los Angeles newsies claim as their champion are going to box Remember weeks ago seen in the while We fight for any money Kid Bromeo and Billy Sherman will box the second fight of the night Bromeo has appeared here three times and has always given the ans a run for their Sherman showed up well against Young Gorman when he went in as a sub and gave him a tough time The curtain raiser will bring to gether Young Lewis and Young Mitchell forget the prices have been dropped "back to their old standing fighting If he had taken his time and not become excited iff his bout with Tavjs he might have 'ended his first appearance with a knockout But excitement got the best ofhim as it does all the youngsters who are ris ing to the top rapidly He says he is going to take his time tomorrow night and the first opening that Ar rousez gives him he will shoot in that hardright of his and end the fight TRAINS'HARD in earnest when he said that he was going to be in the best of conditionfor he has been training hard for the past wpek for the bout has taken on his brother Jimmy JnJ boxing contests while Or tega nd Carter worked with him when he wanted to get in some rough work They battered him all around the ring but he stands and takes it saying that' it will help him sta vo off the hard punches that White de livers This fight is going to be a corking good one The winner will probably be matched with rankie Malone There is an old saying that they never come back But Battling Nel son and Ad Wolgast have tried it and have done so well that Tom Nickola also got the fever Tom is try ing" his come back against Mexican Kid Carter and is so sure that he will win the verdict that he is willing to stake his whole reputation on the bout Tom has been working at the Yosemite club and as far as shape is concerned he is there a million But th? question is can he fight the same old battles that he did when' he was one of the most feared middleweights '4 2 20 00 00 0 Driscolllf 0 Sweeney ss 0 Hogan3b 0 Danzig lb 0 Arlett (Pop)pl bcnimpr20 itzhenry rf Arlett (D)cf Banta 12 0 0 1 McDonough cl Smith 3b i0 Rossrf 0 Bliss 0 Totals "The San Sperry lour nine lost a tough eleven inning battle to Red wood City Sunday 4 to 3 timely two bagger drove in the winning run The game would not have gone extra in nings if the decisions had been straight Bliss fanned thirteen and al lowed but six hits Melhoff his former teammate at Santa Clara was nicked for ten McDonough drove the ball over the fence in the ninth inning SPERRY LOUR Croll2b0 2 1 ieigerir Ryan lb Goldie cf 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 10 4 JOHNNY ARROUSEZ says that Joe White have to pack his grip and depart for other parts after tomorrow fight for he is going to give the Los Angeles young ster the toughest battle that he ever had Johnny outboxed him at the last show' but rhany of the fans thought that White should have been entitled to at least a draw on account of his aggressiveness the honorable judges did not give him the said draw and there was much howling Arrousez andWhlte are boxing the main event for the big West Oakland club show On paper and on their past per formance this bout' looks to be the best headliner staged by any pro moter barring none in months White is a rugged boyone who fights at all times and carries a punch that will cork i the best them He has a pretty left hand while his right cross is very deceiving in his three bouts and Cook have done everything within their power to give Oakland a tiptop baseball club and they have notstopped yet At that the team is far from a bad one and the fans cannot understand how so good a ball club makes such an indifferent showing bound to get going however and when they do make every other club in the league hustle to beat them Oakland has been a sort of outing for all the other clubs for some time but this condition of affairs cannot last mucn longer Something will have be done and something is going to done to give Oakland a winner SUDDEN BRACE WOULD HELP CLUB If the Oaks could win a couple games in success it would make the home team look a lot better than it does now They have been having too many disastrous weeks The men who really deserve the most sympathy for the poor showing of the Oakland club are Messrs Leavitt and Cook They spent money lavishly to get' Oakland a good ball club They purchased every available player that looked good to them They were as liberal with their money as a seaman at a festival and the failure of the Oakland club cannot foe laid to any lack of liberality of the Oakland man ugemeni Every now and then some fan remark: Cook buy some Easier than done old top If these wise lows would show Messrs Cook Leavitt where a couple of good ball players could be secured the are that the Oakland owners would be more than willing to go out and make the purchases doing all they can now to secure a couple of capable pitchers and if they can get the pair that they are after make the Oakland club look a lot better than the club looks now nrifri wJPT 1 17jR Johnny Arrousez White Ortega 11! 