The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1965 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1965
Page 14
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t—Alpena (la.) Upper DM Metnes Thurtday, September 2, 1965 week's recipe for uncooked tomato relish. It comes from Edna , L ... ^ ^ __^_-.. ShiHs. 2 pecks ripe tomatoes, peeled 4 cups chopped celery 1 cup salt 12 medium onions 12 green mango peppers 3 Ibs. light brown sugar 3 qts. cider vinegar 2 cups mustard seed 4 oz. ground cinnamon Chop the tomatoes and let drain while grinding peppers, onions and celery. Mix in rest of ingredients thoroughly. Some of the tomato juice will have to be drained off. Keep in stone Jar, covered. OF* ACI A GREAT DEAL OF FUSS is being made nowadays about something called the Feminine Mystique. The way 1 get it is that a gal has to keep beating her brains out to prove she is a whole woman, and the only way to accomplish this is to use your brt-ins for something besides, or in addition to, raising kids and scrubbing floors. - o - ALL THE MAJOR MAGAZINES HAVE COVERED the subject fully and quite a few of the girls have talked back. Lots of them say they find keeping a house clean and pleasantly decorated, a husband reasonably happy on the leash, and producing children and keeping them short of turning into little monsters, (which Is their natural bent), all the fulfillment they can possibly handle. Let somebody else paint the pictures, negotiate the business mergers, research the new wonder drugs and write the best sellers I - o I'M INCLINED TO AGREE WITH the more domestic types In the Feminine Mystique. When the kids are little, they need their mothers, more than the business and professional world needs Mamma no matter how educated she is. Unless your talents can bring In five or six thousand dollars extra a year, enabling you to hire all your babysitting and housework done, forget about a Job until the kids all get Into school. But If you think Just because you don't have an outside Job, you'll have lots of time to mother your own little darlings, you are sadly mistaken. Mothers who "don't work" are sitting ducks for every charity drive, community committee, church program, ceramics class, voters service and taxi turn In existence. Plus that you soon get to the stage when you have to be a Den Mother, Girl Scout Leader, Vacation and Regular Church School Teacher, Junior Choir director and room mother. All of It absolutely without pay I - o - WHEN OUR KIDS WERE LITTLE, I was a so-called full time mother. That is, I didn't work outside the home for pay until they were pretty well along in school. I kept plenty busy, however, with varied and sundry activities and I'm not sure at this late date that I didn't take on some k of them less from community zeal than to get away from the kids for a while. And I developed all sorts of plans about what I'd do when the kids got a little older. - o - WHEN THE KIDS GOT OLDER, I planned mainly to sleep. None of this getting up In the night to get drinks of water, trips to the bathroom and soothing fears from nightmares. Not only would there be a nap every afternoon, I'd also sleep until 10 a. m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays I And with time on my hands, I'd get my book published and syndicate my column. Without messy little finger prints on the woodwork, I'd keep the house. immaculate, substitute gournut meals for all those peanut butter sandwiches and I might even try for a career. Surely with my experience at settling fights I'd be eligible for the Peace Corps, and after the rousing success of the Kossuth Centennial Revue of 1954, I sort ot thought there might be some opening for me In the world of show business I - o - WELL, THE KIDS DID GET OLDER. And as they did I also acquired, not a career, but some paying Jobs, most of which I could do at home - newspaper reporting, secretarial work for the church, the column, writing and speaking assignments for clubs and anniversaries plus the everlasting and never finished housework. Although I didn't have time to think much about it, I guess according to the Feminine Mystique I must have been fulfilled. - o - THINGS CHANGED ABRUPTLY WHEN WE moved to Florida. For the first few weeks I reveled in all the free time, but then naps lost their glamour for I had caught up on my sleep. The house was about as clean as I cared to keep it, and although I was bursting with program ideas, there wasn't a club or church who'd ask me for my talent for either love or money. And! found with the pressure off, and lots of time to write, I simply am not a full time writer and I couldn't get much done even If there had been a place to publish It. Most of all I missed being around great gobs of kids - my own and everybody elses'. - o - AS WE SETTLED IN THINGS GOT better. 