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The Morning Timesi
Oakland, California
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The Morning Times VOL XL OAKLAND CALIORNIA TUESDAY MARCH 11 1S90 NO TO THE MANGLE BURST A atal Accident at the Contra Costa Laundry msw Mil Sang Sad Songs to Her All Day Long Marjr Rogers Killec1 Instantly and Injuries Inflicted of Which Annie Martin May Di? The bur ting of a leungle at ihe'kmtra'la Laundry ve ierlay afternoon atr re tilled in tin alino in taut death Mary Roger aged 1 tens and the probable tntai wounding ol Annie Martin year The two girls were constant con: pinions they worked at the same machine A uiiie eding" the niangie and Mary tekiig they had quit umk (ii lli'T and ate supper th in an adjoining room they returned to the in i igl room iget I rind Were 1 a di ng in ar 's place 01 1 the mu sideof the ma Idnv A young man named John King wa about to begin work on hi jiiaehi which irnii en and flannel almo within length rd' the girls with whom ho wa i Annie Marini was in exees ivu good humor hut Marv wa di ph lied be had been down hearted all day i i igi tig sfWi semg" to her self she had explained to the girls rallied lit abei minded manner Stic paid little attention to liditiry King's am! (tirtied to oil some linen that had been fed through the mmgie At that indanl (lie explosion oiwuired htii ling a portion ol the jack enclomg the cylinder ul the mmgie weighing over ton pound a distance uf twenty icel striking the two girls almost full in the luce ami knocking hat oil its Ila I lie been an inch taller he woii'd have been killed The girl were dadnd against the iron ing machine attended by King and thence to the door Where Mary lav quiver in' toi a mmmnt and then all was over She probably did not sillier an pain An Ji' nic'b skull was 1 (TU'bcd but she I IT! was not killed moaned as if C) conscious of her x' A agony am! there was itelile move A inciit in body tny superintendent Griswold stund mg on the mnh zm side of the ma were very doe friend they were always together Ob it is terrible'' The blow that killed Mary Rogers crushed the left side ol be kill I and ne wa seal led on the upper pari of the body Iy the cuping I At tiie Receiving Hospital poor iitiie Annie Marlin lay moaning with pain her' skui 1 Till'd red her rigid a low the shoulder mid both arms scalded below i the eh owi 1) Urowley aid he leaved she I wa injured internally She culled ap eal i in pl tor lie: mother clinking with (hr Pion I Inal welled in imr Hiroat ami trickled from i her lips xbesuid wa dying Legge 1 ihe doctors to let her die in peace ami she pleaded pi'fou ly fur her mother though that mother wept besid" her all the time the mother the si ler and the broth the I whole hunilv and the good ie I atlier McNally idluiing every con so i imi nt sv par lift ic advice am! religious Lope to hi suiiering ami unhappy polish loiier I knew he was going tn the sts'er i uioirirl with her ear to he key hole ot the operming room want to hear my si ler's wailed "I want to hear her voi before she dies" was uying The mu: her hem laugh ter had wortcd in the laundry aboiir live years She ha I up purled the family during all ho yearn lv the labor ot her hands ami now she IIOV iT (HTIItlSiAL I Description of lie Mangle and lie Deadly The fragment torn fr in the cylinder of I the mangle was 1 let I long by imdie in wtuih and half an im li thick weighing over pounds Il pas cd between the i pipes ami lndts ol the ironing ma chine fiyiimj emlwi and passing through I a space not imue than line fee wide tail I ing on the twenty let away without 1 any of the imiclmei A frag ment weighing forty pmmds wa thing about thirty tee! anding in a clothes ba ket Th' larger I rag men I Lore a plate on which was inwrih'd tlm lirm tiatim the I mil ders the Oakland ir di Vorks The