Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1894
Page 7
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a. B. R. i "riTr": "'" ''' ' • ' / • • i molt certain and 'safe Pain Remedy In tb.e world'-thatv instantly stops the moat • oxoruolatinR' pains It is truly the great . CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more Rood than an> known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES,-BACKACHE, PAIN IN-tBB'CKfEST OR SIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTH ER EXTERNALPA'IN a few applications rubbed on by the hand act U)** magic causing "- 1 - J= "to instantly atop. __ _ J ' , f 'i PAINS. PAINS OP STOMACH, lammcition, Bronchitis Pneumonia, .Asthma, Difficult' Breathing, Influenza, Bfcmn]»tl»m, Senr«)gl», . Sdillcjt, Jiirnki - Sw«IlI«lt of tho Joint*, Paint In Back, Cheat or Llmbfl. The application ol the RKttlY KElfElf to tne part or parts where dlillcultyor palD e»tow ^rill »flotd ease and comfort. •' '-' ' ALL INTERNAL IN^ ] JJOWELS ' OP • BiuaiAUii, tfRAMPS, SODR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RH(EA, COLIC, .FLATULENCY, FA'INTING SPELLS are relieved iu- gtantly aud quickly cured by taking internally t. half to a teaspoonful of Ready Relief in half teuspoonful of water. MATfiRIE Chills and Fevec, Fever anfl Price 50c per bottle. Sold by druggists. for the core of all disorder* of the STO«ACH, I.ITXB. BOWKLS, KIUNKVS, HLADDEB, 5EKTOUS DISEASKi), IIEMI1CHK, tO>RTlPA- IIOS COSTIVKJiKSS, ISOKJKSTION, DVSPKF. 14, BILIOtlSNDSS, FKYEB, IXFlAMMiTlON OF TUK BOWKLS, PILKS, »d ill itcranite- mentn'orthe Internal Viscera, 1'urelj t*(tet«Me ontilnlnK no mercury, minerals or DKLF.TE- B10CS DKllflS. • Price '& oenta per box. Sold br all BAOWITC A CO,,.83.Warren St., N. Y, WBe srtte and'nsH (or BADWAY'3. . LaiSTUEO. flndapo Made a well Manof SOLD by X .•Fourth Si. •LOGAI FUh«r, Wholesale Druugist, Agsnt for ule cl ItiUAfO THE BROOKLYN jCLUB. - . f C • a T <;r' i t " 1. , l! { X "STRONG'' AOGRBCj{ATION v! ~" BALL pt ' OP rb« Now Ac(inliltl«u« .' nrurto, Tliln Tea •Miiko th« Clnb ^Ali Jniportiiut Fiioto iln tiiu< Urent Cuu'tpit' for the I'cn ' '• I ' :' . S I • naut. HERE HAS BEEA very iittle'sa'iil thus far about t U' o llrooklyn liasebuli club's chances i tlio race for th League pen n a n t lis season. Some the "wisoacrjtjs •iv ho'; genor'u I'.l y ,,prcd.ic tfons; There are i other who aro rude 'enough to say that the team could riot expect better than yor. seventh-; place; ' -' J Captain and Manager Foutz, _ how ever, places more confidence in_ his -team this seasb'n" than heretofore. Ho does not come out boldly and say that bis team/Is »"sijre pennant winner, but ho does suyjiowcver, that it will be found among the four leaders at the close of the championship : season next October. ..... The team this season has been greatly strengthened, and, , what is 'more, 'the men are all In the best of condition. The team opened the ' season with the following players: Fo'utz, Shoch, Burns, Duly, Corcoran, Kinslow, Dailoy, Griffin, Kennedy, Stein, Daub, -gharrot, 'La' Chance, ' Shindle, Gilbert, Tredw.ay and Korwan. The four latter areuewjaees^.on the toam" Sh'a'rrott, Daub and La Chance are practically new players, having signed with the club late in the season last year. According- to Gilbert bench? . .