Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1894
Page 6
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his is the land.-tiiat Columbus found After he thought that the world was round. This is the'city of -wondrous fame T^iat- has grown so great since Gohurtbits came. This is the firm that is. making.the .soap That will clean tip the land' of Christopher's hope. ' Zprfiyfyft&ny/r-'*ssyw ff '"**' ffrrrffr —• . ,'•}''•'< ' ••; ' '' This 'is -the- soap housekeepers'dciaaud, ,., • .f" ..The most, satisfactory :soap-in ..the,land.. • •| Made by this firm',' i'h' this eity-that"lies-^~, ^ '/I '' In tins laud, by the. lake; aird-%j> in tli6 skies.':'__ ' A ' -——• : —^-~- " :'~^^m---- .... .., ^.:i'i^i->":.t'i' v ^^§^\^' ^^ «p^r^'f r^'J^fe-'- 1 ' :,fev j*i,f*i»'*( •„ • ..- • i&rtriiSif**-''-.''!'-"' SEW^'--: .. • •[ have taken thf .t-otuiy for tb,> HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, and have ft-full stock of tliH SOWN in sih'ht, -Tho.^o protectors aro guaranteed .to giv.e pcotoctlou to the *>liut'i> us u^ainst doffs. • J1 ' We have received our Seeds for the season of 1894, ano have them,ready, to sup- o!y our customers on demand. We -handle JJothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all of'our'old stock has been burnt, our custorn- ers-may rest assured that they will get fresh, clean goods. We have'a full vartelty^ot Garden atid Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. , We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting.Goods. In fact we have everything that .goes- with a horse and tarriage.; Don 1 forsetthe-pld place, 42,4 BROADWAY Harrison, TV Best Show ioi tael^KHMMi^T-' FOR 6ENTLEKEN, Sfi, S4 and 83.60 Dress Shoe* S3.50 PoMce Shoe, 3 Solea. S2.6O, S2for Worklngmen. $2 and ©1.75 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, S3, 82.50 82, $1.75 .' CAUTTOW.—if liny' <I"»TD» Qfloru.jou W. <L. .jDougiM • ilioof nf a roilucfcd J>rlc«> k . «IT B»>-B ho b»».them wltli; • -uvSk. on* tho nnine ntumpea •' ." :; sil^ onth« bottom; Jt ut htln ~!S5^. down MO.fraud. fittins,-.- .and ; tgi lly: to tliose wh-b vchr them, custonicrs^hich help or^^^ X B. WINTERS. .GIVES RELIEF.IMMEDIATELY— it JS 3 Cure fOP all Diseases of the l^eart, Kidneys, Liver and Blood, It has no rival and is found in , every home. .,.,:'. --• .' .. .'•'•- :.•.•• ••-• • ••' •••.- M-Htnrfwnr "Head to Foot HEJUE'S, .TffiT HUB'S ,OFfiERI n { J VA p u ii ^tjfit of Clothes, ,, Ages 5 r t,o .15. years—e^ery thread $\l wp ''[' — doubje Breasted ecraitrr-pants.made.^ith: (will outwear 2 p^irs of the usual; kind)— i A l Stanley cap, made' like ilTustmtibri—to To Minn I'olly Jlntvey. I know Bij-.oast,-MisB Hirvey; though A dowwi times I'v.e soeu-aud r9ad.it—_ • (I'tbJnV-Tdon't 'mind tolling you— , . \ -Itattfitfl-ciever author credit;) nff tliis, ot oburno-T-know • • iWfiereJoro for your deUglitfvl s ho>v,. v . v . i •My'tbauta and'-pruiae 1 arc" hereby _ ten; .;:. dora'J. " •' "•'••'••' - ; - " " ' ''Twer*, potUiujr short of .flabby, tolly ••••.'• To spoak a.-w.ord a^niiist your i'.olly, ; :..