Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 14, 1968 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1968
Page 5
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— by Ann Umders —- ANN LANDERS: I've been going with Mervyn for three years. We are 1 not officially engaged but I am expecting a ring on my 22nd birthday which falls next April. . Mst inontfa Mervyn won a trip to London in a sales contest. I was very proud of him because I know how hard he worked. I know, too, he was up against some mighty stiff competition. Mervyn said he would be too busy to write but he promised to bring me a nice gift: Last night he came to the bouse, straight from the airport. The first thing he said was, "Here's your gift, honey. Mrs. G use man Reviews History Of Volga German Mrs. EArl E. Griggs and Mrs. Ralph Powers were guests of Progressive Readers Club Wednesday evening in the home of Mrs* Dale Eddblute, 1706 N. Srd. Thirteen members were present ' Mrs: Flossie 'Guseman rer viewed "Copquering tbe Wind," by Amy,Brungardt Toepfer and Agnes C. preillhg. Mrs. Toepfer is a first generation American descendant of the Volga Germans who came to Kansas in the mid 1970s. The book is a factual history of those people, who opened two frontiers to civilization —the Volga River region of Russia, and tbe High Plains of the United States. The story, said Mrs. Guseman, is valuable not only to descendants of these intrepid pioneers, but to any student of American history. The book records courage, loyalty of strong families and strong conviction, to endure persecution, suffering and danger with equal fortitude. It is 1 record of which these descendants can be proud. : Bertha Yoxall read three poems, "Happiness", "Lady My Age", and "Time I» Spring." Mrs. Plumb Carl, 1309 "A", win entertain Progressive Readers at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 21. Mrs. Brown CapsulaClub Mrs. .Nellie Brown was hos- teks ,fbr Capsula Club at her home at '701 W.- Maple, Wednesday- eveniGg. A, brief business meeting \ wa«Ve9nducted by Mrs. Grace Gross. 'VSom« thought for Valentine'«'Day v was the roll call subject. Secret pal gifts were exchanged. / Others attending w6re Mrs. ; Edna Swafford, Mrs.. .Winnie Odheal, Mrs. Joann Bulkley, anil ToBl^ Sue and Tommy Johnson. Always soak dried mushrooms in a little water before using. . . LUZIER SPECIALS hfcrwry 17 ThMet compact with face powder • Fragrancei AH Typo* of shampoo JjlfeV TOP MMI • tfetjdorart wlrh dating DONNA LICHTNER 2M4 MmoM I* 4-72M PAYI DEVOUD lilt MM<m» IK 4-521» fold out; your hand arid close your eyes. "I was so. excited [was actually shaking. I could not believe it when I opened my; eye g and saw the clump of dirt lie had placed in the palm of my hand. "It's; genuine British soil," he sighed. "I couldn't .) take you to London so I : brought London to you!' I managed to say, "Thank ' you, dear" but I had a bard lime concealing my disappointment, Ann. Dp you think I am materialistic and unsentimental because I was expecting something more gift-like? — DOWN TO EARTH Dear Down: Mervyn wins another prize — one for ingenuity. A clump of dirt i s an unusual gift, to say the least. Furthermore, it is something a person can pick up at the last minute and bring in duty free. It would have been nice, however, if the big sport had taken the time to go into one of those lovely British .shops and purchased a small token of his affection. It needn't have been costly, mind you, just a little something with a ribbon around it; * * '.* DEAR ANN LANDERS: I had a fight with my sister-in- law and decided to iet her knoyp exactly how I felt. So I sat down and wrote a 10-page letter — a real blockbuster. 