- tho bes't/WX-akmnd pl«pi'S ol Bern 'erry Denny. loucester, N. J,, and is about twenty- ight years of age. He first played professionftllt with. tlfc p.tica-cl' ' wlflt Catarrh W AND COLD IN THE HEAD relieved Inslanlly by one application ol Birnw's Catarrh Powder ' • - -—^!>••*»»•_ ~* mi"i ' '*• , c. „ it, T:,O tatit in tin ,,i,l«"rhiiV'car.^ _ J,™^ 1 '",^^'"ill'ti'rlE if.'E. FKiiouwix, fuauUlnn U. a. Aplinilnur's . 'ion 'he has since held, lie joined tho amous Detroit club in 1887. Tho next eason ho played with the Baltimore •lub, then member of the American ssociation. jHe finished 'eleventh in ,ho batting record, with an average of 315. As a third baseman; ho ranked: fifth, with an excellent fielding record ,87">. 'lie continued playing with he Baltimore club during thc season thoiruntil'l'saoVwhen ne joinott, tne nrv-|iri.-i rriTTTDTi rrAPTi^Q ^ewarki' In 15i).i he looked ..after SUlUJlj 1 UitJb 1U-TJ.L& ._••'••»* _ f '. ' ii t • • ^ .'• _ ' '' "_1 .-"U ' TMlrt I .•-,.*./' .. .. thirci base fo'r'thq ttaUimore club. The following season ho was' una"ble" to play on account of illness. Last sea, sou he played with the Springfield club of . tlio. Eastern league, and ranked ns tho best third, baseman "in that league. He is a line batter and base runner and a speedy, fielder. ' George Sharratt' and Dan Daul) have :devoloped into exeellent'pitc'hcrs sin'Ce .they joined .the-elub. Mannjr'er Tout/. '.thought so. well:of Sharratt'»-work in' the few .games that ,he [li'tchetl CANDIDATES FOR/ THE BIG BROOKLYN HANDICAP. The Tomlonry to OflTor Xwo-Yoar-OIrt* iinil Han it J)a<) KH'crt nu Over clittiNCH. Hilt Furncfl fnj Tlirao-Vciir-Oltl' Hie /F<mr.' nn< 'season that he determined to .e_ D ... = 'him as a regular 'member uf.'.thc toam. Ffe played professionally for tho firs'. •time'last year. •' ' . .In .Daub the. club'has a pitcher that will keep the league "sluggers" guess- ing.this season,.j Ho joined tho club last August, hls.-reloaBfi., Jiaviug been secured from 'thja; Chattanooga club of. the Southern league. In the latter organization ho" made a record as being one of : thfe best pitchers in tho KOutlL 'D&ub ls"?4 yeurs"of age and is a man of unusual intelligence, having been a student atDennison university, Ohio, for three years.. His .hoadwock while in.tho' box' has attracted much comment. ' . This is' practically Lachauco's first season with the club, his release having been secured from tho Wilhesbarre club of tho.Eastern league late in the season last year. Lachancq was about tho best all-around player the Wilkes- II R PUBLIC HAVl' heard and read foi months past of the .loin 01 ' J year-old (Evisioui, !uiil:.have hlul thci respective muritf iompared by most .__of both the cast am _ A rfA/been jjkjid, and'vot the majority of -'the beSt contested races of tho year are ^le's between that class of horses. ••• ,^he Brooklyn, Suburban and Metro <oT-ltan handicaps are of course ttfe 'most talked of events of the all-aged aivl.sion, yet they do not begin to give itfjdea of the excellent races that are f&fnished during,the, course of a sea;- '.oVby those who can qualify as "four, ,/(jar-olds and r upward.". ._.,.„. _, . ' ^.heard.'a f'wellrlvrioSyn.. tTUJner say tho best all-around player the WiHcea- . tKW^othen(J»V-thatiill Jliorses-Svere uir- barro club 1 " had: He played a .few ( (.^.ja.