Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 1894
Page 5
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•",•••' ' •• • •' • ••" • -. . A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we % make them from ,. $20 to $60. '^ Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. POWDER. PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS, 20$. «ALVES,IO<t .QUARTERS^. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 0. Walker Whitesida In "Hamlet" to^ morrow night. To Mr, and Mrs. Levi Portot of Bates street, a son. ^You should not fail to price carpets at U»o 'Now Fashion store. VtTmbroLlas and parasols all styles, qualHfes and colors—Trade Palace. Dr. Holloway's office in tho Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets. Tho Ottos will play the South Side Clippers at the Driving park this afternoon. \ /For Monday's trade, Ladies Oxford "ties, patent tipa, at 75 cents.—Stevenson & Kllnsiok. / Our negligee shirts are the greatest '' assortment we ever had.—Patterson, the-Shlrt Maker. Vtook In and see the lovely dress poods and silks at reduced prices at the Trade Palace. \/500 pairs of ladies' $1.25 toilet slippers to be sold for 75 cents.— Stwonaon & Kllnslck. 1 -We have added, a full line of Knfj- "lish brand of queonaware which will be sold very close for cash,—C. M- Hanna. •>, /Now is the time to purchase your ready made wrappers and shirt waists; all styles and qualities at tho cost of making.—Trade Palace. Walker Whiteaidea should be tendered an oration by tho people of bo- g»nsport tomorrow evening upon his return ID the full flush of his metropolitan suooeises. Walker TTliUeilde Tomorrow —Good my lord, will you soe Uie player* well tostowod? Du jou baur, let tbemDe vrolliifwd; further lire the abstract mid brio! chronicles ol ttto tltno; after your Ueatli you wore butter Iwve a bud epitaph than their tl! report whllo they lived, —HA.tIl.KT. It is distinctly remembered, and with regret oven yet on tho part of those whoso thoroughly enjoyed tho memorable engagements, that upon his former appearance in this, the city of his birth. Walker Whitesido and 'the players" wore certainly not 'well used, 1 ' and it ia not unlikely that, following the ordinary tendency of human nature. Mr. Whiteside and the playors could havo framed tbeir feelings toward tho people of Logans, port on thoso occasions into expressions than which a "bad epitaph" after death -would have been preferable. Neither Is it unlikely that their 'ill report" of tho miserably meaper audiences which greeted then; went abroad among their fellow players and helped to swell tho generally accepted belief that tho people of Logansport are not liberal patrons of the legitimate drama. It was considered un- approcifttive, at least, and no lose unfortunate that n young man in whom the people of tho city should havo tnkcn a strong natural interest, should not be "well used 11 by the people among whom his boyhood was spent: This lack of interest may htivo boon not 30 much a real lack of appreciation of tho drama and of tho ycunff actor's conscientious and ambitious efforts as it was a display of tho traditional indltTorenco toward, a prophet among his countrymen. Since that time, however, Mr. Whitesido has assumed a new attitude in tho consideration of the pooplo hero and Is no longer tho mad cap "boy tragedian," but a dls- tlnbuished stage celebrity whoso earnest and painstaking efforts have seized the laurel to wear which is indeed an honor and which gracefully crowns the unwavering condition of his boy hood, signalizing him as one of the greatest actors of tho day. It is as a worthy sviocetjsor to tho lately depart* ed masters of tho stage that Walker Whitesido returns now to tho scenes of his childhood, and in this now and distinctive attitude will surely be "well used" upon his appearance at Dolan's tomorrow night. "Hamlet," in the conception and rendition of which tho foremost crlt. lea place him at tbe head of all present actors, in tho bill announced for tho engagement, and a rare treat is in store for all lovers of the immortal drama. With tho eminent young tragedian Is the same company of actors which appeared in hla memorable metropolitan conquests, and tbe play will be thoroughly otaged. GAS MATTERS. THE SUCCESS OP THE SEW COM- ASSURED. A IletnH >urrutlYO of Incldcntii to Ditto-No I.on« of Faith or of Earncat- ueg« — ITIie Cltlzcu* FiiylniE Promptly and tbo Construction \VorK to be Itcanii OH Soou UM tno UricuiilzHtlon la Complete The organ of the old gas company attempts to Injure the now gas company by asking why certain directors resigned and by charging a controversy between other friends of the new company. If tho Pharoe really wanted to know why these gentlemen resigned it would h^ve sent a reporter to them and found out, but it did not want to know. It wanted to create tho impression that those who resigned had no iaith in the now movement and so it simply asks the question. As far as those resignations are concerned tho people already know tho facts. When tho Doxoy movement failed several