The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1965
Page 2
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(>o.) Upper DM Mofnet Tuesday, October 5, 1965 iniiniRiiMniiiiiiiiiM Evelyn I don't know what Wade Sullivan's chest measurements were before Sept. 20, Init I do know since then he has been bursting his buttons. Why ? Because he was made a grandfather that day when his son-in-law and daughter, Mollie, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. MacDonald, became parents of a seven pound, 13 ounce daughter at St. Ann hospital. In keeping with the Irish background she has been appropriately named Heather Mary. Congratulations to all concerned. September birthdays of Elizabeth Baas and her sister Mollie Kressin were observed Sept. 21. Refreshments were served to all third floor Good Samaritan residents and Mrs. Don Smith, Sr. and Mrs. Duane Dewel of the Pink Ladies Auxiliary were hostesses. Sept. 23 - More of the same tiling, cloudy and threatened rain, but the sun came out Just enough yesterday to let us know it's still lurking around, biding it's time. Surely we deserved a nice October - optimistic me! A card dated Sept. 17 came from Maggie Pannkuk and said in part, "C. A. (her husband) and 1 are in Rochester at St. Mary hospital. (He is the patient and she has a room in a house a block and a half away). Ho was getting no help at home (Fairmont) or Mankato and so far none here. Don't know when we will be home." * * * A letter from Florence Patterson Howard reads in part - "So glad to get your letter, but sorry to get the news of Mrs. Bourne's death. We had gotten to know them so well after we came to Phoenix. (Their families knew each other well years ago, too). I had a letter from Grace Jackman asking me to come back to Algona for a visit this fall, but 1 can't make it now. During the school year 1 help Nadine •(her daughter) who teaches, taking Anne (the granddaughter of Florence) around to her music lessons and dancing, etc. Also I keep her often Saturday nights during football season. I enjoy all this and get great pleasure having her with me." Well, "Patt', all I can say is that -It's getting later than you think, it's been years since you were here and I think a "sitter" could be arranged for at least a short time to enable you to see old friends. "We still have hot weather, 100 today, but nights are cool. Reading of the storms in Florida makes me wonder about Mattie (Dewel Thorpe she refers to)." She and Burton are at Margate, Fla. and when Dorothy Dewel was here yesterday, I asked about them. They are 0. K. and were not in the danger zone. Mattie 1 s Girl Scouts plans to have a fiftieth anniversary celebration next summer and Mattie, who was their leader, plans to be here. Burton's health is much improved and Mattie gets around well with a walker. To thp memliers of the Square Dance club here, 1 can add the information that my cousin Glen Henderson and his wife, Dean, Heniet, Calif., are also members of a club out there. Glen likes to sing and a fe\v years ago invented "singing calls". Dean sets the patterns. Glen was a meml>er of a quartet and on one of our visits there ho surprised mother and me by having the boys join him for an evening of music. They were very good and could easily have gone professional. They had two daughters, Gloria and Peggy. Gloria was just a little toddler when we were out west the first time, and the second time Gloria was a young lady, Peggy had been added, and now Glen and Dean are grandparents. I just caji't keep up with the years. Glen and Dean love to fish and have a travel-trailer they take to the beach, mostly Oceanside, I think. They were planning to go for a few days when I heard from them and had also gone to Los Angeles to see the Dodgers and Giants baseball game. * + * The Clarence Frasers are collecting quite a lot offamlly" now, having 19 grandchildren with the birth Aug. 10 at St. Paul, Minn, of a son to their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deuhs. Other children of Mr. and Mrs. Deuhs are Joe, Jr., Cecelia and Greg. Emma Crouch likes birds, but she wishes they'd eat ONE strawberry . completely instead of taking a peck at each one. She has quite a battle with them and it's a race who gets the fruit first, Emma or the robins, blackbirds and doves. I am reminded of the battle Sam McClellan had with birds in the cherry trees when he lived with his daughter Ruth and her husband Glen Raney. I had such a nice visit with Kate McMurray, Glendale, Cal., when she and Lizzie Post were here the other afternoon. The McMurrays are going from here to Portsmouth, Va. to see their daughter Pat and husband Harold Janson and will, of course, sightsee in Washington. * * * Another caller I had recently was Vivian Skogstrom, whom I had not seen in quite awhile. We had such a good visit, too. Ed Wolf,, Jess Dugan and Jim Kelly came home cold, disgruntled and disappointed with their fishing trip at Winnebigosh, Minn. No fish, no sun, shall we say "No nuthin'". * * * I get into all sorts of subjects when getting news and often it pays off. By a long chat with an