^ unt ,il they were fo'ur-yuar-oldfcj games in' left" field last season, but ( ^y. ]le C c r t a inly should.know.what lie since then he-has developed into one ( (yjf^talfciiis; fcbouti tar he-'h'as-Handled " " ' "" -"---"— ' jfj^jofthe best stables in the land; yd*'\he records would" Imrdly bear hinj mrtin this assertloji;.- : for dov.eus of of the .best! catchers, in the 'league. Ilis throwing, to tho- bases is very accurate, and ..few. players, will. ste.il bases when he is behind the, plate. A's 'a batter ' Ho"'ranks among., the, "sluggers. "'•••••••••'• "',..,.; .. might be mentioned whore two, ' •"• " fH'E •'•••• •'"• • ••..''•'"'•' , . .. t Jack Chapniatt says-, that in .oll'-his'i' -JD£ .career-in' .baseball, he. -.norer" saw -\ tjhe'e<iu'al of Curt Welc^i,in...V.iij..prime j: v a!s rin bu'tfielcle'r. most ro> through an entir* considerable ily.es t<f be He kind, going .. 6n without .faltering, 'fromy thei/ Ve. '' Jl •''•" '••'•' " ** •Jm'ere is, however, vml in this rcai6n _ . |h of.ay.ou3J£!norse,,for bow ais an outneiaer. , ........ ,j ;•••-.•.• ,~.,iy., :qji I Managoi- Ci'iis "Schmejz says. lie.; will,.,« ctirry eighteen" of 'nineteen .men.a.U.,,ti •Tho.-New ¥b"rk-''He'ralii ! "-idsi'9ts that ;' a ..Ir, A Von. dor Aho'released- Jadlc'Crtooks -'FT because, he became ijoalons oi'-'Croblcs 1 ' personal beauty..,: - ;.i .<•,;;• • "•'-'' "" •'"'"' ]i\ianager tlanlon ^ysnturei to predict." tljiat;'the Oriqles, v^ill;. finish initha'i front'division? . .,. .... . Ai< ,--,..- .1 "7 On 'tho averago'haseDall salaries are i ] • ^' -' •'"'',' ' ' -''' 't ' 'I not so higli•'as-'they 1 were three or four years'apo-'by'2b per'cent, 11 but' they'are niore uniform. . . •'••'•' ''''''••' 'Stage's umpiring has .given-satisfaction, and, the .opinion is-expressed that ho will remain in .tho league.. .-• •• There aro two. full blooded Indians j^uairily there playing in iho, Dickinson (Va.) college- i nll(1 ,JJj, ra j ncrs team'has an" Indian .pitcher named >-: ., . Mackoy. • " ' . ... ,'fohn M. • Ward knows "Scrappy" Bill Joyce. He is willing to Wager that Capt. Joyce will be put out of forty games this season .by umpires. Manager Solee of the Bostons is • of the opinion that "Yalo'' Jturphy. will aold up his end in tho league, and pre- nicts a success for' the niidtrot Ex-fresident ' John B. Day of tho New York' club thinks 'that this will bo -- iless as a 3-year old, and at a no-account i;^ar-j^l dejjalop, liigff-elass 3-year-old; and evci •cny •ear-olds we have seen some .~..r •d chanjre|frfj-oiarthajrpl7i of pre-> years. GJ liiJ.0 J1- ;ars. *j j i^*/.^-» * *- • j the age of four is reached, 1 Iver, a horse may be plaCQ(l_ in his icj 1 'prAp'dr-f class/ 1 •emain uuiil ^.olU,- / :vffp ^ or begins tb'teii'orr tMeiri.'"" rich prizes that are In i;-5'ear-ol daterioratc harcL . grow older; arc 'some' 'few .owners vf]i O ' feal'ii:e' 'this arid ir r . 3-yettr,-oldSi/for..-'thcrpfU' ^ l ''oocU.niKtor'iai left ••'for v th'e of^the veterans who will _do v battlp during the com'ing season is'iurpito be ! of,interest I Miko Dwyer'B string--incbidcs: a.very fine collection of'olQ-time stars,'.aiid ; every ond'of thorn" will probably win j maiiy brilliant victories.before the sea, ion ends. , . . Kingston, whose .great speed" haa.at io; most successful' year for baseball ^tiuies enabled 'him" to sweep all bef.crc in the history' of the game. • ' | him, is goiiig along in good style, and : . . ., .. , ,;,: — - •,••:• '. 