The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1949
Page 11
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[MONDAY, MARCH 21,19 B!/rtHfcVTLLH <ARK.) COURIER NEWS >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding Houst with Maj. Hoopli OH, VES, IT'S FINE --FIM6/ THANK; so MUCH FOR FIXING IT FOR ME/ VDO N6ED A NEW ON6 FORA LONG TIME NOW. O«A LAMPIS, A MAW C«M6 TO OFF6B VOL) AKl |SO*. MINE FOR THM rtuttv Veer/-*-1 TOCO Wi D fAKt 1T—-AMD WE'LL )£> R/XT6 IS 50 PeR '^,1^^ DUMP 19. A600T TO MASK A L&RGE Bob Wade and Gill MilWr U's Coincide ALTOONA, Pa. (U.P.)—The Rev. Donald Wagner, pastor of St. .lai-y's Catholic church, recalled Ilint he is the 13th pastor of the fcarish when Jightnifig struck the |hilrch nn the. 13th of the month. Political ^Announcements Subject to ivjumctpnl Election April 5, 1949 For Major DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Aldttrnab First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JLMMIE SANDERS Second vtfafd WALTER C GATES J. W: ADAMS Third W»rd JKNNINGS BAILEY LOUIS Q. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches EXPERT Watch repair All Work Gonronteed JIHEIFIS Meet Dreifus . . . :ilh Wl'ii \!M\ ST. Crappie Or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo State Line THB STOHY, J,,b. H»«rr «.« filn Conovrr, derplr Involved !• a MiHrdvr Kmtrr;, rhtrk av^r tkrlt IdiHfcijIii.n. con^.nnT. Tfce 0 ovfri «»> (Ktlr dc.erl vnr«l Ir-lp, (in whtrh th« murder rurr^ri, nt* • iinlx altovr MpitnM* <£«*! •« «* iixi it it xxxii 'J^RIM turned out the car lights and shut oft the engine. John Henry could hear a car door open and close, then the sound of (oot- »(ehs Crunching in tb« dirt, cort- ifig closer. •'Where's Mr. ConoVei?" Trini nsked as he approached. "He's—he'U be back in • min- Ut«," Sift stammered. "Well, I ccrjainly was Worried about jroii two, Mrs. ConoVer, 1 don't mind saying," Mr. Trirft vrti saying "Let's get off (Jie road," Sin fnahaged; "Here, behind these bushes—oVcf here." "Say, but I was relieved to ge yotif phone call. I just knew ydi two couldn't be involved in wha happened this atlernooi),'' the littl man continued, John Henry braced himself ioi the spring Through the" leaves,'he could se the bobbing outlines of their tw heads as they trudged toward him Trirn seemed to be wearing three-cornered hat- . ' . . "We've been worrying, too," Si said, glancing nervously towar the bushes. They were two yard away now. One yard. John Henry leaded tike a tige for Mr. Trim's throat The small man let out 8 yelp o pure terror and jumped backward John Henry's hands missed th scrawny throat and fastened in stead on a Wide leather belt. Th *o inert crashed heavily to earth nd rolled toward Ui« dik'hi Sin as jumping U() And down and houting encouragement to her nd^ "lie's got > gun, Johnny! He's got i jfiifi!" • * 4 PRIM wljgled away and got tip on his Knees. John Henry .ackled him around the walsl gnih, A Widened hand scrabbled I the leather belt, trying to draw i long pistol ffbm it, As though he iad nblhihg else to think abobt, ohn Henry sudtienljp toaUzed the ignificance of the cocked hat. Like ''aye Jordan, Mr. Trim was all eady to go to the coStume ball, ie was dressed tike i j>if ate, complete with skull and croasbolics ockade on his hat. The tdng plslo) Was Wood, Wllh a colk ort a stHiig n the muzzle. Trim bt6i}ght the wonden pin up as if to use it as a club. John rienry'i free hand snaked mil ant hit the other man's arm; The pislo sailed off harmlessly to clank on the running board of the car; Sin screamed, Mh Trim had slid away again and wts scnrnpefini oft down the road: John HShfj loped after him and iallhdhed hi stocky body iftto * flying todkie Tlie two men edUafised like * fall ing tree and slid along, (ace down in the sahdy earth. Sin tan Up, "Johnny, Johnny, she Was sobbing. John Henry got Up, panting, a fV brushed oft his Hands, "I'm okay Sin. Lit right on top of him." Mr Trim still lay crumpled bn th grouhd. "Is he—" Slh whispered. "Nope, Just knocked otit for' minute. He's still breathing." Jah Henry khelt and Bcobped up th limp figure in the pirate costume "Come oh. rt He strode back to in shelter erf the mesquile. 