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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 3
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 3

Cincinnati, Ohio
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THE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, MONDAY, APRIL 3, 1939 HOTiiiiin worked for appeasement, and In these countries presumably would Patrolman Is Injured CONTRACTS stead there is new and brutal ag NEUTRALITY control the sea and consequently be able to buy munitions here. IiVIIIIIIV gression. The government's prompt singers beard on the programs this winer, picked from 659 sing'trt (heard in private auditions. Miss Dickey, daughter of Df. H. Dickey, a dentist of Deratur, When Struck Bv Auto GROUP IS DIVIDED. With hearings yet to be held, the action in challenging this, and in inviting other peace-loving nations to cooperate in any measures of CONTINUED FBOM PAGE ONE. twenty-three-member Foreign Rela HIT i. ana Jars. uicKey, nas me great- UlVen DY Met UpeFajt satisfaction of all. The twenty- i annranfl Vina tH Ljt resistance that are decided upon CONTINTJED FHOM PAGE ONE. tions Committee was sharply divided on the question of revising F-VI tuui times for the honor, and thr fee times asserted today that closer cooperation between Congress and the White House on the matter of foreign policy "has now become imperative" if the United States is "to preserve its vital interests in world affairs." "Irresponsible criticism and factional obstruction on the part of Congress drives the Executive to subterfuges of secret executive agreements, personal agents and spectacular appeals to the public," the report said. "Irresponsible and secretive action by the President causes alarm and hostility in the Legislature." the Neutrality Act. Church, Clifton, was cut on the nose, and Amey Geier, 17, Old In Administration supporters, com To Winners Of Radio Audition sne railed, jui oecause sne, reached the finaJs each time she. was encouraged to return. Miss Dickey comes of a musical familyr; two sisters playVeil on the dian Hill Road, Indian Hill, was cut on the forehead early yester have evoked the sympathy and support of all parties in Great Britain That was to be expected. The government has the country behind it as rarely before. It is ready to answer every call for patriotic service. There can be no doubt either of the people's response or that Europe will again be delivered from any menace of enslaving domination. Contest, Including Cincinnati Zoo Lyric Soprano. pleting a private checkup, said they believed they could count on 10 Senators to support the Pittman proposal. They listed eight as likely to vote against it and said the position of five was doubtful. day when a car driven by the youth rammed a loading platform piano, and one of them. Miss Dickey asset of moral prestige to which reference has already been made. If the worst comes to the worst, blood-guiltiness will not be with us. The whole world will know that our hands are clean. One other thing may be said. If the British Government had allowed things to drift and the drift had carried us into war or to the edge of war should we not have sadly asked then whether disaster tninks, may turn out, to be a concert artist. at McMillan Street and Melrose New York, April 2 (AP The Opponents of the Pittman pro The association, a private re Avenue. They were treated at Bethesda Hospital. Metropolitan Opera Company is the Harrell, son of a Texas banker, is soloist in Christian Science posal, said they expected hearings richer by four potential American A charge of reckless driving was search organization, discussed foreign policy in a report prepared by James Frederick Green, a staff churches, including the Mother CONTINUED FBOM PAGE ONE. War, when sinking of ships with American cargoes aboard speeded United States entry into the conflict. Senator Robert M. LaFollette, Progressive, Wisconsin, on record as favoring: retention of the present "cash-and-carry" provision, said he expected lengthy discussion of foreign policy to ensue when proposed neutrality changes are brought before the Senate. LaFollette said witnesses at committee hearings were sure to be questioned on the effect of proposed changes in the law of the administration's policy of aiding the European democracies. Pitt-man has said that his proposal would aid England and France, in event of a European war, because stars as the result of today's finals placed against Oskar Easton, 68, to develop a public reaction against any material revision of the Neutrality Act. of the "Metropolitan Auditions of Jme' Gomer Berry, newspaper publisher and first Baron Kemsley, was born at Merthyr Tydfil in 1883, the son of Alderman Berry, confidential friend and agent of the late Lord Rhondda, the millionaire South Wales coal owner. He WRfl educated in nrivnta on1 at a the Air." member. The report said the supremacy painter, 1258 Morton Street, by Safety Patrolmen Thomas Murray and James Decker after his car When the committee begins its for, whatever the result, was is of the executive department in Annamary Dickey, lyric soprano of Decatur, 111., and Mack Harrell, disaster might not have been Joined bis brother, Lord Camrose, in his collided