The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1965 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1965
Page 6
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fc—Alpone (la.) Upper Dei Molnes Thursday, Sept. 9, 1965 Morry-Gooftound immmmnmmmmnmmmmiiiHn fliimiiiiiniiniiiiiiiniiiimiiiiiiii By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - Some months ago, a secret Republican strategy conference in Washington decided to give President Johnson everything he wanted to carry on the Viet Nam war. GOP leaders saw it as a "heads we win; tails he loses" proposition. If the U. S. came out on top, they could point with pride to their support of U. S. policy; if we didn't do well, they could have a field day with "Johnson's war." This "secret" decision-which has been no secret to LBJ - is one reason the President has been maneuvering so hard to get Republican approval of what he has done on the public record. This is one reason he has discussed Viet Nam several times with President Eisenhower, and was so pleased to have Eisenhower came out publicly in his support. He also has been using his persuasion on Senator Everett Dirksen and other Republican leaders, telling them it would be tragic to let the war become a political issue when American boys are fighting and dying in Viet Nam. All this also explains his annoyance when prominent Republicans become critical of the conduct of the war; his interest in having a Republican, such as Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, in Viet Nam to blunt that criticism. Aside from the Republicans, the President also has talked with Vice President Humphrey, Secretary of State Rusk and U. N. Ambassador Goldberg, and asked them to use their influence with liberal leaders to tone down their criticism of our Viet Nam policy. - o - —OUTLOOK FOR 1966— Despite all the President's efforts, political experts look lor the Republicans to use Viet Nam for all it is worth in the 1968: Congressional campaign and later In 1967-1968 if the war lasts that long. With more men being drafted, with more mothers concerned about their sons being sent overseas, they figure the GOP may be able to make the Viet Nam war just as unpopular as the Korean war was in 1952 when General Eisenhower promised that, if elected, he would go to Korea himself to end it. That promised added to Ike's already great popularity and helped many a Republican to get elected on his coattails. So it's easy to understand how Republican strategists can hope for a repeat public reaction in 1966. Note: Though the President is trying to keep the Republicans from gaining any political advantage from Viet Nam, all his concern for bipartisan support is not political. HP Mieves deeply not only that most Americans agree politics should stop at the water's ed^e, but that in fact the U. S. commitment in Viet Nam is bi-partisan, and also that It would be fatal to hope for eventual peace if the communists ever get the idea that the U. S. actually is seriously split over the war. - o - --PENSION FUND PROBES-- Senator John McClelhn of Arkansas is planning to re-open his old investigation of labor-union pension funds. At the same time, Senator Phil Hart of Michigan has ordered a new investigation of company pension funds. Hart has assigned one full-time investigator to check Into complaint that some companies, after mergers, have abolished employee pensions altogether. What most employees don't realize is that, legally, pension money generally belongs to the company until the employees retire. It can I* used any way the company wishes while the money is accumulating. Hart has evidence that some companies have mishandled the money, including one southern supermarket chain. - o - --DEWEY TO COURT?— Tom Dewey of New York has tried hard and often to get a federal job but never was able to make it on his own. He was turned down for the presidential nomination by his own party in 1940, and beaten as the GOP nomonee by FDR in 1944 and again by Harry Truman in 1948. Then he retired from office- chasing to practice law In New York. Now - under a Democratic administration - he may finally make it. There's talk that when the next Republican vacancy occurs on the Supreme Court, Dewey may get the appointment. Another possible appointment, to the next Democratic vacancy, is that of Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon, one-time Dean of the University of Oregon Law School and one of the most noted legal minds in the Senate. Morse, of course, has been one of the President's severest critics in the Senate on foreign policy, and his appointment to the court would remove a very sharp thorn from LBJ's hide. These suggestions do not now have Johnson's approval -buthis friends are talking them up, The next two vacancies, incidentally, are expected from the resignations this year or next of Justices John Harlan and Hugo Black, Black because of age and Harlan because of the Illness of his wife. - o - --WHAT PRICE LIPSTICK ?