1 reviewed all .the petty things she ha s done to me in the last 10 years. It took me three hours to write that letter and then I walked to the mailbox and mailed it. ' When I got to bed I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking maybe. I should not have written some of those things. I remembered the times she helped me out when my kids were sick and how she was the first one at the house when my husband was hurt at the factory. After a few miserable hours I decided I had been too hard on her and the letter .was out of line. So I put on my clothes at 2:00 a.m. and walked to the mailbox to see when the next pjck-up would be. It said 7:20. The next morning I was at the box at 7:20 to get the letter back but the postman wouldn't give it to me. I argued till I was blue in the face but he refused. Well, Ann, my sister-in-law received the letter and that ended our friendship. I blame the postman. He could have been a good fellow and given me tiie* letter If he wanted to. What is your opinion? — DALLAS •- . .' •..• _-:,...-• , * • *- "' ,' '•: Dea r Dallas: The postman could also, have been fired for being a "good feDow.' 1 All letters become the property of the postal authorities ;once they are dropped in the box. Actually, 'it is Sometimes ' possible* to - retrieve a letter ty filling put "a forin at the Post Office. But the best thing to do with a letter written in r anger is to drop it in a drawer, not a mailbox. Re-read it after 2 hours, and if you still want to mail it, go ahead. The chances are 10 to one you'll up. Too many couples g6 from matrimony to acrimony. .Don't let your marriage flop ..before it gets started. Send for Ann . Landers' booklet, "Marriage — What To Expect." Send your request to Ann Landers in care of your newspaper enclosing SOc in coin and a long! stamped, self-addressed envelope. '• Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Garden City Telegram,: enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Mrs. Kesler Shows Slides of New Zealand Mrs. Wffllam Kesler, 1103 Gillespie, was guest speaker for the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church Thursday afternoon. Mother-pro tern for Shenagh Gleeson, foreign exchange student from Hamilton, New Zealand, Mrs. Kesler gave a per- sonat account of the enriching experience. Slides, and souvenirs were Telegram Photo AMONG THOSE taking part in the~ Garden City Dean- president; Mrs. Elvin Murphy, Dighton, outgoing trea- ery convention and workshop Monday were, from left, surer; Mrs. D. C. Garcia, Garden City, newly-installed The Rev. Leonard J. Burghart, Dodge City, diocesan spiritual moderator; Mrs. Robert Mastel, Marienthal, outgoing secretary; Mrs. Albert Cook, Dighton, newly- installed treasurer; Mrs. Joseph Bauck, Leoti, outgoing president, and the Rev. John Lavrih, Liberal, deanery spiritual moderator. Not present for the picture was Mrs. Mike Rome, Holcomb, newly-elecfed secretary. St. Mary's Host to Convention .Approximately 100 women and 12 priests attended the convention and workshop of the Garden City Deanery Monday. The Rev. Louis Telegdy, pastor of St. Mary's Church, and Mrs. Tommy Brungardt, president of the altar society, expressed the welcome for the host parish. - • The. morning session with Mrs. .Joseph Bauch presiding was devoted to reports of affiliated presidents, the secretary and treasurer, committee chairmen, and special re.- porte from affiliates of Dighton, Marienthal and Ulysses. The morning address was given by the Most Rev. Marion F. Forst. Officers were elected following a nominating committee report by Mrs. Andrew Qtt. Bishop Forst celebrated the 11 o'clock Mass. Homilist. was the Very Rev. John Lavrih. In his remarks to the women, Father Lavrih, spiritual mod* erator said: "On the high levels among theological experts there's real work being done to establish theological basis for unity. But even if the theologians should reach absolute agreement on every point, Christian unity would get nowhere without harmony among all people on the street level. "We must understand each other personally and work together at the street level. Women's activities can be one of the most effective means oi producing Christian unity when their purpose is to gain under* standing and cooperation among peoples of all faiths." After luncheon at Downing's the workshop, session. was eon yened at St. Mary'* Center with Mrs. Vernon VanNahmen diocesan president, presiding. Mrs. Raymond Demuth gav tbe introduction to. the work shops, which were directed by the diocesan chairman and moderators. Mrs. Elmer Riehmeier gave the Bible vigil and the Rev ' Leonard J. Burghart, the after noon homily. Mrs. Garcia, Deanery President, Has Many Community Interests By DONNIS HARNESS 'Mrs. D. C..