The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1965 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1965
Page 4
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4-Aleono, («o.) Upptr DBS Meine* Thoriday, S*pf. 9, 1965 GIRDLES ARE GETTING INTO the news once more. As almost every woman knows, those things have a \vav of creeping up on us, and this time It Is no less dignified group than the Daughters of the American Revolution who think things have teen stretched too far. - o - IT ALL STARTED WHEN a New York girdle manufacturer, the Treo Company, thought up a new line of Pop pants and girdles. Some of them featured drawings of hamburgers, soda pop, and crying eyes. Then one designer really got carried away. His name was Ross, and we presume he was no actual descendant of Betsy, but he must have been just a little taken wltli flag making for he designed a red, white and blue garment called "Stars 'n Stripes." - o - THE NEW POP ART GIRDLE barely hit the market when the fat hit the fan. Or rather, the fat had barely hit the fannys Inside the new Stars 'N Stripes when the D. A. R. brought up their own rear enforcements and protested violently. About the least their Flag Committee called it, was "a shocking caricature and a desecration of the American flag." I really can't say that I blame the D. A. R. - after all they are trying to protect the foundations of liberty. The proper place for Old Glory to wave is on the top of a flag pole, not undercover. - o - THE PRESIDENT OFTHETREOCompanylmmediatelyannounced he was snapping back the girdles from the market. The problem then became what to do with all the leftover merchandise. He could burn the Stars 'N Stripes girdles, which as far as I am concerned is the well-deserved fate of any girdle, new or old. But this would sort of dignify the whole arrangement for burning Is the honorable end for any worn-out United States flag. - o - ANOTHER SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM would be to use the girdles as Is as a foreign charity to the Broads abroad. This would give the underprivileged nations overseas, ample notice that the Yanks are coming. If they could be distributed in areas where a sarong or a grass skirt is the only garment worn by a native woman, and if the gals got their hands on, or their hinds in, the Stars 'N Stripes and wore only that, you can see that " would certainly win the tattle for the minds of men. - o - . OR THE MISMARKED GIRDLES could be sent to Russia. This would show them how far ahead of them we are in the race to contain space. And judging from any experience I've ever had with girdles, plain or fancy, it would certainly not be giving any aid, or especially, comfort, to the enemy. - o - ALTHOUGH I FERVENTLY HOPE THAT the Star Spangled Banner will never die, I fully believe that the proper fate of the Stars ( N Stripes girdle is to dye. The Treo Company should pack up all the girdles, dye them black and have a big sale. Husbands could buy them to go with the lacy black lingerie they traditionally give their wives for birthdays and Christmas. In this case, hind-sight is fully AS good as fore-sight. - o - AND ALL THIS WOULD SORT of prove a little motto I'm considering using as my personal slogan. I made it up merely by misplacing a semi-colon. It reads, "There Is a destiny that shapes our ends rough; hewn though they be." - o - I GUESS I BRAGGED TOO PROFUSELY ABOUT being the champion fisherman of the family. Last week I got my come-uppance We went out on the bay very early In the morning and I was all prepared to catch more trout than Father, the way I had been doing. What I didn't reckon with was Pa's new equipment and some inside information about a different fishing hole. - o - HE TIED INTO WHAT I THOUGHT must be at least a whale, fought It for about ten minutes, and pulled in his first snook. (His supervisor at work, a born and raised Floridian, had been telling him Yankees can't catch snook). It weighted 6 1/2 pounds and was so strong it actually pulled the boat along I Next he got a beautiful five pound red, plus a couple of nice trout. About all I could do was to keep out of the way, but I did catch a flounder, just big enough to keep, and a little dinky snapper. - o - I TRIED TO BE A GOOD SPORT about it. The reason I didn't go back to fishing with Father in the afternoon was that I had household chores to tend to. He caught another red, a six pound one, and he's been rather difficult to live with ever since. It it's anything I can't stand is a person who brags about how many fish he catches. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF Sept. 5 through 11, people having birthdays include Mrs. Hazel Lusby, Bernice Holt, Fern Specht, Bill Specht, Arlene Knoll, Joyce Woods, Noma Buchanan, Inez Wolfe, Roger Keith, Barbara Bartlett, Sharon Sundet, Maynard Miller, Jeff Stephenson, Maureen Ruhnke, Marcy Diamond, Tom Carlson, Philip Miller, Bob Hardy, W. C. Taylor, Arlon Struecker, Jim Cowan, Brian Meyers, Claudia Sherman, Nancy Jo Snustad, Sale of CCC Storage Bins The Kossuth ASC County Committee, acting as agents for Commodity Credit Corporation, a corporate agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, is soliciting sealed bids on the following described property. ITEMS OFFERED F$R SALE ,•••••„•» ,I- *"• • ALGONA BIN SITE: Three (3) 40x100 quonset-type steel grain storage