mangle wa recmitlv constructed It t' cmupo tal ol mi non bed and 1'ranm in win' ll is a limler which i revolved by teal lo 11 con i ieeh al I 1 iiu rn nni mum i inery the tap of i cylmder arol half wav urronmiing it as a st am ehv or jacket mi vircular in form ami hollo Into this as introduced hut 'team Tl 1 If I i im i i LIS ir ir' chine was da bed ten feet an Hung iolentl to liir ib'or by he concussion Ar mud the spnt here lie girls lay a poo1 ol i loot I i le I away i mm the mmilah ftwi" an i of bbm 1 spat'ered on tm ironing ni'U'him King had tied ad iglited ami Ins viiic face an i staring eyes mid lie' ry disa better than word to i hr girls women and men a thev ru in a frat tic Ihrong into the mangle oom some ol i 1 1 1 did not try to crowd through the door but leaped thrmigh tht windows shii (eriiig the pares ami Lrcakiii' the sa die eager weir tnrv ascertain the rea lor the reim ml ms com us ioti that La shal rt) the building to its Then tlm iioLce clinr and the girl who siili live 1 wa hi' by immr a and bori to the gotj as 1 1 I 1 as st rung men nur len oi jj aster he wa taken to th Ifi eci ing Ho pil il tin1 surgeons were wailing Smn 'liodv threw a hert over th blood stained la cm the dead gtrl Around the motionless lorm tlm outline ol which showed more gha tly through the sneet than tie real i tv Ukh a hundred men ami women dazed staring irighmned Tlm women were weeping Tluir mlis were pitilul ISonm of tin in yonnr girls ad gray head cd women were In ped in carp other arm erving as if heir heart would break Only tin num stood clo to 1 1m poor g'fl lying there on lhe lluur dead The t'ormit r's depute edged their way through (he crowd around the long table betwemi the iiia diinvry to where Hie body lav They cart ied a long box which conveniently siile the corp Then they iincovmed the face 1 1 wa nn recogiiisil'ie Join mm hed shattered ami veiled with blood still oozing Irotii the wounds there was mnhmg to remind her friends of familiar feature only bl I thick and dripping that tangled the long hair ami salinated the coar calico dress The assi tants placed the body itt tie box Htid carried it to i he dead wagon which drove away to the Morgue Tliee men never uttered a word as they performed their ad and nobody puke (o them As Th it reporter JHlssed Vill ul the gate into ouriemil street In1 had to force his way through a lit tie group t'int had gathered around an old woman who wa weening a woman with silvery hair ami a dark face furrowed with the wrinkle age This wa the mother of Mary Rog ers A tall man sin ewy of form and straight as ai arrow stood beside her his arm folded and his tearful eyes looking 'might ahead th ugh i the twilight at the while walls within' which his daughter had ppri hed 1 1 told the reporter that he live 1 ar I' l' a street on the Wait treed and that I Mary had been working in latimiry alHtut three months I broken accents of the Portuguese dudect he told of her good qttnli ies her afleetiotiate di positmn and her imlu ry Then he gazed I let le sly at the weeping mother and hi own tear coursed down his swarthy cheek was a br ight pleasant girl" said the young lady who acts as liok keeper at the fatinilrv liked her It is verv sad And she seemed to have a sort of idea that something was going to happen to sai'l another young woman: was gloomy alt the morning When we asked her why she acted so she said shewas blue and that she was singing sad tongs to hemelf She and Annie Martin PT 7 LzW JI it a pressure of aLu ji O' po md for he puip i ot I'fiitin' il jin Kf wa ma ot' irori and i lo ed up tl cm 'nd by heavy plat i 'o i eriiri by boh I' a the ui p' iri ion of (ho sin II I ha' blew otb ftil! Ici glh the iii'l' him is ab rnt loot ami in i ngih uf the team i Im a ai 7 1 fe mangle wa work for the llr iia 1 ter ia and wa set to riiiining about in rim if'erm'ou