The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1940
Page 1
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VOMJAIK XXXVI—NO. 271. BlytlievWo Daily Nc«'J- BlythevllJc Courier Mtssslsslupt Vullcy Leader I font M -ran OV NORTH EAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUrit Battle Royal Over Riddled Farm Bill Is Near In Senate n WASHINGTON, Pub. 8. (UP)—The house -cut a S722- 001,08<l agriculture (lcp«iimeiil bill for 19-11 to (lie seiwU- today where a battle royal is expected between Ui e fanu bloc and economy advocates over the Sb'Y.OOO.DOO lionw reduction in President Roosevelt's farm Unduei The house stayed In session until* H:05 p.m., liut'nlglit and finally defied the president by passing the bill on a 1 voice m (e niter cutting $G(j,928.434 frcm the amount recommended by him ns n "Ije^l rock budget." Mr. Roosevelt- made a lasl mln- •^ ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, TOWD'AHY ,% 111-10 lllc attempt to persuade the house lo restore the cuts. From his Hyde Park, N. Y., home, where ho Is trending the week-end, he reinsert to accept the 'responsibility for the damage to agricultural economy If the farm fund was cut under his recommendations. The president's budget proposed fanu Appropriations for 19-11 of $788,929,519, almost half of the $1,301,340,315 appropriation for the current year. But that was .;lashed In committee to $634.000.000. A week of battling on the house floor by the fnrm Hoc reclovcd 387.020,- rediiellon made: the Shells Laud - Near U. S. Boat On Y a n g I 7. c River SHANGHAI, Kob. 3. <t)p)—3ev- einl shots wen? fired lod.iy near llie U. S. S. Liuon. riigslilp of tlu Party Politics [lo 'Warm 30 Days Earlier This Year itv . , Uniltd Prm Suit Ci>rrt»i>Duilonf MiTi,t: liOUK. Ark,, Feb. 3.- Polliics will begin 10 wnru> up in tills s(nti> nt 30 days euvHw Hum In other election your, tl- cause of n new l.iw ufretlln^ the 828. The house total savings by the economy bloc for the fust five bills of Ibis session $181,000.000—more than one- third of the $460,COO,000 Mr. Roosevelt said would be necessary In new taxes, II his budget wns followed, to avoid nn Increase In the national debt limit. Farm senators already have an- iiomieed that they would seek to Increase the bill, nnd threatened to demand drastic economics- in relief and niilionn) defense bills if they fall. Senate Democratic and HejiuWi- cnn leaders, however, doubted that funds for parity payments or for continuation of the surplus commodities purchase program couH be restored. Mr. Roosevelt, did not include recommendations in Ills budget for parity payments. but lor two years has contended that It was the duty of ccnjrfss to provide for the S212.0CO.OOO In such payments that have been made.: by .(he treasury. . .. Senate Republican l-oarter Charles Lr-McNiry 'doubted' "thatS eUher- parlly pajmenLs or the surplus commodity fund would be approved. "They go hand in hand," he said. "When one goes down. Ijcth go down." Sens. Robert M. LuFollette (Pvog. Wise.), George W. Morris (Ind.. Neb.), and Claude Pepper (Dem.. Flay, nil announced that they would fight for both • parity payments and llie .surplus' commodities money. ' House Hopubltcnn.s voted nlrriosi solidly for every economy proposal. arid against every amendment to incrcas2 the till. The votes indicated that If the senate Increa-jes the bill, ths house will vi-aje a prolonged fight ngninst granting o single contesslon when the bill - goes to conference. Woman Who Killed Aged Man Faces Trial EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark,, Feb. 3. (IIP)—The trial of Mrs. Denver Ames, 35, charged with the murder of Martin Luther Dyer. 81. will start in circuit courl here Monday. Mrs. Ames Is accused of attack- In? and fatally Injuring the aged man with an Iron pipe os he walked In front ol her home July 26. 