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The Morning Times VOL XX OAKLAND CALIORNIA THURSDAY JULY 11 1889 NO 170 PfiOPBSED MUNICIPMLAWS DISASTROUS LAUNDRY REUSES TO SUPPORT HIM REDUCING THEIR EXPENSES JOTTINGS ABOUT TOWN on He was main BURNETTE HASKELL He AH dimg for the companies besides a number of large hotels was erected about 1862 ood people of Oakland will prolit lection of an officer that she reached home bancisco uly 1'1 1889 young nied almost entirely the above statements Williams received a sentence of sixty Wonts lost $1'J worth of clothing in the tery REAL NOT THE Indication Point atlood Market Thix nmg I Whenever he shouting at the top of his voice some to answer lo a charge uf battery ol Owing to the absence of a material wit ness by the name of Young (he charge of records and dabbler in real estate generally property transfers for which deeds arc now filed are nil of recent date" the charges should be dismissed but City Attorney jonnson was unwilling to make a Ryan and 1 ischer were sentenced to pay a lineof $20 each for vulgar language It is rumored among her friends that she will apply for a divorce alleging desertion (he an the the slandering and blackmailing her from the start Mr Moffitt interrupting the counselor's flow of eloquence remarked Your Honor I object to being insulted by a shyster at torney in this counsellor's goggles fairly scintillated I but Three Tcinpor buildings sales lately but the land sold has nut been conlined to any particular Commencing next Saturday and lastingSunday and Monday the rench colony of San rancisco will celebrate the one hun dreth anniversary of the all of the Batiie On the 13th of July 1789 rance threw or! the yoke of monarchy and proclaimed itself sible that your city editor has failed to grap the delicate and dePcious of this proposal If it however by nv possi Light saw hi? Partial Destruction of Some of the Contra Costa Laundr at Koon Yestt CALL ME A SHYSTER A few days ago Ricin rson Johns a mild mannered book agent was taken into custody by Officer Scanlin at the turner uf Twenty eighth street and San Pablu avenue Very Little Clotbine Bure Hundred Employes ar arily Out of The Alameda Board of Health have de cided to petition the Board of City Trustees to have none but dark colored urliliehil stone sidewalks laid in the future There is a growing belief Hint llu present light col ored cement sidewalks aro bud fur the eye? CITY HALL JOTTINGS Hom'd of Health Alerting The Board of llcullh will bold meeting 50 morrow evening lor the purpose of re vising (he plumbing rnlos and regulations mid lor the I'onsidvrnliuB of such uther business us may cumo before it twenty five to thirty deeds have been filed during the past few days and from the present indications the real estate market fins fall will be a good said A warrant was Issued yesterday for the arrest of Tuny Anderson who despite the protests of the Sanitary Inspector persisted in dumping garbage on a vacant lot at the corner of Twcnty tlrsl and Union streets engineers be consulted in the matter of framing a new ordinance fixing the duties and fees of the City Engineer The committee referred back the or dinance relating to the moving of buildings inside the fire limits as it was understood that the Board of Public Works would sub mit a plan for action to the next meeting of the City Council The City Council Discusses Proposed Ordinances as a Committee of the Whole Then it was that Counselor Brearty arose and in florid terms pictured the cae uf the unfortunate woman down stairs who he eho discharged the woman found that a gold watch was missing A search of the rooms of Miss Needham failed to reveal the watch but a breastpin Hint had been stolen from Jennie Samuels while the latter was visiting Mrs Kowalsky was discovered In the Court yesterday the charge of grand larceny against Miss Needham was dismissed but she is yet held to answer for the theft ul the breantpin Next Sunday the third annual picnic of the 'hiistopher Columbus Society of Oak land will take place nt Park 'Twelve handsome prizes me to be rallied on the grounds nt i ami there will bo excellent music provided for dancing dur ing the day ralernnl Visit On the fourth riday of this month about ft dozen members of tho Grand Army past of thin city will visit Lon Morris I'ohI ol Livermore The Canoe Having for the Mayrieh Badge The Oakland Canoe Club is preparing fur the star aquatic event of the season The race for the Mayrich badge is set fur the 21st inst but owing to the probable low water which is likely to prevail on that date the race will no doubt come oil one week ahead of the time set the 1 Uh Vice Com modore Harrison holds the trophy at pres ent and will try hard to retain it 'The rolic which