eastern vacationer about Louisa May Alcott and my expressed admiration for my favorite book, her "Little Women" 1 said how I'd love to see her home. I had a picture of the house, but this friend did even better - was at Con- cord, went to the home and went through the house. She brought me several pictures and the interior is much more pretentious than 1 had imagined. In the book, the March family was always spoken of as not having much money - well, maybe they didn't, but the home didn't look as though they lacked finances. I saw both movies, the first Katherine Hepburn made a perfect Jo, but June Allyson didn't fit the part at all. When I called Lydia Donovan for news and asked what she was doing she replied "Shaking a rug." I told her "It might l>e more fun cutting the rug" and she agreed. I know just how Sadie Skilling felt when she got locked out of her own home. Luckily, an upstairs window was open a little way and when she told her neighbor Joe Wilger of her predicament, he brought a ladder, crawled through the window and Mrs. Skilling was back home I We had a night lock on our front door and it was mother's custom to get the newspaper for me to read in bed while she dressed. She was usually careful to push the little dodad in, but this one morning she became careless and the wind took advantage and closed the door. There was mottier in a thin housecoat, light bedroom slippers and about three inches of snow on the ground. She had to go around the house to the back door. Mrs. Johnson, who lived in the apartment let her in, she phoned Lizzie Post, and good old Liz came to the rescue, stood on a chair to reach the bathroom window, crawled in and opened the doors, back and front. She has also been the "rescue party" on other occasions. * * * Mr. and Mrs. James Walker, The quick and easy way is to make a ODD call to 555-1212, the number for Universal Information service. Dial as you would for any ODD call, using the area code if the telephone number you want is in a city not in your area code region. If you do not have ODD, ask the Operator to connect you with Information in the distant city. Try this free service now — keep a handy, timesaving list of distant telephone numbers. NORTHWESTERN BELL IN IOWA KEEP IN TOUCH VIA ODD NO MATTiR HOW YOU LOOK DIAMOND'S The Jacket Headquarters of N.W. Iowa his 92-year olrl mother, Mrs. Nettle Fisher, and his sister Nora Garner, have returned from an extended trip to the west coast covering 10,000 miles to Lakn Coweijan, Canada. Mrs. Walker came with two enormous peaches for me. Mrs. Fisher has a brother, Anderson Eckhert, 81, whom she had not seen in 62 years. In fact, he thought she was dead, but the moment he saw her he said "Why Nettie!" They drove over the Big Horn mountains, were at Yellowstone Park, fed the bears, and stopped at Seattle to see a cousin Art Warmaba, whom they had not seen in 50 years. They crossed on a ferry holding 125 cars, caught salmon, saw everything worth seeing and Mrs. Walker had a ring set with a beautiful agate, in shades of red, and beautiful earrings set with another stone, I don't recall what she named it, but sort of crystal but with glistening colors as the lights hit them. * * * The peaches were so juicy and sweet and you can imagine the size of some which had to be cut in four sections to be put in wide-mouthed jars, and ONE peach filled the jars. * * * Other interesting statistics they made the trip in a 58 Ford, and took five days to go and five to come home. The gas bill was only $100 and the whole trip was unbelievably low. She says they have been saving for this trip and looking forward to it for some time. * * * Other interesting data on Mrs. Walker's family is that of the nine girls in her family, her sister, Mrs. George Freese, nee Fay Johnson, is the first of nine to become a widow, Funeral services were held at Alden a few weeks ago for Mr. Freese who, during his two years of sickness, had been given 22 1/2 gallons of blood. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Walker attended the services. Mrs. Walker has promised me a blueberry pie made from some she brought back. I shall be looking forward to it. * * * To close on a less somber tone - "A switch - Football season - when girls whistle at men in sweaters." COUPLE Mr. and Mrs. Lyle F. Bachman, former Onawa residents, have both been named Peace Corps volunteers and completed 10 weeks of training at San Jose College, Calif. They left Sept. 6 for work in the Phillipines. Lyle will teach English and Mrs. Bachman will teach science. OTTOSEN By Mrs. Donald 'Jsher Mrs. I. E. Movick returned home from Lutheran hospital Friday. She had been a medical patient, having suffered a broken hip. Mrs. Merle Halsrud had surgery on her back at Lutheran hospital Friday. Mrs. Kate Jacobson visited from Sunday until Wednesday at the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobson at Maynard. From there she went to Titonka where she visited at the homes of two daughters, Mrs. Gail Stoddard and Mrs. Art Bartlett. Mrs. Jacobson's grandson, Gerald Stoddard, 12, had an emergency appendectomy operation at Britt Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hulmes of Traer were Monday dinner guests at the Jessie Van Buskirk home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Holt of Spicer, Minn., who were enroute to Florida, were also Monday overnight visitors at the Van Buskirk home. Eveningvis- itors were Mr. and Mrs. Loren Daniel and Margaret Holt. Mr. and Mrs. Erling Malmin visited his aunt, Mrs. Bertha Malmin at Worthington, Minn. Friday. She will leave Oct. 2 to visit in Norway, Mr. and Mrs. James Banwart entertained their card club Sunday night. Allan Watnem had high score and Paul Kampen low. Mrs. Paul Kampen had high score for women and Mrs. Robert Waechter low. Paul Kampen had travel. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson were Sunday visitors at the Walter Jacobson home at Rembrandt. Wishing For A Buyer Won't Make That Sale! GIVE ONCE ... THE UNITED WAY GIVE ONCE ... THE UNITED WAY THE UNITED WAY Give Once... and You Give Many the Help and Hope They Need ,.. .. -. AND YOU ACCOMPLISH THESE OBJECTIVES You join with others in supporting thirteen (13) worthy causes. You eliminate considerable expense and overlapping effort arid annoyance of the many individual campaigns formerly conducted. You are assured that the budget committee has studied, analyzed and questioned the requests for funds and the uses thereof and the board of directors has made the budget allocations according to its best judgment of need, use, and past community support of the causes. This is your United Fund, and you can help make it successful by your v ?! unteer work — b V « r 9ing your neighbor to support it — and by your contributions (keeping in mind that the gift should be large enough to* contemplate your support of thirteen causes IN ONLY ONE CAMPAIGN IN ONE YEAR). Expiring 1968 Sharon Cowan Jack Chrischilles Clair Blossom Les Riter Thelma Riter Inez Wolfe Bill Kraft, Treas. Directors of U. F. of Algona and year terms expire: Expiring 1966 Dolores Hopkins Pearl Moore Bertha Sundet Elgin Allen John Claude Genavon Taylor (Mrs. Rex) Richard Rlngsdorf Expiring 1967 Donald Gant, Viee-Pres. Irving (Pudge) Miller Joe Pomplun Delia Welter James Kolp, Pres. Mrs. Kevin (Skip) Nash COAL FOR 1965 ALGONA CHARITIES, INC. Provides a helping hand for many in real need, particularly children, in the Algona community, and in cases not covered by government type aid. This includes corrective measures for defects of eyes, hearing, teeth, and limbs; and funds are allocated according to need upon investigation by the school nurse, with some 70 cases, more or less, receiving attention annually. KOSSUTH COUNTY SCHOOL FOR RETARDED CHILDREN, pr ovides aid by special day school, obtains specialist advice, and endeavors to make it possible for retarded children to become more dependent upon themselves and fit into community life. ' BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (PRAIRIE GOLD COUNCIL) A 12 month ready.planned character building program along with camp and office facilities and professional guidance made available to all boys and their leaders through the services of a local area Boy Scout Council. GIRL SCOUTS provide instruction and leadership in healthful and useful activity for increasing number of growing girls contributing to development of skills and character. Many capable and devoted leaders contribute unselfishly of their time and talent to make a program a success. IOWA CHILDREN'S HOME SOCIETY provides care and counselling in foster family boarding homes for the child who has to live away from home and for the unmarried mother. Adoption service for couples wishing to adopt is also available. SALVATION ARMY'S work is directed toward care of the poor with food, clothing and shelter, provides care for unwed mothers, prisoners and parolees and their families, aid in national emergencies, and work with and for service men. RED CROSS. The Red Cross furnishes volunteer aid in cases of pestilence, famine, fire and other disasters. The federal government designates the agency for responsibility in providing relief in many disasters. Assistance is provided in swimming instruction and life saving and first aid Instruction. CANCER CAUSES — Research, education and services. HEART CAUSES — Research, education and services. POLIO AND OTHER NEURO-MUSCULAR DISEASES — Research, education and services, IOWA MENTAL HEALTH — An increasing problem being at tacked and alleviated by research, service and cart. KOSSUTH COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH ASSN. ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM FOUNDATION — The Iowa Chipter U very efficient In doing outstanding work in service and research. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 1,000 1,700 2,650 2,300 700 750 2,125 1,250 Campaign, clerical, publicity, etc. expense. w Campaign Dates for 1965 * $ $ 250 450 125 450 750 f ADVANCE GIFTS START SEPTEMBER 20 COMMERCIAL AREA STARTS OCTOBER 1 RESIDENTIAL ARIA STARTS OCTOBER 16 TOTAL $15,300 (ilVK ONCK ... THE UNITED WAY GIVE ONCE ,,. THE UNITED WAY

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