'vf'hlle declining years have 'dulled his i ' ' CpLU EGE SPIRTS. •.,•••. f merit as a sp.riuter, he.is atill :a:tough It is daimed tKatVhi, seal's Baseball team o*- Franklin and : »£ college , 3 .the .stronKcst that .has ever , Ra(icl!in ' a lofjhs • moves as spry as accidents, is * ri ! sure [lU.uiii'u.iiiB.A'M.A -Dui*i3 of "tno sea. _. „ . . Cp "; ion'b honors. ,Those who have.watch- ,am of the Princeton l^hman team. ed ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ >year . olll all The ex-Yale '-short' sto 1 ?, 'Murphy, V4 flc ^^ ],' c carr ; es ' .more,flesh ,uow says Carter of. .Yale has • not got into ' ^^ a t any 'time'in ' his career, and "mirig' season will horse than h'c has turned to Baltimore, where he ,played I tfntil last year. He has an established, i ;atid.an enviable reputation as a' fi(,"10-"j considJora-ble fa er, and is also a relio-blo batter and the bearers of gold tassel" that .. .".'.. • ••- •-.. will have considerable to say among The Columbia college players found tho all ftg . 0 di vi s i on . • His form' of last ult 'with the 1'rineetons' _ base runner. , 'George ' Tred way, who is looking after left Cold, is o'ne of the latest acquisitions to tho team. He is considered one of the best fielders iu the profession-. Tred.way.is a-JvenUuekkim. played"witli Dubuque in IASS, The St Paul club found him a valuable right- fielder in ISSSI. ,The/following two seasons he was a member of the Denver club. The Los Angeles club secured his services in ItJ'jd. Last season he played on the Baltimore_teara. method;of 'phiy. They''claimed' that the Tijfers blocked base runners- as'if thoyiwere playing football- and riot baseball. Shortstop Brooks was thc principal offender, they say. • At Lancaster rocontly 'the new thaUure f lji P? LCOHBETTYS. JACKSON fi ij W i •I THEY MAY NOT BEFORB CllumpidU c J'Iniiiirliil thc future books - , ..in lUJ^urent parts of Wie .juiuutcy all 1mfi: buea^well M ^j-' l'/:unpjij*ltttir.ji< unii llis appearance in public :seagerly | watched for. When llreen Morris j tui-iu'd him over U> .Hinmy >ic(.iii-mick ! lasl 1'aLMic was a • touil . wix-c^,, a IK]-'. 'could hardly have won a selling ra« ;' at Woocieiiltr.i 'His'legs wcra lircil for j a splint about.:i' montji a^o. bat. the '• trouble wns a sHfeht; one, and his let- | up was of short duration,;. 1 . . .'. ' •] lie is now at Clifton, but will be ' brought over to Cravcsenu in a few ! days to prepare for the coining c: 'paijfn, ami fvom Uroyprcscnt f.lrnli ^Uooct li^wrtl'l>e a^^oj^l a liorson as wasju f-yearfcld. -^ J. | , , ^, f , _ . ... ^—l^filxilo, *'boWTamfa*r, Loantaka, I N*K2?' - -A\-_) ^' l11 ' a month or Comnnchc, 1'ickpocket, ricknicker, ; fcf//y's ! ~s ! .\ two it looked as it Copyright, Herald, Nero, Little Hilly, I '';«; ,£&'/ the ,.matc.h , might iuswirik,- Uerfuraril-Wira-nd-ftoche-iirc-a:!- ^^Z^^J be brought to & so in good shape, and their owners are Q^-'i^ conclusion without anxiously waiting for the time when | ^ii*^ oilher of the prin- they c.ap b^csupt to. Ujic post. ( »nd by . ^^ •uiakin.L,-- :;c.y -diilionltj'- " T_M* public ^erfprmi'.ice^Jho^vfjUbt how C01!1 . se ^. 1S i u slu .'i, t . 0 ntradistinctiOB good ttrey u*e. 5 \~~"l ')> V i to th'c ^'ordinary pr-uhulu to sucn !V There^s injitcpalifnough to uphold j- 1]n; iiclVl'!iat tlic s'p<.i7i:hg""wori<l looked thc "ail-ago part of the various pro- i „„ ,,.,,u ,,i,,., v ,.,i KI-V iln. scone soon cciiifl to I!c looldnc t» I'art ;of It— flit i'ort* i by Willlau> II ERE IS KOVT probability Cor.bett" " I..