(Hank) Garcia, 305 E. Santa Fe, became the resident of me Garden City Jeanery of the Dodge City - >iocesan Council in the annual convention of the Deanery Monday in St Mary's Center. Fif- een parishes are in the area Urs. Garcia will serve for a ,wo-year term. D. C. and Irene Garcia have lived in Garden City, in the same home all their married . and have been active par- tcipants in the affairs of the community. Mr. Garcia is a mail carrier and an officer of the'GI Forum. Three daughters of the Garcias are living in Wichita. Marcella is a nurse at St. Francis Hospital, Virginia is a nurse aide and Christina works and is attending Wichita Business College. Two children, Geraldine and Dennis, are students in Garden City High School, Mary -Ellen and Sylvia are in the junior high, Philip and Charles are students at St. Dominic and Lisa will attend-school next year. Mrs. Garcia has long been an interested worker in the ministry to migrants. Although she recognizes that migrants often find difficulty in fitting into any community, she is aware of their need for cloth ing and other supplies. She see Cosmetologists' Queen Competes In Hutchinson Judy Burgardt, queen of Western Kansas Cosmetology Affiliate No. 45, will compete Saturday hi Hutchinson for the title of state qneen. The selection will be made during tlio National Beauty Salon Week >all that evening. An invita- ion to the ball was extended to he cosmetology affiliate dur- ng the February meeting at 83 Restaurant recently. Guests for the evening were: Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Wiley, Dewayne Vaughn, and Eyvonne Crase, Garden City; Grace Me- GuirCj Regina Riley, Rozanna Wedel and Lillie Belle Bradstreet, all of Dighton; Pauline Buebler, Scott City, and Bon nie Lou Gingwich, Lakin. Jeann Marsteller presided for the 35 women attending. Dr. Wiley showed two films . v Page 5 Itardcii City Telegram Wednesday, Feb. 14. 1968 shown of the town and area where Shenagh lives with hex- parents, brothers and sisters. In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Kesler expressed the feeling that always the mention of New Zealand will have a special meaning to the Kesler family. Mrs. Howard Smith presented the devotion. Mrs. Robert Gilger directed group staging, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Roscoe Waldorf. Refreshments were served in Fellowship Hall by Davis Circle to 57 members and three guests, Mrs. Carl Smith, Wichita, Fern Cleveland and Matt Kesler. Calendar of Social Events WEDNESDAY GARDEN CITT CHAPTER OF KANSAS ODD FELLOW EYE- BANK.— 8 p.m. Odd F6ll<m Hall. All representatives urged to attend. THURSDAY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH CIRCLES: Eileen James—9:30 A.M. Mrs. TTrlln McCartney. 1204 Parkwood. loleta Mcllhaney—2 p.m. Hatcher Hall. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH CIRCLES: Mary Loii and Merle Tlllery — 2 p.m. Mrs. Ora Schopf. 1713 Bel- If you are using an old-fault ioned waffle iron that has ho heat indicator, you can test the iron to see whether it is the right cooking temperature. Just place a piece of white typje* writer paper between the grids of the heated iron; when the pape r turns a light brown color the heat should be right I MIRACLE SOFT WATER Sovlags are dear •licks well spent! mi year Test •12 St. John, CoNea City •R 6-7345, Ne obligorloi DtlLoyd ~ Templo Bautista Entertains Missionary Union The Templo Bautista Women's Missionary Union was host recently to the First Southern Baptist Women's Missionary Union. Mrs. Jerr