Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 1894
Page 2
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has'proven to be the mostgsatisfactory and popular "Book-of the Fair" yet offered at the price. Everyone is in lien Of its beauty and elegance of design. As the weeks roll by and the series nears completion the demand for the parts constantly increases. The reason is apparent—the work advertises itself. is artistic in conception is accurate in detail is complete in design is the book for the people And can only be found at the Journal office. Those who have not been getting the parts as they arrive should not fail to call at once and secure the back numbers. Part 12 now ready, See coupon on 1st page. America's Greatest Actors Are all portrayed in The Mario Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Colebrltlosa. Such a complete collection was never made before. Such an opportunity to •eoure portraits and biographies of the leaders in drama as that now offered to'the readers of the Journal has not occurred before. That is why our 'Coupon Department is kept busy and our mails are loaded with orders from peo- ple of taste with an eye for the beautiful. All are Eager To Secure These mapniflcoet portfolios while tho oiler of them at tho trilling sum asked by The Journal still holds out. Each pert contains twenty elegant half-tone photQgrapha finished in two colors. Ten Parts Are Ready The last part Is fully as interesting as any that proceeded it, with tho portraits and biographical sketches of twenty famous favorites of the Ameri- can Stage. Do You Wonder 16 it surprising that the demand for "Stage Celebrities" should bo BO great as to amount to a veritable boom, when twenty elegant portraits and biographical sketches of such famous folks can be secured for ONLY TEN CENTS, th three coupons. That is the price at which The Journal offers them. CUT THIS OUT. MAV «,1804. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Thre« ot theae coupons and ton cents tt cures the current number of tbe Memorial Wur Book. If presented at tbe Portfolio Department ol Tbe 1 ournal. COT THIS OCT. Cl'T THIS OUT. IW1Y6,1804. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Thla Coupon with two others ot different dates, and Ten Cents, Is KOO< lor ona part, containing twenty portraits, ot the Mnrlc Bui-rough's Art Portfolio of Stagro Celebrities. THE SHOWS A LOSS. ovx >mia OUT A Decrease Reported in tho Vol ume of Trade, Bradstreet Attributes This Condition to the Strikes—Statistics of Business Failures. TIIK WKKKI.Y REVIEW. YORK, May 5.—Bradstreet's review of trade says: "Tlr,! movement of general merchandise throughout tho country Is smaller In volume Sprint; trade Is finished, and orders for fall de liven 1 are, with few exceptions, not meetinuex peutations. Jobbers in leading linen at (Urnofl all larger cities report sales almost without exception »» of n hand-to-mouth description Tho extension of the coal and coke strike, ao. compelled hy riots at Cleveland and Mesaba, has emphasized tho depression. The Industrial situation, therefore, has not Improved. Strikes of Iron ore miners, amoni? Iho building trades with an extension of tho coal miners' strike aud tlio almost total cessation of operations it tho coko regions, have swelled tho tola number of Idle Industrial workers to fully 315,000. Shut-downs of Industrial concerns, dependent on coUo or soft coal for fuel, are In creasing, notwithstanding an attempt of co»! operatives »nd operators to Rot together to arrange a basis of Battlement. Corn, oats, cot ton, ooOoe and rellnod sugar arc all lower, am wool and some varieties of woolens and cotton Roods heavy, with a marked tendency of q.uota tlons to weaken. Wnr.-st scored Its fifth or sixth lowest price on record during the crop year GU(4 cents at Now York. A relatively favorable Industrial report comes from Detroit, wlierc there are fewer unemployed. Another con. trast is seen in Now England iboe factories run nlng on abort time, while at St. Lonls four months' shipments are in excess ot last ye»r. Transactions In wool have slackened »nd prices of some grades are weaker. San Fran Cisco teleKrams report a reviving general trade, now that much less damage Is known to have been done to California wheat than was pre vlously asserted. Exceptionally favorable crop reports are received from Nebraska." R. O. Dun & Co. in their weekly review of trade, say: •'Tho most encouraging sign Is the market fleoreaae In liabilities of firms failing, which wero only 11,446,144 for the last-week of