Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1894
Page 2
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IfliWlM hasjproven to; be ihe most*"satisfactory and popular "Book-of the Fair" yet offered^ at the price. Everyone is Loud in Their Of its beauty and elegance of design. As the weeks roll by and the series nears completion the demand for the parts constantly increases. The reason is apparent—the work advertises itself. js artistic in conception js accurate in detail is complete in design is the book for the people And can only be found at the Journal office. Those who have not been getting the parts as they arrive should not fail to call at once and secure the back numbers. Part 12 now ready. See coupon on 1st page. America's Greatest Actors Are all portrayed in The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celobritiess. Such a complete collection was never made before. Such an opportunity to iecure portraits and biographies of the leaders in drama as that now offered to^the readers of the Journal has not occurred before. That is why our Coupon Department Is kept busy and our mails are loaded with orders from poo- pie of taste with an eye for tho beautiful. AH aro Eager To Secure These magniflcoct portfolios while the offer of them at tho trilling sum asked by The Journal still holds out. Each part contains twenty elegant halMono photographs finished in two colors. Ten Parts Are Ready The lR3t part is fully ns interesting as any that proceeded it, with the portraits and biographical sketches of twenty famous favorites of tho American Stage. Do You Wonder Is it surprising that tho demand for "Stage Celebrities" should be so great as to amount to a veritable boom, when twenty elegant portraits and biographical sketches ol such famous folks can be secured for ONLY TEN CENTS, in three coupons. That is tho price at which The Journal offers them. CUT THIS OUT. MAY 8.1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Thl«* «t theae coupons and ten cent* - *«*» tb« current number of tne Mem- T! War Booki I' presented at tbe •--?B3Stti5it«* ,TJ>* Journal. CUT T1IIH OUT. MAY S,18U1. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, is Rood lor one part, containing twenty potUulta, ot the Marie Bnrrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOUBNAI* IN A NEW HOLE. Emperor William's Gallant Work at a Fire, The Kaiser Chops Away Roofs, Helps the Bucket Brigade and Aids in Saving a Village. A HOVAL F1HK FIOHTKIt. POTS:>A.M, May 7.—It isn't often that the pi-oplu of lititow have an emperor for 11 tireimin, but they had one just before noon when limperor Williiim vied with the humbleht citizen of tho town to see which could do the most work la saving tlio property of tlie people. Uutow id a village near this city, surrounded by a number of prosperous farmers. "The fire started in one of the dwellings in the town, and. there be- in£ no means of checking it, soon made fj-reat, hea J way. Word that Oatow was in flames was soon conveyed to William, whu was at the now" palace- Ho called for his horse and while it was belnpr prepared for him he alarmed the Spandau garrison and summoned assistance from the fire department of Uerlin, ordering engines to be dispatched at once. Then he rode at full gullop to Gatow. Tb« SoYorr>lKti'» Noblo Work. Onco there he minfflcd with the men of the village who were fighting tho fire, and his extraordinary daring and apparent recklessness thrilled and dazzled the people. The emperor seized an ax and led the villagers on a new line of defense. He boldly entered housa after house from which the smoke was pouring- and came out only after having do'no good worlc within. The flames from one building were threatening another, when the emperor climbed to tho roof and amid the smoke chopped away at a projecting portion of the structure until he hod cut it off and so saved the adjoining 1 building- from taking fire. A shower of sparks fell around him, and he cut a noble figure as he swunjf his ax OTCI- his head and lopped off tho dangerous boam. Initplrocl OtL«r». His courage and his high bearing incited the villagers to great performance, and they now began to give battle 'to the flames with renewed vigor. When tho emperor came down from his fiery field he helped the women to carry buckets of watrr and In many other ways assisted in subduing the flames. His presence and his work went far toward saving the village from total destruction, afutc it would surely have met had he not come. Helped tho llomeloii. When the worst was passed his majesty was foremost in organizing parties for the succor of those who had been rendered homeless by the flrn. Entire command of the whole work was, of course, at once surrendered to him, and the soldierly and prompt fashion in which he laid out plans and executed them won for him the admiration of everybody who suvr him work. A SERIOUS CHARGE. Saut'lirrn G. A. K. Posts Said to Have MUupproprlilted Uonnttonft. MILWAUKEE, May 7.