Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are £ worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTE THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. g Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. •POWDER- PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS,20$. KALVES.101 .QUARTERS,S$. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, MAV 8. Now parftsoltj at the l*ao Hive. Froah vaccine points at Yislt tho Boo Hlvo's busy email wars counters. Otto Knius storo has bson ctulroly remodeled throughout. Base balls and hats with boys and children's suits, at Otto Kraus'. Carpet* and curtains at prlcos that will astonish you this wook at the Trade Palaoo. It Is Otto'8 aim to make the purchasing power ,of n dollar greater at his stDre than over. Tho case of Spohn vs Woodllnjr, an action to recover commission on property sold occupied tho attention of the court and jury yesterday, and tho jury deliberated on tho case until far aion^ towards mornlnp. So far as can bo locally learned tho Valparaiso correspondent of tho Chicago papers muat bo mixed up on towns whoa he says 200 meu and liberal supplies are waiting at Logansport to join Randall's army. Ho must havo Kokomo la mind. Tho prominent business mon of Lc/- gansport rocognlno that the new gas company is a success and they shrink from tho work and responsibility the construction of tho plant makes necessary. This should not be. This is a time when every man should do hie duty and If called on should respond promptly. The Journal hope* to eee public-spirited citizens yield to the demand* of (be people. A DISTRESSING ACCIDENT. Herbert «;i»>»on, of Idavlllo Ilrowiieri lu «ho Treacherous Tlppccanoc- fcnnvex R Wife and Five Children. Saturday nipht a party of Idavlllo men ware sotting a asin in tho Tippo- canoe river about tho point of Us con- iluonce with tbo YVabash. Herbert Gibson and four others wore laying tbo linos when they plunged Into a- sink. For such treacherous holes as this theTlppocanoe Is noted and numerous Jatallties have occurred from this treachery of the river. All but Gibson succeeded with much difficulty In getting out, but he couid not swim and before assistance could bo given Aim, had sunk In the swirling waters-. In the darkness search for the body was well nigh Impossible and It waa not until Sunday morning that the body was recovered, the river at that point boinff dragged lor some hours before tho searching party was successful in Us sorrowful quest. The remains wero taken to Idavllle and tbo funeral waa hold yesterday afternoon. Herbert Gibson was B son ot Cyrur Gibson and wns about 82 years of apo. Ho loaves a wife and five small children. "A I'alr iif Hilda. 1 ' This play which is to be soon at the opera house Thursday night is in Ua ninth yoar ot success and is of tho kind that those who havo seen it bototo want to soo it njraln, ocd those who have not soon It do not want to miss it this time. Tho audience laughs from tho time Ezra Kendall as old "Jilos Button" comes into Doc Dofunny's restaurant until the do- isondtng C'.rialn hides him from view- as ho stiinds in the prison corridor, of course allowing for. breathlne spells between the acte. Tho company is a strong one and the various musical and other specialties new and attractive. ,Tbo best summary o( "A Pair of Kids" is that It is Indescribably and irresistibly funny from beginning to end. \Vorld>» »;olimiblnii ;ExpoMtlon Will be of valuf to the world by ilr lustration the Improvements in the mechanical arts nad eminent pbysl- c'ans will toll you that tbo prepress in medicinal affents, has boon of equal Importance, and 88 a strongonlng lax- tlvo that Syrup of Fips is far in ad vanco of all others. Ul.r,.', itonnrt Trip to lndlannpollH via Pennsylvania Lines. Wednesday, May 16, for all regular trains of that day account I. O. 0. F. Encampment. Returning trains leave Indianapolis 11:15 a. M-and 11:20 p. m., and return coupon valid until May 17, Inclusive. THE NEW COUNCIL. THE MEMBERS MEET AJiD ELECT OFFICEHS. I>. II. Chuie nude City Attorney; O, », Mellrm Chief of t!