y Monroe, the pastor's wife, presented the Templo Bautista president, Mrs. Geronima Rocha, who gave thei r welcome in Spanish. Responding to the welcome was Mrs. Herb Daily, president of the First Southern Baptist WMU. Mrs. Robert Chisenhall presented the call to prayer for missionaries who had birthdays that day. Mrs. Gen e Brock led a discussion of the missionary program. Mrs. Brock continued the study begun in January, which presented the need for ' 5,000 missionaries. .She reported the methods of support for Southern Baptist missionaries. . Presenting a dialogue on the question of how churches give were Mrs. Daily and Mrs. Kent Newcpm. Response to the question was given by Mmes. George Daniel, Warren Spinks, Jerry Batterton, Jon Lurtz and Chisenhall. They discussed the cooperative program and spe- . cial missions offerings. The Valentine theme was used fo r the refreshment and fellowship time. Seventeen members and two guests, Mrs. Leonard Overstreet and Mrs. Bob Barker, were present from the Southern Baptist WMU. Eight women of the host church attended. Waren'e Tester-man — 2 p.m. Mrs. Dale Fry, 404 Center. Velma Larson — Mrs. Robert Benedict. 1013 N. 1st. METHODIST CHURCH CIRCLES: Hawk Circle— 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Russell Wells. 602 N. 12th. Selichnow Circle — 9:30 a.m. Mrs. George Voth, 807 Pat's Dr. Spikes Circle— 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Anthony Martin, 905 Harding. Davis Cirde— 2 p.m. Mrs. Robert Pound. 504 N.. 5th. Fenton Circle — 2 p.m. Mrs. Kenneth Anderson, 711 N. 7th. Larson Circle — 2 p.m. Mrs. Donald R. Jonea, 411 N. 3rd. Mutter -Circle — 3 t>.m. Mrs. Kenneth Mutter, 1512 St. John. Ocha Circle — 2 p.m. Mrs. Roscoe Waldorf, 2014 Pinecrest Partln Circle — 2 p.m. Mrs. Robert Gilger. 701 Pat's Dr. Wiley Circle— 2 p.m. Mrs. Elza Caldwell, 602 .Tones. LaGeese Circle — 8 p.m. Mrs. Wayne Douglass, 517 Summit. Roberta Circle— 8 p.m. Mrs. Ed Davis. 807 N. 4th. White Circle— 8 p.m. Mrs. Raymond Huffmaster. 2017 N. 3rd. FRTOAT AURORA STUDY CLUB— 2:39 p.m. Mrs. Lee Puckett, 2306 N. Main. CHAPTER FP, PEO— 1:30 p.m. Mrs. R. H. Caliban Jr.. 1401 E. Kansas. PAST NOBLE GRAND CLUB — 7:30 p.m. IOOF Hall. Self service party following regular meeting. .HARMONY EHU— 2 p.m. Mrs. H. V. MlcKel, 210 N. 5th. CHAPTER X, PEO — 1:30 p.m. Downing's, Dessert meeting. this as a year-around situation not just a.summertime condition. "There., always is a need for clothing,"-said Mrs. Garcia, "and there always will be some Spanish-speaking people hi Garden City." They come here from Mexico for jobs in local industries or from Texas, 'because conditions for them .are better here. For the past two years Mrs. Garcia lias been international affairs chairman of the Diocesan Council. This has given her an opportunity to implement for. this diocese the- national programs. of the church in the area of international relations. At the present time, she is instructing an Adult Basic Education class in citizenship. The classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m., in Calkins Hall at Garden City Community Junior College. Mrs. Garcia is working with five aliens who desire to become citizens, but she knows there are many more candidates for the course, if they could be reached and encouraged to take part. According to the local post office, where aliens of this county must register, 150 aliens are residents of Finney County at this time. An estimate of the sur- VALENTINE orner PARTY SALAD on the subject of cancer and answered questions from the group after the showing. The Affiliate voted to donate 50 per cent of the profit from the NBSW dance to the Cancer Society. Each member will be participating in the NBSW program this week with work being done in the rest homes and hospitals. Featured for the March meeting in Garden City will be the new "ruffled trend." In April, the affiliate will have a workshop with Fran Dumler, a member of the hair fashion committee. It is planned as an all-day