April »nd for four weeks »8.7!2!,708, of which 13, 752,520 were of manufacturing and M, 044.S07 of trading concerns. The »mouu1 of liabilities at tho south was t2,eiO,419 against »3,111,032 in eastern and f2,C»2,M in western states. Tho failures this week have been 233 m tho United States, against 216 las- year, and Uilrty-Uvo In Canada, against twenty seven last year." NEWS IN BRIEF. Fanner Foot's wife was g-ored to death by a bull at Dyersville, Ia. Private letters received ia S»n Fran cisco report a split in the Hawaiian provisional government and trouble is feared. Six hundred Peoria county (111.) m era visited a number of pits where work was in progress and compelled the men to quit. South park commissioners have concluded to sell the world's fair buildings separately aud have put a price on tlio various structures. A charivari party broke into a Lester (Minn.) house on being refused money with which to buy beer. Three of its members were shot American Railway union members employed in the Pullman (111.) works demand the wages paid in ISM, and may strike to carry their point Patrick Marvough and Frederick Dill were killed while walking on railroad tracks at Pctoskey and Arthur, Mich., respectively. lioth men were deaf. Judge Creightoii, of Springfield, III,, held the National Marriage Endowment association was organized for a purpose contrary to public policy and declined to order the issuance of a license. ROBBED THE SAFE IN A CAR. •O.OOO Htolfln Myitnrlonily While tlio Agunt WHS Ab«ont Temporarily. WILMISOTOS, Del., May 5.—Six thousand dollars in notes wero stolen from the safe of tho Adams Express com pany in tho baggage car of train No 300 on the Delaware, Maryland & Virginia railroad near Harrington. The money was in transit from the National bank of M.ilford to the Philadelphia national bank. When the train reached Harrington, where it stops, George Raleigh, tho bagprag-c- tnaster and express agent, went ahead to cut off ttio eiiR-ine. VYhen he returned the safe had been unlocked, the money taken and the safe locked as before. A few months ago the same safe was robbed of flOO. There is no clew to the robber. DENIAL FROM HARRY NEW, IVftl Never Interviewed oil the .Subjoct of Goil. Iliirrlnnn'l L'Hlltiiclilcy. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May C.—Harry S. New, of the Journal, disclaims ever having been Interviewed on the subject, of Gen. Harrison's candidacy. He did say in a purely personal conversation that ha believed Mr. llarri- son would be thu people's choice in 1890, but did not talk with any authority uor with any assertion of authority. The author of the reported interview did not hear tho conversation, but was told that a conversation on the subject had been held, nnd without even knowing the substance of tha conversation, wrote the alleged inter- riew. Woit Virginia Fruil Klltll Futnlly. WELCH, W. Vu., May 5.—William Freeman, a member of the last legislature, has been sliot and fatally wounded by Tyler Harmon here. Freeman and his brother, Evan B., met Harmon on the 1 highway and all bepan shooting in renewal of a feud of twelve years' standing-. Evan Freeman was killed outright Uarrnon was unhurt ind escaped. PllMHHti by t!l(> Il»U»n. WASHINGTON, May 0.—The only business of importance transacted by the house on Friday was the passage ot tho river aud harbor appropriation bill after a, long discussion. Hopklni KcnotnlnaUtd. AUBOKA, 111., May 5.-The republican congressional convention was held at Senova. Congressman A. J. Hop)dn» wa» ren.ominated. I Strength of tho A. f- A. DEB MoiaiKS, la., May 5.—At tlio meeting in this city of tho supreme council of the American Protective association a growth of membership in the United States and Canada of about 500,000 was reported, making tho present membership nearly 2,000,000. Tho following states have the largest number of members: Michigan, GT>,000; Ohio, 03,000; Illinois, 00,000; Iowa, 45,000; New York, 50,000; California, li,000. Mclirldo lumen u Cull. COLUMBUS, 0., May 5.—John Mc- Eride, president of the Cnited Mine Workers of America, has issued a cal to the organization and those affiliated with it to seud one delegate to eacl BOO members to a national convention to be hold in Cleveland, 0., at 10 o'clock a. m. Monday, May 14, preparatory to meeting in joint session wit); coal operators from all the states the following day. Oov. Wulto for the Senate. PUEBLO, Col., May 5.