The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1965 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1965
Page 9
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Thursday, Sept. 16, 1965 Aleona, (la.) Upper Des Main** A166NA, IOWA, tUtSBAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 196$ ACCORDING TO MOST ANATOMY CHARTS, the human skeleton Is made up of such items as tibias and fibulas, humeruses and iliums, several vertebraes and a couple of carpals, These charts are very scientific but they don't even mention the most highly developed bone in the female body - the wishbone I - o - THE WISHBONE IS A LEGACY FROM Mother Eve, who after eating of the fatal apple, became dissatisfied with her home in the garden and started the precedent of hankering for things she couldn't have. Wishing has been a major pastime for women ever since. There used to be a popular song about it that said if you wished long enough, wished strong enough, your wishes would come true, This, it seems to me, states the case too optimistically, but I do wish some of my wishes would start giving me some results. - o - I WISH I KNEW ALL THE WORDS to the Star Spangled Banner, how many sheets of paper there are in a ream, what 8 times 12 is right off the bat without figuring and I wish I could remember telephone numbers. I wish I knew what I have done with that spare gasket I had for my pressure cooker and I wish I could find those three stamps I've been hoarding. I wish I had a widow's peak, or absolute pitch, and dimples. - o - I WISH I DID NOT HAVE TO GET up in the morning and I wish I did not have to go to bed at night. I wish I didn't have to fix my hair, or better yet, I wish I had a wig. I wish I had my column in the mail this week and I wish I had a whole bunch of brand new ideas I could use in the coming weeks. I wish I had my lesson prepared for church circle. - o I WISH AN ICE CREAM CONE tasted as good to me now as it did when I was ten and I wish I could remember how to play Jacks, from • Commies to Around-the -World with no mistakes. I wish I had the waistline, the sense of silliness and the anti- cipatiotf. of great things in store I had when I was 16 - without the pimples, the self-consciousness and the insecurity. - o I WISH I COULD DRIVE A CAR or ride a bicycle, sew a dress or knit an afghan. I wish I could speak a foreign language, on second thought, maybe the wish that I could just use the English language and always be sure of the who and whoms would be a better wish. - o ALL OF US AT Out: TIME or another, nave wished we had, wished we could or wished we could be something that somebody- else has, does, or is. At the very same time others are wishing about us. There is a law of compensation that evens things up. I couldn't make a fiat-felled seam if you paid me for it, but If I do say it myself; my apple pie is pretty good and I have a way with beef stew. - o . I CAN'T PLAY TENNIS OR golf but I'm pretty sharp at parlor guessing games. I can't read the alto part well in a chorus but on a sustained note I sure have a lot of breath. I couldn't possibly squeeze into a size nine dress, although I wish I could. But thanks to a boarding-house reach developed while being reared in a large family, I'm pretty good at grabbing things from high shelves and there is plenty of compensation in that. - o I WISH I HAD NATURALLY CURLY hair luce some of my friends do. r I envy them a little, but then not a single one of them can throw both of their hips out of joint like I can. And, though I don't know how this fits in with the theory of the law of compensation, I can probably eat more macaroni and cheese at one sitting than any other living person 1 - o - WISHING IS A HARMLESS PASTIME, so far as I can see, as long as we use the proper subjects. The real needs of human existence - health, happiness, courage, security, peace and understanding for' our loved ones and ourselves, shouldn't be wished for at all. These things should be prayed for. NO DOUBT WE SOMETIMES get confused about this and offer up to our Maker, not a true petition but a mere list of whims we would like to have granted. And, too often, we stand around wishing we could be better persons when we should be on our knees about it. - o UPUN THINKING IT OVER, THAT song I mentioned a few paragraphs back is not only overly optimistic, it is down right misleading. Wishing never made anything come true. Praying does. - o DURING THE WEEK OF SEPT. 12 through 19, birthdays include A. J. Ktaeater, Wes Hardy, Tim Wil^BobDeikman, Katie Gllmore, Tom King, Larry Taylor, John Pittman, Dr, L. R. Potter, Vivian Hagen, Deborah Logan, Jim-Utt, Nancy Meyer, Clara Pompe, George Harris, Phyllis Burt, Phyllis Kuhn, Ada Hanson, Marie Dutton, Don Nelson, Gene Hutchins, Bill Bartlett, Paula Schafler, Mark Stanton, Dallas Klein, Paul Martin, John T, McGuire, Carl Morck, Steven Harris, Don Hagen, Roberta Miller, Sandra Faulstich, Clarence Macumber and Brenda Sjogren, Wedding anniversaires include Dr, and Mrs. C, M, O'Conner, Mr. and Mrs, Bill Kraft, Mr, and Mrs, Charles Harmon, Mr, and Mrs, John Hopkins and Mr, and Mrs, Bill Dau, Jr. - o - THIS WEEK'S 'RECIPE IS lor Corn-Pone Pie. It's good to serve when there Is a little nip in the air, At least, I assume there's a nip in the Iowa air. Always get a little homesick this time of year for September was my favorite month in the north, 1 lb, ground beef 1/3 cup chopped onion 1 tbsp. shortening 2 tsp, chili powder 1 tsp, Worcestershire sauce i cup canned tomatoes I cup drained canned kidney beans 1 cup cornbread batter (1/2 package corn muffin mix or 1/3 of a standard cornbread recipe), Brown meat and chopped onion in melted shortening, Add seasoning and tomatoes. Cover and simmer over heat for 15 minutes, then add kidney beans, Pour meat mixture into a greased " one or 1 I/? quart casserole, Top with cornbread by spreading with a toife, Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, GRACE ; v> The Friendly Store SHOP and SWAP DURING GAMBLES GREAT IUCKY 13-DAY TRADE-IN SALE! Trade-In Toppers! COME ON IN ... CHECK THE BARTERING BARGAINS IN EVERY GAMBLE DEPT.I NO CASH NEEDED * . . BIG SAVINGS! SEWING MACHINE with trade WRINGER WASHER with trad. AIR CONDITIONER with trad. WANTED-Your Used Freezer! STORES 740 Pounds! Up to TRADE-IN Allowance! rJO MONEY DOWN Grass Catcher Included NO MONEY DOWN When You Trade on CORONADO'S FABULOUS "ROYAL 40" 21 X FREEZER PAY AS LOW AS CHICK YOUR TRADE-IN VAIUI HIM YOUR TRADE-IN* PAY ONLY YOUR TRADE-IN* PAY ONLY 1 to 3 Yean Old 4 to 6 Years Old 6 to 8 Year* Old $ 98.88 $120.86 $139.88 8 to 12 Yean Old Over 12 Years Old $158.88 $179.88 'InOperatInQ and lUialeabto Condition Hera's your chance to get big-freezer convenience at a low* low prlcel It's our. "Royal 40" ^extra-value freezer, and If •tores 740 pounds of foodl Trade now, while your present model Is at its peak trade-In value—come In todayl ««••«• firing in Your OldRakel PARKER LAWN SWEEPER REO. $27.50 With trade) TRADE UP to All-Season ALUMINUM COMBINATIONS '5 Trade-In" HOMEguard Aluminum COMBINATION DOOR Regularly $34.95 92 x 80' or 36 x SO" RIoM •r l«tt Hinge 95 Pre-hung and pre-drilled doors are easy to Install with just a screwdriver. 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