citizens asked to bo appointed on a special committee to try again and the Board of Directors appointed that committee and ceased to moot. When the committee made its report two weeks ago those of the Board of Directors who had not boon members of this special committee resigned to give place to those who had been more active in the aevr movement. Each is a signer to the new Phillips plan and all or nearly all in resigning pledged their earnest support to the movement. The vacancies thus created were tilled by the stockholders and John E. Barnes, B. F. Koosliog, Weldon Webster, E. A. Hall and Henry Kruck wore chosen. These selections were and are satisfactory to the public and ever since they were made payments have boon made steadily and now subscriptions have come in. Up to last nitfbt about 300 receipts had been issued and yostorday sevoral new subscriptions were taken so that the work is progressing satisfactorily and It Is fully entitled to tho public confl- dinco. Tho attempts of tho Pharos to break it down will not succeed. The Pharos article last evening stating that a quarrel had arisen is not true. Dr. H. D. H-.ttery aspired to the presidency and when tho Dew mom • bers were to bo chosen asked several citizens to bo present at the meeting and go on. the Board. Xho Board was duly chosen but at the first meeting a motion to proceed to ballot for president was lost by a voto of 4 to 4, one member being absent. As the doctor had been an avowed candidate he took this to mean four against him and the mooting was adjourned. Renewed canvassing was engaged in and at tho next meeting, last Thursday evening, the motion to elect again came up but it was amended to refor to tho stockholders and this was carried by a voto of 5 to 4 and a meeting of stockholders was ordered for next Tuesday evening. Dr. Hattery immediately wrote out his resignation and has since displayed somo anger. There should be no personal feelbg In the matter. The gentlemen who opposed the doctor were and are his friends. They wore simply using their best judgment In tho interests ol the now company as it was thoir duty to do, and while tho Doctor has unwisoly mads it a personal matter, there was no reason for so doing. The Journal hopes that ho will soo it In that light also and will not let his own personal disappointment stand in the way of his earnest work for tho success of ths new company The objections made on ull sides to Dr. Hattery wore that bis political enemies would withdraw their support from tbo now company and that his onihusiasm, generosity and habit of not counting expenses when ho wanted anything done would lose for him the confidence of more precise and exact business men. Tho ability to get the votes necessary to elect would Indicate an ability to get approved any measure he might advocate and thus his election would practically placo him In complete control, Tho directors who opposed him offered to choose any other business man and suggested W. H, Bringhurst, George W. Seybold, E S Rico, VV. T. Wilson, John £. Barnes, B. K. Kees- licg, M. A. Jordan, Weldon Webster and others. Theee suggestions were declined and the matter is now left for tho stockholders to arrange. They probably will ba^o no trouble in selecting some one to whom there is littlo or no objections and the work will so on as smoothJy as ever. Aa far a* the Journal is concerned, it advised the people to sign and it is now advising them to pay up. If In Its judgment any danger threatens success it l» called on to prevent if possible. It has no personal feeling in the matter whatever, and on Ita part there it no enmltf or anger. Its conclusion after consulting a large number of stockholders Is that tho selection is not tho one tho people prefer and it sees, as every one must soo that the part of wisdom is to select some one on whom all can unite. The gas company should not be used us a means to promote personal ambitions or as a club to get revenge. It Is a citizen's movement and as such must bo unanimous to succeed. The public now has the facts. . Dr. Battery has retired In the interests of harmony and it remains for the public at the meeting Tuesday evening to unite on any one of a hundred citizens who can be found who will be satisfactory to everybody. The Journal feels euro that Dr. Hattery when ho understands .the matter fully will be one ol the moat enthusiastic backers of the enterprise, YODB JJAXE IN PRINT. ticmi of a Ferconal Character Concerning I*ogau«portem and Their FrloodN Ferdinand Krepp li at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barnes are in St. Louia. J. H. McCully of Idaville was in the city yesterday. Jesse Brosier of Chicago, is visiting home friends here. N. B, Booth will start Monday for a trip through California. VV. W. Yingling is at home from tho gaa field ovoi> Sunday, Neil McOreovy of Purdue, is visit" ing his uncle, J. W. McGreevy. Miss Alice Nelson entertained a ple&saut party at whist last night. Bert and Mrs. Small and children went to Idaville yesterday to spend Sunday. Howard Stltt of W. IX