I had not I i i ed "Vi raii hour lie ex plo i occurrc slmrilv at ter lhe op' rative had lak' their evening meil ami all tlm ma eliinery in lim mangle riom wa al a stand still 1 II Griswold Siipeiiiitemleiil of the lauidrv aid a j'iVtc reporter: wa otaniiing wilhi'i two feet of the maehinc at the time ot the explosion led I wa im i (j south ide of it he piece blown od' vs ent lhe room in the other 1 1 i re I i' hi Tin fone of the comm sion threw me a di tance oi ten feel ami knocked me dow When I got up on my feet i i loiind the two giri lying on the thmr 1 think Mary Roger was killed almo in stantly Annie Martin wa moving and moanmg and I started at mice to call the patrol wagon" you any idea what cau ed the ex the mangle made Io order the repm ter a ked it wa made by the Galdand Iron Work for It had ju been put and had not been worked over an hour pm ioii at all that I can call positive I hi I think there must have been a flaw in the casting The steam ehel wa te ed wit!) team at lhe iron work wa pre rmt and so wa al Mr oart'ett oneof the pro prietors of the 1 iiindry have lour oilier steam mangle built after ame pattern Thee wen? made in the Ea We have run two them for over two year and the other two have been in operation over a tear The steam pressure wa the same a ual ah ut td pound The team is conducti into the team che tv (hree iiiarli inch pipe and the outlet pipe is about the same Pliny Rarrlett one of the proprietor said is a tert iba thing 1 ac 1 'muni for lhe accident in any way unless there was a flaw in the cating Em it I stood a big!) pic 'iiro when il wa tested at the iron work This wa I leli v' the first machine of the kin I bat the 1 tiklaud Iron Work have ever mad I Mr Patterson one ol tin employe aid he wa in an a 1 i i room when lhe ex I plo imi occurred He rys il sounded like the explo ioii of a large bomb At midnight the injured girl wa re ting eaily but it wa imposible to determine whether she could survive Special Meeting The Eoard of Public Works held a special meeting ve terdav afternoon and pased upon several matter which sub eqiienl I came before the Board ul Education tor action Shimmering llieetricity John Schvnfelder and others re iding tn the vicinity of Eighteenth avenue and East ourteenth streets ask to have an electric light placed at the junction uf these streets DEMUCTIOH The Citizens' Committee ill Invoke the Law WATER COfs TOME The Board of Supervisors Must Investigate the Monopoly Thu Pec'ple Are Deinrirdnocl to Have Pure Water at Low Rated Artesia oils The Citizei) Committee nf Hundred me: hi veiling in iiuinia Hall with more than tliff loiutiis of the members pre ent Mr l'homaj took ih' 'hair promptly at ri a ked it there were any mw mime to be pre tid ci tor incnibcr Tlm folliAmg gi id leim who Were po'i proper rei mend lion weir liw'n accept sd A Mo re E'evenlh avenue Amlius 'll Maa'p mi tree! Downing I Ninth eve mm ami Jus' pli Elroy Htveiiih and Clnv si reels Timinas then slated tint ihe pirpo jit' nmetrng a tu receive the r'P ir: of ce I j'u'iveil which bad been apptciiied form kite a plan of action for tlm whole r'ammitlce Tne crmimittt re it elf iuta eemb "mmitiri rnd the enlin report which coioit of three report on diilerent ph a er of 1 1 (i ion ri 'd a low Tn the it He if i' I 1 'a iiu i full i( nd 'In "icalii idoii shall be id sia 1 1 a 1 a follow Wo tei i ia it i i ha' dio tciip nary i ers le ilo hd Hi' vviiHimmt ot'cci me i in of i ng I mid ei oi)i Wo an aii iii ilia: tlm i 1 1 fifwn hor Pd a yoir xocmivo i 'omni ii'i i tile uni i 'oiii Itril'o' Ilt'l lll lT I i if In i 1 1 HBrlhlll 'n plodm liioiii't lvo io an I 'ippoit ibi ir ciui i mm im alt th in: mi ij avm l' in i tie a 1 i a 1 n' oil o' i tt i I I i 1 11 1 iuJ Io 'IlirV 1 1 1 1 mn in i 1 1 1 1 1 1 a i na I Ij 1 1 1 1 Tim'd Wo furl her cm i nd that tie ('mn in itn of 