—It is stated on reliable authority that at the meeting of the populist state central committee held here it was unanimously apreec that J. Warner Mills should receive th< nomination for the governorship anc Oov. Waite f or the UnitedStates sen ate. Mother end Sou« FutnllJ Hurt. ASHLAND, Mass., May 5.—As Mrs, Dr A. W. Thipp, of Hopkinton, and her two sons were crossing the New York & New England railroad here their carriage was struck by an engine and all three, of them sustained fatal in juries. Not a Candidate* NEW YORK, May 5.—Ex-Preslden Harrison arrived here to look after some private business on Friday night He was asked the direct question if he had any idea of becoming a candidate /or tho presidency in 18PO. "I have not," was Mr. Harrison's emphatic reply. John Jay I« Dead. YORK. May 5.—John Jay, ex- minister to Austria, died here at noon at the Hotel CharleroL Two Bank! swindled. DUBUQUK, la.. May 5.—Sheriff Phil lips is looking for James Hanlahan, a wealthy farmer living near Uernard, in this county, who borrowed $0,000 on a false mortgage. lie raised $14,000 on his own farm and thr $6,000 by signing the name of his sister-in-law to an instrument purporting to come from her. A bank m thia city, one in Cascade anc D. A. Ehomberg are the victims. FACTS. FOR FARMERS. IN every country school agriculture horticulture aud dairying should bo taught. THERE is a better market for Bmal: cheeses than for those weighing forty or fifty pounds. UKLESS a. farmer manages to keep his stock in pood appetite he canno feed at a profit, because lossof appetite necessarily implies that some fooc eaten 1ms contributed nothing to nutrition. CHEESE kept in a cool placo and •wrapped in a clean cloth frequently dipped in cold water and wrung out will never suffer from mites, while the moisture will improve the quality of the cheese. TUB Danes divide their cattle into two classes, and provide that there shall always bo a number of spring calves and a number of autumn calves. They arc also large exporters of hogs, salt meats, eggs and poultry, tho byproducts of tho dairying industry. Small farms thoroughly cultivated are the rule in Denmark. AT the next annual fair of tho German Agricultural society, which will bo hold in Berlin in 1604, prizes are to be offered for preserved dairy product* of tho following classes: (1) Non-condensed milk and cream; (2) condensed milk and cream; (2) milk powder; (4) butter; (5) cheese. Besides these the Bremen chamber of commerce will ofS'.r a silver mednl for butter. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will .attest tho value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced m the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is duo to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, tbe refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and foyers and permanently curing constipation It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthltho approval of the medical profession! because it acts on the i\.ia- neya, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in (50c and $1 bottles, but it js manufactured by the California Fig ayrup Co. only, whose name ia printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Fjgs, and Sing well informed, jou will n«rt f accept *ny substitute if offer** Alloeoil Murderer Caueht, SALT LAKE, U. T., May n.— A col- orcd man has been arrested here on the charge of murdering Charles Wilson while engaged in a game of c:irds ir Fen ton Marshc's suloon on State street, Chicago, 011 Thanksgiving day. Tli« quarrel was over five cents, lie will b« held awaiting the arrival of requisition papers. Will Coiuplet" tlie Ciinnl. PABIB. -May u.—The Matin says thai tho sums restored by Dr. Cornelius llorz and Messrs. Eiffel and Keioacb to the liquidator of the Panama Cana: company will bo made the nucleus of a fre»h combination of capital to complete the canal. ruin nurnes roiaminu. CKDAH RAPIDS, la., May 5.-^J. C. Scottler, a prominent horseman of West Liberty, lost six fine horses Friday morning by poisoning. They were all thoroughbreds and several of them had been entered for the races of the coming season. They were valued at 14,000. It was supposed the deed was the work of a personal enemy. Eluht llorio Killed by _-„ CBOWN POIJJT, Ind., May 6,— A bolt of lightning struck a wire fence in the pasture of Henry Ziescnies, a farmer residing- 5 miles east of this city, during a storm, ran several yards along- tho fence to where eight horses were huddled against it and killed every ODD cJ. them.. THE" MARKETS. Urfttc, Provisions, Kto. CHICAGO, May 6. FliOUR —Very dull and barely steady. Quotable: Winter—Patents, M«>ffi3.00; straiK'-ita f2.COfr-.75; clears, ^.liO^'i-lO; seconds, fl.80«» 1.80: low grades, fl.60ai.TO. SprlUK—Patents tiliujJ&iO; straights, f2.H)is'i80; Bakers', U.T OS.10; low Kraden, »l.