The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1965 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1965
Page 16
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M«rry.Oo.Round WASHINGTON - Civil rights Investigators ate quietly collecting evidence that several Southern school districts, which pledged to integrate, are making only a token effort. This could embarrass President Johnson, who now appears to have been premature in boasting that almost all Southern schools were complying with the Civil Rights Act. The President brought pressure about Southern school leaders to submit voluntary desegregation plans. He demanded daily progress reports so he could check for himself which districts had not complied. Shortly after the schools opened, he happily announced that all but 70 Southern school districts had agreed to desegregate. Now It looks as if their paper plans aren't being carried out in practice. Red tape and intimidation have been used to keep Negro parents from sending their children to white schools. The guess is that less than 10 per cent of the Negro pupils In the eleven Southern states have been integrated. - o- --DOMINICAN POL1TICKING- Juan Bosch, the ousted Dominican president whom the rebels tried to return to power, recently went back to the Dominican Republic. Earlier, during the revolution, the United States had twice offered to fly him home if he would use his influence to stop the fighting and bring peace to his country. But he flatly refused. Not until the shooting had stopped did he return indicating he is more interested in politicking than in saving Dominican lives. One of the big questions now is how much trouble Bosch will stir up. President Johnson doesn't want to pour money into rebuilding the country only to lose It all In another outbreak of chaos, so U. S. aid has been slowed up pending an appraisal of what's likely to happen. - o - -CONGRESSIONAL TEMPERS- Congress has been in session so long that the weary members are beginning to snap and snarl at each other. Sen. Allott of Colorado, for example, raised some objections the other day to the highway beautificationbill. Interrupting, Sen. Ribicoff of Connecticut said he hoped the Senate would act responsibly. Allott heatedly complained that Ribicoff had accused him of being irresponsible. Allott pointed out petulantly that it was against the Senate rules for one Senator to impute anything "unworthy or unbecoming" to a fellow Senator. Than In the next breath, Allott suggested that Ribicoff might be "out of his mind." - o- --SINS OF THE FATHER- The John Birch Society's Washington representative, Reed Benson of Utah, has accused President Johnson of treason for selling wheat to Russia. In 1955 Benson's father, Ezra Taft Benson, then Secretary of Agriculture under President Elsenhower, came back from Russia to urge the sale of surplus wheat behind the Iron Curtain. Agriculture Department files show that Benson strongly favored wheat sales to Russia as one way of cutting down the tremendous surplus, Now Reed Benson calls it treasonable to do what his father recommended. Under Ezra Taft Benson, incidentally, government bins were loaded to the bursting point with $9 billion worth of surplus commodities, Secretary of Agriculture Orville Freeman has managed to reduce this surplus by $2,6 billion. - o- —SUDSY DETERGENTS— Congress, in writing the water pollution bill, accepted the word of the big soap manufacturers that they would develop detergents that would not clog the nation's steams with their foaming action. However, government scientists, after testing the new detergents, claim they still will produce the everlasting suds, As a result, Sen. Nelson of Wisconsin will introduce special legislation next year to compel the soap industry to produce sudsless detergents. --LBJ MISSES PUNT-Football officials asked President Johnson literally to kick off the professional football season last weekend by booting the first football at the Washington Redskins' game. The President was willing, and officials tried to arrange the game on Saturday, the day before the other teams play - the same as the baseball opener. But the TV executives refused to change their schedule. Result: there was no opening game and no kick-off ceremony by the President. - o - —THE QUIET CONGRESSMAN-While others have monopolized the spotlight, a quiet Minnesota Congressman by dint of sheer drudgery has fashioned some of this year's real legislative miracles. He is Rep. John Blatnik, Democrat, whose gentle manner is merely the moss on a character of granite. For in the push and press of the back rooms, he has been as rugged a political infighter as he was a World War n commando who parachuted behind enemy lines into Yugoslavia. The mild and modest Blatnik, often working in his shirtsleeves late into the night, has handled the tedious, unspectacular legislation that seldom makes headlines. He spent four months, for example, merely hammering out the Senate-House differences in the