1 became pleasantly Involved In some activities. I could certainly use some extra monay but we'd have a roof and something to wear and eat If I didn't work. But those articles kept nudging me, telling me that now that the kids were practically reared It was high time I started fulfilling myself. So I started, rather half-heartedly to look for a job, and I ran across a whole bunch of handicaps. I discovered my chief asset In my Algona jobs had been knowing most of the people in town. I knew almost nobody here. I had at least two good offers but because I don't drive, I could not solve the transportation problem. Had some kindergarten offers, which sounded right up my alley, but I never did get around to getting my degree. I'd need a whole bunch of new clothes to replenish my wardrobe If I got a 9 to 5 Job and I'd almost certainly have to give up my writing, because I simply can't accomplish as much In this southern atmosphere as I did up north. - o - BUT I GRADUALLY DRIFTED INTO a career that seems to fit my needs. I can read, write, play the piano, cook if I care to, keep In touch with the younger generation and get paid for my time while doing sol The job is baby-sitting. It's not all gravy for there are plenty of times when I'd like to scream at the kids (just like In the old days), and It's undoubtedly not what the Feminine Mystique means when it speaks of fulfillment. But so far it suits me. - o - DURING THE WEEK OF August 29 through Sept. 4, people who have birthdays include Katie Cotton, Myrtle Morck, Jarlyn Struecker, Nadine Suilman, Lawrence Heiderscheidt, Clara Harig, Nell Anderson, Virginia Klein, Gail Sindelar, Robert Hutchlns, Jeffrey McGlnnis, Laurie Nan Bllsborough, Gary Horton, Merlon Baker, Howard Beardsley, Lois Dau, David Martin, Gregg Winkel, Margaret Heiderscheidt, Nancy Allen, Jon Andreasen, Clyde Bron- gon, Michael Zender, Jo Hardy, Larry Knoll, Carrie Durant, Bud Morck, Blanche Phillips, John Will, Clay Mowers, Mary Elbert, Mark Teeter, Mava Johnson, George Miller, Dale Yungeberg, Kent Tuttle, Fern Foster, T. H. Chrischilles, Bob Watson, Gail Cowan, Carol Gotten and RacherYungeberg. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zender, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sindelar, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilbert, Mr. aw} Mrs, Robert Blckert, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Behr, Mr. and Mrs. John Cash, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Herbst, Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Webb Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Studer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Granzow and Mr. and Mrs. Les Kenyon. - o - .* THIS SHOULD BE A GOOD SEASON for garden in Iowa right now. Tomatoes never are as good here as there, and we mostly wait lor winter to grow them, but you might be able to use this GRACE SWEA-EAGLE By Mrs. Kenneth Brone» miipiiiniimiiuiniiMiniiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH Larry Torine and Chuck Helden left with Larry's sister, Mrs. Robert Himes and Lorine, for Los Alamos, New Mexico, to return them to their home. Mrs. Himes and daughter had spent a month visiting Mrs. Himes' parents, the FrancisTor- ines, and other relatives here. David McCoy, 11, of Decatur, 111. came August 9, to spend the latter part of the summer with his aunt and uncle, the Francis Tor- ines. He will return home Labor Day. Mrs. Luella Himes and Warren of Mason City, were Saturday dinner pests attheFranclsTor- ine home. Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Tobln, Marjorie Lee, and Mrs. Fred Brandt spent Monday at Sioux City, where they visuea tne campus at Morningside College. Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Green and children were visiting here last week with his mother, Mrs, Ida O'Green. The O'Greens live at Detroit, Mich. "Relatives gathered at the Wallace Dawson home recently were the Merton Roalsons, Terry Roalson, Mrs. Ida O'Green, Harold O'Green and friend, the Walter O'Greens, Richard O'Greens, Gustav Isenbergs, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. "Smitty" Renger and family and Mrs. Annie O'Green all of Mason City, the Lloyd Thorsons, and Mrs. Christine Thorson, Glendale, Calif. Legal Motie* NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals for the construction of A NEW HEATING FACILITY FOR THE WESLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL, WESLEY, IOWA, will be received by the Corwith-WesleyCommun- ity School District, In the Counties of Wright, Kossuth and Hancock, State of Iowa, in the School Gymnasium at Wesley, Iowa up to 4:00 p. m. on the 14th day of September, 1965, at which time and place the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Copies of the Plans and Specifications and other Contract Documents are now on file at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, Corwith, Iowa and at the office of the Architect, Johnson Jamerson Associates, Engineer and Architect, 2417 Main St., Cedar Falls, Iowa. A set of the documents may be obtained from Johnson Jamerson Associates, 2417 Main St., Cedar Falls, Iowa, upon the deposit of $25.00 which deposit will be refunded to Bidders upon the return of the Documents in good condition within 10 days after the receipt of bids. Proposals to be received shall Include all General, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Ventilating work. Each proposal must be accompanied by a cash deposit or certified check, or a cashiers check, in an amount of