>o Fire »ei>«rt- llicut; Georce E. Jliuilc»on, Sired CommlMMloner and W. B. Ren City Kiiulueer -Other Appointment*. Tho common council of the city of Logansport mot in adjourned session last evening, Mayor Head presiding, and all members present save Mr. Wade of the Third ward. It was 8:30 when the Mayor called the seieion to order. There was the usual large lobby of about the same persona who are Been at each recurring reorganization of .the council. Mr- Dolan of the ' Finance committee submitted a partial report of the condition of the city treasury, B.B follows: To the lion. Major u»ci members of the city City Cornell: Gentlemen—Your Finance committee would respectfully report the financial condition of the general fund in the city treasury May 1, '94. DELINQUENTS BUB, The city on rent and jwrsomil for jears otlSao, 'Si, 'Bii $»,(V>4 K) Bui. due on 1893 duplicate 4C.397 47 $72,052 00 Outstanding City orders 38,065 (B Lets cash In on hand or eenerul fuud.. 3.871) 4.1 Totiil ilobt general fund »34,18D 62 This tax la alt avai.la.blo and can be collected. There are also several thousands of delinquent taxea due on the duplicates of 1886, 87, 88 and 89, which is pood and can be collected. It Is therefore evident that the collection of these tnxes will place a largo sum of money In the treasury and the credit of the general fund. Wit. DOLAN, S, B. BOTKR. INTRODUCTIONS. Tho Introduction by the retiring rooEtsera of the new members of the Council proved a most felicitous occasion. Mr. Beam Introduced Mr. Ringlebon; Mr. Dolan introduced Mr. Haigh; Mr. Drompp Introduced Mr. Kelser; Mr, Boyer introduced Mr. Hadley; Mr. Fetors introduced Mr. Kenaey and the Mayor in welcoming the new council made a fellcltlous address. The Mayor then announced his selection of committees as follows: Finance—Boyor,Hadloy, Kingleben, Claims—RlnRlebon, Konney and Blasalngham. Ordinance—Hadley, Reiser and Powell. Streets—Reed, Haiprh *nd Boyer. Fire Committee—Haigb, Konnoy and Kaiser. Sewers—Keisor, Rlngleben and Boyer. Electric Light — Kennoy, Reed and Wade. Cemetery—Powell, Halgh and Blassingtam. Printing—Blasslngham, lioed and Eoiser. Park—Wade, Boyer and Klngleben. Board of Public Improvement — Hadley, 3aigh, Powell. Pratt fund—Mayor, Hadley and Roed. ELECTIONS. Announcement being made that the council would proceed to elect the council offlcore nominations for City Attorney were declared in order. Tho only came presented was that of Judge Dudley H. Chnso who received the nino votes of the council and was do. clared elected City Attorney. For the office of city civil engineer tho names of W. D. Raa and A. B. Uodd were presented. Mr. Kea re- coined 6 votoa and Mr. Dodft 3 votes, and Mr. Rea wad declared elected. For chief of tiro department tho names of Cbas. Sellers and Wm. Welch were presented. Mr. Sellers received 7 votes and Mr. Welch 2 otes. Mr Sellers was therefore declarer! the duly elected chief of tbe flro department. For the otllco of street commissioner tho names of Gee. E. Jamison, Al Merrltt and A. J. Shaffer were presented. The clerk road tho following names of parties who had filed an application for the office: Geo. D. Hardy, Thos. Buttorworth, John Kilborne, Aaron Long. Upon ballot the following vote was announced Jamison, 7i Morritt. 1; and Shaffer, 1. and Mr. Jamison was declared tho duly elected streot commissioner. For tho position of sexton of Mt. Hope cemetery tho following names were presented. Rudolph fterndt, Goorgo Ganger, Lewis E. May and Frod Behren. Mr. Berndt received 7 votes, Mr. Ganger 1 and Mr. May 1. Mr. Berndt having been "burnt" 7 times was declared elected. For tho position of sexton of tho old cemetery the names of Henry Poll ami Dennis Uhl, the latter "by request," wero presented. Mr. Poll receiving 8 of the 9 votes, was elected. For the position of janitor of the city offices the lames of Thoa. Lake and James N. Reader were presented. The vote was as follows: Lake, 6; Reeder. S, and Mr. Lake was declared elected. For Board of Heilth Drs, N. W. Cady, ,1. H. Shultz and Arthur Herrman were elected. By resolution