with two other machines hearings, the Senate may take up the President's request for additional for Works Progress Church in Boston. He has appeased with the Boston Symphony and the New York PhiVharmonic-Symphony Society, and has given concerts in Europe. He, is married and has a young son, Mac, Jr. Miss Dickey has sumg at Chautauqua, with the Zoo Opera In Cincinnati, and the St. Luis Municipal Opera. baritone of Greenville, Texas, by on Beechmont Avenue, near Ply newspaper enterprises. At 22, he founded "The Advertising World." which was suc mouth Street, Saturday night. Mur Administration. avoided if a resolute effort had been made to secure a peaceful and honorable settlement? And nobody controlling foreign policy resulted from exercises of administrative functions, actual conduct of negotiations and other factions, eventually giving to the Presidential cessful from the start and sold later at a handsome profit. With Lord Camrose he purchased "The Sundav Times." "The The House-approved $100,000,000 way of New York, were adjudged winners of the $1,000 awards and the Metropolitan Opera contracts which go with success in the ray and Decker reported that Easton, westbound, collided with financial Times," "St. Clement's Press, emergency relief appropriation is expected to come out of the Senate "The Graphic Group," "The Cassells Publications," "Kelly's Directories," and cars driven in the opposite direction by Maynard Conklin, 1515 auditions. could have answered that question with confidence if the effort had not been made. weldoms. Ltd." After th Heath of Sir Appropriations Subcommittee to-1 i. Hulton thev flrmiirori hi. anchefltpr Two other singers were so good Beacon Street, and Edward Ripp- morrow without change and to ride the committee in charge decided FIND DRIVER'S BODY stein, R. R. 8, Mount Washington. through the full committee at that FuuttaLiuns ana inner newspapers for 9,000,000. In 1926, for 9,500,000, they purchased the Amaleamated Press, to establish "fellowships" for them From the beginning, the British people watched every stage of the figure. Easton was treated by a physician for cuts on the head and right and award them provisional con-d which owned about 100 publications, and in 1927 thev hnnp-ht th '1jnAnn riAflv UNDER BRONX SUDE Administration supporters have tracts for the coming season band. Telegraph." In 1927 Lord Kemsley re process with anxious interest. It office power not listed in the Constitution. "It is thus almost inevitable that the President and State Department have paramount influence in theT" formulation of policy," the report continued. "President Roosevelt and Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of Interior, far more vigorously, than officials of other countries, have constantly attacked dictatorships, especially the Nazi system. "IXCILLENT'OOD ATIOW COST" linquished to his brother his interests in These are Winifred Heidt, Detroit indicated that they will make strenuous efforts to raise it on the Senate floor to the $150,000,000 ine Daily Telegraph "Financial mezzo-soprano, and Jean Merrill, and Amalgamated Press, but bought Cam- rose noiaings In Allied Newspapers, im. (IMF-PRICE urged by the President. Borah ESCAPE SERIOUS INJURY. Marvin Brown, 19 years old, 644 North Wayne Avenue, and Guy soprano. Miss Heidt is an actress as well as a singer. Miss Merrill, born STRIFE HALTS HOLY MARCH who supported the full $875,000,000 originally sought by the President, Anness, 38, Millville Avenue, Hamil Jerusalem, April 2 (UP) The Jean Metz, is the granddaughter of Frederick Metz, first conductor of New York, April 2 (AP) Police discovered today that Edward Clark, 43 years old, subway serv-; ice employee, was killed last Tues-' day by a landslide that collapsed the Bronx garage in which his car was kept. Cutting through 28 inches inches of concrete, they found his body in, a position indicating he' said he favored $150,000,000. The House Appropriations Com began, as we all remember, with Italy. There were many difficulties and delays, but at last an agreement was reached and this was followed by the visit of Chamberlain and Lord Halifax to Rome. We are still hoping that the good results so achieved may be permanent, that the difficulties between Italy and France may be adjusted annual Palm Sunday processions to ton, Ohio, escaped serious injury yesterday afternoon when their automobiles collided at Springfield Bethany and Moslem services to the "In messages to Congress, diplomatic correspondence, and newspaper interviews the Executive the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. A native of Everett, she is SPECIAL Jo mittee is to start early in the week an investigation of the WPA, to purported tomb of Moses near the Dead Sea were canceled today, for exerts all influence that is re the wife of Robert Schauf, insurance broker. Pike and Glendale-Milford Road, county police said. Both cars were determine if undeserving persons the first time in centuries, because are on the rolls. strained but rarely permanently Winners were chosen from 54 was preparing to drive out. damaged. of the strife in the Holv Land. The Foreign Policy Association obstructed by the Legislature." i to the advantage of both countries and that Great Britain's traditional friendship with the Italian people Put Teeth In Foreign Policy, will be securely established. Those who have supported the policy of appeasement have had no Leahy Urges, Stressing Peace quarrel with Italy or Germany because either has a political system Washington, April 2 (UP) Ad which differs from our own. The MOIDED FRUIT SALAD Luscious fruits nestled in a spark ling molded salad. A treat that combines well with any meal and special KC value today for miral William D. Leahy, chief of coming involved in two major wars," he said. "I refer to the recent World War and the War of 1812." 