not less than five (5%) percent of the Basic Bid, or amounts specified. Check shall be made payable to the Treasurer of the Corwith- Wesley Community School District. Should the successful Bidder fall or neglect to furnish a satis- factory surety bond, refuse to enter into contract on the basis of his bid, or fail to meet the requirements of this notice and the specifications regulating the award, his Bidders Security may be retained as liquidated damages. No Bidder may with* draw his proposal for a period of twenty (20) days alter the date and hour set for the opening of bids. By virtue of statutory authority, the Contractor shall give preference tolowaDomestlc Labor, according to the provisions of Chapter 73, Section 73.3, Code of Iowa, 1958. By virtue of statutory authority a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and coal produced within the State of Iowa. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities and technicalities in any bid. Dated at Corwith, Iowa, this 23rd day of August, 1965. BY ORDER OF: CORWTTH- WESLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, IN THE COUNTIES OF WRIGHT, KOSSUTH AND HANCOCK, STATE OF IOWA. BY: Richard P. Madson School Board Secretary (64-66-68) NOTICE OF PROPOSED PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with Chapter 23, Section 23.2 of the 1958 Code of Iowa, by the School Board of Corwith - Wesley Community School District, in the Counties of Wright, Kossuth and State of Iowa; that said Board proposes to construct A NEW HEATING FACILITY FOR THE WESLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL, WESLEY, IOWA; that proposed Plans and Specifications, as well as Proposed Form of Contract, have been adopted therefore by said Board; a copy of each of said documents is now on file and available for inspection at the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Corwith, Iowa; that a public hearing will be held as by law provided, in the School Gymnasium, Wesley, Iowa at 3:45 p. m. on the 14th day of September, 1965, at which time and place all Interested persons may appear and file objections to said proposed Plans, Specifications, or Contract for, or cost of such Improvement. DATED AT: Corwith, Iowa, this 23rd day of August, 1965. BY ORDER OF: Corwlth- Wesley Community School District, in the Counties of Wright, Kossuth and Hancock, S l ate of Iowa. BY: Richard P. Madson School Board Secretary (64-66-68) COME! COME! To Our Good Hope Chicken Supper Wednesday, September 8 Serving Starts 5:00 P.M. — MENU INCLUDES — Chicken & Dressing Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Buttered Corn -:- Tomatoes Cabbage Salad •:• Relish Plate Rolls -:- Apple Crisp Coffee or Milk ADULTS $1.25 CHILDREN (12 and under) 75c GOOD TOWN & COUNTRY Meet Dennis Schutjer Of Titonka This week's Country Neighbor is the youngest we have ever featured in this spot. He is IDennis Schutjer, 13-year old i son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schutjer who farms 4 1/2 miles southeast of Titonka. Mr. Schutjer owns a farm, and according to Dennis, farms a total of 760 acres, with corn, oats and some pasture. They nave lived on the farm for "quite a number of years". They raise cattle and hogs. Dennis, a healthy - looking youngster, climbed aboard a small tractor at one of the exhibits at the Kossuth County Fair to have his photo snapped -.and the results can be seen here. He says hunting and baseball are his hobbies - but he also has other likes.- and dislikes, Just as all boys his age do. He was having a lot of fun at the Fair when we talked to him. Besides Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Schutjer have three other children. They are Wendell! 25 t Reginald, 19, and Sandra, 15. (UDM Polaroid Photo) Uppor D«s Molnos Publishing Co. PRINTING AT ITS UST - WITH QUALITY AND ECONOMY e^iBwil^P Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Mollno - (felly-Ryan New Idea Farm Machinery N. M*JB It PhoMtM-MIl Robinson Construction Jo* Bradley Equipment, pictured obovt, Is your complete headquarter* for form machinery, Firestone passenger, truck and tractor tires, farm and commercial trucks and machinery repair, plus many top lines, such as Gehl, Firestone, Oliver, CMC, Mawey Harris, Butler Bins, Winpower, Speedy, Continental Belton Co., Meyer Elevator, Allit-Chalmers parts and others. The firm is located just south of the Algona Hotel, where yoM will find a complete up-to-date machinery and truck repair shop. A new balding has been completed as well as many other improvements madi. Yow will find thtm ready to serv» ice any and all of the equipment sold and friendly service is always found. Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel AlgOM Farm Machinery —' Truck* — fires Allli-Ch«lm«vi Otivtr OMC Truck! Tim Phone m-Z421 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY A SERVICE Located east of Algona on highway 18. Phone 293-3361 Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sale* * Service Irons Heating & Plumbing ''Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Pluroblot Sh«*t Ktlel CM 91 OU Pump* W*tt» lytltcn* Phonr 3 AlXiONA

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