Harrison sails is supposed lo be hard to beat and as she the English Jack extraordinary efforts will no doubt be made by the Nipsic Gypsy and to wret the prize from her All of the last mimed three craft have been by their own ers completely overhauled and put into shape for the coming contest Death by Wards Of the (13 deaths that oecured in this city last month 21 were hi tho ind Ward tl In the Second 8 in tho Third fl in tho ourth1 In the ifth 3 In the Sixth and t) In the Kevctilh property on the south'siue of William street 50 feet north from Pine Building operations have practically ceased The Montanya building'un Seventh street near Willow has been completed and the Bullock brick structure is nearing comple tion The upper of the last named building will be occupied by the West Oak land Heading Room mutual support inally he was driven from the house as his meagre earn ings from her painting lessons and dress making was barely able to support herself Saturday list while she was returning frmn San rancisco after having given some les ons he met her on the train ami after a few words hail passed bpfwten them heat empted to take some of her jewelry from her but through the interference of Miller Attempts to Rob His Wife the Train but Is Resisted by Passengers continued two weeks 1) Crowley a small boy was found guilty on charges of drunkenness and vul gar language and was sentenced to pay a line ol $1 it oi' remain eight days in jail Lorenzo Ghizzio the wild eyed Italian gardener again appeared in the Police i i i Births and Deaths louring hist month lhero wore two still 1 wn children and one premature birth re ported at the Health Olllce In tho name thue 50 births were reported of which 2d were mules and 21 females During AUv tvru were only 5" births and even worshipped the very ground she tread on The grounds of separation were he said of entirely a connubial na ture and if the true facts were known he would not be found to be the cause Proposition to Introduce Electric Lights in the Yards is Again Personal The Debate on the ire Ordinance Knocks That Measure Silly The Recommendations drying room The laundry buildings ae insured for $25000 of which $15ohi is ca the damaged buildings but it is believed Airs Biimgartcil Buttered Aaron Aseti has been annoying Bumgarten of lower Brondwnv for time past and lust evening the two came in bautner called at the City Prison during the afternoon at the request of the counsellor who wanted his sick client released He guaranteed that his client would be in court to day when the case was called even if she was compelled to ride in a hack but the Deputy consent Then the coun sellor said he would give Mr Nushaumer a bill of sale of her furniture which he ne glected to say was rented from 1 Lyon But which he did say was worth from lo I 500 but to this Nushaumer said he would not consent Then the counse'lor offered to go to the bank and get $100 which tie had deposited Ins own money he said Mr Nushaumer looked surprised at the idea of the counsellor having (hi amount of money in bank and suggested that it was after 5 and the banks were closed Well that settled it said the counsellor resignedly as he settled back in built on the ground It is believed the I DO YOU KNOW? Tli at lllrl)b(rg (pitwloy at 07i Bronhvny arc hvllliig tli huesl bnnids of I input toil Clgarii hi i lie niHi'ki iim the Rehm Luimh Imi Virginia KI Llbonidor lloiiiholdt Gar (In Bmiqiteror iind Mrutlii mid if you w(mt to mnolu the lines' nickel elgar In tho market ieik fur the KI Nviito night festival comprising a mammoth lire works display concert and ball the pro ceeds of the latter to be forwarded to the sufferers of the disaster at Keattle and Hispcilsliig Charity Supervisor Morgan says lie has doubt as lo whether tho Supervisorial Board has the power lo nlfcnv the Asjinuuited I hartites ovvrww nnu uireci inc uispemsaiioti charily as that body wishes to do Cottnfcolor Brearty Objects to Being Designated by That Term Counselor rank Brearty was engaged in earnest conversation in the Police Court yesterday morning with the dirty unkempt red shirted gardener from West Oakland when the case of Mrs A Hay accused of libel by Senator Moffitt was called The counselor immediately straightened up ami fixed his black goggles more Hrinly on bis rubicund nasal organ Prosecuting At torney Church said there was no desire to prosecute the case and read a letter that be had received from Mr Moffitt in which the latter stated that he would not prosecute the ease In view of this he thought that the ease should be dismissed Mr Moffitt 1'rihnps ii I pt oman Ute The sitcr of Lizzie Needham who is con lined in the City Prison for stealing called al the prison yesterday and told a sad story of the