the finance committee and tho electric light committee was constituted a special electric light committee ponding tho construction ot the city's own electric light plant. A communication from the State Fish Commissioner calling the attention of the city to thfi lack of a fish ladder on the city dam, was referred to the clerk to further correspond with the commU»loner. The Mayor announced that hereafter no bills would be allowed that wore not Clod with the olork by Monday noon proceeding tho regular meeting of the Council. Ajourned. IT WONT WORK. The Fbaro*' Uetperate Effort to Break Down the Mew C.BH .Company. • The Pharos devotes a column to personal attack OD the editor of the Journal and even goes so far as to kiaa Dr. Battery's hand In an effort to defeat the new gaa company. The Pharos scheme is gauzy and the public long ago learned to know the deceit of that organ of the gas company. The silliness of the whole article Is disclosed when It is remembered that the editor of the Journal is not a director and that as many democrats as republicans favor the selection of some other president than Dr. Battery. As far as Dr. Hattery Is concerned the Journal Chas ^nothing against him personally, lie is doing allthe talking and all the fighting. The Journal is sorry to see him mak ing a personal matter of a business question and believes that he will realize his mistake in due time. TIic Octoeonarlan Foot Bace. The several octogenarians whom Hanibal Purcell was expecting to con. test with him the champion 80-year-old sprint record of the State did not come to the scratch yesterday after* noon when tho race was called at the driving park. The hale old gentleman who [delivered the challenge was on hands, however, ready to run or jump with any and allcomers of his age. A half mile race was arranged between Mr. Purcell and Benj. Simons of the West Side. The latter ig 76 years old, but despite this handicap of six v ears Mr. Purcell beat his man by twenty jarde. lie jogged areund the track IB 5:58. Following thin there wore several foot races run by others for the entertainment of the crowd. There was a grand single Dutch race, run by a tailor named Wisa, who ran against time and beat himself. Then there was a "kid" race, won by Frank White, a. West Side urchin, and a free for all which was won by Sam Smith. Quite a crowd had collected at the park to see the old men run and the sport attracted considerable attention. \viilte«lde's Welcome. Walker Whlteside, the rising young tragedian; in whom Logausport people feel a strong natural interest, this being the place Of his birth, was given a warm reception In "Hamlet" at Dolan's last nlgbt. There waft present a large and representative audience and curtain call succeeded curtain call as tho young actor warmed his auditors up to tho genuine excellence of his work. Unfortunately, by reason of some recent changes in his company, Mr. Whiteside was compelled to appear at tho same disadvantage which marred his former appearances hero, his support being far from equnl to his mas- tertul load, the -'Ophelia" of Misg Leila Wo'ston beirg lh-3 only role which rose out of tho mediocre. Mr. Whiteeide has beon seen hero in Hamlet before and a comparison with his former work indicates a gratifying an^ powerful slride toward the highest rank in tragic roles. Funeral of.llrn, Lincoln. The funeral af Mrs. W. S. Lincoln was conducted from tho family residence, at 812 Market streot, yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock. Services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Scott, of the Broadway Presbyterian church, assisted by Rev. Roswell O. Post, of Comerat, O, Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. The pall bearers were Messrs. John F. Johnson, Judge M. Winfiold. Geo. B Forgy, Capt. W. HtSnlder, Chas. F. Ranch and Henry Tucker. Ilia Fire nI Kentlnnit. The fire hoodoo which is on at Kentland sallied forth again last Sunday morning and claimed its victims. Three store buildings with theiri-locks and the Knights of Pythians ball were totally destroyed, causing