The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1965 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1965
Page 20
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Algona, (la.) Upper Des Melne*Tuaidoy, Sept. 21, 1945 Two Petitions Seek Total Of $5,000 Here Two petitions, seeking a total of nearly $5,000, were filed this week in district court here. John R. Chrischilles is plaintiff in one matter and he is asking $4,541 damages from David J. Griswold, defendant, who served as architect when Chris- chilles had a home built five years ago. The plaintiff claims the home has been damaged due to a moisture problem in the roof and seeks a judgment for the amount to repair the roof and plaster to correct the defect. Putz Bros., plaintiffs, are seeking $426.27 from Virgil M. Cummins, defendant, as final settlement for a check originally paid to the Putz brothers, then returned on grounds of insufficient funds. A writ of attachment was also obtained by the plaintiffs on the defendant's property. Fall Kick-Off For Woman's Clubs Is Held Chairman and vice chairman of Kossuth County Women's Clubs were entertained at their Fall Kick-Off Tea at the Extension meeting room, Algona. Included on the program were Mrs. August Brandt, Swea City, who welcomed the group; and the Ryersons of Burt who showed their slide series depicting "The Jubilant Year". In addition, the program of next year's lessons was introduced by Lois Busch, Extension Home Economist. Clubs not represented at the Tea are invited to notify the office or one of the women on the extension home economics committee for copies of next year's program. Minor Crash A minor 2-car crash resulted in damage estimated at $55 to the vehicles on East Call street here Friday morning. Autos driven by Richard H. Neilsen, 35, LuVerne, and Milton W. Olson, 66, Elmore, who was backing from the curb at the time. Police investigated. Files For Post Phil pfeffer, resident of Algona's second ward, filed a petition for the city council position from that area this weekend. He will oppose incumbent Jim Andreasen in the Nov. 2 election, and at present is the only post being contested. Mayor Bill Finn also filed his petition this week. Named Editors Jane Barslou has been named editor of School Daze, Burt school paper. Her assistant editor is Nancy Ackerman, chief typist is Nancy Becker. Vickie Koestler has been named editor of the Burt high school annual. Assistant editor of the annual is Linday Meyer. Mr. Herrick is sponsor in charge of both. MRS. FOREST Twogood, nee Eleanor Haggard, is here from Los Angeles for a visit with her sister Barbara. MRS. JOE BRADLEY took her daughter Victoria to Omaha Friday where she will enter her junior year at Duchesne college. MRS. WALTER BRADLEY and Tony took Cindy to St. Paul last Sunday where she entered St. Catherine college as a freshman. The daughter Mary Ann left last week Wednesday for Denver, Colo. She is a children's occupational therapist. She made the trip via auto. OFFICE SUPPLIES — Busineap forms, office' furniture, filing! equipment and supplies, ;.at The; Upper Dee Moines Pub. Co., AL J gona, across from new MunicK ; pal parking lot. Board Proceedings TWENTY-SECOND DAY REGULAR JUNE SESSION AUGUST 2, 1965 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, John Rode and Charles Plathe. Absent: none. Motion by Rode and seconded by McDonald that K. & H. Coop Oil Co. be allowed a refund of $362.48 for 1964 overpayment of taxes. Ayes : all Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Rode that Mattie Beenken, Buffalo Center be allowed a refund of $32,05 for overpayment of drainage taxes on Dr. 80. Ayes; all Nays; none. Motion carried. Motion by Plathe and seconded by Newbrough that 2nd quarterly report of the Soldier Relief Comm, be approved. Ayes; all Nays; none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Plathe that portion of Highway 44, beginning at south edge of Whittemore Inc., south 44 mile be taken into Kossuth County road system. Ayes; all Nayes; none. Motion carried. It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meet- Ing of the firms and persons listed immediately following be ratified, allowed and confirmed. SEC. ROAD FUND Zep Manufacturing, Sup. Central la. Tel. Co.,Tel... 32.15 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 49.53 Clement Crahan, Labor.... 