1 1 British are democrats. The freedom of the individual liberty, lim naval operations, said tonight that the rapidly expanding national de ited only by the laws which the fense forces would be used not only people through their representa to protect the nation's shores, but also to preserve traditional Amer tives themselves make, is our most precious heritage. But it is none ican institutions against "any and all aggressors." of our business if in other coun tries different systems are adopted; and we have not made that an A Good Day Begins 3 excuse for not cultivating good with a Miffs Breakfast' relations with them. It has often been said that Great Britain carried forbearance much His remarks, made under auspices of the United States New York World's Fair Commission, served as a prelude to the start of the administration's fight this week for neutrality law revision that will militate, in effect, against world dictatorships and aid Great Britain and France in obtaining arms supplies in this country. Leahy stressed the "modern application" of the Monroe Doctrine in the administration's "good neighbor" policy toward the Latin-American republics and Mr. Roosevelt's expressed warning to the world that the United States considers the entire Western Hemisphere as an American defense frontier. Only yesterday, in a double move, the administration strengthened Western Hemisphere unity by following the action of a majority of Latin-American countries in recognizing the Spanish Nationalist Government of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Reviewing the administrations vast rearmament program in an address over a nation-wide network, Leahy emphasized the need of strong naval, military and air establishments to put teeth in American foreign policy and thus indirectly promote peace. Leahy replaced Assistant Secretary of the Navy Charles Edison, originally scheduled to speak on the program. "History teaches us that lack of adequate means to support national policies and back up our diplomatic representations has been a contributing factor in this nation's be- mm nesYflunarjTi too far in her dealings with Hitlers government, and indeed it may be admitted that for no cause less than that of the world's peace could she have gone in the face of such serious discouragements. The EAST FOURTH STREET IETWEEN CIISON AND SINTON HOTELS annexation of Austria, the perse cution of the Jews, each in turn exasperated and embittered public opinion and created an atmosphere in which negotiation between Lon don and Berlin was for the time The move also will serve to place impossible. Still Britain was ready 7 illllr A 1W a United States Ambassador in the Spanish arena that soon may be at the earliest opportunity to go into conference in the hope of The Doorbell is Noise Enemy Number I a proving ground for the conflict- reaching agreements so comprehen ing economic theories of the democracies and the Nazi-Fascist doc sive that confidence would be re trines of International barter. stored sufficiently to establish In his address Leahy recalled the failure of arms limitation to promote peace and said the present new sense of security in Europe so that not only might peace be made RIGHT: Full, complete skins two of 'em beautifully matched. These natural SILVER FOXES. bright with flowing silver hairs, are indeed rare for the special price we have marked them. 99.00 the pair (Second Floor) LEFT: Pure Silk Crepe Slip, handmade throughout, with hand-fagoting, hand-applique and embroidery. Fashioned to stay put defense expansion program has safe but the wealth-destroying been forced by a "continuance of international saber rattling, unde armaments race stopped. It was the way of peace and till it was tried none could be sure that suc ELECTRIC DOOR CHIMES For Homes, Apartments and Offices Easily and quickly installed without any changes in door bell wiring. clared wars, broken treaties, and disregard of international agree cess was unattainable. "DISHONORING OF MUNICH." ments." Leahy said although the United States wishes "to be left alone," the people must defend American Then came the Czech crisis, German mobilization and those dread institutions because "to do less would be to betray our heritage ful days in September when Europe and give opportunity for the ex was on the verge of war. for one, tinction of the liberties of free Nutone Nulone Style "Junior" For Modern Kitchens Double-Purpose Chimes. Choice of ivory or white finish covers. Takes wall space of only wide by 14 it lovely under sheers and inqerie blouses. White and klf.l i men." cannot regret the part which my country then