—Commander J. A, Watrous, of the Wisconsin department G, A. K., has raado the sensational statement that of tens of thousands of dollai-s sent to two southern grand army posts during recent years by northern veterans ouly a small portion was ever devoted to tho purpose for which it was given, namely: The decoration of the graves of union soldiers buried in the south. Most of the money, said Col. Watrous, has apparently been put into a new memorial hall at Richmond. One of the posts that is accused of thus misappropriating funds Is located at Richmond, the location of the other is not stated. Veterans are warned against giving any further aid to those posts who have heretofore solicited money for the work of decorating graves. Col. Watrous says hundreds of women's relief corps have boon swindled out of small sums by these posts since the alarm was lirst raised in the G. A. posts some time ago. Tlio Totirixtn AIIVC. GHATX, Austria, Jlay "—A diver at 10:30 o'clock a. m. succeeded in reaching the tourists who have been imprisoned in the stalactite cavern atSouraich Saturday, April 23, owing to tho judden rise in the water and the fact that the passage became blocked with timber and bowlders. The diver found all seven of the tourists alive. It was at first believed that eight people were imprisoned. A llmlcmmn KlIUul. LAFAYETTE, '1ml., May 7.—Henry I) inch man, a brakoman on the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago railroad, was killed near tftiiic.svillc Sunday morning. C'upturcil tUi« First Prize. KOKOMO. Ind.. May?.—Thomas Weed, of this city, captured the first pri/.e—a gold watch—in the 8-mile bicycle raco at Greenfield Saturday. Dentil of it Vottirau. BouiaiOM. lad., May 7. — William Wcissert, axi ox-soldier and early sot- tier, died Saturday nipht of heart diar ease, nged 90. An Export. Dark town Merchant—You says dat your son would hub the necessary qualifications for ;i clei-k. do you? Would lie bear confinement'? Mrs. Sam G. 11. .lohnson—Yes sahi Ho hab had Jots of experience in dat lino. Why, sah, lie stayed in jail for two whole' years.—Alex Swcat.in Texas Siftings. • —The flash of a gun fired at a distance is seen long: before it is heard, because light travels much faster than lonnd. laffht would go four hundred ani eighty times around the w THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR ONE. Such In tlio Cunt to < olli.rt IIncl« Siiro'N Ilitvuimt! nt Coriiiln Poliil- According to the ropurl of tho supervising special agont of the treasury ilu- partment, :is contained in tho finance report, of thu socrcl.ury of the treasury, there are certainly a number of ollices in the customs service of tho country that ought to bo abolished. Thosu arc the ports or alleged ports of entry :it which the exix;ns«s of collecting duties greatly exceed the receipts, or where there arc no receipts at all. There are a number of such, B.nd though there is no revenue from thorn there is of course expense more or loss considerable. Now York actually collects seven tenths of the entire customs revenue of the country, and with but one exception docs it at a lower average cost than any port in the country. Last year it collected 8138,032,031. IS at an expense of $2,70:2,300,57, There were employed 1,73,'i persons, and the proportionate cost of collecting one dollar was one and nine-tenth cents. Des Moines, la., operated under the lowest expenses. One man is employed there, and he collected ?0,!j-M.00 at an outlay of $105.43. or one and six-tenths cents per dollar. This is an exceedingly good showing, particularly when contrasted with r.ho expenses elsewhere. The most out ragx'ous exhibition of extravagance is observed at tho port of Tuquina, Ore., where it costs proportionately $4,415.04 to collect one dollar. Tlioy have a collector there who drew during tho fiscal .year of 18(W a compensation of $1,002.05, and in return for this handed over to tho revenue tho sum of twenty-live cents, Natchez, Mass., comes next on tho list, the proportionate cost of collecting a dollar there being $1,001, Tho collector of Natchez turned in last year fifty cents to the treasury 'and was compensated to tho extent of $SOO. DO for his vast labor. Annapolis, Md., stands rather high in tho list of unproductive ports, it costing there f.'