««ai.SO: Red DOR, 11.30® 1.40; Uye, K.40O*.M. WHEAT—.Moderately active and lower. Cash. MKfflWJic; May, MKeW.'ic; July, SBJieOOH COUN—Dull and easier. No. 'i 37?»c; No. Yellow, S9>ic; No. 3, :tt%c\ No. 3 Yullow, 3S?jo May, 37fr<ftS8Kc: June, 38Kc: July. September, 40V»403ic. OATS—Kftther quiet and easier. No. 2 cash July, 3JO30?ic; September, 263i!<t'.3?io, Suci pics Ic fair demand and arm. No3, 334 No. 3 White, 36>iO3f>Kc; No. 2, 34Ka35*c; No. ! White, 3933fltfc. MESS Point—Trading light and prices lower Quotations racgcd at $12.40aii.57i4 for cash regular; Sli35ttl3-5^yi for May, and Sri40€ 12.07Vi lor July. LAUD—Very qulot and lower. Quotation: ranged at J7.37KQ7.46 [or cash; tr.S7'/j®7.42)' for May; 17.15{J7.20 for July, and f".J7tf®7.2 for September. Lrv£ POCLTHY—Per pound: Chickens. 8c: Turkeys, &S$Vc: Ducks, 9ffiOi4c; Gccso, tS. OOS6.00 per doze 1 :). BCTTEB—Creamery, 0^10^0; Dairy, 12815C, Packing Stock, &30C. LIQCOHS—Distilled spirits steady ou the basis of fl.is per gal for ilnis'.icd coods.' OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, "i^c: Water Vi'li'to. "Kc; Mtcnlcan Prime White. Stjc; Wa> tcr Wbite, »o: Indiana Primo White, SHc: Wa tcr White, 8!<c: Headlight, 17S test, 8>4c; Gas ollno, (-7 dog's, ll'/ic; "J des's, Do; Kapatho, " deg's, ^H c - NKW YOUK, May 5. WnwAT—Na 2 red opened eanlor und declined on uoMius by trailers. July. (C 13-16® «3^c; December, C89iQ68?ic. COHN—No. 2, openedQUlet and slightly betto but soon cased off. July, 44JiO45!ic. O ATS _No. 2, firmer; track while State, 42i 40c: track wlilto Western, taaWc. PROVISIONS—Beef— Dull Family, fl"OOO 13.00; extra mess, J7.60<6850. Pork—Quiet. New moss, tl&7*ai4.00; family, Lard—Steady. Prime Western steam, S7.08 asked. TOLEDO, O., May S WBBAT—QuIeL No. 5 cash and May, &7^ July, .')9Hc; AuKust, OJJji- CoiiN—Sioady. No. 3 sash, and May. 30J<&. OATS—Firm. No. 2 miMJ. &'« bid: No. 2 white, Miric. RYE—Steady. Cash, oOc. CLOVEIWIIED—Quiet, steady. Prime cosh, October, I4.8254. Live Stock. CHICAGO. May &. Hoes—Market fairly active. Heavy lots shade blgber; other grades unchanged. Sales ranged nt KOOOMl for Pigs: tt.oO(B5.SO for light; f4.OOO5.00 for rousl) packing; W.00a6.2( tor mixed, and IS.06O6 56 for lioavy pockiliR and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market moderately active and prices flirty well supported. Quotations rangci tt W.40a4.00 for choice to extra shipping Steers; |3.75(S4.30rorgoodto choice da; fa»)®S70for fair to Rood: S8.00Q3.35 for common to niedi»-m do.: H.ioa.3.30 for butcher's Steers; fib03a.)0 for Stockcrs; S3.30O3.80 for Feeders: *1.90<J3,40 for Cows; ISLlX)®;).!* for Heifers: 52,0003.60 for Bulls: f3.70«j3,75 for Texas Steers, and J2.7 5.M) for Veal Calves. Heal Kxtaio Xran»rer«. List of transfers of ronl estate In Cuss connty reported by Frank U. Wlpperman nbstracter of lltlfts, conveyancer «nd notary pcbllc, Insurance and loan ngent, titles to real estate examined and defective tltlw? perfected. Jloney to loan nt _owest rules. Olllcs 20C Kourtli street directly opposlteCourt Douse antmnca. Losansport, Ind Hrj-?. McDonalU to A. n. McDonald lotiaBenjfireon'siKlil ....* 1 «0 A, U. McDannlil to Lilly McDonald lot U Ben] Kjwtri, add l 0" Ja». II. McMlllen (niarcl- to JncoD H. Walters und VjofwlSO n nw 1/1 s<'c 22 and und Vj of olio ;inw '4 tec i<J llii 1 00 1 00 . H'.'winners'to'jis? Mcll Illen und 1-27 of 37 47-100 a in nw 1.^ SPC 23 Noble Ip 1 no H. Walters to Goo. ficMlllen und 1-^7 of21 8-loOnlnmvijsecai Nobletp... 1 00 H Walters to Win. McMlllen ond I.-JT or2360-100nlnnwl4sec23Nobletp 1 00 J. H. Walters toCornelln McMlllen und T *n.\V;:Jt'(irs"io"A'iIi, ; J ; ilVi«" Miirkle 1-27 •r i!4 0-100 n nw li sec 23 No'>l<ttp ; 7 H Wnlfers to Krnnkllu McHillen ond 1-27 of 10 a In nw U sec 23 Noble to .... 