The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1965 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1965
Page 13
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Miss Murphy Weds Here Elizabeth Ann Murphy, Omaha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy, Algona, became the bride of William Leo Blake, also of Omaha, and son of Mr. and Mrs. William Blake, Stacyville, Sept. 4 at 11 a. m. in St. Cecelia's Catholic church. Father James Bruch performed the double ring ceremony before 150 guests. Organist was Beth Driscol, Osage, and Rosalie Wolcott, Omaha, was soloist. Acolytes were Bryan Murphy and Randy Studer. Judy Murphy served her sister as maid of honor and bridesmaids were Rosalie Murphy and Mrs, Frank Giorando. Best man was Quint Blake, groomsmen were Arthur Quintrio and John Belda and ushers were John Murphy and Frank Kudlautz. Dinner and reception followed at St. Cecelia's hall. Trudy Blake registered the guests, Mrs. Ray Abbas cut the cake, Donna Mullin poured. Dorothy Blake had charge of gifts and table waitresses were Sandy and Patti Elbert and Mary and Ann Foley. The bride is a graduate of St. Joseph's School of Nursing and presently is a teacher at St. Joseph's Memorial hospital, Omaha. The groom was graduated from Loras College. After a trip to So. Dak., the couple are at home at Omaha. (Photo by Poundstone) M0rry-Go-Round iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiHiin tfiiiiiiiiiuiiuHiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii By Drew Pearson Editor's Note: Drew Pearson's special report is written this his associate, Jack And- WASHINGTON - The most dangerous war since Hitler invaded 'Poland 26 years ago is being waged between India and Pakistan - and a large part of the blame may be laid upon the United States. Because without arms we have supplied to Pakistan with so liberal a hand for .the past eleven years, there could b^ no such war. ' The U. S. purpose, in theory at least, -was to help contain Red China, though it should have been evident enough that the Pakistanis were more likely to use the arms against India than the Red Chinese. Drew Pearson saw and reported on this danger as far back as 1959 when he ^iW^dv'topth, Pajderttn-and India in advance of President Elsen- hower's trip to those countries. And in more recent years, Pakistan's gravitation toward Red China has made our arms- aid policy even less defensible. Now we have cutoff arms shipments, but this is strictly locking the barn after the horse has been stolen. Despite the danger that the India-Pakistan war could escalate into the major conflict which historically seems to come once in every quarter century, there is strong hope in Washington that this will not happen. It is true that Red China has troops on the border of India and is in a position to invade India again as she did in 1962. But intelligence estimates are , that Red. China will not launch any major invasion - because of the Soviet Union. Russia haft given India considerable aid in recent years, even sent her MlG fighters. If Peking sent large masses of troops into India on the excuse of helping Pakistan, it would amount to a military slap in the face to Moscow. And despite all their differences with the Kremlin, the Red Chinese are not believed likely to go this far, Peking may easily decide that the India-Pakistan war has plenty of value against Moscow in the propaganda battle. The Kremlin already is on the spot over its ' "friendship" with the West and its limited aid to North Viet Nam. Now the Red Chinese can hurl charges of Soviet aid to India in an "imperialistic" war against Pakistan, -o- -NO PROGRESS ' ON VIET NAM-The search for peace in Viet Nam is floundering. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg's efforts to enlist the support of the United Nations has got nowhere. Secretary General U Thant is willing to urge negotiations, but has told Goldberg that the United .Nations cannot risk getting in the middle of a dispute involving the big powers. The British Commonwealth peace efforts have received no encouragement from Peking and Hanoi. President de Gaulle of France recently told Under Secretary of State George Ball that he doesn't expect Red China to soften her belligerent foreign policy until the old, Implacable leaders die off. So it looks like a diplomatic stalemate until the military tide takes a more positive turn. - o -SECURITY LEAK- Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana slipped off recently for a secret conference with the Kennedy family. He kept his visit so secret thai not even his staff knew about it. The last person he wanted to know, of course, was President Johnson, since the meeting was to. discuss plans for putting another Kennedy in the White House. Just by chance, President Johnson wanted Sen.Bayh to go on a Potomac cruise the very same evening he was inHyannls- port. The President phoned Bayh personally to extend the invitation. The Senator's 10-year-old son Evan answered the phone and explained innocently that his daddy had gone to see the Kennedys at Hyannl sport. Later