!93.r>:! to collect a dollar. Tho expenses were PJ34.SO and the aggregate receipts S- :i.j. Other high cost places and the proportionate amount of expense for the collection of one dollar of revenue are: Tooho, La., $3-14.88; Cedar Keys, Flo., $±;0.r>S; Kenncbunk.'Me., $1">7.84; Kock Island, 111., $37.S3; Nowbcrne, K. C-, S71.04; Cape Charles City, Va., SCO.SS; Burlington, la., $31.91; Castine, Me., 833.41; Georgetown, S. C.,S:i4.10, and La Crosse, Wis., &!•}. There are quite a number of sinecures in the service, >vhero men arc retained and remunerated for their services without collecting a penny of revenue. In this category, with the amount paid to the customs otliccr in charge, are the following: Coos Day, Ore., S1.S32; Beaufort, N. C., SI, 132; Crisficld, Md., 52,.W8.38; Tappahannock. Va., S533.U4; ^ng Harbor, N. Y., S41H.GO; York, Mo.. ?2",0.02; Paducah, Ky., JK">0; Galena, 111., $:!.">0; Chattanooga, 'lonn., 5402.30, and Bristol and Warren, Iv. I., S1SO. The expenses o.f collecting- the revenue at certain offices, while not proportionately largo per dollar, run into largo amounts and consume the entire proceeds and instances cause deficits in the receipts of tho office. Thus, at Corpus Christ!, Tex., it costs S20.0TS to collect $10,903; at Gloucester, Mass., $13,201 to collect $12,204; at Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va., 513,603 to collect S13,OB1; at Wuldoboro, Me., fS,-I01 to collect 55,832, and at Wilmington, N. C., $10,577 to collect $10,514.—N. Y. Herald. —A destitute author is said to have gone to Dumas pens once (says Life's Calendar) and threatened to suffocate himself and his three children unless Dumas could let him have three hundred francs at once. Dumas rummaged his coffers thoroughly, but could only find two hundred francs. "But I must have three, or I and the little loves are lost." "Suppose you only suffocate yourself and one of them, then," said Dumas. _____ --Shady—"The rascal called mo a liar!" Bright--"And so he has got onto it? And a stranger, too! Curious, isn't it?"—Boston Transcript. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when riehtly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with Jesa expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best product*._ to the needs of physical being, will .-yttebt the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles^ embraced in tne re its Q cxceIlcnce°Js due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of. a perfect las- alive; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headache, and fever* and permanently curing constipation It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthithe approval of the met heal profession,' because it acts on the Kid- iievs, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrop of Figs ia for sale by.all druggists in We and $1 bottles, but it ui man- 'ufactured by the California Fig Syrup |Co. only, whose name IB printed on every (package, alio the name, Syrup of Slg*i land Iwing well informed, yon will ,..—L .-"-' A ELECTRIC FLASHES. John I'l cm ing, whose connection with tho "I'nnd W" swindle mailo him notorious, died at his home ;it Chicago. The sixth constitutional convention of the stati: of X«w York will nici'l i:i the assembly chamber at Albany Tuesday. The Cleveland (0.) Gas Fixture Manufacturing cnir.pany lias n.-,M^m;it with liabilities of S-17,000; a.sMjth.tija,- 000. The weekly statement of tho Xcw York banks was unusually fnvnrablc, showing un increase in loans of irl,'^') 1 .*,800. John G. Shortall was reflected president of the Illinois Humane society at its twenty-fifth annual meeting in Chicago. Twelve indiitnu-nts were r« turned by the prrnnd jnry us the result of the investigation into alleged election frauds in Chicuf, r o. The special census of I>c Mars, la,, shows it has a, population of 5.KOU. bringing the city uiulur the provisions of tho new saloon law. A new font) of government for tho Indians'will probably be recommended bv the senate coniinilt..ee which recently visited the territory. The Michigan Central has decided to no longer use the obnoxious uniform bill of lading 1 , issuing instead the simple form desired by shippers. .Tudg-cs of St. Chvir county. Mo., who havo been