mental nnsonndness of her sister liond Yesterday morning Mr Moran one of his daughters and several other people called nt the City Prison tor the purpose of identifying the man Before the hitler was broug lit into the room Chief Tompkins asked Mr Moran if he hud a pistol about him Moran answered in Hie ullirmi: 1 1 ve nt the same time handing overall ugly looking British bulldog 'Pho book itgeul was brought into the room and of course bo not the person sought fur Ilh the general opinion among the police that the fiend will never be caught The meteorological synopsis of Dr Trembly for June shows the following tacts Number clear nnd (air days 2' Number elomly tlnys 5 Number days hi which rain fell 1 Number inurnhijiH of low fog 0 The City Council met at their'ebambers last evening as a Committee of the Whole for the purpose of discussing the ordinances which will on Monday evening next be sub mitted to the Council for final reading and passage Councilman Evans was selected to grace the chair and to him also fell the oilice of reading which he did in his happy musical way the ordinances to be considered by the assembled wise men The ordinance providing for the changing of the name of Division street to that ot Eighth street was sanctioned the action being deemed necessary in order to obtain a system in the numbered streets and a favorable report in the matter was recorded The fire ordinance was then read and called forth considerable comment result ing in the alteration of a few features Councilman Collins stated that this ordi nance which was cesigned to prevent the construction or continuance defective chimneys and flues which constitute the cause ol the average lire bad been carefully drawn up and was copied in a great meas ure from the fire ordinance of Kan ran cisco He believed the measure to be in the interests of property owners and favored its recommendation ordinance mentions patent chim said Councilman McAvoy it seems to me that it puts a premium on them to the detriment of chimneys of local a patent is responded Councilman Collins material ed and the manner prescribed tor placing in num linn jur i i'hm in utnrv patent chimneys have a drum circling the the terra cotta with an air chamber be tween making such chimneys absolutely fire Councilman McAvoy asked if it was not true that insurance companies levy in creased rates where terra cotta chimneys are used and Councilman Camron answered that there was no extra insurance fur en closed chimneys of that composition The word disturbed Councilman usual peace of mind and he moved to strike it out wherever it oc curred special building law is what we said Councilman McDonald of the buildings provided with brirk chimneys are unsound and there ought to be an' ordi nance governing this provisionally restrictive significance Councilman Evans averred that it the fire ordinance passed in Oakland alone one manufacturer of patent chimneys would flourish while a certain other one would doubtless fail Economy and Lack of Employment Oc casions the Discharge of Men in the Railroad Shops The Wife of ortune Teller Miller Casts Him Off as Worthless and Ko Good she does not But Mr Num baumer did not take kindly to this proposi tion jind asked if Mrs Hay could mt furnish bail lo the amount oi about But the counselor said she had no money and nubudy would furnish it for her He had nut received a cent of money for a tee he said and was only making this rennest In a spirit ol humanity But Air Xus baumer thought it best io wail until to day and see what disposition was made of tlie Snuiley rase are too strict with your sense of remarked (he counselor ns hewulked out I was in your phu 1 would take chances in a case of this A Minister In Ding race There was a llttlo haggling it tho 1'ollce Court yesterday nurnlng over the dismissal of the charges against Ruv Khigdun who while drunk disturbed tho peace of his landlord a man named Stutiv Thu litllvr nu old man slated that he was willing that but the hitter lor some years ha discarded him Young Church has always been more or less evidently deranged When his father was interested in a saloon in San rancisco young Church milked into the place one day and threw two large cobble stones through a plate glass mirrur worth $5'10 Another time at the dinner table lie son picked up a carving knife and would have killed his father but for timely interference or a long lime while in Kan $l'i0'iU will hardly cover the loss Keveral ot the machines have been found to be badly damaged and commanded order and the Prosecuting A itorncy renewed his motion to dismiss which was grained by the court There is yet another charge oi libel pending against the female ductor that brought by Saufley which is set for trial to day Coun