1939. Trouble between lhe two families reportedly started some months earlier over n dog. Escaped Convict Captured Herman Dw. Lemoynp. 37-year- old escaped convict from the Missouri state prison, wns arresleil shortly alter midnight by county officers nnd a FBI agent, It was announced today by Sheriff Hale Jackson. Al«m.h<mrtorl I . WOUKI Oe llIMe WllllC ll •Appiclicnded at a. house on top | n <, nn insne-tirm nf ot the levee In (he Headway see- " 0 V I e ivt £n'o°ifadSted^l?IfffT"'' Ab ™' d *" " u '"»» l *'«' M™ rSHH ?;« "«- rr ^ ^. &*> M* y o n i y o^ ici me cai was found there nnd yaiicti-e uatrnl i , •• , ... .'. _./.. !nli>v inl.l r-liin,- .-, „,....,,, *"MS"-«- puiroi. tiu- Ucinoi'i-nile Central CommHIre nl filch county. I'.'iiy ti'iidi'is oxprfi.ssed llie br- Hi'f Unit !<•«• of (hi- sl.ilo's voters "(id iiel n)l y| Die prosiiMlve I'nii- u . , tml . of , u , m I lib new simile— Act u-t o!,n hiss Uiicii loijiOlU'ii during M3tl--fixes tlio deadline for ci\iuli. : intmmlii^ IHUIIUK by the nc flutes In tin- primary to Illu their [»<bll-.-. pled?.'.* mid pny tlidr- fora nt noon ' on lhi> nliietJcDi day prior to tin- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Gcmmiis Renew Allacks Oa Small Briiisli Crafl Ice At Gayoso Bend Breaks Up, May Form Gorge Below Barfield A Kotnc ;B|iiicnml to be Cormlng In.(he Mississippi- N, T,'', ,"i'""' J i imes Monwr »««««!'the Counir" lr H r,v , ,i u Ck l<Hl < l ?;. llf(w hllvill « «>«<'« nn nil-plane' . •• I.e m-oa. Tins s several miles from the HOW silri-iuly fimm'tt nl Richardson's Landing. '? Nimies of candidates who full (o 'iiiiilily Mmv (lie 00-day di'iulllne irorjre north of Cnriilhci-aville. ME OFFICERS was recalled (hut last .. ..nese official circles In Shanghai warned thai n Chinese attempt to iissnsslnale Johnson would be made while he was mak- condltlom ninetieth day before Die election Monitors. such ballot fees as may be remilml '''he iitlncks uy_snld iiany. have iivmlied "I'hut nil candidates for county oiid township offices filMlI lilt- any sucli I'ledjes required with llie secretary o! the county coiiiinlUec not later (ban \-> o'clock noon on the ol allied ami neiilnil vessels niv' Clcnunuy's answer lo llrllaln's blockade anil ccimumlc wurfarc. in (lie economic field the scored by signing n Hiltlsh later told Chief Deputy sheriff Jon a r. Rehiinlllcr that he was the wanted man. He had been using the name of Albert Evans since he escaped six montlis ago. . They were reluming to Shanghai after a cruise up the river which took thesii a;) far as H:ui Likely To Ask Posts - ~ . --, o .. commercial i iiiiimtiu clity bei'aro said election nwcenionl that was expected to re-' tnnl filial) juij. bullol fees proscribed slllt I" further losses of Cterman ; lor sulil office not Inter than the niarkcU In Turkey. Tlie Hrtllili lie- i I ninetieth day before snld election." llevctl the Agreement would bring ' The iim-ij. leaders nlso called ' r-n Finns p'.ng nlong Eiintl bars. ' Waiting south of nic)iaid'Oi:V> Undine gorge Is the Mlssbsip,,! Viiliey Unr«e line toal "Indians' with Its $2,5CO,COO worth of cargo Repeated At- nlui ^"'Pm-nt-and crew of , _ -- men-stopped