played. Some people "We covet the property or no nation on earth," he said. "We want no part of the ideologies of talk as if Germany's annexation of Czecho-Slovakia in March, 1939, was totalitarian systems. We do, how the result of Munich. Is it not al Operates on 110-volt or ary ceu Tearose 4.95 Other Handmade Slips from 2.95 (First Floor) "FILMED SILK" ever, fully intend not only to pro most certain that if there had been hotterien Special transformer tect our shores but also our insti no Munich conference Czecho UiCI all- 5.50 in tutions against any and all ag cluded. Choice or any finish slovakia would have been annexed then? Though Sudetenland went to Germany the rest of the country gressors." POET TO LECTURE was saved and the loss of its inde pendence in these recent days is if ft due not to Munich, but to the dis At TJ. C. On Problems Faced In Nutone Style AA-395 Double operation. Takes 6 Inches wall space. Choice of ivory or white. Operates double tone from front door, also single tone from rear door, on 110-volt AC or honoring of Munich, to the duplicity of Hitler in suddenly and without Industrialized Society. any notice of his cosignatories W. H. Auden, leader of the Eng violating the treaty to which he had dry cell batteries 3.95 lish modernist school of poetry, will lecture at 4 o'clock Wednesday at put his hand. I am not impressed now by the Laws Memorial Auditorium, University of Cincinnati, on "The Prob taunt that Chamberlain ought to have known that Hitler would be lems of Poetry in an Industrialized faithless. How could he have Society." The thirty-two-year-old poet and dramatist arrived in the United known? It is pertinent to point out that Britain's most important agreement with Germany before Nutone Style A-193 Single tone. Takes only 8 inches wall space. Choice of ivory or white. Operates a single tone on 110-volt AC or IOC dry cell batteries I.7J Other models at 29.50, 7.95, 6.95, 2.95 and 1.00 States two weeks ago to gather Munich the naval agreement- notes on contemporary America, believed to have been faithfully He was the first winner of the King's Gold Medal in King George VI's reign. He is the author of "Letters From Ireland, published in 1937 and written in collaboration Alms It Doepke Third Floor kept. But are peaceful settlements to be sought only when statesmen are perfectly sure beforehand that they will be attained? Was Europe to be plunged into war last autumn because of the possibility that the head of the German state would be i with Louis MacNeice. After passing five months in China preparing a book on the Sino-Japanese war false to his signature? he was with a British ambulance He had boasted that when he unit in the Spanish civil war. His satirical play, "The Dance of Death," gave his word he kept it, and now he was putting bis name to a docu I was produced by the Federal The- ment providing for the final settle sier xrojeci in iaoo in new xum City. ment of the Czech frontiers. He said he had no further territorial And "filmed silk" means that these hose are processed to eliminate easy gnawing. Snags are encouraged by "fuzz" on the surface, and these hose are as devoid of "fuzz" as it is possible to make them. The new colors are exciting. Proportioned Lengths 1.00 the pr. Three pairs for 2.85 (First Floor) The sheer blouse sketched is of striped marquisette trimmed with val-type lace. 3.95 Other Blouses from 2.95 Left: The perfect purse to carry vith Suits. Coats, Prints. Black patent leather with zip top and dressmaker handle of calf. Monogram additional. 5.00 Other Handbags from 3.00 (First Floor) A Spat-slipper of Patent and elas-ticized Gabardine. 10.95 Other Jenny Shoes from 6.95 claims. He insisted that he did not want non-Germans in the Reich. It was not only to Chamberlain that these assurances were given, they were given also to Daladier and Mussolini, the other signatories. If one was deceived they all were and not only they, but the people of Germany, too. ARMAMENT SPEEDED UP. The world is reduced to chaos if agreements are not kept when they OFTEN I FIND rT CAMELS. MILD, 'i I Us I Sincerely, are made. They are so necessary indeed that they cannot be refused because of mere suspicion that a signatory may not honor his engagement, though in such event the other signatories will in common prudence take measures to safeguard themselves against violation of the signed word. And that the British Government did after Munich. Instead of slackening, rearmament was speeded up and expanded. Deficiencies revealed during the crisis last autumn have been in large part made good. Today the country's defenses are immensely stronger than they were then. The civil defense bill just introduced in the House of Commons proves that the government is ready to take and use full power to maintain the country's security. For one, I resent the imputation that any share of responsibility for the tearing up of the Munich agreement can be placed on the British if Government or on those who have FOR SMOKING PLEASURE AT ITS BEST CAMEL tie cigarette tfCbstlier supported its policy. Blame for reason! wrongdoing attaches only to the We bad. honed and. Thit it, a buyt storei busier, than ever I There

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