in jail for contempt in refusing to make a tax levy, have sent their resignations to the pfovornor. Bishop Matz has excommunicated Father Malone, of Denver, and about 100 of his parishioners for talcinjf a church matter into the courts. Hibernians are gathering- at Omaha to attend tho fortieth annual convention of tho ancient order. Three hundred deleg-ales will be present. Two thousand men attacked a Cleveland foundry in which a strike is in progress aud were fired on by gr..irds. No one was hurt as far as known. In conversation at New Orleans Congressman Wilson expressed confidence- of the passage of v.he tariff bill. lie believes congress will adjourn by July 1. MARKETS. GralD, FrovUlonl, Kto. CKICAOO, May 7. FLOUn—Dull and unchanged. Quotatlon. are: Winter—Patents, J2.fOi38.00: straights, K.OOfflS.75; oloars, tZ.KKiJ2.-lO: seconds. jl.SOi» 1.90; :ow grades, S-'l.&oai.TO. Sprins—Patents, Ki.2ua3.50; slra'.Khts, K.BOS'iOO; Halters', tl.75 ®2.10: low grades, fMOJtl.50; Red DOR. Sl.susr 1.40; Uyn, S2.40a:.GO. WIIKAT—Moderately active and lo^er. Cash Cons—Qalot and easy. No. 2. 37»^c; No. ! Yellow, 3UJ4C; N'o. 3, 37>io: No. 3 Yellow, 88_;c; May, S7?;c; Juno, SSiic; July. SO-iasOMc; Sep OATS—ttuiher Quiet, and easier. No. 2 cash, 35a35!i<;! May, 34a3">'ic: June, SJ^aSlc; July, 30&50 L tC: September. 25?*£0—V^c, Samples in fair demand and firm. No 3, 33v4ffi3«je; No. 2 -Whlw. S5VtG3CVic: Na '•!, 3-'>St35?*.: No. 2 White, 313J/.1137C. Kyi—Steady, will) orrerinps UK'"- No. 2 cas'J, 4Gc, sample lots, 4'34i_Mya .May delivery, 4flo. MABI.BT—Demand an>l oflcrlnss both small. Choice by sample, 603.Wi'-: fair to good, SIOWc: common, lOiiOOc, with ocreeulaKS H6.00217.50 per ton. MESS POKK—Trading llRM and prices steady. Quotations ranged at }:_.<0ail47i/, for cash roifiilar-. fia35ttl2.C4 for May, and Jli^a 12.17K for July. LAHU—Very quiet nr.d steady. Quotations rAnKCd at ST.SOit?.^ for cash; J7.50it7,. t )2!a for May: $7.12^(£67.15 for Ju'.y, and fT.liliriCt' for September. LlTB POULTKY—Per pound: Chickens, 7H 8c; Turkoys, O^c; Ducks, 8&Dc; Geeso, f^ O6.00 per dozen, BCTTEii-Creamery, Pa^^c: Dairy, 1S31 PacUlng Swok, 6.»fc LiQUOJW*—Distilled spirits steady on the basis of H.15 per gal. for Unlshed goods. On*—Wisconsin Prime White, 7Hc: Water VThi.to. "Ho: Michigan Prime- Wclw. 8Hc; Wa- tor White, Do; Indiana Prlmo White, 8«c; Wa- tor White, 8-Kc; HuadliKht, 175 tost, 8«o: Gas ollno, 87 dog's, IH-tc; 74 Jeg's, 9c; Naphtha. C3 flea's, Ovic. NEW YORK. May 7. WHEAT—Na 2 red weak, selling down to the lowest point on rocord. May, 02 l 4ic562 isic; July, 62 3-IG&624C: December, G74Qt07-Sic, COHN—-No. '4 opened quiet and easier. May, 4SK4MIWO: July, 4<?O«iic. [jOiTS—No. ^ qtilci. Dm steady: trad: whits StftW, 4'JOl(io: traclt white Western, IMl-trn-. PROVISIONS—Beof—Quiet. Family, tl-'-OO-a 13,00; extra inPss. f7.Man SO. Pork—Steady. New mess, H3.7VAM.OU: family. tlLBUTfis W. Lard—Steady. Prime Western steam. $7.1)0. TOLEDO, O,. May 7. WHEAT—Lower, quiet. No. " cash and May, 57o; July, Wo bid; AUKUSU COc bid. CORN—Du . No. C earth and Maj-. 3?c, OATS—Fin... No. - mixed, 35wo: No. i 1 \vli!:o. 370. KTE—Steady. Canli. BOe. - CLO\i;HSn;;D-Quict, easy. Prime easli, S. r >,00; October. H.80 bid. Hvo Stock. CHICAGO. May 7. Ilont— Market fairly active. I' rices opened steady but later ruled weal: at 5c dec:inc, Sules rangodat J4.70lS5.2U for Pigs; K>.osafi.SO for . . Hgbt: M.OOiaC.O! for rouRll packinjf; .. for mixed, and 56.1035.85 for heavy packing uud pinff lots. TTLE— Marketrathcr active and prices falr- , well supported on best (grades, with other lota weak. Quotallons raiiKOil at 14.40 JJ4.90 for cboico to extra shipping Stsers; 13. 00®4. Si for Rood to cholcfido.; K140a3Pafor fair to Rood: !!.lia3.CO for common to medium do ; W aoaaso for butcher's Steers; <2.80aS-W tor Sloe-kern; fa 8033. !» tor Feeders: tl,90«ta40 for Cows; »±M»33.80 for Heifers; t2.00as.BO for Bulls; £170i»4.00 for Texas Steers, and t£00» Did Von Ever Meet li Trnly Good Mnn! No doubt you tblnk yon have, but we'll w:i K er:i dime or so Ho Old not have tlie rheumatism. It lie did. he sworn occasionally, and no man can be truly sow! who ^ wears occasionally. Hoalili. nervo trnnrqulllty ;ind mora'.lty KK apt to go hand In linml. Palnlul spasmodic diseases llho rheumatism nn.I :ie«ralKla rain the wmp«r akes one morose, peevish and rebellious. This ,., H sad fact, but It Is none tlie less tree. Drive nww the pain, mollify Uio temper, restore tran natlltyofnilndliiKWROf rUemiiiitlsm nnd ncu