-.; To'm Rr>bertsbn,tbor6;a littla doubt,. . . | 'Into-ndeft 1'oHytb b'eriierry. ' : A,l J o]Jv. .ftnyoty.\vithout) " ...-•.. ; 1 difficult to picture,, very.;... ..-,;,.• i'msuro.boiiieimt^ier.f^be bright. _ ,- ; Or'olso'lVrfdrvcl u v by ho ihndo lier, Jie.-knrer then, you -have'u'etoif riplit.' '• ; ! .Miss.R.vo.having brightly played h»r.- • I thunk yo.u,for tt,LrJ,T;hF,^a iioHy,,., ,-.•.. •. ...-" A aweo't, iirfi-o'-hettrte-.!, pretty PoUy. ' • >rbe CM -Buy, in l^ondoa Judy. CEORCE'E. STEPhTiNS.! , , X Promising PIftjor of jLKv. :We».t«M«. IfGeorg-c 'B. Stephens, a. ^promising, youn^- 1 professional pitcher, was. born Sept. :i7, : iaC7; at ; 'RbinioV M^ich." It vi-as'not,'-h'owever,-until- after he went to Detroit that he learned'to play'ball.- Aftorplaying- a fe.v»;games he became convinced tha,t pitching w;asjlis_ forte, • and no sooner .had .he formed this..idea than' lie be'jraii at once to roaster the. art -of curving" the ' ball' It was no't loa^ -"before he '•pnincd quite "ft.local' reputation as a manipulator of" the sjphere, for,ho was quite a dispenser'of curves, shoots .and drops. His excellent work in the, pitcher's ;box-.for. sioveral of the leading-..amateur, teams .ctf 'Deti'oit'' gained him such renown that his" services''wero eagerly ''sough't' nkter'by •manafors of minor" league teams. After reco'iving' several tempting- offers .he finally, accepted his 'first •professional euganetfnont. with the doliimbus' clu.q,. of the Ohio . State ,liaguo, '" in' 1887." Stevens bogan. the' : 'season' 1BS8" with the liil- .waukee club, of_ tho Western aBsociatipn,. .but fijaifihed it.> with' tho -Uavenport x;lub, of th,e same assoeia- ttoii. The Davenport club taking the place'of the Minneapolis cl.ub, v .which hid withdrawn from the WesterE'asso- ciation about the middle'bf the season.' J.fe toolc part tlmt-year iri-tho thirty- four championship game^and ranked well up in the official pitclungr averages olj that association. In 1380 Stephens •joined the JiuiiiDgtoai -club of the Central Intecstate •ten.fftie.' Ue rc : m'aiued with the Jiuvlinftons through-out, that-and tho following season.' Itt- 1891 Stephens migrated to California^ and \yhile theve joined the Oakland, club'of tli'o California league.. Stephens returned east ag-ain' and in 1302 joined the Columbus club, of the Western loag-ue, taking part.,fhat,..y,etu', ,as r ft •.pitcher m,lwenty'-six.' championship; ga^mes 'and " ranked fourth in the official nel'ding;' averages of that w* '! T :; \ ''•'; '"-^ • ' "S OF.O. ji.' srarmtss. leacue. His excellent work that ye ftr lead Manager SchmelK to sign' him for his Chattanooga team in 1*63. Stephens did'still better work last year as a pitcher than ho had done at any preceding season. This-year he is a Western leaguer. " : ' WHEEL, ..... r -~ racing in the suburbs of- Paris .jsjbecoming such, a' nuisance' that'it is statied tho police are jrbout tp,,ta.ke stops to puttv'fctori-tp'-it."",'".," ,\', —The millionaire- racing 1 ' man, Max .JLebauday, : is--said'to 'be the "an(irel s> %%bo is .putting. Up more than $10,000 f^f Zim's.amateur, cloak . - •••••• S ; The question as to whether the plio- togilaph is the only, true way to decide trj« finish of a close race can only, bo flUgwered in the negative,—Ex.. . . •Choppy Warburton, interviewed,, bo- Heves that tho best man France can •I is the. veteran Mediug-er. I An Anglo-Erehch team race has been ' T !