\.Mrl.IOlITKIi. grams.,: Jf tbe i;an.d S-year/iU'lsjdo ns we'lli the prospects'are of .thp brightest. .-.-.',:'•; 'f.r. ;;.::. ').. RO. -u.' A Hflmnrnm.lt! I'nrfornmncc. .tiqning his sino-rity iu .the ,:p> J.. Sn^lVj./>f. v t|if)./^oii,tihY Ausfrrafjan-j -], n ' t ^hufchympion came put of lcyclb'club,"Xdeiaido, has knocked rill Q S \^. as . cr OOl j ; as :-w,hen ; he'tr . i._ ^^.. i *„ ^. ,1 : .-.t n ^.rtiii i.wl _* f • " ' T" . . , • 11 __ .. i previous records for long distance-id sky high by riding the Ss'J mil course, which involved much rough riding and walking, although shor-t^-j Snell left Adelaide at noon ou Fe-b! -0, mounted on a No. 7 "New Rapid," on well pleased. Hut tilt cliangml. Corurtl has st will not fight without lirst receiving, j ihrue.months' notice .of the. clubiar | which the mill -s to be decided, and that he can not now light in June, as originally proposed. Jackson, or .lack-son's manner, has retaliated^ by | abusing tho chiimpion and qxiestion- ing hits motives. Corbetfs lo,i/est uf tiTiinces have given them somft reason for '.his' conduct, but no man, can question tbe sin-: I eerily of the motives and intentions • I of the man who lirst vvliioped Sullivan !, and then, vanquished Mitchell almost;; i'ln a twinkling, 'if . .Corbett had suf' j'Jcrcd auy: serious injnr'y' in either of tha ' lights just referred to btiej-.e luinht^.per- haps, exist sonic good ground' for ques- ;pjatter. both fighw ; as- good .• as • v^,hen ; he'ttftered'" them, and man than h by takingamoresouthcrlycour.se /than,,t.h,ajt, .6-iia.y physically a, better •er. -.va^at any >tafi^of ' ">• i i ^_^ Me Cotbeufcai nStj-ba ' - ^uiifcijtio AM not only placed th« iy up a club on Jack- manager, but he has also notiiied them that they must give bun three months' notice of thc battle, Co r be t.i, is a gi-L-^-iia one,/s milef,,i iskno'wn as the "Ninety -Mile «J)esert," a large tract of uninhabited country quite unsuited to bicycli ---'(/ute was a judici Alonger by about .Lvp,.*. ..^..Jddubtedly faster. _ He-<rav61fciST)y way of Macclcsficld Wellington, to Meningie, 'Jl miles, which was reached at !)_p. in. .-'Vt_''' : P? n. m. on the foljojwirig.'. day jie^luiiu'd Kingston, ISP, miles, aniT at 10:f>0 p. m. arrived at Penola, '^70 miles, viaLuciu. dale and ,Xarracoerte. 33, U«- .^hid jcorcRdjrt^ - arafier »n<| Clst|rtqn,avnd l] MelboflVrfc,-*SB* fnihfspi-ia "Cblac an Geclong. at G:-I2 p. ru., on Feb. 23, thus completing the distance in 3d. !>h. 42m. Ho got through hjVifjpurutjy pn.Pdnlqp. ,yres with a.solitary puncture. In the course'of Ji!s rilo 1 Imi\ra3'"a3s1slfed-'by numerous 'pacwnakiy-s ^u| route.; but so fast and "'strong was f 1ie that he knocked^ thirtecn;of thant'outbfctrttie.^'. '•'•'''' • ^ U1 ,.,,,.v. the'ropes of the ring,"" he displays about n,s much common sense a» an ijifant. Every sportingmankno^ l-fc«tJp.f|bad break" is, biir .R l ,r., I l [OW t j ]( . mean ing o/ !tliui anybody on caftji,{ lfafe\nad<? more of them. Once in tha ring, he makes few mistakes, but outside of it he docs little _elsc. Tho "c$ii]{!pif>'&:}ki{>£>vj:s fyinj -.soine rights. One ol llie most important of which is the privilege of naming the battlo ground? This being so, it followithafc eitlMjr T&y^r ^sis rounajfcrs shputo. d» the j|ic|cctSDCf witli tho^ 1 clubjfe. fTho qirffetiojl ot y-here'tho'battle-Will b« upon him should devolve the duty of selecting the club. Jackson and Dayies. may agree to fight before any onc'bf a d.o/.en" clubs. . but Corbett is the 'fins .1 arbiter.'