complex water pollution bill. Working with him line by line, equally without glory, was a Senate stalwart: Maine's cheerfully able Sen. Edmund Muskie, Democrat. They shaped compromises that actually improved both the Senate and House measures, thus producing more effective legislation that' will . clean" "America's streams of contamination. Blatnik also piloted the difficult rivers and harbors bill through the House, carefully balancing the public interest against the political interests of his colleagues. He was assisted by another unsung hero of the back rooms, Rep. Robert Jones, one of the few surviving Democrats in the Alabama delegation. Together, they fashioned a far-reaching, $2 billion program to control floods, tap new water resources, open new channels to navigation, and battle beach erosion. Blatnik also did the painstaking job of consolidating the accelerated public works projects and the area redevelopment program into a new Economic Development Act for distressed areas. This will mean jobs for thousands of unemployed workers over the next five years. It was John Blatnik, too, who led the backstage fight to strip the Rules Committee of its arbitrary powers, thus breaking the legislative logjam in the House. The irony is that the underprivileged people, whom Blatnik has helped most, probably understand least what he has accomplished for them. Recent Bride Honoree At Ringsted Event SENECA - M rs. George Owens, nee Colleen Smith, was honored at a post-nuptial miscellaneous shower last Saturday evening at the St. John's Parish hall rural Ringsted. The program was announced by Mrs. Donald Hoien and began with devotions given by Mrs. Rudy Christensen. Favorite rec- ipies of the guests were given the bride. A reading was given by Rhonda Miller and a vocal solo was presented by Carmen Rovn. Assisting in opening the gifts were the bride's sister, Marlene Smith, also a friend, Karen Anderson of Omaha. Mrs. William E. Hansen, grandmother of the bride, presided at the silver service. Hostesses Included Mrs. Herluf Johansen, Mrs. Or dean Tow, Mrs. Arnold W. Jensen, Mrs. Donald Hoien, Mrs. Dale E. Anderson, Mrs. Gordon Miller and Mrs. George Hoien. - o Jolleen Mueller who is employed at Mankato and James Bergum who is attending commercial college there spent the weekend with their respective parents, the Roy Muellers and the Raymond Bergums, and attended the wedding of Jane Angus andTerry Dixon Saturday evening at the first Baptist church at Bancroft. The Robert Fortneys are enjoying a two weeks visit from Mrs. Fortney's mother, Mrs. Arne Travers of Story City. William Loss went to Rochester early last week for observation and possible medical KLGA RADIO Local News Good Music Algona Radio Worth Listening To ISM KLGA RAD| ° for Uour Autumn Pleasure "Quality youCanTaste" At Your Favorite Food Store or Super Market Dairy Co. Joan Byam Of Algona Will Wed Oct. 23 at the Holy Fam- Mr. anr! Mrs. Calvin Vawlt •inr] Mr. and Mrs. Tnd Jensen '.'•ore .mump the group of friends who attonded a surprise house •.v,\nuine; party for the Arnold H.insens at Fenton last Monday evening. The Hansens werepro- sotited with a gift. Sunday dinner guests at the Frvin Vottelers included Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Votteler and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Fre- il'ilph Lindquist and Miss Marian Hedin and Miss Violet Hedin, ?1! of Wheaton, Minn. "Kossulh County's Fnvorite Newspaper" Judy Wolf Of Bancroft Gets Shower Honors BANCROFT - A S!I.>\MM l.-,;i- oring Judy Wolf \v.i<; iiclil l.i.-;t Thursday nvenim: in St. Jnlin's church iiall with a larr.o :T<T,p of relatives and friends ;!(trn.l- ing. 500 was played and pii/p'; were won by Mrs. Aiulr<>v, !)irf- ering, high schore, Mrs. He 1 MI Kramer, low, and Mrs. I,t oH"H~ man, score closest to Mis'. Wolf's weddins, ilatn. - o Mrs. Emily Mc'iuiic at!"" '•••; Thursday, October 7, 1965 A | gono (la ., Upper Oe , M oln«-7 i OisTMr.'tir Convention over the '.-< »kc!n] in Minneapolis. F'r. ipond (.Timrny) M<?nke, who ! - i•<"••!' a patient in the vet- "rms hospital, Des Moines, for several wnpks, came home Tues la\ with Palmor Jensen who !n<l I'f'f'ii in Dos Moines for a |'!|P( k lip. Mrs. Florntt Gale of Vista, Calif. CUT no for an extended visit v ill: tier brothers and sisters, tli" \\vip family. Moiul.iv, Mrs. Gale, Ernlly Mc- (,tiiio, and Bertha Welp spont Hi" day at thp Walter Welp home ll It. n.