1 I i land Other Puns to Box at WO 9 toe omit ouCat a poor stony bit' of A GRAND ORTUNE 'Well you your toe on a fortune kicked yourself into good luck scored a field goal from the sixty yard line without know ing it 1 4 ZThat to Mr' Conwell was how the most famous diamond field of South Africa as discovered When the gem maker philosopher and'mer chant were sure that the thing was diamond in the rough they went back and had a look at the place of the poor native who was always beseech ing Allah to intercede with the fates tor ittm fate when the the philoso pher and the man 'of gems called on him But together they went over his stubble1 field and found more rocks liKethe one the philosopher bumped his toe Mr ConwelTgive this incident as the burden of his lecture and points out that very often the best things in life are often the closest to us but that we fail to see them WHAT OAKS NEED aminiatureway the lecture of Mr Conwellf'couldbe'vapplied to the Oakland ball club" At present the Oakland ball club is "after a few good players offering fabulous sums in the east1 for such berserks of the diamond and therebe those who hint that if look around the bushes right at home that "they might be able to dig up the stars that are after One yery close student of baseball and very eminent judge of young play ers says that right now the bushes around Oakland teem with likely look ing youngsters gays this sapient one: do not un derstand why California boys do not get yiore encouragement from the Pa cific CoastLeague any num ber of young fellows playing around here who 'would make good if they were given a chance or some reason or continued this man in the same strain Coast league over looks many pkely looking youngster only to have the youngster go east and set the major leagues on fire and any young fellow who can make good in the majors surely should be able to make good in the Pacific Coast league SOME SWELL PLAYERS said this wise baseball some of the players who are now making good in the majors or who did make good in the majors and who were never given a chance in the Pacific Coast league "Look at a man like Walter John son who was right around here in the bushes and who never got a chance in the Coast league They gave Walter the overlook in the Pacific Coast league and Washington secured him Well I guess every one who follows base ball knows what Johnson is Then there is or was Krause Leonard Oeschger Malls Easterly Chief Mey Stanage Shafer Eddie Burns rank Chance Bill Lange Snodgrass Wolters Kantlehner and others who never really had a chance in the Coast league but who were marvels in the majors and some of them are still mar vels there MORE MINIATURE STARS continued this wise fellow are now some fine looklrig lads in the bushes around here that could make good if they were given a chance by Coast League clubs Hollywood playing third base for Sebastopol is a fine looking youngster I feel confident that he would have no trouble making good In the Pacific Coast league Gold ensen is another that looks good and the son of Parke Wilson is a player sure to develop Then young Croll Hickey and Bliss all good pros pects and Hollis and Mobley and the two Rohwer boys and Hawkes with the Weiner Tailors They all look good to me and like to see some of the Coast League teams give some of them a The man who talked thusly is the man who predicted that' both Martin and Louis Guisto would do for the Coast league and he is a man that knows baseball as well as any man in California or any place in the world for that matter It looks to us as though the Oak land club would have some one take a look at some of the players the wise man of baseball mentions and i see what they are like might be an acre of diamonds right around here for the Oakland ball club if Mr Elliott1 would have some one scratch the ground and find the gems of the baseball diamond that are right close to him It would cost but a small effort and might result in the unearthing of another Martin or a Lbuis Guisto Anyhow it would do little harm to halve a look at some of the lads mentioned by the wise man of baseball who talked with the writer on the subject CUSHION TOSSERS ARE BASE HOODLUMS Of all the larrikins who threw cush ions at Guthrie the chances are that there any two combined who would have gone into a room and have had it out with the big umpire man fashion It was churlish work on the fans to toss the cushions Oaks Playing Old Rivals in Series Starting Today I I Edited By MAGILLIGAN 1 I Ayl 1 kJ Local Team Hopes to Get Going Against Club kJl kJ 1 I MR RUSSELL or some other philosopher of words and deed has a lecture which hp rails Acre of which he has delivered thousands "upon' thou sands of times and which has had a very good effect on many of his hear ers according to their printed testi mony The burden of Mr lecture is about the famous South African diamond mines and how they were discovered During the lecture Mr Conwell points out a poor native of the South African hills who was al ways berating his fate This native had a small natch of land slightly more than an acre on which he even raise Hades but on which he was able to raise a wonderful grouch According to Mr Conwell while this native was complaining fiis bitterest of the hardness of 'fate and the failure of the good fairy to waft the wand of ortunatus in his direction an ancient philosopher called to sup with the mal content THE POOR NATIVE 7 The poor native was far from illib eral Poor men are never illiberal If they were they be so poor After the native and' the philosopher had supped as is usual with natives of: Africa they talked of the wealth of the diamond field Then the phi losopher was about' to depart Be fore he left he placed the blessings of Allah on the head of the native and while he was taking his departure he stubbed his toe against a hard rock like substance The stubbing of the toe caused the' good philosopher to grunt and wince' and to kick up a rumpus and better than that it caused him to look at the substance that caused his bewilderment He picked up the small obstacle arid it shot a gleam of light at him 'tljat resembled some pent up sun 'A He looked again and again and again and