. The'champion; with his parents, loav^sj f.oc-a. tour ; of ,-Knjfi larid'and'lreland'an'J a visit' tb.TParia parlj;: ne jt!. wottl/b.- • It i may' 'be that wliile in Condon. b.p. w^ll, listea to j - : 'tii6 "'Wilpfe ' of" th'e" 'man- agcrs of the i.National'Spbritirife-'tolnki and consent to Sght Jackson there. No butter battle ground could bo .chosen, r Itytly ntep would roKaiverftir play, aqd'yvhcnfthe batjle |»vps (otee neither might' fear arrest—a fear which would almost assuredly be realized if the mill, \ycre. deeid«4r Op. t>ia j6all grounds, of • K ' ' . and/.-Mftr- iaU college were, opened, with a, g;imo Annie ...^ between the' strong' Active club •vn,d. ( .]j onl i n ,ro, icason and of 1 ' tho'yeai- previous was little,'short o£ first class, and many expect to sec. him come out. and repeat. , that'form. ' " ' ' ",-„ .-•• j The ftboy* portrait • i The list of'fo'ur-year-olds'is ancspe-.j ness o'fWillinm Joyce, jially strong one,' wftli Don Alon/.o. .portent _,. Sir JValter Cliil'ord, Ajax, Helen' ball league. Nichols, fj. . W. Johnson, Miss- Maud, Sport, .ChatUinDOga.-.St. Kcdskin, . fit, • Leonards, im- r of 'the tho college team." Thc latter' woia by ; p r i noe Oo'orge,'Sir"Francis O'Connoll, e of 11 'to ".'!.••" The grounds' are'; Li se ij. Lady Violet, Biuubow.Ua'manp, There is a fine 'pr'a"Tul stand and . .K|np]i)tl"''Giictftis;'-Ki>stre, 'Ducat 'arid Imfft rrfcojnm«Tnl<xl ii« u..i ,w/,,•,••« j • ••» j .y^avXvf Iic*r4 ot » cjrt.jiliei.fi haj /^ r, BirneyCatarrhal Powder Co. Vm MASONIC TEMPLE, CHIOAGO. Sold ororj where by ilrusll <>' *'« '7 "ft Sold by B. ¥. Keesllngi J, Kiaher, Logansport, Ind. I ~..A l 6KNTS mnKe $8.l« .1 day. A DtensU-wer-^nywleti sold la every house. Sample, poa iige P OLLARD vs. Bri-eki-nrlilKO celtibnitoil bnao!i ot r,roml«« case: A^nt.s Wm^l-.Jio^je^y. history otJUatUH*-* lolil: rBOsPKcrcs' rfflur; Clnclunattl, 0. W w« corncob W ANT£D-3«lesmr!n. snUry I1CO.OO to per month to sell California wines. — stamps for particulars to San Francisco Win Rooms 20-21 Ware Block. Omahu, Neb. W ANTEO-Dlstrl ttamtheCnl* PBM sick. .-.—. »liO per mouth. AiIclreM, tur.SiWlnaw.X.S. Mlcb. imed out with the (88 and remained a score of 11 to fine. There is a line prauu^abuuu uu.u, .[ijnpiot, .'liuclius; • J-ustre, uucai, . u-iiu. the grounds nre"flttcd up'lfor a'll''kind's' j tj ai j 6 j e tlaw.1ij'0 bnt'fi-.few'of thbse'wh'o of athletic up'orls." -' ; ••'•'•• " ' ',' '', V were freely entcred-in tho vari6us"all- a^Jhe University of 'PenimyIvahia- Js^'a,g^stiakes. ;•;'./:' ;.:•'•':•'' '- : '- : ''• coin^irlcriifl t''° 1- . nnl *'"**'*"^™.'i'""">"l" 'AJUJ-, Don. Alpnzo, Clifford,>. Sppift,-. it. Leonard's',' G > . ( ',W'.".].T6hiiison,..ErincB- ieorgc,"'- Duch,t'an j d aTigut a dozen"Tnore^ ]jf less prominence are boolfD.d to' run cl ov ['ale. Yalje's defeat of- : lip^ton 'was the seconil "clefeat Yalo has administered resembles t tho Bo: ,tho honors f"or Yale. Kelly had then just been, purchased^by IJpston and ; >'> • ,. '*•"*?>; lj'*j £; .. ji.