5ih tagge alooa, sUyiiig close behind. Th nioiii, new-risen in the east, (wint cd tn* »«fle In silver. "I'll pass out his things, Sin You CD through them imd link combination. Feel tlie lining* c hilly." "Itlirl'y, honey—Ijctme he wnkes p." "Uon't worry nbout that. Just i.ike sure you don't miss any- ling," her husband said nrlrnly. » • . IE began to go throtlRh the litu« mail's cbsltihne. Mh Trim wns reallliilR hSavlly, his rnoulh wide eh. JuhH llehty decided to slnrt the top and passed out the ocked hot for Sin's examination. ch^ Sflei 1 quick aKthmetlt!, he ivided the task In half. Over the Ushes to his Wife, he tossed the orig dark-blue coat and the right-fed kne«'breeches. "Tliat ajjer's prtlty small. Feel care- uliy." Oh his side of the leafy ariier, jblih Hehrjf searched (he lille ttiffled shirt, (he leather liik- hg boots with blnck aileloth tops he long «fhtle stocKlhgs, the shorts nd aridershlrt. The corhblnnUon was no* there "Find anything,?" He called lo n, "Not a tiling," she said, throwing own the wide leather belt, "Maybe he Wasnt hiding H. el's look in the obvious plates. Try Ills Wallet." "ther* Wasn't any," "Maybe it fell ttlt when I tossed hern oVef." Sin poked noisily around in Din Underbrush. "Her* it is. 1 found t." "flood," rnillter«d John Henry and toll afoUhd inside Trim's boots again. Sin let out a horrified cry. "Find it?" John Henry burst through the bushes. Sin was standing by thd c»r. She had turned oh the parking lights to aid her search. In her hands she held ft black-leather Wallet Snfl she Stared at it with slUnHed eyes. "What is it, Slfil" John Henry Efabted her aim She looked his way and her eyes got wider and wider, "Johnny, look at thisl" Sirt handed him the Wallet He took it and held it up U> the light. SOrnethShg' gleamed hai'Sf, something small and golden. It Was a bailsi*, ahd the loitering on it said FEDBRAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION. (to n* CMtlnto«4) b* dlSootir»Btd, dear—It'i nurd to It am to cook! could h»v« l« a rn*d to aook, I probably n«v*f Would havt got marfltfJl" A till rRIENDg By MRRRILL It'iA Hair l.iiio By AL VERMEER , SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Belter Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAMS COMPANY Real r*taic- Phone 521 - Irmir.incr- t\l\ IHEMILF. Phone 30751 "Consider Yourself fortunate, Bub—You can stilt get a loan on your car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" THIS '.3 HOW 1 LIKE IT, RICH MID , AND THIS IS HOW t WEAR IT.' GIVE ME A PAIN.' Fun a ml Trouble Hy MICHAEL O'AIALMQY and RALPH MtVllHI TW( WOM*N •6 »* A fOttlOM Of KM0M1 etfiCK AT tttO fRltKK Jlnl», MIT TNfY'NI THEMlsmMtWHtC IV Hit OWN DOTTY WASH runns LtJdK WONPIRPVL PROMI6B VOU WONT eT*WB CMHV NOW. \CMHV. 6.WO C»fTMN E*9V1|IM10 WICUIU FMLS NOW I WON'T HEK. PMHER. BE PROUD WHEN EfkBV LIFTS HH, CfttHV'B EVES SHINUJo A« SHE BE AC ,C66 AT THE &TM-IOU FARMERS 1!UGS BUNN'i! Hy FRRD HARMAN You Will? Swell! By V. T. HAMLIN i. IF IT'S PRO0F V'NEED. TO THAT <3IVE HEED.' VEX.,. BUT •*JU'I?B STILL TH' RIGHTFUL OP LEM. IN TH' INTEPESTiS OF PEACE. tLL MOVE IN WITH P-tV PUT you ON TH' THCONE STUDEBAKER THI5C/SN 5TA«T A STlTP THIS MONKEV BUSNE557 KINS 6UZ LEVRN5 Of OOP* PLAN TO SEIZE THE LEMI THEONE. NOW HELP BY FVI WHO FOEC.EC? HIS FATHEC. KINS TC7 5EEK PEFU5E IN iJOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Misery Loves Company By EDGAR MARTIN , COTTON Chemically delinled cotton *eed germinal* ^dicker, plthl and plow the same week. Itcduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE l>. i P. L. No. U, pet 50 |,k. Bin...., .....$10.<M l>. i P. L. No. IS, Ffr 10 Lb. Bag 1000 Sluneville 2 B, Per 50 Lb, Ha*.,,,,,.,..,.,,,.,„, UKQU Slonevilk « C, Per Sfl Lb. Baf k . 1000 Kowdcn ll-B. Per 50 Lb. Bale *...i»....». 1000 llaU & Half (Hilircd), Per 50 I,b. Ra* Io]oO Cokrr's 100 Will Per 50 Lb. Paula. Per 50 r.b. Baj; ,,.. Kmplre, Per SO Lb. Bay.' ].. ..'.',.,.... Come in ami place your order »r fel Tonr inppl; loituj. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blylli.ville. Arh. Thnne ! Branchnsl Uaehville, Ark., lloriurivllln, Mo. and Senath, Mo. Here's Your Truck! There's a new kind of Operating Economy in every size and whcelbase of the New 1919 Studcliaker I'rucks. Conic l>y today and look over our complete line of Mflets. "Your Friendly Studebak«r Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phoq* 2195 'ST U 0 E BAKER 1

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