The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1965 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1965
Page 15
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30, 1965 iih Evelyn September 16 - Well, I am unhappy to report some more of th<? same - cloud),cool threatening rain and a weather headline doesn't cheer one any - possible sno\v ? Which reminds me of a sermon I heard Rev. O, W. Brand preach one time. He was making, the point that we'd better he satisfied to let the Lord lake care of the weather, for what a mess we'd make of it. The ones who wanted to go on a picnic prayed for a sunny day, the farmer needing rain for his crops prayed for rain. And a story 1 read one time, just a little quip said a congregation had prayed for rain, and got it in torrents. One of the group said "Next time we'dbetter sav how much." There have been ads and ads for color TV and along came a card to me from Lawrence Welk in color of course - him at the wheel, Norma Zimmer seated beside him and Barbara Boylen, Joan Castle and the four Lennon sisters surrounding them on the back seat. The message announced his first show in color would come Sept. 18 from their Mobile Home Estates near Escondido. Well, I'll stick to black and white a while longer. I've heard such pro and con. At least wait until I can see color some time when I am up town. * * * Pauline McGuire brought me a picture to see of William Shirley way back in - oh, probably 1910 or near there. He was running for Kossuth county superintendent, and got it. He was a nice looking young man and he and his wife, whom he made his deputy, kept the office many years. Thank you, Wade, for your mail enclosure. Unfortunately it had already been covered, but your note amused me and proves you read my column. Yes, 1 was vexed with the out- of-state P. 0., but you're tops with me 1 * *' * imiiiiiiniiiifiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiitnNi'iiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiti'iiniiiHMiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiniiffl people that the KylP Keith family knew the Mississippi entrant in the "Miss America" contest, Patricia Puckett, of Columbus and their daughter, Jean, was a classmate back in 4, 5 and Gth grades. She was a runner-up and in my opinion was prettier than the winner, Delxirah Bryant of Kansas. I didn't watch the whole program - I have seen so many and I am not a Bert Parks fan. Jearr Keith is now Mrs. Larry Klein and lives in Elko, Nev. She and her husband are both recent graduates of the State College of Iowa at Cedar Falls and are teaching, Jean kindergarten and Larry 5th grade. It was good having a visit with Lorraine Crammond (Mrs. Emory Seward) of Pompano Beach, Fla., who was house guest a couple of days of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith. Lorraine and a friend drove to Chicago where Lorraine and her late husband lived many years. Alter his retirement, they moved to Florida, but his enjoyment of leisure was far too brief. Lorraine was not worried about her home and "Betsy" as she had no word of damage and her home is sturdily built, she said. I have known Lorraine many years as she made her home with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.WllliamCrammond across the street west from us most of the time. Many a 500 game we have had with her father Lou, an old family friend, when he came to visit his parents. Mrs. Crammond (Josephine)outlived her husband by quite a number of years. What a wonderful housekeeper she was and the yard was always in perfect condition. * * * The Bill Dau and Howard Hoenk trailer houses at the Keys, Fla. suffered damage, Inside and out during "Betsy's" rampage, and were finally located at some distance from where they are supposed to be. Luckily they carry Insurance and the man who oversees the place, is competent and adequate adjustments will be made. * * * It will be of interest to local The George Fisher family will lie well remembered by older residents. In the family were Claire, Pearl, Georgia, Peggy, Henry and Harold. They lived next door to my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henderson. Peggy is about my age and married a Gangley of Emmetsburg. Henry and Harold are deceased and other old neighbors seem to think there was another son but we can't remember his name. Claire and Pearl married Ericksons, no relation, and Georgia married Dr. W. E. H. Morse. Which leads up to the news that the women and Clair's daughter, Dorothy, all from Alhambra, visited Peggy at Ernmelsburg and called on Segrid Nelson Kohlhaas, a former neighbor. Agatha Coughlin Hanson was also a neighbor and wishes they had called on her. I recall mother telling about the Henderson-Fisher children not getting along too well together - nothing serious - just kid stuff, which everyone with children will understand. Dr. Morse had been married previously and had a son Willie whom 1 knew in the early grades. Poor Willie. Everything was laid to him, and I don't believe he was a bad lad at all. But you know how it is. Someone always has to be the "goat" and Willie was it. How's this for arithmetic as 1 understand it? "Smallest HALF" as heard recently. * * + Mrs. William Clegg, Mrs. Jerry Leaneagh and Mrs. Ronald Taylor have found an ideal way to get away