„ T>««.'^ 7?n«Jn*. W^T«7O»'/?O I arranged"in Paris. Barden, Edwards • and ; Harris will represent Eng-land Fourttiw, LouYet and'Antoily ! ^ the entire nead-to-foot outtit tor $5.00. ew-France. • : • ^fcSh.purehM.pric,. «-^«tW^ft«|»*S^jy i IVB^^UI IB Olothl»r«,H«tt«r«,rurn. QHIOACO, IU.. '• T ^ifv;T^r^*«^f»5»^? THE .LATEST S.PORT. . j. . .' . A Man Thinks Thut Tlil« Gamo Will Suppl»nl,.Foot Un\l. , , • "Roller Ball," the invention of . .A. If.-'Ovcrraiin o£ .SjiriiiglieUl, \y]iich is intended to *iipi'Vcc<le football'and its brutality,.was given n trial by the training school athletes at their Alden street grounds last. week. • .The ball used is the larpest foot ball ever made, three feet in diameter, and iilled with air, as is any kicking sphere. Al: Uibng-h no rules liavo been made tq reR-ulate tho ffamc, it is understood that tlio ball is to'bo rolled or thrown the rejrnhitioD • foot bail .field' and through the goals. . - • .- . . . •• At the. first trial of the ball c very little rcsombling-.n, systeip -vy.as..:iccqm-, plished, 'but they are cou^ideiit.^tbat the-big ball is the nucleus of a'revplu- tion iu'.footballC At' tfrst pushing' the_ ball-.waa-tried, the ball- to •remain -6u : tho jjuoun.d, b.ut witb. a dozen->nlen ipushijQg.it,00. each side, . tbo .balloon. iw'as "se'curuly .auoiiored. . .Then-..- th«, Inumb'er'pf men allowed o.u tb.e ball.at. ![c'-ttrne'''<v:iB' 1 limited' to 'two'. a;id later •to-one'from-each side; but 'the '"result' idid-'Bot sue-in-eutlsfoctor^'as -'with'' the 1 ,-tacklir)jf -of /.ordinjiry.. •football'"there ]\vrvB f^onerally a tanffled taass.of limbs" teuVrtmnding- tlie. bail until a -.warning. £rq-m"V )u referee oiyuscd it .t,o. ; bo 1 ra>iscd_. in'the air a'rid jnyyled in (.lie .direc,t/ou. bfthe 'rhan 'with 'tTi'e'long-est reach, jconstdeviible 'headway was' made'in' this .msiuneiv. but the whole gnrne -jn'st kit present is, :of.course,- devoid of -any-' thing-.rcs&m\)Upfr.a sc.ieflc.0. llowevc-r,-' the"ball'Will. be. u-sed by the school 1 Jorv reg-ular"practice,' and .it is hoped to joring' : th6' g:ara'e'' into' 'tangibie shape beforelonp.—N.'Y''Jvinrnal.' '': I ~ .FLORENCE MONTEl'rH. i. TSew Enifllsli' Prlina Uoiina of DU;-..'.' ••'•' -tliicMon. j Flordneri--'Aronteiffi-is a'y'oung 1 En glishwoman .of much personal charm and. remarkable for her rare musical' talent*. . . • . '.