35.00 la. Machinery & Supply Co., Parts 45.08 Humboldt Concrete Prod,, Tile 3820.42 Goplerud Lubricants, Oil 57.15 United Bldg. Center, Supplies 14.76 Dukehart -Hughes Tractor Co., Parts 97.68 Miller Lumber Co., Supplies 53.21 Hantelman Garage, Parts.,. 5.43 Herman M. Brown Co., Parts 172.99 Town of West Bend, Elec. , 1,25 Great Plain Supply, Sup.... 34.07 Midwest Culvert Co., Culvert 2493.94 Crouse Cartage Co., Parts 4,98 Helen's Gravel Pit, Sup.... 21,50 Taylor Motor, Parts 52,17 Algona Flour & Seed, Supplies 10.08 W. la. Tel. Co., Tel 6,96 Coast to Coast, Sup 6.69 Vogel Paint Co., Sup. .... 805,00 Cent. la. Tel., Tel 27.52 Greenberg Auto Supplies, Parts 297.91 Lone Rock Coop. Tel., Tel. .14.48 Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe., Supplies 168.11 Sankey Sand & Gravel, Supplies ............ 220.40 W. A. Renger, Labor. . . . 21.12 Eugene Thompson, Labor.. 13,50 Clarence Kraft, Parts. . . . 6.00 "Nick Wagner, Labor 25.50 Hilton's, Tires 399.38 Titonka Tel., Tel 7.05 John Thompson, Labor. .. 334.50. Menke Oil Co., Parts. . . . 20.65 Standard Oil, Fuel 66,53 Gustav Potthoff, Gravel 1952.25 Cent. la. Tel., Tel 32.15 Swaney Equip. Co., Parts 508.32 A. J. Masuen Co., Parts. . . 8.55 Lone Rock Coop. Exchange, Supplies 58.00 Swea City Concrete Prod., Supplies 277.97 Charles Wagner, Labor. . . 35.00 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs 19.50 N. W. Bell, Tel 48.24 Larry Youngwirth, Supplies 7.90 Sybil Freerksen, Clerk of Titonka, Elec. Bill 6.50 Cook's Welder's Supplies, Supplies 6.00 Algona Welding, Repairs... 22.50 Algona Imp. Co., Parts. . . . 1.58 la. Elec. Light & Pwr., Elec 2.87 Farm Serv. Co., Gas. . . .686.56 Delbert Ferguson, Repairs & Gas .53.58 Cook's Welders Supply, Supplies 9.75 Alvin J. Eason, Right of Way 14.00 Chicago & NW Ry. Co., Lumber 940.41 Interstate Power Co., Elec 50.00 P & M Stone Co., & Welp & McCarten, Cover Aggregate 1925.41 Everds Bros. Inc., f ProJ. 1138 19,114.02 Algana Mun. Utll., Utilities 13.05 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas... 13.05 Elmer Dole, Malnt. Proj. #1 15,457.85 Elmer Dole & Everds Bros., Maint. Proj. #2 20,481.02 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd 14,315.06 Sverds Bros. Inc., Proj. 503, 570 & 1130 ?lnals 20,961.63 Mrs. Mary Kaln, Damages 100.00 Standard Oil, Fuel. .. . 1,047.29 Gibbs-Cook Equip Co., Parts 54.67 Everds Bros., Seal Coats 880.64 Everds Bros., Seal Coats 2,123.77 Wheeler Lumber Co., Lumber 860.00 Snap-On, Tools 8.59 Luther Fairbanks Exc., Road Work 497.50 la. Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. ... 5.00 Arnold Motor Supply, Parts 129,96 Paper Calmenson & Co., Blades 1,242.34 Brown Supply Co., Supplies 83.15 Hazelhoff Motors, Parts. . 2.85 Coop. Oil Co., Parts. . . . 44.30 Ledyard Lumber Co., Supplies 19.60 Arthur Doyle, Labor. . , . 25.00 Standard Oil, Fuel 69.73 Michael Todd & Co., Parts 576.41 Charlson Hdwe,, Sup 12,79 Lee & McGulre, Cat Work 433,50 Joe Bradley Equip., Parts 209,62 Bronson Build,, Tile . , . 5.55 United Building Center, Supplies . , 21.87 Koss. Motor Co., Parts. . 57.71 Ft, Dodge Machine & Supply Co., Parts 18,68 Pratt Elec., Repairs, ... 21.15 Adam Heiderscheidt, Repairs , , , 23.40 Premier Autoware, Parts, . . . , , . , 42.06 Mrs. Nettie Lavrenz, Labor 37.00 COUNTY FUND Algona *Mun. Utll., Utilities 175.50 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas. . 