sellor Brearty says that Mrs had an other relapse yesterday and i very sick even her green and red leathered parrut W'IImI it trill ivifli lit rtil II I THE OAKLAND CANOE CLUB Councilman Collins did not want to see the Council sit down quietly and inactively wait till the town burned up He advised speedy action and remarked oneordi nance isn't enough why draw up an ad ditional one and do business well" He considered the ordinance a diserimina ion again patent chimneys as (he word los The work of rebuilding and repairing will commence immediately Later information places the loss higher than was first suspected John Motan the There have been many inquiries as to why the present inactivity exists as con cerns the lack of work in the West Oakland railroad yards as well as elsewhere in the service There are very few men employed about the shops at present and within the past month some twenty five additional men were discharged The number of locomotive engineers has also been reduced and recently seven former engineers have been forced to accept the po sition of firemen This lack of work so claim the railroad men generally is caused by the new Eastern locomotives and the economical management of Superintendent Small The engines are capable of a great deal more work than the former small sized engines The large locomotives are capable of carrying 170 pounds of steam while the small ones usually carry about 120 pounds There is scarcely any work doing in the car shops or roundhouse 2k number of rumors have been floating about to the effect (bat Superintendent Small would be asked to resign to give place to a relative oi the Hopkins family but this is not looked upon by railroad men generally as probable or a long time past there has been more or less talk of lighting the railroad yards by electricity and since the return of Slater the railroad elec trician from the East who is known to be in favor of the plan the discussion of this proposition has been renewed At present after nightfall it is difficult for a person not acquainted with the lav of the yards to make his way through tfiem and the con stant running back and forth ot trains is liable to cause a collision at any moment It is proposed to light the yards' by 14 arc lamps The only electric in the vicinity of the yards at present is that at the junction of Seventh street and the Berkeley crossing placed there by the rail road company A large quantity of unappraised tea has been shipped from the street wharf is Not a Walking Delegate for the Nationalists To the E'Htor of the Timet In your issue of Tuesday yon give me the title of delegate of the order (the 'Nation A delegate as I under stand it is a paid representative of some trade union am none such nor have I ever been The Nationalists do not deal with that article in their organization 1 addressed the Nationalist Club of Oakland as a political economist and officially repre sented nothing In your issue of Wednesday! notice that II I rvine proposes to prove to the public and the Nationalist two important things: irst that the rich are not growing richer and the poor poorer: and second that the private ownership of land i not an evil which oppresses the poor Mr Irvine court to a witness in the trial of his 1 be court took the arrival Sacramento has released Big Burke and Roxburgh Tip O'Neill will remain at Byron Springs for a week more Hardie and Coughlin will be the battery fur the Oakkinds to day red Lange will probably hold down third base to day for the Oakfands in their game against the San rancisco dub Bill broken ankle was yester day released from the plaster cast and he discarded crutches He expects to be able to resume practice by August 1st Harris appears lo want to make a few dollars while managing the Stockton team He released linker and Behan who were high salaried men and has signed Hughey Kmith who goes into the right garden inpirc Van Court has gunc into the re tail cigar business and will probably re sign umpiring for the Calilorma league as he cannot be absent from (he city two days at time and at tend to his new business where in an ordinance coveting this mut said Councilman Camron suggested Councilman Macdonald the case let us begin overhauling the old ordinance The fire ordinance was then laid carefully away fur future consideration Dille so requested and Judge Laidlaw did not care to dismiss the charges unless such a motion was made Then the City At torney said he believed a minister of the gospel should be punished for drunkenness and vulgar language as well as any one else but as the complaining witness did not wish to prosecute the charges he moved for their dismissal and the court granted the request AN ESCAPED LARCENI8T He Walked Out of Court Without