a loss ot f20,0'0. Kontland is visited with a disastrous conflagration about once a year and Insurance companies will not take any riska on business properties anymore. A magnificent new stock of clothing at Otto Kraus'. The three floors are crowded. YOCB NAME IS PRttiT. lleini of a P«r«onal t;ti«r«cter Con» eeriilDit Loitainportem and Tli<«lr Friend" Carl Keller is at Jndiinapolls. Q. A. Myers went to Indianapolis this morning. Mrs. Max J. Fisher is visiting her parents at Toledo. A. K, Pickard of Alexandria, is visiting his brother Will Pickard. Mrs. Martin Frank, of Chicago, is visiting her former home hero. W. K. Lanflis, Of Indianapolis, spent Sunday at tho old home here. C. Bmce Purcell of Indianapolis, is spending a short vacation in the city. T. J. Legg was at Goodland Sunday to address a Sunday school convention. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Prescott and daughter Grace have returned from a visit at Richmond, Mr. Rose Humphrey and family have returned to Loganeport from Pittsburg and will again reside here. Chas. Purcell, of Indianapolis, was up yesterday to see his father win the octogenarian sprint record of the State. Miss Lena Henning who played the paitof the "player queen" in Hamlet last night is a young lady from Wheeling, West Va., and was a former schoolmate of Mr. Sam K. Frank. Tho old acquaintance was pleasantly renewed upon their chance meeting. Saturday was the 25th anniversary of tho marriage of Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Sterrett and the event was pleasantly celebrated In the evening by quite a party of their friends who called upon them. The patty was arranged by the Misses Storrett as a surprise upon their parents. Peru Journal: Frank Hollipeler and Charley Winter wero in Logansport last night Misses Minnie Stoufer and Mamie Stanley of Logansport are In tb« city... .Harry Chapman of Logansport Is in the city today taking a "peep" at the greal Wallace show. Harry is an old Peru boy. TCra. I'lIHus'* Funeral. The funeral of Mrs. L. W. Pilling was held from the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry White at 209 West Broadway yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and was largely attended by sympathizing and sorrowing friends. Rev. Dr. D. P. Putnam of the First Presbyterian church conducted tbo services and interment was made in beautiful Mt. Hope. The following young gentlemen wero pall bearers: C. W. Graves, II.G. Tucker. Guy Henaley, S. B. Patterson, H. C. Purcell and Will B. Westlake. Mr. H. W. White and sister, Miss Kate White arrived Sunday morning from the south with the body of their sister ard It was then learned that Mrs. Pilling had passed from life to death in a calm and peaceful sleep. Mr. White and Mrs, Pilling loft Pass Christian Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Pilling bad become greatly weakened since she left here a few weeks before but felt hopeful and confident of her arrival home. She was made as comfortable as possible in a state room of the Pullman, receiving tbo most do- voted attentions of her orother. She presently lapsed into a gentle sleep, arousing occasionally to say that she was resting very comfortably. In this restful sleep she calmly passed into the sleep which knows no waking, and her gentle soul was at rest. When Mr. White discovered the critical condition of his sister ho summoned the conductor and inquired it there was a physician on board. Fortunately there was—Dr. S. B. Pivllcn. an eminent physician of St. Loui? who with tho assistance of his wife did everything that bis science could suggest to rovivo tho fading spark of life, but to no avail. To this pbysicinn and his wife and to Mr. J. K, Glllen of Eagle Pass, Texas, who was also on tho train, Mr. White is indebted in the strongest bond of humanity for assistance in thai trying hour of bereavement. The telegraph had conveyed tho news ahead to Montgomery, Ala., and Supt. J. I. McKinnay and Passenger Agent R. F. Beasley met Mr. White with a carrt'ge. Tho attentions and kindly consideration of theee gentlemen and of the