1 00 i 00 J-L>7 of 38 4-100 a In ni? 14 sec '& Noble J, U,"waYt'ers"to Mare'aret Stewart nn'd hnshund 1-27 of ;»21.100 11 In nw 14 sec 22 Noble tp Did Yon Ever meet n Truly Good Man? No doub&you think yon liave, but we'll wager a dime or so ho did not lnvethe rteurcatlsni. If. ic did, lie swore occasionally, and no man can be truly icood who tweiirs occasionally. U«»1U>. lerve miniqulllty and morality are aptWRO bnod In lm»d. Painful spiismodlc dlsoiisai like rheumaMsm ami neuralgia ruin the mmper makes one morose, peevish and rebellious. This s a sod fact, but it Is non« the less true. Drive n-way the p.nln, mollify the temper, restore tran qnillty of mind In cases of rheumatism and neu a with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, an inodyneand tonic of comprehensive range and fleet. It heatlifully stimulates the kidneys, blad- ler. stomach, liver and bowels when Inactive and nduces Klecp <md uppeilu. A very <inle"nB fleet, not an unnatural, stupefying one like that of an opiate. Is produced by a wlnoc assful before etlrlog n Is incomparable in malarial diseases A phyBlcian inexperienced in nerve roubles may doctor you for the wrong hlng. Dr. Wheeler's Vitalizer is made by e. nerve disease specialist who know* what is needed. Sold by Ben FUher. A. E. Lanter Bush's Mills, Ohio. Strained Nerves Palpitation of the Heart ands A General Break Down The Good Effect of Hood's Marked and Permanent. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. : "Gentlemen:— I was taken down llefc December, and became very weak with n*r»*U»- trouble, palpitation ol the heart, and a genenl break down. I had » good physician, but lingered alont getting no better. I could lit tJpi only about half a day, until tho ism of M»reli,.j when I concluded I would giro Hood'i Sirup*-' Hood's^Cures' rilla a trial "When I had used It a. short «m«, I' could c«tup and go all about the liouso all day. I h»T« EOTcr enjoyed perfect health, but an>i now taking my fifth bottle of Hood'i Sarnp*" rllla, and know It hat helped me wondwlaBy.! I have used Hood's Pillf, and thlnli them W»- eeUent" MM. A. E. I.ANIHB, Bush'a MlOi, Obl>»! >Hood'8 Pill* <"=t easily, ytt prompfir an* efficiently, on the liver and boweli. 25c. lujurlou* Cathartic*. Are you aware that the use of IUK teas are Injurious—they dilute the- Btoroach nuids, impair digestion, do- not move the secretions or bile—physicians never use them. The best- cathartic is a good pill—but you must get reliable ones. Rinehart'e are th& best—only one for a dose, pleasant in. action. For sale by B. F. SeesliDR- and Keystone drug store. Groat Triumph. Instant relief experiencad and permanent cure by the most speedy and' greatest remedy in tho world—Otto'e. Cure for lung and throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your- throat and lungs with that terriblo hacking cough when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, will furnish, you a free sample bottle ol this guarantee remedy? Its success in simply, wonderful, as your druggist will tell' you. Otto's Cure ie now sold in every town and village on this continent. Samples free. Large bottlas 50 cents- CturoherUinN Kye dad Skin Ointment Is a certain cure for Chronic Sore- Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sail Rheum and Scald Head, 25 aente pe» box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, TO 110BSE OWNERS. For putting a horse In a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up tbe system, aid digestion, cure loss cf appetite relieve constipation, correct kldneF disorders and destroy worms, giving; new life to an old overworked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. Hoiive Cleaning. The time is now af hand, it's commendable and necessary—but how about the house, within you. It has. need of cleansing, to insure health, and the best remedy to use is Rtne- hart's Pills. They are better than. sartaparilas, etc. More potent and;, permanent In results. For sale by B. F. Keosling and Keystone drug store. For Over Fifty years Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has boon used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes tho child, softens the gums, allays all pain, euros wind colic, and Is tho best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggints in every part of the world. Twenty-fiva :ents a bottle. Bo sure and a«k for •Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup" and toko no other kind. Glad Tiding*. The grand specific for the prevail- ng malady of the age, dyspepsia, Ivor complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Bacon's "olery King for the nerves. Thle ;roat herbal tonic stimulates the di. festive organs, ragulates tho liver and restores tho system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free. Large packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben fisher, 311 Fourth street. If you feel dull and have no appo ite take Kinohart's Liver Pills; 1 1 dose. For sale by B. F. Keesllng and Keystone drug store. If you lack energy and are drowsy ako RineharVs Liver Pilli; 1 a doie. For tale by B. F. KeeBllng and Key- tone drug itore.

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