on their north-tountl lacks Consistently lurn- dip iU milter's Landing two veeks „,( |J.,^|, "Bo 'because of floating Ice The ° d b »ck ,„,,„, , I(1S W(l(c|l( , (| (| \^l^, a _ ' f ., , , 7T7~ in , four-mile long gorge without rob. a. iup)_New knowing ivhnl Is going to happen I SJESSEI Purchasing Old Ships To Replace War-Destroyed Tonnage WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. <UI') — British • shipping interests, trying to replace some of their war-destroyed tonnage, purchased or agreed lo buy 18 American vessels aggregating 16,267 gross tons the Maritime commission's records showed today. . . Slifce the war, began, the British have lost 147 merchant.ships tclal- lng-i'532,268 'tons.- According- 'to official compilation. kow. Until today the trip hail been attention to Act 107 of 11)30 whldv miwii , . . _ rucent " U! «"«i altncks ugalnsl tlie Man Whether lhe Ice from the On>- - iiorhelin defense line, espoelnlly m cso ' north of Canui,- missed a Japanese boat i.head of „„„.,, represents one political fac- needed at home. ration of the northeast shore breaking tic ^n T „,!,*.... r..^ ..... . . . .. "*t«Annj tut .,,,. obscivers were rl vldr» f l 1 n 's determination lo carry 113 was reported by (he ' ,,,,oii tomorrow. Mr. Shannon believes. meaning of the word another by the contended hollo to turn tlio Mannsrhlm line. on the wnr relenller.sly which hns navy sent a gunboat to the seen ' been voiced by n su Mission O f Japanese bluejackets J. P. Robinson, 80, Of "iiment lenders were repented In a ' n C> J i * todny by U III who succccd c'l IS 111 ns wnr secretary, the- field-artillery. . . . No d mil j go was done at Cnruth- cisvillc except lo the ncrvss of the several thousand ' ; residents who compaon. • , ^ , _ French, whose merchant ftlfS, ti,0fjar G, Hams marine losses have been consist- I I-,.... ~ if- n •• erably less, have acquired or are I lf»P ! OVes After Operation „ , WEST POINT, Miss.. Feb. 3,_ the commission approves all i Mrs. Edgar a. Harris, wife of the , about to purchase n American! ships totaling 33.025 gross tons If three sought the post. -s were of lltc-oplnloiv utet' One out of every _tcn pupils In cnlrancs Into the campaign (he Dlyllicvlllc public school sys- ncled on whether or not llio Ulu Is out ot scViocl because of office holding group had Illness. .(mother cniidiridle In mind, oilier I than himself as applications for Irn'iisler of ships to foreign registry now pendlnj before It, the combined BritUli-French acquisitions of American merchant vessels since the outbreak of war will gross 113.192 tons. ll .I Times Leader, .who undcra-ant majcr operation. W as (leserlbwl llls u, ui e i ] rushed to the scene. whon lhe breafc- 'SUCCUmbs Ing earned a 'great, roar/ heird easily, in the city, which Is 12 nilles Gnndny afternoon, a o'clock, nl . Influenza nnrt severe colds nre 'nntl-Uallcy blamed for most of the sickness ^. 5 .,. u . Ilallls , uue OI u lc jwliicli lias nlso cniiscri n dcnnli In publisher of tlie West Point Dillv , Lle " t =nnnt Governor Bob Bnllcy! some of the faculties. -- M,-i,,,n»i,i n> . . < Tl... 1 ^. i_..,.. »<••« 1>JIJI<. U.lll> ], , oniinl,nn«»l 1,1.. lui...., »,,„„. - f ,..„ ,-,„ ., ,„ , .. . lIUHBOUld, ttllll bllllnl iMost or the 17CO sluaenk at- \,,,,,f „ /Tf IV n rid- tended classes during llio severe Numt >Cr Ut UlVOVCeS, OllC L .. ,, „ „„ *.i=SStf!,VSa S E « = DocreeJ By ^£=SH! iiiiuiiiy-in me cuy, wnicn is-H rrilies J. P. Kolitnson 'of' ; rnraoould,''- s ? ll ' tl l0f lhc hreaklivg point. AH f.'ilher'.of Dr. A, i;.' {ipbli\i((Jn - of S "W!' Jurats had heeded the..waui- I LcncliKJlle, died,-Dili niflj'iilng',' C. |"^ "' 1(l ivtfe" sM'-litfAna dlkcj I o'ckck, nl his rcsldcnco/ 31H West ""'' J'""ntlbi>l'«. p :: '^f."