undertaker, Mr. W. C. Campbell toward the bereaved stranger in a strange lond could not have been more marked nad they been lifelong friends and during Mr. While's sorrowful day's stay in that hospitable city ho felt tho warm generosity and true humanity of southern hospitality. A touching incident of this sojourn in the strange city wag the offering to the dead in a strange land ol a. beautiful fioral tribute tendered "with tho sympathies of R. M. Barry and family" and which tribute of beautiful southern flowers was conspicuous yesterday among the profuse and heautifnl oiTeringg from friends at home. The Tomb Bollder. Kokomo Tribune: It is reported that the Logansport Morning Leader is about to be launched with J. O. Hardesty at the helm. There are already several low green mounds in the Indiana newspaper cemoiery in which are entombed the remains of Editors Hardeety's ventures. Somebody In a poetical fancy has metaphorized 'Time" as "tbft tomb builder. 1 ' This may be true enough for poetry bntitisa generality which robs Mr. Hardesty of one distinction, Bn«c Bull New*. The following interesting bit of base ball Intelligence bag been received: "The Southern Stars defeated the Dirty Dozen, 31 to 19. The game was very warm lor a little while. John Hazleline's ball club wantB to play the Southerns. There is no time set yet." Home SeeU<'r>K KxcurMon*. May 8 :md 29. lSfl-1, the Wabaah Railroad Company will soil round trip tickets at greatly reduced rates to principal points in tba Northwest, West, Southwest and South. For particulars of which please call on cr address C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Logansport, Ind. Vandalia Line Kxrnralon* To South, Southeast aod Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1S94, inclusive. One faro round trip. Call on or addresi any Vanflalia line agent and ask for information contained in circular No. 827 of January 20.^1894. .IJagontc Notice. All members F. it A. M., are in~ vited to meet at Tipton Lodge Hall at 7:30 sharp, on Tuesday evening, May 0. Work in F. C. degree and other business of importance. T L. KEEP, W. M. NOTHING HAPPENED. Hat Itml ll»rfcln» HI-HCVCB In r«»«otl- ilients .Iu-t thi> fj^llir. "Of course 1 believe in presentiments"' s-aid 15ml llurldns as he joined a small group that had gathered in tho Lindcll hotel corriJor, .St. Louis, a few sas. One of the most vivid things that ever occurred to me iu that way happened about a year ago. I was in New .Mexico and my wife and baby were in. Toledo, O. One night 1 was lying in bed, and had not yet ffone to sleep, when a. mist seemed to envelop the room, and out from the mist came o. picture of my wife leaning over the : baby, and to my horroi- Uio child was dead. "1 tried to shnljc o1Y the idea, but I could not. It liauTjted me all that 1 night, and kept me from doing any work the next d;ty. "There was no station from which I could telegraph, a."' 1 if there liad been it would IKU-C dune no good. I knew just us woll us though 1 had been pres- i;nt that the child was dead. "I left the nijfht. after my vision for home, telegraphing rn the earliest possible opportunity. AH tho way to Chicago 1 had .1. strange fooling that I shonlil nox, take, the iirst train to ToIcdo: tliatthcrc would be an accident, and when 1 readied the city I was actually relieved to find that we had missed connection. 1 telegraphed my wife and &he answered fully there." A chorus of voices asked: "Had it happened, just as in the vision?" "Happened? I wasn't talking about happenings. .Nothing' hail happened. 1 was only talking about presentiments, and'l believe in them, because I havo ht/1 them."— N. 0. Times- Democrat Another Envious Competitor ^ Says he is "still in the ring." Don't be f misled by the idle vaporings of would be tailors who profess to cut ^ioth<=« that clothes f never got above making pants. • We have a practical tailor who dpes 5 our cutting and we carry the only high - grade class of woolens in the city. Bring on another "horse." CARL W. KELLER, Leading Tailor.

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