Pratt Ink Co. returned home yesterday from a trip through tho northwest. Judge Nelson, W. D. Pratt. B.F. Louthaln and Frank llico west to Maxinkuckee yesterday. Dr. Charles A. Tuttlo, professor of Political Economy in Wabash College ie spending Sunday with Judge D. P. Baldwin. Mies Mary Bruck, formerly of this city, was married at Kentland last week to Mr. Harry Strub, a citizen of that place. Mrs. B. B. Adams who has been visiting Mrs. E. F. Keller of the Murdock hotel, returned yesterday to her home at Indianapolis. Mrs. Chas. Gray and children have gone to Lafayette, whore they were called by the serious illness of her brother, Mr. Joseph Tyrrel. M, D. Fansler loft yostorday afternoon for Omaha, Neb., to attend tho national convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians a<3 a State dole* gate. Misses Mayme and Adah Cushman 'eroca';lod to Lebanon. Ind., yestor- day by tho death of their relative Miss May Daily, niece of Hon. A. C. Dally the Republican nominee for state treasurer. Mr. Hi White and Miss Kate White will arrive this morning from the south with the remains of their sister, Mrs. Link Pilling. Tho funeral will bo held from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry White, the parents of the deceased, tomorrow at 2:30. Octogenarian Sprinters. Tomorrow afternoon between the hours ol three nnd four o'clock at the driving park, will occur tho much talked of and long o.xpootcd "old man's race." The race Is for tho two best heats out of tarea.haK mile heats, and all entries must bo 80 years of ago and upwards. H. Parcel! of this oily, Daniel lleedor of Peru and K. G. Shryock of Rochester are entered and tho event promises to draw a large crowd. An entrance lee of 15 cents will bo charged at the park gate. OflicerM Inntulleil, At ths mooting of the Juvenile Temple hold yesterday afternoon the following ofiieors were installed: Past C. T.—Susie Blassingham. C. T.—Willie lloulshausen. V. T.—Mable Small. ' Sec.—John Martin. Aest. Sec—Claude Horshey. Fin. See.—Alice Homburg. Xreas.—Mrs. Dalrytnple. Chap—Edith Drltt. Marshal—Willie Wharfiold. D M.—Edith Close. Guard—Stanley Champ. Sentinel—Mlntio Chapman, I Organiirt'— Rose Oliver. nin'tlcn. To all to whom it may concern, the Honorable Council Of the city: I take this method of stating that some of my friends want me to apply for the office of Street Commissioner, and for w^ich I will state that under no circumstances will I apply for that position as the Council has favored mo with that of garbage man, and that is all I can bold down, hoping that I may be favored again with the same. D. H. CLYMER. < ,g\\ kinds of screens made to order at reat onable prices. Old screens re • painted and bung. Leave orders with C. M. Hinna. T. p. A. Note*. An adjourned meeting of tho local post will be held at the parlors next Saturday evening. All members are requested to be present as business pertaining to the State convention will bo brought up. Our esteemed brother H. C. Wiley, who has been confined tu his home fo, tho past two weeks is reported to bo Improring and will eoon be able to make his territory again. Frank Frick, a promising member of Post F, has exchanged West Side property lor a general stock of merchandise in Bunker Hill. Brother A. L. Rosa has exchanged bis blooded roadster for a stock of boots and shoes at Kowanna. We want to impress on the delegates who are elected to the State convention tho necessity of attending and also the necessity of working for tho adoption of the State constitution as revised by Post F. not without the proper consideration for other amendments or other business but we as the framers of this are more than anxious for its adoption and it is our privilege to use all honorable means to the accomplishment of this end. The following posts havo been organized this year In this division. Post B of Indianapolis, Post II of Evansvlllo, Post I of Vincennes, Post K of South Bend. Post J of Kendall- vine. The balance in tha national treasury on April 1st was $30,123,92. D. Collins was a visitors at the club rooms this week. Of the exchanges wo have wo 2nd them all united in one accord, that is in praising our State President, C. M. Taylor, laboring as he did in an off way. What would have boon the results under favorable circumstances we cannot tell, but we Know and are proud to say that "Clark" has made a record, not a selfish one, but for this Division, and especially for Post F. Mr. T. J. Legg mtde no mistake a year ago in introducing him as one who had the Interest of tho T. P. A. at heart. ADDITIONAL L.OUAL.S. The paternity suit of Gertrude Tucker against George Holvie was compromised In the court yesterday afternoon. Mannffer McNary has kindly offered to tho U. R. K. of P., space in the Driving park to be used for drill purposes. The division will probably accept tho offer as they are preparing for the competition drill at Washing. ton in August. Weldon Webster is not and has not been a candidate for street commissioner and D, W. Tomlinson was not at any timopreaent at the meeting of the republican