-- The other day Congresswoman Martha Griffiths of Michigan asked the Revlon Company about a complaint that it had taken advantage of the excise tax reduction to raise lipstick prices. Many complaints to companies - and to members of Congress - either get tossed into a wastebasket or are given a form letter reply. But not this one. A Revlon vice president, no less, got on the telephone to Congresswoman Griffith's office to ask for more details. It turned out the complaint had come from one of her secretaries - and that lipstick wasn't involved at all, but a package of mascara. Revlon had in fact raised the price of mascara from $1.35 to $1.50, but the boost had come last February, before the excise tax cut. So the company was able to quash this threatened storm over women's beauty aids on the floors of Congress. Most of the nation's retailers have passed on the savings from the tax cuts to consumers, according to a survey by the President's advisers. - o - --1X3UD TV COMMERCIALS-- The Ted Bates Advertising Agency, one of the advertising firms which produces those loud radio-TV commercials, has flatly refused a FCC request to tune down the volume. A company spokesman let the FCC know firmly that advertising agencies are not regulated by the FCC and that the Ted Bates Agency will continue to use the most effective attention-getters, including high volume commercials. —MISSISSIPPI BOWING TO LAW— Reports to the Jut Ice Department indicate that the registration of Negro voters has been going surprisingly well all over Mississippi, even by the state registrars. This is the reason the Justice Department has sent federal registrars to only four Mississippi counties. When state registrars do the job themselves, Washington believes it's more economical, more practical, and more constitutional. Before the Negro voting rights law was passed, only six thousand Negroes were registered in Mississippi during the month prior to August 18. The ten days after August 18, over twelve thousand Negroes were registered - all by state registrars. -TAKE-OVER IN GREECE ?-Eighteen years after the Truman doctrine was declared for the purpose of rescuing Greece and Turkey from communism, it looks as if the entire Greet archipelago is eroding politically to the point that it's support will be lost to the United States. The last failure of compromise political forces to for ma government shows that Greece is bitterly, almost hopelessly divided. On one side is 25-year old handsome young King Constantine, whose fairybook wedding to Princess Marie of Denmark was the most romantic event of Europe just one year ago. One the other side is tall, gnarled 78-year old ex-premier George Papandreou, leader of the left-of-center liberal coalition, whom the King ousted in June in a squabble over whether the Greek beer baron Garoufalloi should continue as minister of defense. Premier Papandreou insisted on the traditional right to name his own cabinet. Kifig Constantino disagreed. Papan- dreou resigned. And the King has been trying to find a new prime minister ever since. One tragedy is that the United States has been given some of the blame for the present political erosion. It has been blamed by both the left and the right. The extreme right has pointed to the fact that Andreas Papan- dreou, son of the ex-prime minister, is former head of the economic department at the university of California, married to an American, and until recently, when he joined the Greek cabinet, was an American citizen. DAIRY AUCTION 9:30 A.M. (cst.) I will sell my herd of Holstein Cows and Heifers on the farm located: 3 miles north of highway 18 at Wesley, then 1 mile east* HOUSEHOLD GOODS PUBLIC AUCTION LIVERMORE, IOWA SAT. - SEPT. II, 1965 - 1:00 P.M. NEW FURNITURE Studio Couch; Desk & Chair; 2 Rockers (platform & recllner). Bedroom Suite, complete; Double & Single Dresser; Bookcase Bed with box spring & mattress. Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Table - 2 leaves; Chrome Drop Leg Table and 4 Chairs. Lamps & Clocks; New G.E. Vacuum Sweeper. . OTHER FURNITURE 2J" ZenHh T.V. with Rotor - cabinet model, like new/ 2 Double .Be.d«,— complete; 1 Single Bed — complete with new box spring mattress; International Refrigerator; Kenmore apt. size Stove; Metal Wardrobe; Odd Chairs; Dishes and other items too numerous to mention. 1960 Valiant with 17, 500 miles in good condition. Power Tools - including Black & Decker %" Drill & Kit; Saw; Powercraft Sander; Toastmaster !4" Drill; New Tecumseh 3 h.p. Power Mower; Ladders and other Tools too numerous to mention. EDWARD P. O'NEIL ESTATE GEORGE R. DAVIS, Executor LIVERMORI STATI BANK - cleric DALE YUNGEBERG, auctions 8 ' Wednesday SEPT. 15 Bob has been artificial breeding for 15 years and herd and all these old enough will be Bangs tested. All on D.H.I.A. for 7 years. Last year herd average was will be TB and Lepto tested. 484 Ibs. butter fat. This is a calfhood Bangs vaccinated 44 Head Holstein Cows and Heifers Auctioneers Note: These Cows and Heifers show type, breeding and production. You will like this herd of Holsteins. 17 MILK COWS 17 BRED HEIFERS 10 OF THESE COWS WILL FRESHEN THIS FALL. No. 95 92 89 99 Age 1 , • >"t * i 6 5 5 8 Days in .Milk,, 297 136 330 290 Lbs. of No. 45 Age 2 Bred Due Pet. Bft. Lbs. Bft . , , |T ._ j » _,|p 669 ' 404 506 17,350 3.9 9020 4.5 15,310 3.3 18,030 3.4 655 Cow No. 99 has lifetime record of 102,600 Ibs. of milk and 3610 Ibs. O f butterfat and is the dam of No. 84 and No. 93 and twin heifers No. 63 98 97 WHY BUY NOW? Because - - - During August-September-October We'll Waive Finance Charge UNTIL APRIL 1, 1966 -New Wheel Type Tractors and Most Implements 84 93 85 86 80 57 Daughter of Cow No. 82 82 5 83 3 Daughter of Cow No. 95 78 2 68 3 7 7 4 3 5 4 4 3 2 99 7070 3.2 348 15,460 3.3 283 13,750 3.4 136 8410 3.3 297 17,430 3.9 179 10,270 3.7 285 13,980 3.7 172 9750 3.5 158 6590 3.2 201 237 9960 9640 275 10,580 347 10,870 3.5 4.0 3.7 3.6 222 508 467 281 673 380 512 345 208 350 384 391 388 UNTIL JULY 1, 1966 SOLD WITH the Tractor. (DOES NOT INCLUDE MODEL 4300) -New Combines Sold for Small Grain. * UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 -New Combines Sold for Soybeans or Corn, • UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 -New Corn Heads, (OFFER EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 1965) Why not let u» tell yow more about this plan? Come in, or give us a ring, and we will drop by to explain it to you. ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. •i "Your International-Harvester Dealer" Commercial Street 5 3501 Algona : EQUIPMENT Surge S. P. 11 pumps 3 years old. Pipeline for 20 cows. Stewart Clipmaster 2 sets of blades 63 13 drinking cups and waterline. 8 can side door milk cooler 2 Surge seamless buckets. 1 Cow Trainer. 10 gallon milk cans. H,.,,,,, 1 ;."- 1 - •• Fresh by sale day. Dam had 504 Ibs. fat in 305 days 42 £;; - 12-14-64 '• •-'"'"I Daughter of Cow No. 98 12 2 12-18-64 9-23 44 2 1- 9-65 10-15 Dam had 410 Ibs. fat in 305 days 54 2 i-22-65 10-28 Daughter of Cow No. 89 53 2 1-26-65 11-1 Daughter of Cow No. 92 14 2 2- 5-65 11-11 15 2 2-27-65 12-3 Dam had 220 Ibs. fat in 164 days. 47 2 3-10-65 12-14 Dam had 576 Ibs. fat in 305 days. 94 19 mo. 4-26-65 1-29-66 Dam had 314 Ibs. fat in 202 days. 41 2 5- 3-65 2- 6-66 Dam had 395 Ibs. fat in 305 days. 77 20 mo. 5- 7-65 2-9 -66 Dam had 288 Ibs. fat in 176 days. 10 23 mo. 5-14-65 2-17-66 Daughter of Cow No. 95 96 18 mo. 6- 1-65 3- 7-66 Daughter of Cow No. 82 87 19 mo. 5-21-65 . 2-24-66 Daughter of Cow No. 84 and Granddaughter of Cow No. 99 91 18 mo. 7- 6-65 4-11-66 Dam had 576 Ibs. fat in 305 days. 64 18 mo, 8-23-65 5-29-66 Daughter of Cow No, 80 ' OPEN HEIFERS No. Age -J 56 12 mo. 99 Dam never on test 58 11 mo. 99 Daughter of Cow No. 95 100 8 mo, Dam had 487 Ibs. fat in 30J. days 101 8 mo, Daughter of Cow No. 83 90 3 mo, Daughter of Cow No. 98 No. Age 15 mo, Twin daughter* of Cow No, 59 15 mo. Twin daughter of Cow No. 83 14 mo. Daughter of Cow No. 98 55 13 mo. Daughter of Cow No. 68 ROBERT L PENNING (owner) AUCTIONEERS: Charley Quinn & Jack DeVries TERMS; CASH: NO PROPERTY REMOVED UNTIL SETTLED FOR. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS CLERK: Firet State Bank, BriU

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