workshop for members only. rounding area would be another 150. Mrs. Garcia is anxious to reach these people who may desire United States citizenship. The office of deanery president is an honor and opportunity for service given to one who has proved her concern for others. Niedenses Attend I sis Festivities Dr. and Mrs. M. D. Niedens 1018 N. 3rd, attended Saturday the potentate's ball of the Isis Shrine Temple of Salina end the honor guard and marching performances of the Drum and Bugle Corps of St. Johns Military School in honor of the new potentate of Isis Shrine Temple. The festivities were in honor of the newly-installed illustrious potentate, Col. Keith Duckers. Colonel Duckers is the Commandant of the St. Johns Military School. Cadet Corp. Maurice Niedens, son of Dr. and Mrs. Nied«ns, performed with the Drum and Bugle Corps of St. Johns as a marching drummer. Also attending the St. Johns functions, of the Isis festivities was Dawn Niedens, sister of Corporal Niedens. Mrs. Norman Staats 2010 Pinecrest 1 package cherry gelatin 1 cup boiling water 1 can (29 ounces) pitted bing cherries, drained % cup liquid from cherries 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 medium banana, sliced 1 cup drained mandarin oranges Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add V4 cup cherry liquid and lemon juice. Chill slightly. Fold in fruit. Pour into heart mold; chill until firm. Eight servings. Send unusual recipes to Donnis Harness, Woman's Editor, Garden City Telegram, 67846. Each published rec'pe will b* tent $1. Local Couple Wed in Liberal Mary Louise Lindner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merl B. Lindner, 805 E. Price, and Willie .Morris Swift, son of Mrs. Addie Swift, Briscoe. Tex., were united in marriage Saturday. The ceremony was solemnized by the Rev. Bob Osburn hi Liberal Christian Church. Mrs. Roger Potter, Syracuse, sister of the bride, and Bob Swift, Briscoe, brother of the groom, were attendants. The bride is employed at the office of Southwest B«ll Telephone Co. The bridegroom Is employed by Crossland Brothers. They are making their home at 2201 N. 7th. SWEET ADELINES— 8 YMCA Hall. Rehearsal. p.m. • tofa for your family room or some gobfl! used furniture for the guest ropm? Whenever you discover that the family needs something that you don't want to buy brand new, place a "Wanted to Buy 1 ' ad in the Telegram. The chances are great that someone wants to sell the very thing you are looking for. Dial 276-3232 to place your ad today! Got nothin'todo? Make SPECIAL SEL E CTl V E E N G A<5 E lSWg($T; . 20M N. A.U «.2MO 40?/o 50% 33 Cowbelles Attend Luncheon (Plastic hearts and candles decorated with red net, and cupids formed the table decorations for a steak luncheon of Southwest Kansas Cowbelles Friday afternoon. Thirty-three members were present. _ Mary Hopkins, president, announced the 55th annual Kansas Livestock Assn. Convention will be March 14-15 hi Wichita. Highlight of the Cowbelles program there will be a speech by Mrs. Walter Portei*, Kansas's only woman senator. Mrs. Porter is a member of the Cowbell- es organization. Mrs. 0. C. Hicks and Mrs. Taylor Jones volunteered to assist with the Extension Homemakers Meat in Meals course at Co-op Center March 25 and 26. Mrs. Lawrence Odgers is responsible for th« arrangements. The Valentine heart table prize wa$ won by Mrs. Dennis Kleysteuber. Open 7:15 • Starts 7315 • Feature 8:00 NO SEATS RESERVED Evory Ticketholder Guaranteed a Seat Coming to this Whether buying or setying ~ Use. Telegram. Want. Ads, •: * Droperlts arnand 6 419 M. Main BR 6-2326 INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE Garden City, Kansas, 67846 RODGERS mi H AMMERSTEINS WISEIWCHAW) RODGERS I OSCAR HAMMERSTEINII I ERNEST LEHMAN ^Mjrti..ij»'i.ii i iiiah.tyiOMiUTO.B^ ' '"* STARTS THURSDAY! Mariners 2:15 Saturday & Sunday! Adults $1.50 - Child 75c Student Discount Card $1.25 HERE S THE BEST FROM MOVIELAND!

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