74.76 Post Office, Postage. . . . 125.00 Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll 9261.04 Payroll Fund, Co. Payroll 5416.16 Ralph Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners. . . 92.30 Humboldt Co., Prisoner Care 12.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals & Mileage 300.88 Larry Hudson, Meals & Mileage 19.60 Donald Wood, Meals & Mileage 51.52 Electronic Specialities, Repairs '. . . . 12.50 Ed V. Price & Co., Sheriff Supplies 264.89 Render's, Sheriff Supp. .24.85 Gordon L. Wlnkel, Commissions 203.77 Culligan, Soft Water. ... 6.50 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D., Blood Test 13.00 Dr. John Rhodes, Medical 11.00 Pratt Elec., Repairs. . . . 5.18 Hutzell's, Supplies 9.58 Burrough Corp., Maintenance 654.00 Koch Bros., Supplies. . . . 4.04 N. W. Bell Telephone, Tel 273.65 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 32.95 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 368.96 Addressograph Co., Supplies 3.35 Fldlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 393.36 Koch Bros., Supplies. . . . 130.75 la. State Bar Assoc., Supplies 8.00 Kllpto Printing Co., Supplies 51.04 Jenkins-Fergemann Co., Supplies 1,323.27 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies 70.40 Pitney Bowes, Rent. . . . 80.32 Mulligan Ins., Ins 105.48 Lee Davidson, Bond 10.00 City of Algona, Parking Lines 10.00 Leo Shirk, Apiary Exp. . . 82.79 Schultz & Schultz, Blood Tests 10.00 Bancroft Register, Proceedings 211.19 Bancroft Register, Proceedings 118.70 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings Ml.90 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 97.81 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 211.19 Bancroft Register, Notices 80.37 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notices 170.G4 Koss. Co. Trcas., Bounty 299.29 Gordon L. Winkel, Exp. .. 188.36 POOR FUND Payroll Fund, Co. Poor 11GO.OO C. E. Zaugg, Labor 52.50 John Zaugg, Labor in.00 James E. Zaugg, Labor.... 10.00 Taylor Imp. Co., Chopper 1000.00 Surge Equip., Parts 127.50 Sterling Siinonson, Hay... 203.25 Roger Kramer, Shelling... 12.00 Whittemore Coop. Elevator, Feed 243.15 Jr. Hurlburt, Combining.. 225.00 Richard Plathe, Hay 177.00 Lone Rock Coop. Exch., Seed & Feed 294.17 Dr. Shey & Gotten, Vet Fees 195.35 Farm Serv. Co., Gas 53.11 S. & L., Clothing 25.94 Hood's Super Valu, Food... 53.12 Finn's Bakery, Food 79.80 Consl. Coop Creameries, Food 143.65 J. W. Burnett, Prepaid Bills 5.39 Certified Elec. Div., Supplies 27.28 Don Bocken Supply Co., Supplies 75.24 Arwell, Inc., Spraying. . . 10.00 Eugene Thompson, Cleaning Septic Tank. . . . 115.00 Wayne M. Elbert, Repairs 158.79 Laing Plb. & Htg., Repairs 3.02 Algona Mach. Shop, Repairs 3.00 John Thompson, Repairs. . 33.00 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel. . . . 29.77 Pratt Elec., Repairs. . . . 5.40 Algona Flour & Feed, Supplies 63.00 Coast to Coast, Sup. . . . 60.72 Joe Bradley Equip., Parts 239.31 Algona Imp. Co., Parts... 189.39 St. Ann Hosp., Medical. . . 74.10 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 182.39 Cresco Light & Power, Elec 277.60 (Continued On Next Page) In Iowa, after a day's fishing beer's the one... for good taste, good fun Wherever you fish for sport—on the ocean, by the booming surf, or on som« quiet country pond, it's great at the end of the day to head for a rewarding glass of beer. While you're talking over the ones that got away, or pan-frying the ones that didn't, you enjoy the hearty taste and cool refreshment only a glass of beer can give you so well. Yes, whatever your sport—bowling or strolling, golfing or- gardening—a frosty glass of beer makes a naturally great accompaniment. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. POX 199, OSCEOLA, IOWA

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