-a.u., 'good people living in secluded Spots do.RQtrealii'.cyho'w soriAns af. tlwigame o/whlst h'as become of years. '• Ai" ^qer-taip^ 'gentleinoq ftfitl : w1f6'whose'tired in_ a country'_tc to take orders w _ ..i A -%pwrgiit,y»,itli tjjen) "^on^Bpsrton a-lwe, JJj'^y j !rook i yl , handicap, so the-que's'-" of wh.st and recently gave a whist ;joatof su.prQmasy-OT-iong.'thcm-i.s.to ba party to some of their neighbors; kH6 '; : t .^ ^ est ' tha . .^jj f^rsp day-^Xo :the came, as ' people doing something' J onsoni ! '""^ ..... .".'.' ..... .,._.,.-.;;,• ' as gl > A dajf-.-or-^wo is|er-cnefy«;tbo J ladies of the village" extorted ' «he had been at the" whist part "Whktda ,tfi«y do ^ «*^* she aslte onsoni '"^ ... ..... rou'if of the^raco'. ud'to bo"- between themV ap^ m ' B. Fltcoer, Secie- SP "Thttt's what I'd heard," w»s the oil lady's retort, "but 1 didn't believe it" i v 3,,,, . country have taken, a very proper step in deciding to prohibit ,AHjateux ws yell as,- pj'ofessionitiv box- "injt. 3f thefcpoit must be re^ai|3ed as pi>plcjiv]y|coiisiWcr" themsiSvc% very 1 .g-<fod--a*dAp'riglit—thfcn that p v arr of ifc which is less fraught with dangerous results should be permitted or the^... >yhole game wiocd-out. > -The^erjesto^ 'accidents, fatal 'arid otherwise, which j have attended coquets,,.bc.l^y.eflO. ama- • "™£euFs~2iir!n'g"t i !ie couple of months just , passed conveys a lesson which may ba I read even by thoso wlip,run aujj wiich., , '"j'ally a plain truth'. 'The plainest of all '.»/ " "" ; Hilly Maddon,)* no lonpur Ted PrWchard has refused the offer | man and better able to defend himself pf'Billy>Hadden to comc^t<rr.Armef1U/|&piftistJa,n accWcut, tljiiul att *taate«v. and' ifigKt' Frank Ci;aJt,UiAei .flarlcinlj Vwfe'li(rt.er -ftfarrtOl^ Jfbcr ifito tho Coffee Bttoler. | ring almost wholly unfit to fight •'•'•'•J'aincsa.'- Corbett waf> named as.a co : j «ftcU. ^ ^.sudden/ shpck. .<>r...-blc«v._';on i>e»ponde'nt in-tte soti't'of Eiizabeth'.AL' .i'ja' .weak , .-.^jjpt - does., liiw,,• serious Johnson's-' hbsband "for 1 divorce:<n .a.] j;njua:,.or,.^crh!ip«,.:hnrrJ06 Jiim./anto San -FraniSJscd' eoiirff '' "Corb'6tt : siys' lie j'thp .'nest -worlil.. .>vherc Ujcre. is- B«aher J._ll_:i._f: J.-.,^-4«*V^ S,nma.fi\ "*"' ''l"trfnVns nor rjnir.... Onl^ vjref*n}4X> fH* 1 ". '•? He is captain and third •baseman of the Washington club and ranlts first in. hjs class. , --_. - injuries-, eoently: a contestant- ia,- ' " Chicago. • that. His- life , ip. o U1 i)n ; iiiQ,se\T)irini-ruu, lu .—— 'f wai'deiijaired'of.. and . .... A U.JterHau of tT.lv^on'^d Cliarlei.^noftcrwesteVn lojn suffei^^v^ Moth of N^v'O'rleilisteet itithe' 'riiCtf ?"«««:. ^. he ; - : -^/,:^So .. ijt .._>• .. — i.... ..j../..'!.-,.^^^^,.! giorial'ving for a similar .time ^isciobo im-'i-riwhWhi^sulteVfor the"very good reason that the professional fi enter is, •'" a majority of cases, lit to B Moth was knocked out In thiccoml round. -,- .. '*i ---- -- ,...- >n •lit for his ussia J»s .'When a meager takes a tro.,™ on i -way •o'fWsitnal •hi to public recpjrni- '••"'•-' : -' '•''" 'ifit'te'd 'to the". > men>bers in case they become 'stranded.;"^ . 3j 'BfSstowe, wnoUvtJ i _ as OB« of the CrfnarfJari in"al teaW-recently met withaseri- .-:-.'.l ". . - » ull has tl •fioh; ftglit' andTrf; »„ -^.. • ••,,-. onstrating the flee points 'of the" AVith a few exceptions, the amateur is llyjfit/IIJ RJttnKll* »tt;" — "' dasltcdident while playin >rofeKslonal8 m»y that is" both \&~ ' •|'-r'-'''f;r' ; ''-' r ''4''i''SV : ('}'rm>fT(rt4''^ViW^ii' / • iV-ai^h

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