again Then he started to think Many philosophers have this habit What made that un gainly pebble shine so brightly He gave it up as a lot of philosophers will but he placed the little pebble in his pocket as a sort of reminder to keep him from stubbing his toe against fur ther pebbles A DIAMOND IELD While he was in the market place and discussing the poverty of the poor native he had recently visited his thoughts recurred to the stone bruise He was chatting idly with a merchant and told that good sahib that higrfoot ached him form being jutted into by a small stone things make up the remarked the merchant agreed the philosopher was this small pebble that caused my dis comfiture Look at the bright little pebble it said the phi losopher as he pulled the pebble forth from its hiding place and displayed it to the merchant The merchant looked and looked and looked and looked It was Indeed a brilliant pebble Then the merchant took! the peb oie ana ootn ne and the osopher hunted up a dealer in gems and showed him the pebble The in gems was astounded It was mond of purest ray that the philosopher had kicked his toe on and which caused his discomfiture dldja get the gem dealer asked the philosopher I stubbed my is Klaxton the Indian pitcher now a member of the Oakland baseball club He started a game last bunday but finish Is still a bit green but Mr Elliott thinks he will develop into a good pitcher vmn ct iiitic cnGQuragernenx By JWagilligan WITH the Seals and Oaks the attraction this week home fans believe that the Oak land team will start its much delayed spurt and show the home fans some thing Mr Elliott in an able signed statement to the Oakland press yes terday stated his position and gave his reasons for the frequent defeats of the Oakland club Tn this statement Mr Eliiott was in: no wise original for tbeyriter of this column on several occasions pointed to the same facts as did Mr Elliott Of course Mr El liott beingmanager of the Oakland club and the statement bearing his' signature in fine spencerian hand done on a typewriter by the eminentMr Mcarlin it may have more weight with the players than anything any writer has said about the team Oakland lias been pursued by a cer tain amount of bad luck Also they have played no small amount of wretched baseball However they should have pretty nearly all the bad them start baseball in their systems out of by now and they should really going in the right direction MR ELLIOTT IS PLAYING INE GAME Mr Elliott himself has played remarkable baseball all season numerous folks doubt ability as a manager has a character much the fash ion of ri bunch of firecrackers and he explodes at times 'and in places which naser of more years and superior dinitv would not go In the placing of bis team he has been open to theritieism of any number of high class baseball authorities or instance nearly every one in Oakland knows that both Barry and Middleton are weak against left hand pitchers Still in the face of this knowledge Elliott does not remove either of them very often when a left hander on the mound Last Sunday he removed Gardner when Scoggins was sent in to pitch for the Angels The man who substituted at hat for Gardner did nothing Gard ner is one of the very few left handed pitchers we have ever known who can hit left handed pitching about as easily as he can hit right handed pitching which means that he has tie difficulty in hitting pitchers of own persuasion OAKS PLAYED IN LAST SUNDAY While last ball game the Oakland ball park had a very bad finish it was the prettiest contest staged in Oakland this season It was a game full of thrills and though Oakland lost it was the kind of a ball game that a real dyed in the wool fan would pawn his socks to see There was almost a thrill an inning and when Mr Elliott knocked out histhree bagger clearing the "bases he performed a piece of business that was well worth the price of admission charged for the entire game Then top there was some of sharpest fielding put on at the park this season The very last of a defensive nature made by Davis in the ninth inning was a wonderful bit of work In this period the heavy hitting Koerner knocked a liner to wards the fragile Davis which looked' as it would teai him in twonnd leave him on both sides of the base path Davis went after the shot like a real player and by a marvelous one handed effort he grabbed the it was a pretty bit of business COME BACK BIG EATURE However the big feature of game was the return to life of Klawitter After the An gels had walloped young Klaxton off the niound Klawitter was inserted in to the game and the Dutchman pitched in his best form which means that he pitched an admirable and charming game of baseball Klawitter gave every indication last Sunday that he will be able to take his place on the mound in his regular turn in the future and pitch some winning ball for the Oaks fellpw had everything that a pitcher could want He naa speed away a lot of deceptive shoots and a great hop on his fast one Besides the big Teuton broke into the game with a lively half homer that showed he has not forgotten how to stick the old pill Klawitter should be one of the best pitchers in any minor league in the country The big fellow has plenty of guts He has speed curves and con trol when he is right and a sweet hitting pitcher Besides the big fel low is a willing worker Now that he NOVJ YOU JUST tiAVE TO CObAE DP AND ZT 1L L1 IT DOES MAKE ANY DI ERENC VWM WU WANT 9 a teY I ill Hl a V'V' zj'" A I A 'A 1 'X 5 i 4 4 'A I A1 a ciL fo Ts Li rod tt i co I wWpr 4 1 1 1 I gl Mil iS 4a Ilf.

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