from the 13 children between them. Kids do get on ones nerves once in a while, so they tell me. Well, each has soloed via plane since Aug. 17 - which gets them away and into the utter peace of the wide, blue yonder. * * * Recently, the Cleggs and Taylors attended a flight breakfast at Cherokee. I asked how long it took to get there - "Oh, about 20 minutes," was the reply. I remember a trip there that took a friend and I from about 6 a. m. on the west bound Milwaukee train till too late at noon to get into the hotel dining room so we went to a restaurant for our noon meal at Sheldon. Then a wait of hours which we spent in the park and roaming, around, then took a train to Cherokee just in time for the duck dinner his sister had prepared for us. Boy - in the good old days we TRAVELED I Bonnie Bradford, our R. N. here on day duty, played "Jingle Bells" on the loud speaker the other day. Well, at the rate summer went, it won't be long now. + * * Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bjustrom celebrated a wedding anniversary Sept. 15. Roy is a patient at St. Ann, but his wife took food and ate dinner with him. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Elbert and Mr. and- Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves had anniversaries the 15th, too, but "Tillie" Hargreaves had a sore throat, so Ralph and his wife celebrated alone by going out to dinner and will celebrate later with the Hargreaves, brother and sister-in- law of Mrs. Elbert. * * * There Is a bridge club composed of Messrs and Mesdames Russel Buchanan,Ted Herbst, Ed Gilmore and Jim Kolp. After a certain length of time, the losers entertain the winners. The Gilmores do not have much luck and after being on the losing side for some time, the rest of the members decided to do something about it. They sprung a surprise on them and after leaving elaborate Instructions as to where to go, slipped away to a cottage on Manhattan Beach at Okobojl and prepared to greet the Gilmores - providing, too, for a weekend there, Sept. 18-19. And I imagine a very nice dinner had been prepared for the Gilmores, or possibly reservations made at some nice place to dine. * * * Bad luck overtook the Ollie Nasbys this week. I haven't heard the details butMr.Nasby's brother was hospitalized at Rochester following surgery and Mrs. Nasby's brother had a jaw injury in an accident. Mrs. Nasby's brother is Aaron Nyborg and lives at Portsmouth, Va. In order to avoid a car collision, he headed his car into a ditch that threw him against the steering wheel and he suffered a broken jaw. It has been wired and it will be awhile before he will be fully recovered, but his condition otherwise is fine. * * * I am happy to report my letter finally reached my cousin Glen Henderson and his wife Dean at Hemet, Calif., and I had an immediate reply, and you may be assured the proper address goes in my book. "All's well that, ends well." And thank you," Marjorie Carlon Harriman, for your part in it. But who wants it? 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Dodge honored the birthday of Mrs. Elmer Emery of Ft. Dodge. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Emery, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wittmeier family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ristau family, Lester Hinz, Mrs. Fay HarmonandMrs. Marie Jackson, all of LuVerne. Verne attended the dedication of the new Algona Post Office. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kubly, were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Altman at Osage. Mr. and Mrs. David Trauger made a short visit Sunday with their parents, the Harold Trauger and Carl Hanselman families. They were enroute to the Iowa State University at Ames where David will further education for his master's degree. Mrs. Hanselman will be employed in nursing at Mary Greeley hospital. The first meeting of the year of the J. J. Club after summer va- cation was held Friday, Sept. 10, with Mrs. Ardis Rockwood. Mrs. Wm. Goetsch, new president, presided at the business. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kubly, Lake City, Minn., are parents of a 7 Ib. 6 oz. son born Sept. 11. They have a daughter, Carla, and a son, Keven, here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kubly of LuVerne and Robert Rusher of Carthage, So. Dak., are the grandparents. Miss Mareo Stampka, employed by Bell Telephone at Algona visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Stampka. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marty and Norman visited recently at the Western Home in Cedar Falls with her father, the Rev. A. S. Beckman. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Merkel have moved from Algona to their farm home west of LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Marty, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly, visited with their daughter, the Judean Weltha family in Randall. CITATION Pvt. Ronald L. Woodward son of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Woodward, Moravia, received the highest' proficiency rating among 800 new Army recruits at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. this month in rifle accuracy and over-all training during his 8 weeks at the' camp. 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