Leave Charles Jacques the young man who was serving ninety days in the County Jail for petty larceny committed by practicing the change swindle on some of the merchants of Alameda gained his liberty in a very easy manner last Monday brought from the County Jail by Constable tasskmg to Justice act as accomplice Matthews recess nendins vine 1 4 ami ja'iura Caught In Just ns Deteelivo Shoroy on 'erod (he second hand shop of Mr Racholson Broad way near Sixth street yesterday the wife of the piopticlor called his attention to a The and Aid Society of San rancisco re elected ex Governor George Perkins of this city its president Mrs Sarah Henshaw and Mrs Gunn are the district represent! ves in this city Hiram Luttrell of this city was one of the orators at the ourth of July celebration at Scott Valley He is well and favorably known in that vicinity His oration ap pears in full in the issue of the Scott Valley News of uly 6th Morse the representative of Mrs Blair who owns the property adjoining the Laundry arm tract denies that the former property has been sold Ala meda parties want the ce nothing has so far come of negotiation remarked Mr Alore yesterday It is understood that property is contemplated fur cemetery pur poses A brother of red Campbell is lying very ill at the residence where he has been for the past few days He was taken sick near Prescott A where he had been prospecting When red arrived on the scene liis brother wis too ill to be re moved and the latter nursed him for three weeks in the Territory He is now on the road to recovery Professor Koliert Jackson formerly of tins city at present of the minerologv department of the State of Nevada was yesterday married lo Miss Wakelee of So quel Professor Jackson is a graduate of the University of California and was for some time a member of the real estate firm of Jackson A Vandercook of this city He is regarded as one of the bestposted mining men on the Pacific Coast has returned from his camping trip to Boulder Creek He savs that the fish stories told by a rubber stamp manufacturer residing in the north ern part of the city are without truth as that peron has been guilty ot buying fish from small boys who are uf his coming beforehand The Kanitary Iiv pector has been investi gating that street ur alley extending from Center to Kirkham and forming a part of Thirteenth street He finds that it is with out sewerage and several cases of diseases have been the result In fact the Kan it iry Inspector says be believes disease in West Oakland is caused more by defective sewers than frum the much blamed swamp land he old Center street baseball ground has been closed and its owners the Contra Costa Laundry Company intend to utilize it as a pasture ground tor their horses and will probably in lime extend the works on to it as in their present grounds they are some what cramped for room The three West Oakland lottery joints are running as actively a ever but a gambling joint on Wood street until lately operated bv white men has been clo ed Edwards has sold to William Me Cormick property on the north side of Tenth treet thirty feet east from Union 3ux31 feet JC Gohrman ha recently purchased property on the east side of Peralta street 173 teet south from Eighth street for $2330 LADIES BEWARE I We uru now uncasing the hist and by far the largest cumignmenl i those handsome Knit Siiawib so popular and much Muuglil for While Cream Black Scarlet and worth a nt 25 rentx each Jah A Jowk iK7 UOU WiihIi ington istrcet A middle aged woman who Kucccirtvcly gave I ho' namo of Mr Cuniilnghnm ntnl Collin raised an uproar al 1071 Thirteenth avenue yonlerday afternoon and was sent wit her bag and baggage In the pit Ind wagon In the Chy where she wax booked lor drtiitkenneHH Among her pun Hussions was found un empty whisky bollle the destruction of the notorious prison in which many ot her mo illu trious son had seen the last of tins world The com mittee in charge of the celeb utio'i of which Raphael Weill is President has ar ranged a very extensive celebration The first programme comprises a grand illumination of Union Square at 3 fol lowed by a promenade concert On Sunday from a to 7 a family festival kermess and grand concert and have Been arranged for The whole celebration Councilman Collins here introduced an old subject of damages suffered through the action of the Health Officer by a West Oakland man during the smallpox epi demic Mr Toedt was the individti in question When he was taken down with the disease mentioned he was removed to the pesthouse and all his clothing goods and furniture were hauled out of his house and fumigated by order of Health Olticcr Crowley The fumigation process destroyed the fabric in nearly every case The speaker believed (he claim to bo a just one and thought it ought to be paid Attorney Whitney appeared for Mr Toedt and stated (bat (he claim uf his client had been presented to the old Coun cil a year ago but ban not been acted The amount prayed lor was $286(D Il was finally agreed that Mr Toedt had better have his first claim brought forward and introduced lor action before the Coun cil The following was recommended fur pannage: fietolvetl That the City Treasurer be author ized mnl empowered to employ six it'ldhlomtl deputies in Ids office fur the pprposc of writing up the lax LI 1 Is making Imlexes to tax rolls nmi assist ing In the colleclion ol taxes said drpul les to be paid by tin city at tlm rate of loo per month for (he lime actually employed Im time for these deputies to be employed is as follows: six deputies for four month four deputies for twomonths twodeputles for one month The date fur commencing the work to be about thu 22d of July 188V TltK onntNANCR COMMITTER Several members here absented them selves and lhero not being a quorum pres ent the Committee of the Whole adjourned and the Ordinance Committee held session On motion of Councilman Camron the ordinances approved by th Cummitlcuof the Whole were recommended fur passage by tho Committee The ordinance with reference to tho mov ing of buildings within the city lire limits was referred buck to the Council its was also the ordimmcc making It unlawful and establishing a penalty to keen mnlniidn Iteuomoiui inmate of ur contribute to the support of a disorderly Imin iu or house uf Ill fame or place for gambling or sale of lottery tickets The following ordinances wero recom mended for pnsMsage Milking it unlawful for auv person to dump or burn garbage emitting offensive fuuioH inside the city lindiv Prohibiting laundries inside tho lire limits and providing punishment fur thu infringe ment of the ordinance Relating lo thu prohibition and removal uf street ubslruelionH as far as iiussible and all impediments likewise uf ulilcwulk travel between Htmscl and sunrise When Cuitm ilmiin Evans IlnMird read ing the lust ordinance he said with a broad smile: City Altorney rather the one that wax City' A tti rney objects to thh but Thu ordinance fixing thu fees of the City Enginvur was read and received no end uf unlavornblo comment The fees proposed were considered exorbitant in many in stances ordinance will keep said (larnerm It was suggested that a couple of export Dividing ('ont rnets The Board of Public Works will not throw out all the bids because the bids of the bidders were not accompanied by checks to the necessary amount The sup plying of coni will be divided between Howard and isher A Taylor disbarring the Renton Coal Cumpanyjjob printing between Carruth A Carruth and the titirei' disbarring (he Tribune Publishing Company whose check lacked 1U per cent of Being the necc nary amount New bids will probably be asked for on stationery All fakirs and sure thing men are of a dirty greasy appearance and although to the innocent observer always winning are in reality almost always broke and cursing their luck Like in all professional occu pations the sure thing business has its dif ferent grades but the one that brings in the richest harvest is the educated and smooth tongued fakir who works on the educated but credulous dupes under the name of fortune teller or clairvoyant If those who permit themselves to be robbed by such fortune tellers and clairvoy ants would only notice with what certainty such professors read the palms stars or dreams to the detriment ot their own suc cess and happiness their better judgment would teach them that it would be better to act for themselves without cost than to support those who Jive on the recognized failures of their own lives Within the last few days one of these 1 sure thing elarivoyants has demonstrated the uselessness of his art by making a holy 'show of himself in the separation from his wile A few years ago Prof Miller was working Troy New York as a clair voyant and trance medium with some suc cess where he met a young California widow and immediately went into a trance saw stars and examined her bank account proposed was accepted and resolved that she should support him for life She was an artist of some gifts and he started the teaching of painting that is she did the teaching ami he collected the mone'y While the honeymoon lasted this was agreeable but as the pupils were not forth coming and the larder was getting bare they started for the setting sun and her re lations Their tickets were oi the stop over kind and when the stop came she painted and he conducted a spook show until the next ticket could be purchased inally they arrived in Oakland and were cordially welcomed by her family but