structures/ 41,032 bu. rated capacity. WESLEY BIN SITE: Four (4) 40x100 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 41,032 bu. rated capacity. Two (2) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 40,110 bu. rated capacity. One (1) round steel bin/ 2/170 bu. rated capacity/ 18' diameter. HOBARTON BIN SITE: Four (4) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures/ 38/200 bu. rated capacity. Three (3) 40x100 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 41,032 bu. rated capacity. GALBRAITH BIN SITE: Two (2) 40x98 quonsut-type steel grain storage structures/ 38/200 bu. rated capacity. BURT BIN SITE: Three (3) 40x100 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 41,032 bu. rated capacity. Two (2) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 38/200 bu. rated capacity. ELMORE BIN SITE: Two (2) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures/ 38/200 bu. rated capacity. SWEA CITY BIN SITE: Three (3) 40x1 00 quonset-type steel grain storage structures/ 41/032 bu. rated capacity. FENTON BIN SITE: Two (2) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures/ 40/110 bu. rated capacity. IRVINGTON BIN SITE: One (1) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 40,110 bu. rated capacity. WHITTEMORE BIN SITE: Two (2) 40x98 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 38/200 bu. rated capacity. One (1) 40x100 quonset-type steel grain storage structures, 44/600 bu. rated capacity. INSPECTION: The storage structures may be inspected Tuesday/ Sept. 14/ between the hours of 9:00 a. m. and 4:00 p. m. BIDS: Offers must be submitted in sealed envelopes and such envelopes must bear in the lower left hand corner the notation: "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL PRESCRIBED TIME FOR INVITATION NO. 65-2". Offers delivered by hand must be received at the address specified in the announcement not later than 10:00 a. m. Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1965. Offers may be submitted on an offer form obtained from the ASCS County Office. Offers submitted by mail must be received not later than 10:00 a.m. September 15, 1965. Telephone or telegraphic offers will not be considered. ALL Grain Storage Structures Purchased under this Invitation must be dismantled and removed within 30 days after notice of award by the Contracting Officer, CCC, unless the successful bidder makes arrangements acceptable both to the landlord and CCC. Copies of the terms and conditions of the sale may be obtained from the Kossuth County ASCS Office at the address shown on this advertisement. The Provisions of the terms and conditions of the sale shall become a part of the offer, and upon acceptance shall constitute a valid and binding contract between the offerer and CCC. All offers must be directed to Richard I. Anderson, Contracting Officer, Kossuth County ASCS Office. APDITIONAl INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS SALE MAY BE OBTAINED BY CONTACTING: CURTIS P. HAAHR OFFICE MANAGER Telephone 295-3576 or 295-3577 Kossuth County ASCS Office Algona, Iowa Auxiliary At Wesley Holds Annual Parly WESLEY - American Legion Auxiliary held their annual membership party Sept. 1 with 34 members in attendance. Mrs. Clarence Beenken won the free membership. Edna Flora, president, announced the unit had been awarded a superior rating for having met all cash requirements for the past year. Mrs. Bill Goetz reported briefly on the National Legion and Auxiliary Convention held lately in Portland, Ore., which she and her husband and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Becker attended. An eighth district Legion and Auxiliary meeting will be held at Uvermore Sept. 26. A pot-luck lunch was served following the business meeting. Lucille Hirner, Carol Youngwirth and Joan Grandgenett were on the kitchen committee. 500 was played with Mrs. Bill Goetz and Mrs. J. P. Hauptman winning high and low score prizes. Mrs. Beenken and Mrs. Bob Fries were on the entertainment committee. A card of recognition was awarded to Myrtle Lease for over 200 hours of volunteer work on the home front. It was awarded by the state president, June Kundel. - o - HELD MEETING Methodist women met Sept. 1 at the church with Kate Flora, Katheryn Hauptly, Bernice Aitcheson and Annie Haynes. olive Erdman gave the lesson and Corrine Gabrielson led devotions. They completed plans for the district workshop to be held in the local church Sept. 10. Beverly Ostercamp will play an organ prelude, and the meeting will convene at one o'clock. Circle one will serve a buffet supper for the public on Sept. 23 from 5 to 8 p. m, A Spiritual Bazaar and guest day is scheduled for Oct. 13. Committees were appointed by president Esther Smith. - o - Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kunz were Wednesday evening callers in the Frank Materu rural home near Britt, They received word that Adam Matern of Grand Meadow, Minn, had been transferred from a Spring Valley hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Wier got home Sunday from a 2-week vacation trip to Cartwell, Mo. to visit his 86-year old parents Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wier. They took the parents on an 800 mile sight-seeing trip to Memphis, Tenn., Gulfport, Miss., Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La, Diane Robinson left Sept. 5 Helen Dooly, Danny Ruhnke, Cynthia Christian, Jack Davis, Mike Ruhnke, Howard French, Carolyn Plott Walman and Donna Miller. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Verie Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Horton, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Furst and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Detrick. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Florida Fish Fry with Hush puppies. For each 2 small fish use: 1/2 cup cornmeal 1/2 tsp. salt Pepper Fat (1/2 to 1 inch) Fillet fish, sift cornmeal with salt and pepper, add some white flour, If desired. Coat each fillet with cornmeal mixture. The fish should be moist enough for the meal to cling to it. Fry In deep fat until coating Is golden, drain on paper towels. Hush Puppies 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup cornmeal (white) 1 tsp. salt Pepper 1 small onion, chopped 1/2 cup canned corn, drained 1 egg 1 tsp. baking powder Sift flour, meal, salt, pepper and baking powder together. Add onion and corn. Combine all ingredients with egg. If liquid is needed, use juice from corn or milk. Fry in deep fat in which fish has been fried. Serve with fish. GRACE Otis. Richard Shellenberg went to Memorial Union at Ames, A'ug. 18-20 to participate In a leader* s workshop, sponsored by the Iowa State Educational Association. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smtthj Gary) Tommy and Mark of Covtna, Calif., left for their home Aug. 26, following a 10-day visit in the John Smith, Lawrence and Gene Smldt homes. Several picnics and gatherings were held In their honor in the parental John Smith home northeast of Wesley. Mrs. Justine Becker accompanied the Tom Beckers to Dubuque Friday, where she will spend a week In the home of her son Mark and family. The Mark Beckers recently moved there from Broadhead, Wise. He is a guidance counselor at a public school In Dubuque. Francis Becker of the' navy base near the Great Lakes, spent one day last week with his mother, Mrs. Justine Becker and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Al Wagner arrived home Sept. 1 from a five months' visit with her sister and brother-in- law. Mr. <uid Mrs. Milton Goslee 01 Jewett, New York. Mrs.Gosiee has been seriously 111 since April and is now showing marked 1m- provemen* "Kosinth Cotfflty'i "" favorite by plane for Tempe, Ariz, to resume her studies at Arizona University. She attended summer session there and spent the past two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Chas. Vestrum and family. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Smith spent Aug. 31 at Forest City with her sister, Mrs. Mary Jacobsen. Aeilt Burma of Woden, formerly of Wesley, is still in the hospital at Britt following a car accident last spring. He is now out of traction and making progress toward recovery. His son Allan is in a wheel chair at their home and unable to attend school. Mr. and Mrs. Derry Adolf and children of Melvin spent Sunday with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Will Martinek. Mrs. Margaret Collinson returned Aug. 29 from a 3-week sight-seeing trip by bus through eight eastern states. She has now taken sight-seeing trips thru 49 states. She is the mother of Mrs. Ed Juchem and lives in the small house just west of the Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Haverly and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kunkel returned recently from a week's sight-seeing trip to the Black Hills, So. Dak. and other points. Mrs. B. E. Walker, West Bend, who is staying in the home of her son, Jim Walker, while the latter's wife Phyllis is in a Rochester, Minn, hospital, had as her Thursday guests her sisters, Mrs. Eugene Black and Mrs. Irvin Bergman, both of Buffalo Center. Circle I of the Methodist women will serve a buffet supper for the public Sept. 23, serving to start at 5 p. m. Orthel township, which borders Wesley township on the east, chose as their A. S. C. committeemen .Francis Richter, Manus DeWaard, Donald Dale, David Tegtmeyer and Edward VOTE FOR DR. J. B. WINKEL Candidate For ALGONA COMMUNITY BOARD OF EDUCATION -Born in Union Township, 1908 -Graduate of Algona High School, 1926 -Member A.H.S. State Champion Football Team -Graduate of Iowa State College, 1932 -Serving Algona area in veterinary medicine 1932-1956 -Resident and taxpayer in Algona School District all his life "Doc" Winlccl i* Hi* only candidate with Hi* tlmo to dovoto all his to tho Algona Community School Dbtrict, and it h hit plodgo to main tain high tradition of tho Algona Community School SyttonY. • VOTE for J. B. "Doc" WINKEL on SEPT. 13 Poll* Open: Noon to 7 p. m. Places: Algona High School or Whittemore City Hall What type of person should i .1 i • m .11 ffiiai ijrpc ui pciouii amruiu buy the hot Plymouth now? M - LaeS^saB^ft ^_. a shrewd trader! O.K., you shrewd traders, you've waited until now to shop for a new '65 Plymouth because you know the model year is coming to an end. You know that every Plymouth dealer is cleaning out his stock and that the deals are great on all the great '65 Plymbuths. But... did you know that the trade-in allowances are very generous at this time of the year? Find out this week what kind of deal your Plymouth dealer has waiting for you. KEN'S AUTO SERVICE PLYMOUTH - VALIANT NO. MAIN ST. ALCONA

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