councilmen Friday evening. Both of these statements of tho Pharos are u«truo and uncalled for. The weather bulletin predicted fair weather yesterday and Patterson, the Haberdashers, advertised sun shades, or something of that sort. The steady rain epoilod the advertisement but did not spoil Patterson's fine stock of gonts' furnishings. Call at corner Fourth and Broadway. There is scarcely any lot up to the merriment in "A Pair of Kids," which Is to be tho attraction at tho opera house Thursday night. Ezra, Kendall as the "old countryman" is soirrcsist- ably funny that nobody can look upon him and maintain a serious demeanor, tho only exaggerations in tho impersonation being committed for fun's sake. In the cast are the charming littlo eoubrotto Bliss Jennie Dunn, the eccentric female character Impersonator Gilbert Saxony, John Magec, the LaVerdo sisters and other well known favorites. A Compliment for the Jonrual. We beg pardon of tho Journal for reforlng to the stand it has takea against corruption and ring rule and monopoly. You may think because the country people were In a measure silent spectators, that wo were not interested, but euch is not tbe case, all fair minded men without regard to party afllliation have been watching tho fight with bated breath, and it is needless to say that the final triumph of right over corruption and trickeVy is cause for general rejoicing. While the result of last Tuesday's election is not looked on by republicans ae ft party triumph but a much broader view is taken of the result, that tho slaughter was brought about by a united action of the honest citizens of Logansport, it is conceoded by all that the fearlees and straightforward course of the Journal in exposing corruption and fraud has been, thogrtftt factor in bringing this about. We can not refrain congratulating the Republican party on the general result of tho municipal elections held in various cities in the State. It ghows that Cleveland h\s done more to open the eyes of tbe blind than all the specialists in the country. Thousands of them when they got tbeir eves found that they were nearly in the same condition that our illustrious fore parents were when tho serpent beguiled them, but "Fig" leaves will not sunice to make them aprons. WIDEAWAKE. Will Put on Mnumer Cars. Manager McNary of tbe street cat line announces tbat be will put the summer carg on the road today if the weather is fair All day today the cars will run to Spencer park which resort, by tbe way, is getting to be quite popular on Sunday. Tho attraction at the park for tomorrow Is the old men's race which no doubt will bo well attended. World'* Columbian ;Exposition Will be of value to the world by il» lustrating tho improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress In medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and as a strengenlng lax- tive that Syrup of Figs is far Ic ad" vance of all others. Summer Car» start Today. Tbe summer street cars will start today and all cars will run to Spencer Park during the entire day. If the weather is favorable they will carry out » large crowd as the park is now in a condition to oiTer many pretty attractions to pleasure seekers. To Ipitlaiiapoli*. Special excursion tickets to Indianapolis will be 'sold from ticket stations on tho Pennsylvania lines in Indiana at reduced round trip rates, as follows: May 6th and 7th, on account Musi' cal Festival; good returning until- May 9th, inclusive. May 13, M, 15 and 16, acount Ko- bekah Lodge, I. 0. O. F., and Grand Lodge. I. O. O. F., ol Indiana; valid to return up to and including May 18. May 1-1 and 15, good returning until May 18, inclusive, account May Musi' cal Festival. May 21 and 22. account Grand Lodge F. & A. M., of Indiana; good to return until May 24, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People's Party Convention: good to retura until May 25, inclusive. For particulars and time of trains, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Richcy, of. Altona, Mo., was traveling- in Kansas ho was taken violently ill with cholera mor- bus. He called at a drug store to get somo medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarntwa Remedy so highly ho concluded to try it. Tho reswlt, was immediate relief, and a few dosea cured Dim completely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never fails. For said by B. F. Koi?s« ling Druggist. _ Vandalla Lluc Rxctirxlon* To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, inclusive. Ona fare round trip. Call on or address any Vandalia line agent and ask for information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20. 1894. Another Envious Competitor Says he is "still in the ring," Don't be misled by the idle vaporings of would be tailors who profess to cut clothes that never got above making pants. We have a practical tailor who. does our cutting and we carry the only high grade class of woolens in the city. Bring on another "horse." CARL W. KELLER, Leading Tailor. :•.:.- >-'j:^*dA

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