..•-.•'' • I Cinilaiid street. ' K. E. Malloorc. of Caruthers- I Mineral riles will be conducted vllllj i «AH«I the Courier News tsu being "some better ' ^£^.«J- = though she .Is still not out of dan gcr. .Her son. Dr. Jamss Luther Fuller of Oklahoma City, Is attending her. ^ plntis. for 19-10. but lhere J wei-c"soiiie' rumors lhal he wculd seek a ju James j. Rcai;k, 84, DJES At Burdette James J. Roark. who had lived «"J witu ner ruiEO-jiirJ was co-pub- Bt Curdotte for is years, died nt Usher of the lilythevllle Courier rils home there at 5:20 o'clock yes- ; News, 'erday afternoon at the age of 84. ' offlcc, instead of ernor's chair, j O. o. (Crip) Hull, secretary „. „_ .,_......„ ... „„., slate serving Ills second term Is j time of (lie year when attendance past several days has caused more of than average absences f'r llila expected to seek "re-election while her I was co-pub- another E ; trlcken with a heart ailment, he ' 0 , , tl'comc ne iii month fmm '' ie day he WadJcal Group To Funeral services will be held .. Hear Sunday Rfteriio-.n, 2 o'clocck, at the First Church of tlie Nnza'rcno vvllli the Rev. J. L. tor, be taken .. __ burial will be made In pas' Two Memphis pfnk--,at (I: physicians to Kennelt. Mo., where sccfntion Tuesda norninM a yneld.Ky..Mr.RoBrk*D State Treasurer Earl Pago mid Lana CommlKslincr Otis Page, ac- I cording to thslr friends, will seek re-electton. \Vhlle Governor Carl E. liolicy IMS remained silent an his own plans, oessrvcrs contend, his naming of n 200 person education nd- vvlll vlscry committee aiul the app:lnt- - a:-.- iclary could al tlj-hl llilng_a tlilrd to only one ..... w lp „, •nd also lived in Kcnnett, Mo., for ers. Dr Mo u-y win dteuss 'The fn" mr, C M ° St " Uvlsors - ls 40 years before he r nn ,» i n \n~ M.HI..I »,". '„... . ' H 15 "'" -,. r "° '"X mor e "'ne fn the sta 40 years before he came to Mis- County. Management of Gall Biad- as° lime for the stalehouse of the ore lowest. Heart Attack Fata! To Aged Physician A number of divorce decrees ami one dtcree of nnnulmont svcre I?0 '' " m ''y years ho wns a slew- granted by Chancellor J. P. Oaut- n ' lcl ln - lllc MclhotlKl, church, ncy al n session of chancery court "icinbei' of tlio Drnlnasc District held here yesterday. Board nnd llio siliool board at Divorce decrees granted mul lite ''"''ngoiilil end nlso took a lenillnn Included: ""••• '-"•• - ' ' CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo Feb 3 IWni pS,an-.,er^« yeaT ^ A ? B ' rc "'- M *' McS '- C ^ died of a heart attack while walk d:wn the street yesterday nft srnoon. llio East Side Mcthoillril churcii of I lll ° Wiu'iilng was sent south' to the Paraijould, wllh burial In thai Inillnna and cast to BarilMd so thai small boats at those points iiiljlit. be jacked after. The river ivns continuing to rlsc^ having rlstn U feel (ram.test . to 8 o'clock this morning when It wiis at 8,8. Oovei'imient engineers roprrrteA that the T'erleral Earje Line boat "Illinois," whlih lias ben sur- roucdcd by the 20 mile gorge, was c ifa In c, cove on tha Tennejsea side near Rlt!gcly, Tenii.," with Its rni 1 of 33 man and thit six of Its barges had taen'cnught nftsr hnv- ng been freed last .night. „ ... — ...„.