•>'"• • ' i A' pianist of exceptional skill and power, silie has also, by assiduous cul- FJ.OHEXCE MOSTEITU; . . _ tiyation of her sweet. voice w become a doHfjntful'sbrig-stress. Erid'owed-witti preat beauty, she is, indeed, so gifted as to deserve public favor on the operatic and -concert &tdga;m ;a marked measure. At the Londpn Academy .o£ Music', where she wis, with. Miss-"Maggie Macintyre,,> pupil of the late 'Dr. Uenry. W.ylde,, Miss Monteith carriedjpff, three schol- .arihips, the -silver i and, gold ;inedals, also one for h'a'rmdny' and counter- pojnt, and the certificate for high pro- ficieney In pianoforte'praying" ' " Iler.dulcet soprano .Toiee is rich ana flexible, and her operatic • repertory comprises Elsa in Wagner's "Lohengrin," Mafgherita. in Gounod's "Faiist," and Juliette in his "Eomeo e't • Juliette," Mignon in Ambrose Tliomas's romantic opera of that name, Michnela in Ulizefs "Carmen," Nedda in Leoncavallo's "Pagliucci/^ and Desdemona in Verdi's ^Othello." A CHARMING FRENCH ACTRESS- Sho Create, a ^iK^tal Rolo In P»lUo- ; ron's Now Play- Mile, de Marsy, who plays with such ffrace and charm the role of the young girl in M. Pailleron's witty-comedy of "CabotiM," the latest society.play at MLXE, DE MABST. the francais, in Paris', has a ; brilliint lutw»before her. ' ' ... " She: Is- a -pupil of the ConBervatoire, took a flr*t prJie in comedy; at thB' tynp as Branfle*, who-i& 'also grea.Vpo.wer, of cmotipnal cxprosssi«n.- Her return to UicrFrapBais-Hs probably.. definTu-. .' : ' : -• ,•' : ''.,.. i JOCKEY TONY HAMILTON. The Colored 'Rfrfor ' May Not H»i» • A jockeyiwho-iwinj be .'at leimnc.'a grcat'deal of.the time thi.^ seaspn,. un,- fess-ropoi'is-ii'ra not truo, is Tony Ifa'm 1 ilton.- This rider hag Bbftjvft' himself fo lie'as' erratic^as, a, jockey .can be r due to lack jf, i>rpper jydtftnent tone, than a desire, njp^ to. clp jriffht, .Cliirps the JCliiMfo'Post' 'Wanrffttra lias'rtJK d«n if or the bpet etaiWes in .tho'^aBt',; in* eluding- Nike pTvy'eiff, an< ^. rhe,. wiglvt lifevtJ 'dikSt-a- 5 -tihf ee years'' contract' with ai wplfyfcflWW 1 'trairidr. ha.fi .."he not been anxious to "bleijd^,the! iionwpiro,* out <xf too much,,-: Ifeljoving- /that it iWrilil bi'tirthe'ftdWiitnpeofhisstable I to, hu-jg;, p'orp! j for a? rjileif, Hlid Xiiui&r''- • owner made the black boy ap. '^rllcTf; 'Hamilton, who, like most men 'of his •class " " " ' ~~ , C UJRE A Xdfr1tSl£CnTfjSl<iti?-Tri.-ntici-M,,ifnnfl<(tlng of '^UPPOStlrClITTES, ^tb'fcl'.'* cf Oi>*Tfi^n< nnd two li^xi-s of <Jmluu«Jit. Aii^ycr-diilUtc^jito ior Pile* . iirni<iiinful /nu , Why Pcl(*U . . tifliAorBitue dlu«e«? Wa. Bunranrea 6 boxaa tox^ure dnyon^e. rou ouly |Si/-Jor boiWli." rivcfT^l. ft* lifjiff for J*. Suat by a:«l). ATI n M TStoA, Piles- A lVXK ri. , j- uunpiwi for cbJfilriffl'sus*. . W. H.i^OftTfiR/Drafflrfst.'jSS Maric«-8t., Lo- -n.nspoit.Ind. ; •' " f " ' 'y-- ;,' • ' '•' Cleanses the tfasal Passages "°^ t" S bpafiefrom fiegcone* ciwr- Senses of his the owner readily assented to, jabolisheOf grfvq ;ous obiter 'ahcrasS over the con tvaaU-wit* said the cotrtr?ic t,mrjUMTUWn^w^- : u^^""i,irTiIIT^*> it:\-t ^ ' 't v-v. >"iu*^ Iffiiiilton song-ht to "bleed" the owner v ad«l he declareJ/b^tni ^ott^se) wejq.: CMr^ti-ucted and furnished at the track foOTUiiself and wife he would rule for tlftjjstable.., l!"t Ilamilto.i was too . uWrcenarj'. Meanwhile he hnd been cifrli 01 some very bad exhibitions of riHhiir, and tile owner d d that ho it wantilainjltoa. . . r '?