1 1 1 1 I hi nitro vi? it 'h into a ptT i mo i oiuniiiU'o with po moron nt I i ho iiiunb' i m' it iip Diln rs mm I tin igoin ic which Imv ca'lcd it inm cxiU'noo ba? ili'f ppo i od In dmug rid wo Mil the ruiipli nf I 'to ph in Ittd ito A hl' illu ilk wh' i' tlii cot i npiion of um'iiGpid rmm ni 1ms grown to Mii li xloiii iho dnriu lut' lei ii cmn i i Io organize for iiu prot imi their properly Im in rocoiuiia nd dur thi eo nndl dm laim ury of iim rf riDg wiiti po I il al ma' lots its sole id het 1 eine io olzuin mi hole iiUtnuiis: 'a! ion of piiidie iillai i ii'h mt a nt th 'ofjon 'c ''il iltit'b'i Ymu i 'oinnii' too of ii eon ii in wbs iv ri i 1 tie i no: io' i oi re or! mg a plan of i a 1 1 iat and a in od of piooedm'e I taken i ri iH ial i 'oin iniltec of itm in tvferoin to the witter iiu i imi iii tie i oi i ikl'iiol end tnal 'by nG la da nd mil ii ppi led wiiii iy tiio i ojt a ol i XX ('oilp1y nt it)oi reiK i 1 fill ly to port uy tn i''ati the imt tinder whidi i i 1 1 1 a i'ot i IGi 1 'nj i itp) It ire tin' ti I i i of laiLm I )u: opk livi mt ct id the ur of tne iy uh water and lit: a ml lows 1'1)0 I otUra I al' I ola pan 1 Cl Tjioin I loti cmaU met er 1 1 under i Io la' al ifor i uomred nv id kjv miio 1 10'0 ttiil' th po loiJ s' jtdy rmit mid at e' iiri de ji 'i a of mi 'a eiii' tn in ri iiu uh ir nr 1 1 a I 1 1 v'! I tine lhe ta1 in i id i tt i i pan re 1 1 a a Uy hi i i i i he III' i al ia I 1 'ni' i Im I Un 1 1 ly Voiliiua i I mt i i IU Pai the wi'er plic mon limit i your nn mil 1 1 a i a 1 1 icu puny o'il 1 il wo'd pmm'y uwu a I pitre uie! i re! ml havi 't a mno iiiiiii nany nromi to ry si ps to fender It ati'l U' i i i i inion i watm i)t urnm it Wo I hi ri lei oiim'i nd 'mil mi I ii i rn a a'e( i mu pan mw yoiu iin an aii a tu on or i io (or prl I I Hn will wit i i 1 tv do i can i iy do iidci' i's aler pure and I'wdi 1 1 ti) pi leiitio!) 'no lll 'iv io In Wtor'n den I tin inn for iiiuuiii'ciu'r im a imn in I In iniitii of in peipii i 'alil'm ti a a In at eon pan mr tu purpose inking in irmehic away irniu il and liacing it iniwi Woiunl tip in it on Alois lllld Weklnddcf Ynii coni in 1 i fa i tin a tit cm a pany's rooen ing a t'iir mW i il a i 1 1 'ii pure wiiti it i tiie saitn I i nd of wiip i i lint it now doe rule otig til lo Ii a 1 1: ame i i lair price as iiu wad supplied hull' topii fr ii wal ver Hui iln emipmy is go i no gi it i t'rr in the m'm vl wmild Uc a fair in dul m' rah to tixed for the coin puny to i We an wei Unit a 11 in above opera! oil )'e )l ue lhe I ropo'rtv eh 11 i lot a in dly iwd and list fill tp lying il co'i nnn with wat I 'ini' an io of I 'gi la i re of i 'ali pa 'i'd mi I lie I' 'l li ol 'lurch i rev't late tri 1 1 cm it rot le1 alc riiUtl Hid ii i i I im i of xpp opriated Hter in ihi olli'T tiinii iu atiy city ciiiiilv ur iti ii i ii 1 1n co mi i ins of li i st a i al 1 gn ad an iciitro! tin riglit to onject ge and cinn" stiiimi im' the wamr 1 1 1 i i1 I hi or 1 i gi tin I'oaril t'l per i ors 1 1 i dotioiim' tin? tiniHcrit lirimi sig'n Ly mi' I ihan tv live inltihiiant ho an ti payers of tlie comity nuit wiii I lie i 'I rk of he hoard I'o'picst ing i In I our i re id ate mid emit i'o 1 the i ai a i i pm i al imi l''1 ill cred for the 'al or 1 1' rit i imi any appropi water tying I naim H'poiaf iim who wstvr ire ihc iti tit ioii' to he regulated or conn 'd b'd tun thirty dav from th tiling of 1 1 may he iieat'l hy (lie hoard of supervisor flie act wa framed for a purpose ctiab littg lie I'oard to at erliihi all facts neccary for iiioiix the liter raw intriv both tn Hi pcpic a i he wa! cr eo pa 't he ba power to compel til 'cw'aw of iou within in e'im I to nt nd 'itid ui cvidmn'i ai the I' 'trwg he pct item and in ay com sm Ii iti ndail' by tdiatclini iH A 1 he lic: i said i I imi I of shall estimate iic a may tie 1 be alm of 1 1n cattal 1 1 