ralRla wltli Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, an anodyne and tonic of comprehensive rinse and effect. It hoathfully st InralatM HIP ki.lm'ys J ti a< der, stoniiich, liver and bowls when In.icte and " «"» er, siii, liidnrcs Mwp ami nppetltp. A very effect, not an unnnmrai. stupHtyiiiB on of an opiate. Is produced by n wlnfg nsi, retiring. H is liieoiuparabiejii m.lanal dlkc,ists A physician inexporlenoed Ir. nerve troubles may doctor you for the wrong thing. Dr. Wheeler's Vit»lizer 1« made by » n«rye di«ewe specimlUt who know§wh»t U needed. Sold by Ben L -Mrs-Jer\r\ie Decker. "How WelMto look", Friends Surprised at th» Wonderful Improvement. , "C. I. Hood Si Co., Lowell, Miss.: "Deaf Sirs: —1 take plewuro in writing the good I have, received from taking Hood'* Sana* pajlluv. Every s prlng and summer for ill yew* or more, my health has been so poor from hurt trouble and general debility that at ttnwi Illto VP&» a burden. I would become so , Emaciated and Weak and Pal* ; that my friends thought I would oot UT« loot*. I could do scarcely any work at all and had t» Ha down every few minutes. I began getting worn In January, losing my flesh and feeling «O tired. I thought I would try Hood'l Sinap*- rllte and I am happy to say I am In bttter htaltb Hoods^Cures Unn 1 h&vo been for a number of years. My trlendi remark to me:' "Wly how well you look.' I tell them It t» Hood's goriapartlla that ba» don* tbe work. I would have all luflerlof ta» maniey give thl» medicine a trial and be convinced. This statement li Tr»« t« tk» t«»» Cer." MBS. Jzxsix DECKTO, Watieka. Ill » • Hood's Pills euro liver ills, constipation,, blllouinass, jaundice, sick bead Injiirlou* fathurilci*. Are you aware that the use of purjf»- inp teas are injurious—they dilute, thfr stomach fluids, impair digestion, do not move tho secretions or bile—physicians never use them. The best cathartic ie a good pill—but you must get reliable ones. Rinehart's aro the best—only one for a dose, pleasant ic action. For sale by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug 1 store. Circat Triumph. Instant relief experienced and per- manont cure by the most speedy andi: greatest remedy in the world—Otto's Cure for lung and throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lungs with that terrible hacking cough when Ben Fisher, 811 Fourth street, solo agent, wiJl furniah you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedy ? Its success in simply- wonderful, as your druggist will tell you. Otto's Cure is now sold in every town and village on this continent. Samples free. Large bottles 50 centg. Chumberliln's Kje und Skin OInlnent Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salfc Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keosling, TO IIORSK OHTlEBS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure lose of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. Keeelinpr, druggist. II oil no «;i<MMilnii Tho time is now at hand, it's com~ mondable and necessary—but how R'haut the house within you. It hae need of cleansing, to insura health, aod tho best remedy to use is Kine- hart's Pills. They are better than. sivrsaparilas, etc. More potent and permanent in results. For sale by B. F. Kccsllng and Keystone drug store. For Over Fifty Yearn Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has boon used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while toothinft, with perfect succesa. It soothes tho child, softens the ?um». allays all pain, cures wind colic, ana is the best remody for diarrhoea. It will relieve tho poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggicts It every part of tho world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Bo euro and ask foi 'Mrs. Winslow'e Soothing Syrup" anc take no other kind. Glad TldittB*. The grand specific for tho prevailing malady of tho age, dyspepsia liver complaint, rheumatism, costive ness, general debility, etc., is Bacon'. Celery King for the nerves. ThU great herbal tonic stimulates the di- gestlve organs, ragulates tbe liver anl restores tho system to vigorous healtt and energies. Samples free. Larfc- packages 50 cent*. Sold only by B« Fishor, 311 Fourth street. If you feel dull and have no app< tite take Einehart'^ Liver Pills; '• dose. Keystone drug store. If jou lack energy and are dnvif take Rlnehart'* Liver Pllta; 1 • ' For tale by fi. F. Kewlin* and IVC J.I.IMV*-— - For ealo by B. F. Keesltnff art

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