> ce - To '•5 /Ji II -' '-'J-f • I • >* - • -TIO'J ff«ii!)Je. Prlc* W cnnta «t bra«lsts or I m.v .),?riT»u»j isa,w^yep.8-... Nsw '...".FOB r.iTIU* 0IW..TM, la lh« fMt « jc ttoc diii>iu» offko Gcmlo-UI-inlrj OlB r, rc<iuire1 no ebtfv* Of diet OTN o , » . AS A PREVENTIVE * ,by«tUiDrtn tt !• »nr vcnonil diK « ; batln the C«M CURE ' urltet St.. say'UvatKe black boy was surprised; when- h«-w»B-in'foTint!d"^hat"therstatjrer|'~ could get along, without him is putting , it mildly-' In" view'of tliesc circumstances, the advice of a horseman who. : ha"s ; -'hi's ey'o'upon the 'jockey for the .'season; if'lie 1 Can g-'et a reasonable call, ia: "Ride to win -for-yoS^ employer, and be satisfied with a fair remuneration." -» c . With ««j»WJu..l»««««i». S»ld»> c. lx««Jisix>rtln(l»in«. Spurrow* arid JUrtlnn Prof. F. H. Kinff of River Falls, Wis., saw a. flock-of span-own ^vin a i pitched battle with some .purplo..mar-1 tins. The sparrows were -trying to- \ 'gel possessiou of' breeding-. plaeps j •which had been occupied for several i years by the martins. -The sparrows congregated in a large -flockupon a tree standing-near,the .building'in the j cornice unde r the.eaves of which the' martins had their nests. ' , ... .. ..j From-this'point a-Tmrnber 'of sparrows would to"ffett>er : ftitaek the mar-1 tins nnd-then-retnimlo-ihetred, to be'; followed by . a simiJar squod. Tils' method of attack was followed until) three martin's had "been killed',.some of ' them having' fiad "their eyes picked| out. It need hardly be added that the' were forced to leave. ' ' ' JOSEPH CIUOTTS STEEL PENS 404-l/U-BU*. •;i Ant ether stylci to suit all Annrfj."" '"'J^ fiteolutely A Perfect Stimulant for Medicinal Purposes. .. ; FRE* FROM FUSCt Oil., ABTlf ICISt 1 • ARTIFICIAL COLORINO MATTER.'. • :.Prof; Jolin'K. Hurty, nnalyticul .--": clieinlsi,"says' of this "Old . ! "Procoss" Whiskey: « It niiKwcn. every -tft-t^ot the »i- H; -i'liBrmnrbjia'in. 'The inirUy nml <-xc«-ll<-nc« of OH* ivIilKkey •*»<•«««- iu«nd It for nil medicinal u*e». ' . , | . ••''•' 'This whiskey lins been warmly on- dofecil -hy'ii Isii-Sie' iHimiu-r ol I'liyMCiuus . \v)ib hive u^ed il i'n their practice. .' The "R. Cummins & Co. Old Process Sour J\Lwh ^Vliiskey " i.* sold by all rq«iuibl« retail il.rug- gists. It is put up in bottles bearing our lithographic label. -:- ••• ! PWCS, PEE an&Ei, S1.2S. j." 'jif Kiefer & Co., Indianapolis, \VhoIc- U1 ^_ j ;, saje t Druggia«i, and Sole Diitrib-' Yon have ooon it ndvcrtiaeo TOt W ar 5p ycaw, but-li»ve-you-«ver tried; not,—vbn do not Knovr what ad. - •'- • *~ wdortu. POZZONI'S bcnldok bcliis lin n<4no«'Ic«6''d. WRotlflcr. etc • prouseUou w thc-l.tccMnrlpR Bot It l» Sold Eve*y«rh«re. — Tor poinplo. iuldrcts w — .A.pozzoimx>. For His by W H FOBTEB . . IN I Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars. WITHOUT CHAfiot, ;, tiOllTS .TO ^ Saq _ _ MOUNTAIN ROUTE, TEXAS 4. PACIFIC »ND SOUTHERN PACIFIC RV'8, l>u//mafl Tourist Vnfing Car. St. Lout* to Los Angelts, dafff, riathitltmt, peniunt.-' TCBUCB. ttn. — -, -" '• "TRUE SOUTHERN

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