^ HD had aecimmlnlKl c.ftenslvn land Interests and nl DO yenru (f me still mannijcd his business. -_. v,. v ., t ijinjnn^i; IJI^Xl Board nnd llio siliool board IVmtgotild end also took a leail...,, . l"»'l '" e'vlo altnh-s of Paraijould. PnuIlnc.CruRi fiom C. L. Cram, f Ho n " d 1)! ' l Vlfo celebrated their Nettle Mnma train C °H' wcdllll 'B nnnivcrsary Dec. 18. dauijhlors also survive. Stricken lies; Clifford llrmbert from Until Humbert, dcsertkn; R. P. Hldcr from fJcssle 13. Uldcr, dcacrtlon; o clock, he Trrttc Made Wilson from Clyde C ' nee Wcl- „,. „, •••. , - "-'VH; ivinuu wnson irom slumped over In n licup on Die Wilson. Indignities' Florence Wcl- wak and was dead In n few *c- don from a a WeldoTdwrUo?, Pavag:i:ltl, Mrs. Ida Robb of Mcm- phb, Mrs. Pearl Mltnils ot Poplar nluff, Mo., and Mrs. Delia French of Kan Antonio, Tcxns, on cis Born In PorlaBCVllle. tlie TO- yenr-old physlcitm practiced medicine U.erc and at Bcrlrand, Mo., before coming here. . arrangements were Incomplete (it noon today. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs, Alba Williams Crnrad; two I S.vbl! Below from Paul Bclcw iiKllunltle.s; John Bowles from Myrtle Bowles, three ycnis scpani- ...^j,,.- lion; Fay Collier fr;m Noble Col- sleet or WEATHER Arkansas — Rain, preceded by in norf.h poitlon, one whom Jn Pciui-syl- • vanla nnd the other In Texas. M •••*•«» ».u..*i v \.s<j i- ui tiHuw in nor f ti uni t inn Her. desertion: E vn Wright from warmer tonl e ht, Su^ly rain Zi J. n. Wil;>hl, desertion; Albcria \varmer Decs from Charles Dees, hullunl- Memphis nnj vlclnlty-Falr an.-l T.K, r r ff of Dor o,,,y navis ^™^^ ^^ ^'•^^^ L ' E C " W - «^'-^«^-, wanner, fallow -: -_~_ . . "^ " <v - "•"•-> in n;,\Ka, luiu) WHS ajinijncd, ( . t l |)y rn [ n New Wrinkles For Warfare In Wintertirae^e^ioH^yFiii^Aid" Dilicb dHOfcx ' * "«S 51 —1 fr\ '. u , , „.„ J New York Cot Ion Prav, Open High Low Close Close Mar. 10:0 1080 1074 107G 1070 lfM-4 1045 1038 1041-2 1043 May July Cct, Dec. Jan. 1012 . fK9 . 839 D30 1012 aio mo 835 1005 1006 )CU 043 947 041 035 949 933 934 935 934 Vcw Orleans Cotton I'l'CV. Mar. May July ct. Dec. Jan. Open High Ixnv Close Clo50 1091 10D2 1036 1C53 1032 1022 053 950 . 940 fltl . 930 ... 1C8C 1-OSG 105D 1055 101C 1016 949 949 933 938 1091 1053 1010 0-13 933 935 Stock Prices Even the motorcycles wear skis In northern as tlie Arctic Holland finds her flood defenses still In working era;,- Ds Bnny omphlKan car, m; through thin ics during test maneuvers, u vmab c u> rcjaln tho f.ozcn surface ami adwnc; AT&T....: 171 3-4 Am Tchacco 90 *•-, Anaconda Copper 2j 3-1 Beth Steel 13 3f3 Chrysljr ; 81 Cities Service 4 Coca Coin 110 J-2 Kle:trlc ....- 331-3 General Motors 5^ 7-3 Int Harvester 51 . Monl;omcry Ward 53 .-. . N Y Central 15 1-3 North Am Aviation 25 3-3 Packard 31-4 Phinips 33 l-l Radio 5 3-t nepubllf .Steel 19 UI Socony Vacuum 11 3-t | Sludemker 10 1-3 i Standard Oil N J « !<•> i Texas Corp 43 - • | U S ^tcel 5j 7-3 Chicago Wheat opsn hlgli li«- chic liny 955-8 B37-J" July 941-4 9i;-i . , e .. adapt transport to severe ^Intnr conditions by p, actog nmaK Dutch anticipate Ul8t ,, 1C Gcrn;ans „.,„ UM somt) slnv!ar t cf eql , lpmeut on tho cydes and ,, aUet , . ' , OT . NC(hcrlandJ to EWkc afc (M ?r f ' 1 ' to n n ." the L-lke Finnish troops, the soldiers of Holland »r c good skaters. WM n vlnler trr Dutch n^.d eft!M8 .«.,. utfanlry riflomcn ana gunners look to -the lea for maneuvers. Chicago Corn opsn high low May 65 •' 53 Juiy f>5 • - c . 54 7-8

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