-I.UrO. \'r. ;md Mrs. Williams I! i '-"r and daur.hter Lisa, who are moving from Greely, Colo, to make their honvUn Des Moines Mr. Strieker left Monday for Des Moines, his v,ife and daughter remained here with her parents, the Gene Wolfs, until they could move in their home there. CRAFTSMAN Will Touet, a Clarke County snnior citizen and retired farmer, now living in .Osctola, IB more than just keeping busy in retirement. He built a small woodworking shop and builds furniture. His town house is fillt>'.l with beautiful pieces, especially crafted of solid walnut wowl. JOAN BY AM Mr. and Mrs. Perry L. Byam, Algona, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Joan Kay, to James Hayden, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hayden, Sr., Austin, Minn. Miss Byam is a graduate of St. Cecelia's, Algona, and State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls, and is teaching at the Rochester, Minn. public school. Mr. Hayden Is a graduate of Pacelli high school, Austin, and Mankato State College, Mankato, Minn., and presently is teaching in the Mason City school system. The wedding is planned for October 23. treatment. Mrs. Nina Kracht and Linda Sue attended a birthday party Saturday, Sept. 25, at Algona honoring the formers' mother, Mrs. Kathryn Doege on her 85 birthday anniversary at her home at Algona. Mrs. Doege accompanied her daughter and granddaughter home and was entertained and honored at a birthday party again that evening. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Votteler and family, also Mrs. Votteler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fredolph Lindquist of Wheaton, Minn., and aunts Marian and Violet Hilden, also of Wheaton, who were house guests at the Votteler home. Little Brian Paulson, son of the Larry Paulsens, submitted to a Because - - - During October Well law Finance Charge ft UNTIL APRIL 1, 1966 . || flw Wheel Type Tractors and Most Implements * UNTIL JULY 1, 1966 SDID WITH Hie Tractor. (DOES NOT INCLUDE MODEL 4300) -Hew Combines Sold for Small Grain. ft UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 -Now Combines Sold for Soybeans or Corn, ft UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 -flaw Corn Heads. (OFFER EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 1965) Why not let us tell you more about this plan? Come in, or oive us n ring, and we will drop by to explain it to you. ENTC "Your Inlernatiml-Hanfester Dealer" Commercial Street 5-3501 Algona The Giant-Killer Again! American Motors Challenges the "Big 3" of Detmit-With 4 New Lines of '66 Cars that Give the Public What it Wants. last time it was size. This time? Quality! Quality that's built in-not added on. The promise: more built-in quality features at no extra price. ROGUE: new razzle-dazzle Rambler. Outperforms every other car in its class (with standard engine!). "Do Rogues really come with rally stripes?" "No, but with the big new engine they drive that way." '66 Rambler American Rogue here October 7th. Remember when American Motors came out with the trim little Rambler and knocked the Detroit "Giants" on their collective ear? Overnight, big fins and fat land yachts went out of style. American Motors came along with the right cars at the right time and caught the competition napping. This year, almost half the automobiles sold are Rambler-size cars. Round one to the "Giant-Killer." What next? For '66, American Motors again gets the jump on the big boys with a new rally- Ing cry: Quality ! A new kind of quiet quality that is built in as standard equipment on every car in the line. This is the American Motors credo. Quality that's built in — not added on. First, determine what, has to go into a car to make it stronger, safer, more dependable, more luxurious. Then put it there. Regardless of cost. Build it in. Ready to be convinced? Ready to be surprised? Check this |>age for a preview of the 4 sleek challenger!!. New cars. New names. Then admire (he .-styling of these exciting new cars. When you have (inched, please get on your horse und HI, to the friendly Giant-Killer in your town, your American Motors/Rambler ))< alcr. •optional or. i la.lureis'suc BUILT-IN QUAIITYIS BUILT-IN SAFETY. Only one "Hig 3" car (and American Motors) offer a safety package with a Double-Safety brake system at no extra cost: Cadillac. REBEL: new roomy, zoomy Rambler. Doesn't cramp your style, or your legs, or your family, or your pocketbook. Think you know a Rambler when you see one? Think again, look again. See the '66 Rambler Classic Rebel at your friendly Giant-Killer's, October 7th. BUILT-IN QUALITY IS BUILT-IN PERFORMANCE. Big new standard engines. Sporty option: 4-on- the-floor. Two automatics* also available to handle the chore of gear selection. TV PREMIERE THURSDAY NIGHT! See the new American Motors '66 cars on "The Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jim Nabors Special," CBS-TV, October 7th MARLIN '66 hy American Motors. Full-size, family-size sports fast bark seats 6—in comfort. (Even with bucket seats." Flip down the front and rear armrests and turn your Marlin into a 2 + 2.) Don't miss it at your friendly Giant-Killer's on October 7th. AMBASSAOOH upi by American Motors. Now you can have your first luxury car while you're still young enough lo enjoy it. Coil-spring seats like Cadillac. Double-Safety I ike linpulu, Fury, Galaxie.t He sure to see it October 7th. brake.-, like Cadi liar I'rir SEE YOUR FRIENDLY GIANT-KILLER, YOUR AMERICAN MOTORS/RAMBLER DEALER DAU'S GARAGE, 125 South Dodge, Algona, Iowa

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