the President made a crack to Bayh about the Hyannls- your magic servant ELECTRICITY... ... helps you home BETTER Perhaps a bonfire was the best way to keep warm in the days of the Cave Man. Sut today your magic servant ELECTRICITY keeps you warm the safe, clean way. Electric heating is the modern, convenient way to heat your home... It's the fulNgrown development in the electrical industry today . . . and is the giant of tomorrow. You can live better today with clean, safe electric heat... with your magic servant ELECTRICITY ... the key to better living . . . today! Algona Municipal Utilities port trip. The senator was surprised and a bit dismayed that the President had discovered his secret, and launched an investigation to find out who was responsible for the security leak only to find that the culprit was his son. - o -NEGRO MAYOR- Much of the long opposition to the District of Columbia having home rule has been the fear of Southern Congressmen particularly, though not exclusively, that the local government of the nation's capital would be controlled by Negroes. Now, with a home rule bill almost through Congress, and with the population of Washington about 54 per cent Negro because of the white exodus to the suburbs, the speculation is not whether Washington will elect a Negro mayor but whether the Negro population, much of It poor and recently arrived from the South, will choose a rabble- rousing leader or a moderate. Some of the local Negro leaders in Washington have been extremely active both in civil rights and politics. But betting is that the mayor to be elected will be a moderate who now is one of the three commissioners appointed by the President to govern the district: Commissioner John Duncan, a man whose efficiency, wisdom and level- headedness had won him high office in Washington's government long before the civil rights issue became inflamed. - RIGHT-TO-WORK FILIBUSTER- Son. Everett Dirksen, R-D1., announced last week that he had a group of 25 Senators who would engage in "extended debate" on the proposed repeal of the section of the Taft-Hartley Law which permits states to pass "right-to-work" laws. In effect, this means the doom of the repeal effort in this session of Congress. Democratic Senate Leader Mike Mansfield already had served notice on his Democratic colleagues that he would not hold the Senate In'session indefinitely If such a filibuster developed. Mansfield believes that 53 Senators would support the repeal of Section 14-B of the Taft- Hartley Act, but that is not enough to shut off a filibuster. So If Dirksen carries out his threat, Mansfield will move to adjourn Congress, leaving the "right-to-work" problem until next year. Labor leaders, of course, are partly responsible for this setback to one of their most cherished goals. Their refusal to approve shipments of wheat to Russia unless 50 per cent of the wheat Is carried in American ships - at a much higher rate than foreign ships charge has alienated farm state Senators who want surplus American wheat sold to Russia. And these Senators would directly or indirectly support the Dirksen filibuster. - CAMPAIGN FOR BEAUTY-For some time It has looked as if Lady Bird's charm was not as effective with Congress as her husband's more vigorous unrelenting pressure. Or as some people put It, Congress did not seem particularly interested in beauty. The influence of the billboard and Junkyard lobbies was more potent. But it looks as if Lady Bird's charm plus national beauty would win out. For Sen. Jennings Randolph, long a champion of beauty in his native state of West Virginia, is bringing out of committee four beautification bills acceptable to the White House. It was last May 26 that President Johnson sent his message on national beauty up to Congress. He pointed to the unsightly graveyards of rusting auto carcasses which lined some highways, urged the removal of billboards and the placing of picnic tables where motorists could relax, eat their lunch and enjoy beauty, But for more than three months nothing happened. All the major oil companies, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the National Auto and Truck Wreckers Association, the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel, the American Motor Hotel Association, and the International Association of Holiday Inns all lined up against the beautification bills as proposed by the White House. "The bills could seriously damage the only industry which thunday, S«pt. 16, 1965 Algona (la.) Upp«r DM exists to alleviate the problem of the old car in this country," said Harry Marley, president of the Scrap Iron and Steel In-* stitttte. His associate, Benlo Wolfsohn, was more moderate. "All we asked was that the bill provide for some kind of tax credit for auto Junkyards that voluntarily screen their premises with trees or other cover," he said. "It «e«mi to me that jobless* youths and school dropouts might well be employed to plant trees between our yard! and the highways as part of the government's youth opportunity program." 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