the welcome gradually faded away as he made no effort to support himself otherwise than to be regular at meal time His wife how ever suuii began to give lessons in paint ing and with the little recompense she re Shortly after 12 iterday a fire was discovered in the dtying room of the Contra Costa Laundry located at the cor ner of ourteenth and Kirkham streets The drying room is a small room located in the upper part of the main rick building The employes of the laundr who first dis covered the fire attempted to extinguish it with the aid oi garden hose but wlftn blaze increased beyond their power alarm was turned in which called out ire Department who were soon on scene and under tne direction ot Chief Ken nedy fought nobly to subdue the flames Had the alarm been turned in more prompt ly than was the case it is probable that the damage would have been very slight it was a hard and dangerous fire to fight on account ot the liability of the division walls to fall in The polishing and fin ishnur rooms attached to the building escaped the flames but were more or less damaged by water There was a quantity of valuable machinerv in the main building but the damage will be slight The washing ironing and drying rooms were destroyed but the greater part of the washing was saved the timely efforts of the employees who piled it on trucks and hurried it out of reach ot the flames Yesterday was one uf the busiest days of the week in laundry and a large amount of the clothing was in progress of cleaning The clothing in the drying room was destroyed What was not burned will require rewashing liny Bartlett the general manager of the laundry was on the scene shortly after the fire commenced and assumed general direction ot things During the lire a chimney and division wall toppled over and the firemen narrowly escaped severe injuries At the time ot the outbreak of the fire most of the employees were at their lunch and when they returned and found what appeared to be the building in flames a scene of conlnsiun ensued especially among the women and girls A large crowd of people congregated in the laundry grounds to watch the progress of the lire A large part uf the 300 wliite will be thrown the damages are repaired ably be but a short time A Demented Mongol Chung Lee a demented Mongol who at tacked rs A It Reed in the vicinity of Seventeenth street and Sixth avenue was placed In a cell In tho Cdy Prison yesterday with another Chinaman but the latter niter a nliort space of time cried for assistance us the other wns assaulting him His detm nted fellow countryman was then placed in it dark coll where ho kept hammering with his loot and crying aloud until far into the night Qua rrd lug Neighbors Mrs Marin Kilvu and Maud rales live in ndjoitdng houses at I8( William street nnd (ho two have not been on neighborly terms for Home time mid it wnsonly recently Ihol one poured boiling water on the other Last night Mrs rulen was arrested on com plaint uf Mrs Kllvn for dist rhitig the jieaee Kite was released on urnishing $25 bundle of clothing in his hands It turned out that the mnn a little while before offered lu bell clothing which he had stolen from Samuels in addition lu a coat mid vc which had no doubt been stolen from sojiio where else The man wits taken to the where he gave the name ul John King Tim Mm It Electi lelly City Electrician Carleton way tho diffi culty In hearing messages by telephone after nightfall is caused by the induction wires 01 the electric light eompntiies run ning in close proximity lu the telephone wires Tho Oakland Gaslight and Heal Company have promised to remedy this ntilsnnec mid th a Wcbstor Mreol company will probably du the huiiiu with regard to their wired a short of sonic nt her was left unguarded lie took advantage of this negligence and quietly walked out of the courtroom As no officers followed him he kept on walking and when he was missed he had walked so far that he was not in sight The officers then realized that the prisoner bad made bis escape Con stable assking in whose charge the pris oner was supposed to be blamed the police officers for his easy disappearance while the officers say thatassking was alone respon his custody as he brought him from the county jail and was supposed to exer ciseordinary vigilance over him anyhow Officers were sent to the broad and narrow gauge stations but the fugitive made good used the opportunity afforded him and the chances arc that he will not be cap tured In the meantime the trial of Mat thews was proceeded with but as the testi mony of Jacques was wanting andalso that of other important witnesses who had not been subpiuned the jury brought in a ver dict of not guilty.

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