ll'ti'io at er i'll nt and all nth pt op I) 1 1 and uefiil to tin app'opi iatimi and fI 'tiwli in of nidi water Iwhme rg 1 an 1 n' e'l by ea person associatimi rniiipai'y or erpoi hi ioii who I'miU'bise iiali rcaimu tad ti rol lei I a I slia 11 i ii 1 i ma iier iiuah a io i ai ll of such sou pa io a jop ami (mpor il i ill their nLii'iiil r' iisoiialile' P' ii'c' im 'in! i ng the ot of pair tiitita iiteiif ainl operating sin li works ami for pi i i iose of sindi ii rt ii nu ll may i ir Hie nt lew lance of per mH vi ve el nlelli'C aild I he product imi of papers I and accmmi ami may com net lie at i tt tarn nch iou and lie prouuei pm paper' ook niul i eiun' i'V nltiuliiiients if wit it in their re peet coin We recmnmein' that we might without delav to take flu in'ces arv tei to Iia vc the hoard of su pervisors investigate tin vain of the rmiim t'ostn Water Cmnpnny's properly actually 'l mid useful to tin appropriation mid furnishing of water mid to tlx tin rates and compensuliuu therefor as providoil in said As a mutter of fact the Board of Supervisors bnve mil ti xeii any rates since We are of the opinion that the Board of Super vi ran lv lli fr liivot Jr al I Mavor of th ri nr i a I chic th nntry I mp i TTV OflilAAI 0 11 vain lK ler oi anyS i i the HI 'ml mm vl th tual I I it I Xi i ertv a in id ac jriied amt tix me rates lliiV pceive 1 nmy lied svtiie light ci) 111U VIA JL MvlvvLBJi thcref I our local troubles Cm i de ring that tlc il ind'T to ounnittw of uc 1 1 mi Mari ii 1 Ulil wll h11 Is pg' ur CaiiCruia Ha II 7a aare "A Voice or Physical Ouiture ti iluavl nt Hja rvi ol HI I II 11 I j)! 'id" urn 11 (I ciiH '11 1 i (rv lhj (1 Ij i Ii iui mr the I i i Pi? i hy ommem mat tm ity miiivii ot (i( i1(j In mi in atii fuc'o I AdLliV XjL Lied Id uL 1 1 a I i I th' muic 1 ((j i fl in hi a to dm'er tn (miner i aPiv iII im I irg at wlu a cmfi' THE IBE ALAEM SY57EM 1 I turm iiu I wimse clm it jr tu nmlm'ikc to 1 tn Cuirni i at loupun Lr( dutie tlivm in 1 a 'ia 1 1 i itci tisi i1 i a i op a i il D'recf or I V'ar i rm Id aii: in slung oi wab a it nmy Le i a meeting th iid 'miim rf a an CE i the iuil i i 'iivui an li ''U a CoiT it 3 rv We mtil i rt tuat in 01 1l cm mm tie myy sidimmi oi i vu lc mb laG m'cv of th I mii ig eiiie Changes in cn Account tto'i lol ihemyui (hiklaml iocai it 1 vivW of ollt idng info tmit: H( wm i I mmt'oiaiey at I J1' ts Ot Sicknc 25 Ii" cf Bills Al Uim iaKliml i mj i Ho law 1 mi (Jaai( i in fe mr Hs II waler wm a 11 'aiiti'it I ni jmm md 11 i mum oi lowed Se S'Or7 IChdraxVS rm ni i'i than live mil ot as e' v' irm aml pem mtimHv raring TT vaiuatimi whth well 1 give on a a 'a: pri! I urn prn mly His ole'U PCp glmCl 'j 0 I I wa I fuvor any iiiior Hie I' pm (imuiiii i ah is nt I 1 1 1 I mv nit "U1'1 11" Il ip "I 1 A iiv ir I Introt ('it '(nt mi In awl they mly im Hatt iV 'jl( 1M gular mi inmit I 11 o'gg in vmim Hi I Hi mil end wind uwjlJ gt ii 11 i vv I all lunnl jUf jr wcr Iwiieve lo lv tai xm De 1 A 1 ui vahiijio'n jj amt 1't Mar lui I 11'111 'i i amount nf'O'P dm a Ciuiiininn mo mi mil format imt chair (iiiemni Lt np nil mg e'men a wui i liliiTal Mr Melman wa then a Ked tn opitiioii tuTi 'irv Mei Ivnioml read the in ute nr" Ill Cd I innin a I ti" )il i ol I he tni I llle niK I 1 which would ii i mi mi I it waler I ing till' feu a i rmer It IH tor pl Idlihiiil lii VH mi i liel In leyivo! thi a' i'io'o would Ie eimlh to 1'''e their ovu wat 1Jlj(S )lrtl jt np ttuh were read am! 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Ii'duer oi a mm ma lim uni ')i of ni vcTi' toasu by xct i ve inies poor water and unfair made a iniitir iipp'icatioii wm i wa ri fil isie shall It for I ill ing wliu iw real ni ht to rely utHm well ioi lkewie placed nt Lie nired Itcsp i unlij Li of water ami the re'iiii A petition wa rived for! 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